The Watering Hole: May 4 — Bacon Alaska

Epic Meal Time serves up another heart attack in a video, with their candied bacon, cookies, and whipped cream stuffed Bacon Alaska. 

I’ve never had cholesterol issues, but I think I do now…and my liver hurts…

This is our daily open thread — Happy Friday!!


84 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: May 4 — Bacon Alaska

  1. And I’m the one with high blood pressure?
    No red meat, no fried foods, no alcohol, no bacon.
    There is no justice.

  2. I’m still getting emails telling me there’s comments at TheZoo. Hope it gets fixed soon. I unchecked the Notify box, so we’ll see what happens this morning.

    Off to work! See y’all later.

  3. Well, maybe if we comment a lot, the percentage of bogus e-mails will be smaller. I never use that e-mail thingy. It’s easier to just refresh the page.

    Economy Added 115,000 Jobs Last Month; Unemployment Down Slightly

    According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy added 115,000 jobs in April, well below expectations, while the unemployment rate fell slightly to 8.1 percent. The private sector added 130,000 jobs while the public sector shrunk. February’s total was revised up 19,000 jobs; March’s total was revised up 34,000.

    People that are starting to feel more secure are spending again. The effect is gradual, but gradual is sustainable. Wild swings seldom are. Many factors, including severe weather events, here and abroad, have slowed the recovery, but the recovery is continuing.

    • Thank you, Mr. President!
      (just trying to get in the habit of saying that when I hear relevant good news…)

    • You mean employment went up and government shrank? That’s all thanks to a big government marxist in the White House! Oh wait….

      Actually a lot of people stopped looking for work – report’s not that good.

  4. I see nothing amiss with Michele Bachmann now endorsing Mitt Romney after saying he could never beat Obama: To me its just a way to ensure her prediction will come true!

  5. I’ve had cholesterol issues my entire adult life, as did my mother, as has my sister; it’s apparently genetic. Mine seldom if ever drops below 300. My sister, who weighs maybe 115 lbs, stays in the 290 range as did my mother. Mother died at 86, sis is 78, I’m 70, and heart problems have never been an issue for any of us. Apparently for us, high serum cholesterol is ‘just one of those things’ available for scaring the shit out of our doctors. Which it always seems to do. Sis and I do consciously limit our daily fat intake, try to keep it in the 25-30 percent of total calorie intake range, so bacon and baked Alaska are out, end of story. Not that eating such stuff would change things a whole lot, though. In any case, I’m overdue for another blood test and will probably attend to it this month, so if you should happen to hear of a Colorado doctor croaking for no good reason, it’s fair to assume that my cholesterol is still in the stratosphere, even though I am, as of today, “officially” down 100 lbs since Thanksgiving of last year! That’s 1/20th of a ton!

    Looking forward to a nice “long” (7-8 miles) bike ride today!

  6. I pretty much swore off fried foods years ago…

    No… really…

    Why are you all looking at me like that?

    Hmppppffff… don’t believe me… see if I care…

    Oooooooooooo… are those french fries? Through w/ that?


    I saw a bit on the teebee machine a few years back… about a small restaurant in Texas who’s in house specialty was something they called ‘chicken fried bacon’, I believe…

    Tender strips of half fried bacon, dipped in batter, then deep fried to a crispy finish… then served w/ a bowl of blue cheese dipping sauce…

    Christ… I’m getting chest pains just typing this…

    Then, there ‘always the incredible KFC Double Down…

    Remember, folks… ‘There’s no room for a bun!’

    • I’ve got bad news for you, polar bear. Those barrels of Blubber Bits ™ I’ve been buying by the trainload are FRIED. We have to keep you at a healthy weight of at least 1000 pounds, right?

    • That’s nothing. Haven’t you seen the donut stores that dip them in maple syrup frosting and then rub them in bacon bits? Practically health food.


    The Right and climate: a despicable new low. This is where the American right now is:

    “The people who still believe in man-made global warming are mostly on the radical fringe of society. This is why the most prominent advocates of global warming aren’t scientists. They are murderers, tyrants, and madmen.”

    • I’m fairly sure that Ted Kaczinski, Charles Manson and Fidel all think that earth is round too and are satisfied that the moon’s gravitational pull explains the tides (unlike Bill O’Reilly).

    • Life-like! I admire such talent. That is “absolute coolness”, zooey!

    • That was funny sh*t – all those Support our Troops magnets – China. Where do most of the flags come from? China. They just don’t get it….

    • Marshmallow Man trying to Stay Puft…

      Go find another staffer to knob, Newt, if you can afford to pay her (or him – I’m open minded).

    • I have a hunch Strauss-Kahn could spit in a petrie dish and start an entirely new form of STD.
      Is there any person or any country he has not screwed?

    • Expanded threads that re-collapse every refresh, chronological order that changes back to social ranking on every refresh, and disappearing comments when folks log out of Facebook? Just another place to read and move on without commenting.

      • I think we’ll be hearing it for the next few months, especially since there’s nothing interesting going on in this country right now.

    • I know when I see someone like this I think of teriyaki basted pork roasts. Judging from her comments, she does as well.

    • Wow. “Just yesterday” revisited. Hard to believe it’s that long ago. What a despicable tragedy it was. That fucking war. Almost ripped the country to shreds. In fact, maybe it did … the downhill slope was pretty much in place by that point in time.

      • One of my beliefs is that you can explain most of American political polarisation by saying that the country is still fighting two wars: the Vietnam War and the Civil War (or the “War of Northern Aggression” – depending on the colour of your neck and what you use pillow cases for).

        Just look at the last two presidential elections – Kerry and Obama.

  8. The e-mail notification appears to be resolved. At least for me – no e-mails from today.

    • Hell, Klaus knows that! He’s heard Thom Hartmann and Bernie Sanders say it plenty of times.

  9. Also from this week – 30 years ago.

    On May 2nd, the British attack sub Conqueror torpedoed and sank the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano in the South Atlantic during the Falklands conflict. 368 men died. The sinking was supposedly outside of an exclusion zone declared by the British as an area of hostilities and remains controversial today as a decision made by Margaret Thatcher to deliberately escalate the conflict rather than negotiate a settlement for the Argentine military seizure of the Falklands, on April 2nd 1982.

    2 days later on may 4th, 1982. A French-made Exocet missle struck the HMS Sheffield at the edge of the British Task Force. The ship burned for 6 days and 20 men died.

    Almost 400 people dead in two days, 100s more injured – this stupid little conflict had suddenly got real.

  10. UK Conservatives Punished in Local Elections

    Britain’s governing conservatives took an electoral bruising Friday in local elections as voters punished them for biting austerity measures and a stalled economy.

    By early evening, with all but five contests declared in the 181 local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland that held votes, the Conservative Party had lost about 400 seats — including some in the district Prime Minister David Cameron represents in Parliament.

    Time for the austerity kleptocracy to be taken down! It’s what happened after the 1920’s, and it has to happen again!

    • “Most Britons chose not to vote at all. Turnout was expected to be at 32 percent — the lowest level for an election since 2000”

      “What do you do when democracy’s all through?” – The Proclaimers

    • Until 2005, ExxonMobil was run by Lee “Iron Ass” Raymond, a close friend of Vice President Dick Cheney and a skeptic of climate change.

      We know who was in the ‘secret’/door closed/huddle/back room shenanigans with dastardly Dick.

    • Always looking to make a profit over people’s interests… they are like the old couple that killed the golden goose because they weren’t satisfied with one golden goose egg a day.

    • The merger of Exxon and Mobil should never have been allowed to happen, so that’s one more thing for which we can fault Bill Clinton, in addition to repealing Glass-Steagal.

  11. What’s up peeps? Notice how that polar bear shows up when food is involved? Don’t trust him around your lunch. Ever!

  12. Frugalchariot your weight loss is amazing. I suppose if I ever got off my ass I could lose some weight. Time to start walking these two pig headed dogs.

    • Six months ago I didn’t think I could do it. But then I started, and up popped a “miracle”. I checked my log and since mid-January, have tallied just short of 600 total miles either walking (mostly) or riding my bike (lately). That, combined with no booze or wine and a fairly stringent low fat diet have gotten the job done; the lard melted off at the average rate of about 4 lbs per week (100 lbs in 23 weeks, actually). So yep, it can be done, even by old farts like me!

  13. That was awesome, in a sick, sick way. I am going to have to try some of that candied bacon (not the rest — I’d die). My cholesterol is *only* ‘borderline’. I acquired an exercise bike. I look at it. I walk around it when it gets in my way. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

    • Absolutely! I need to pull my exercise bike out into the middle of the room so that I can get more exercise walking around it. It’s also a great place to hang wet jackets and caps.

  14. Heh, SammytheTurtle ‘butt dialled’ me from school just now – Friday afternoon school’s out, teenage hormones in play in the corridors…. I listened for a while to see if there was something her father should know about.

  15. Whoah Youtube is way slow again today – I blame it on Kate Upton again

  16. Got into watching old “What’s My Line?” clips and came across a full episode (link above) that had a commercial for Univac computers/Remington Rand as the sponsor… you should check it out around minute 19:45 to 22:15 or so and then again at the end around the 28 minute mark. They were touting the 2000! calculations per minute!!! What a trip.

    (The rest of the show is just nostalgic, but fun).

  17. Bryan Fischer admits he’s just a yokel.

    Fischer: Let me ask you this question, people have raised this question, if Mitt Romney can be pushed around, intimidated, coerced, coopted by a conservative radio talk show host in Middle America, then how is he going to stand up to the Chinese? How is he going to stand up to Putin? How is he going to stand up to North Korea if he can be pushed around by a yokel like me?

    • (My computer just vomited on me, so if I posted this twice I apologize profusekly).

      And when, in the distant future, you look from the height of the tallest building in your greatest moon base colony, and survey that which is yours, which happens to be ‘all that there is’, you will realize that the seed of the irrepressible ego, concealing an unquenchable ambition, began with these two recognized tweets, and that now that you have no means to assuage the burning ambition that has overwhelmed your ego, that ambition, unquenchable by its own identity, must surely drive you to madness, a madness destined to cause you to seek to destroy all that there is, and so you grab the nearby designer lamp and almost hurl it to the marble floor, but realize its way too valuable, and besides you would have to sweep it up, and since your in your stocking feet you might get hurt, so you put the lamp back down and hurl yourself (not too awful violently) upon the overstuffed sofa (with feathers from birdland), and pout. ………. …..Fiercely.

      Either that, or it’s pretty darn cool, and they were both well stated (they’d both make great bumper stickers).

      • Thanks, cagey. I think. 🙂

        Actually, the two tweets were just from tonight’s show. I had one on Wednesday night, too. I was looking forward to trying to get another one on last night, but at the last minute they replayed Brian William’s Rock Lobster Center show about the bin Laden killing.

        • Oh, I didn’t see these. I saw the republican/education and the mitt/carter.

          Very nice.

          I meant to compliment (and be a bit silly). I don’t ever mean to insult anyone here. 🙂

  18. I don’t know how to put a tweet up like that. What’s the secret Wayne?

    • I usually right-click on Details for a regular tweet and open it in another tab, or do the same with the “View picture” link. Then copy and paste the URL of that tab into the comment. Usually it ends up displaying the tweet.

    • Or you can right-click on the time thing in the upper right-hand corner that tells you how long ago it posted and open in another tab, then post the URL from that tab. That usually works, too.

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