Music Friday …On the Cheap

Most of the music I have listened to over the years has been performed by talented musicians toiling in relative obscurity because they wanted to stay true to their roots and passions. At the end of the day, bands and performers who dwell on the edges of success have to keep expenses down. The music business, like any business comes down to the fundamentals of revenues against expenses and the less mouths to feed the better. So if you are really going stretch a dollar, you do it in one of two ways: Have muli-instrumentalists in the band, or go it alone. Here are two examples of minimalist acts. One man band Jesse Fuller playing San Francisco Bay Blues on guitar, accompanying himself with harmonica, kazoo, and fotdella, an instrument he designed and built himself for percussion and bass. Below, Ron Thomason demonstrates the art on hamboning, first developed in the deep South by dirt poor sharecroppers who couldn’t afford instruments and later used in minstrel acts. It is use of the body as percussion.


74 thoughts on “Music Friday …On the Cheap

  1. Boy, is this ever “cheap.” If nothing else, just watch a minute of the singing and skip through it.

    Redd Foxx is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kris Kristofferson is Han Solo. Paul Lynde is Grand Moff Tarkin. Donny is Luke Skywalker and Marie is Leia Organa.

  2. From Porgy and Bess, a part of the overture played just on piano (an out-of-tune honky tonk piano was Gershwin’s recommendation). This is the best “live” version I could find that was reasonably faithful.

    The piano part is part of the overall overture and leads into Summertime (which you hear the transition occurring toward the end of this).

    I’ve always liked this couple of minutes of piano music. So much life and soul to it. (I have a recording of it, but couldn’t find that version anywhere on the web.) Anyway, enjoy.

    Jasbo Brown Blues from Porgy and Bess – YouTube

    • Whole Of The Moon deserves a smoother vocal, but nobody has made one. Reminds me of November Rain by Guns and Roses, in that the song is better than the singer.

      • You know I think you might be right there…. Waterboys were sort of a ‘hey I sort of like that’ band to me.

  3. Little Caesar’s has their ‘Nobody Does It Like We do’ ads, which have set a record at my house for fastest muted commercials in a single evening.

    I kinda like this one for Pearle Vision though…

  4. I just came across this, and think its awesome. (I hope I did this right :/ ). A new take on Kashm.

    • I like the one where the waiter brings the pianist the wine after the intro…that’s so cool. He toasts the audience.

    • Nice one! I’d best not let any of our cats see that… might give them ideas….

  5. Leave me all alone, and it might be Southern Rock until I pass out….

  6. Loves me some Bottle Rockets (HoR – as aclose as I get to hilly billy rock)

  7. An ancient Alice Cooper tune featuring a piano riff that gets stuck in my head for a day or two about once a month.

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