Teh WateringHole: Wednesday, May 9, 2012: There’s A Hole in the Budget

“Tweeter”, our investigative journalist, calling in his latest report.

According to our latest sources, members of the T-Party are unhappy with Mr. Etch a Sketch, the Presumptive Presidential Pick of the rePublican Party. So much so, that they’ve come up with their own marching song:

There’s a hole in the budget, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney;
There’s a hole in the budget, Mitt Romney, there’s a hole.

Fix the hole in the budget, poor people, poor people;
Fix the hole in the budget, poor people, fix it.

With what shall we fix it, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney;
With what shall we fix it, Mitt Romney, with what?

I’ll cut Welfare, poor people, poor people,
I’ll cut Welfare, poor people, I’ll cut.

There’s still a hole in the budget, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney;
There’s still a hole in the budget, Mitt Romney, still a hole.

I’ll cut food stamps, poor people, poor people,
I’ll cut food stamps, poor people, I’ll cut.

There’s still a hole in the budget, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney;
There’s still a hole in the budget, Mitt Romney’s still A-Hole.

(sung to the tune “There’s a hole in the bucket”)


(yeah, just try to get this song out of yer head!)


238 thoughts on “Teh WateringHole: Wednesday, May 9, 2012: There’s A Hole in the Budget

  1. There’s a dog on your car roof Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
    There’s a dog on your car roof Mitt Romney there’s a dog.
    He’s shat himself in terror Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
    He’s shat himself in terror Mitt Romney he’s shat
    We’ll hose him off briefly, Mitt Romney Mitt Romney, we’ll hose him off briefly then in his box he goes.

  2. Your wife is a Stepford Mitt Romney Mitt Romney.
    Your wife is a Stepford Mitt Romney she’s a drone

  3. I still have The Whole of the Moon in my head from last Friday night. I doubt there is any room left in there.

    • “And when you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But you, when you pray, enter into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly.” — Matthew 6:5-6
      Makes you wonder if they read the damned thing…

      • They don’t.

        And you can almost always throw a passage at Matthew at them that contradicts whatever extreme behavior they’re exhibiting at the time.

        • Such as this:

          Matthew 6:2 “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

          That would mean taking no tax deduction. That would mean not bragging about on the campaign trail.

  4. Let’s sell off our parks, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney,
    Let’s sell off our parks,
    We’ve got country clubs.

  5. There’s a black in the white house, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney
    There’s a black in the white house, what will you do?

    He’s guilty of treason, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney
    He’s guilty of treason, so lock him in jail

    I don’t care what you tell me, dear voter, dear voter
    I don’t care what you tell me, dear voter, dear voter
    Just vote for me please, dear voter, dear voter
    Just vote for me please, dear voter, oh please

    Our issues define us, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney
    Our issues define us, so where do you stand?

    I’m for it, against it, and for it, against it
    I’m for it, against it, dear voter I am
    Have I told you I’m rich, dear voter, dear voter
    Have I told you I’m rich, and richer than you

  6. There’s a hole in my siding that a woodpecker made last fall that has baby birds in my living room wall making a racket. How long does it take for little birds to leave the nest? Sorry if I broke the rhythm.

    • Thanks, Wayne. I’ll pass it on to Tweeter.

      ‘Twas inspired by Jamoil’s ‘toon of the damn dam posted by Zooey on the 6th.

      • BnF I tweeted it, I do one tweet round midday for the European crowd and another one at night for the overseas audience. Heh, this post is good, why shouldn’t I flaunt it?

    • Several years ago, I started following Little Green Footballs, as part of my “know thy enemy” initiative – at about the same time as he started his journey from the dark side. Imagine my confusion…

  7. Go shake it Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney
    Go shake it Mitt Romney find what you’ll do?

    I’m flipping dear voters, dear voters
    I’m flipping dear voters and am flopping, too.

    Go etch it and sketch it Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney
    Go shake it Mitt Romney.Tell us what’s your plan!

    Don’t mind what I’m saying dear voters, dear voters
    Don’t mind what I’m saying ‘s not gonna be true.

    Can’t fool us Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney
    Can’t fool us Mitt Romney, say who’s backing you?

    Never mind that dear voters, dear voters
    Never mind that dear voters, it won’t concern you.

    But we’re starving Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney
    We’re starving Mitt Romney, what are we to do?

    Just cling to religion dear voters, dear voters
    Just cling to your bible, I’ll take care of you.

    Oooh fuck you Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney
    Oooh fuck you Mitt Romney, we won’t vote for you.

    • EV, did you catch it at TP? Michelle Bachmann is now a Swiss Citizen.

      You can have her…keep her.



      • Grrrrrrr. I applied for citizenship only last Christmas, had to wait for twelve years, leap through hoops to do the application, pay taxes, do voluntary service, and she? Marries in 1978 and is entitled to a passport. And her brood was accepted, too. I am seriously pissed.

      • I didn’t think you could have dual citizenship in the good ol’ USA.
        Did she apply for citizenship to visit money she has in an account there?

        • Yup you can keep most dual citizenships – I have a feeling North Korea might be a problem, but then their banking system is a bit more rudimentary.

          looks like Shelly might be thinking of running for the hills… er the Alps?

          • Gotta wonder when she was applying for this then. What does it take to get dual citizenship and how long? Was she applying while she was running for President?

        • IF the Repugs should ever again, in my lifetime, regain the White House along with a congressional majority, and if I’m physically able, I’m leaving. Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Society Islands, anywhere that’ll allow me in, and anywhere of decent clime where the Fascist population is minimal. I’ll have to keep my US citizenship, I suppose, else they might not send me my monthly Social Security windfall? How does that work? Anyone know?

          My preference is that the Repugs take a constant drubbing in the polls. Forever and ever, amen. I have little confidence, however, that the collective national IQ has enough muscle in it to accomplish same, so I fall back on my 1952 Boy Scout experience and their motto: Be Prepared! Actually, if I really wanted to enjoy the fruits of a Fascist lifestyle, I’d move to, say, Idaho, maybe join a militia even, git me a AK47, etc. But no, I’ve read enough about the joys of those caught up in Nazi Germany in the thirties and forties to conclude it’s not for me.

          I did ponder taking the popular escape route to Canada in 1965 and 1966, but didn’t. Unfortunately. I stayed here, assumed the idiocy was temporary, that we’d soon revert to the path of social and scientific progress I had gotten used to in the JFK years. But no, ’twas not to be. And I chose to stay here in the US rather than go. Dammit..

  8. Since we are on Mit Romney again – here’s a reprise of Life of Mitt

    And Alternet covered a Everything you needed to know about Mormonism – called by Tolstoy (unflatteringly) the American religion: upbeat, corporate, cheesy – the ‘Coca-cola’ religion.

    “….a religion founded very recently by a man who was likely both a liar and a lunatic, then led to prominence by a megalomaniac. Despite its transparently ridiculous dogma and sordid history of racism and murder and extremely unorthodox marital practices, Mormonism has come to thrive, thanks primarily to its ability to market and rapidly reinvent itself”

  9. North Carolina Weighs Ban on Electricity, Soap
    Amendment One Supporters Push New Law

    NORTH CAROLINA (The Borowitz Report) � Flushh with victory from yesterday’s statewide vote, supporters of North Carolina’s Amendment One today moved forward with a bold proposal to ban electricity and soap.

    Cal Pinckton, a leading proponent of Amendment One who has helped craft the new law, says the principles behind it are simple: “If the Bible doesn’t mention something, it’s against the law, and the Bible makes no mention of either soap or electricity.”

    He adds that North Carolina will “still have plenty of stuff that the Bible does mention, like boils and locusts.”

    While some critics of the proposed law said that it could be damaging to North Carolina’s economy since it would drive away fanciers of soap and electricity, Mr. Pinckton sees it differently.

    “I think we’ll see a huge boom in tourism,” he says. “North Carolina is on its way to becoming one great big old timey theme park, like Colonial Williamsburg.”

    But Mr. Pinckton is careful to emphasize that under the proposed law, there would be certain situations in which the use of electricity would be permitted: “You could still use electricity for things that are explicitly mandated by the Bible, like transvaginal ultrasounds.”

  10. The lyrics of Stephen Foster’s “Oh Susanna” seem Romney-like to me:

    It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry
    The Sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna don’t you cry

    Its a catchy tune, one worthy of Romneyfied lyrics I think…

    He was born in Michigan, where he likes the height of trees
    Headed now for Washington, seeking our Presidency

    Oh, Mitt Romney, I can not vote for thee
    We will surely go to Hell, with Mitt Romney in D.C.

    So put your minds to work on this one and maybe Wayne can record it!

    • With one idea Mitt Romney saved the auto industry
      Although Bain Capital refused to give them one penny

      Oh, Mitt Romney, I will not vote for thee
      Our home becomes a laughingstock, with Romney in D.C.

      Oh Windsock Willard changes minds, as fitful as the breeze
      And keeps his big retirement egg in islands overseas

      Oh, Mitt Romney, I barf to vote for thee
      My spirit will give up the ghost, with Romney in DC

      • Mitt Romney’s magic underwear protects him from The Gay
        And kept him from the fight in Vietnam, O Blessed Day

        Oh, Mitt Romney, my dog won’t vote for thee
        He fears you’ll screw another pooch while moving to DC

        • Mitt Romney doesn’t like long hair, at least in younger days
          A pair of scissors he did use to change a classmate’s ways

          He also likes to see blind people walking into things
          With pranks pulled on the handicapped, in dorms his laughter rings

          Oh, Mitt Romney, I will not vote for thee
          Your preying on the less endowed is sickening to me

          [more as headlines dictate…]

    • Oh! Mitt Romney
      by zxbe

      I’m just a simple voter
      With a smart phone on my knee
      I want to have a president
      Who cares for you and me
      The times are tough and tempers short
      We know the reason why
      We need someone who gives a rip
      Mitt Romney’s not our guy.

      Oh! Mitt Romeny Oh! Don’t you pander me
      I’m just a simple voter, with a smart phone on my knee

      The rich don’t need those darn tax cuts
      The middle class is broke
      This Romney guy’s so out of touch
      Rich egos he does stroke
      He takes all sides on everything
      He doesn’t really try
      I hope some day, that he’ll go ‘way
      Mitt Romney’s not our guy.

      Oh! Mitt Romeny Oh! Don’t you pander me
      I’m just a simple voter, with a smart phone on my knee

      He takes offense to be called rich
      Despite the silver spoon
      He wears white slacks in early May
      It really is too soon
      The jobs are gone, all thanks to him
      And all his pals in ties
      We need to get those jobs back now
      Mitt Romney’s not our guy.

      Oh! Mitt Romeny Oh! Don’t you pander me
      I’m just a simple voter, with a smart phone on my knee

      It soon will be the day to vote
      On issues I will ponder
      And then I’ll vote for president
      A right I will not squander
      We must not let those Grand Old Fools
      From my cold dead hands do pry
      The right to be American
      Mitt Romney’s not our guy.

      Oh! Mitt Romeny Oh! Don’t you pander me
      I’m just a simple voter, with a smart phone on my knee

  11. Indiana QOTD:

    “I have a mindset that says bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view,” – Richard Mourdock, the GOP primary challenger that knocked out Dick Lugar last night.

  12. North Carolina QOTD:

    “It’s a generational issue. If it passes, I think it will be repealed within 20 years,” – North Carolina State House Speaker Thom Tillis, a Republican.

    • You’ll have to go a little further than that EV to justify why this would be ‘good news’…. I’m of mixed opinion when it comes to Margaret Thatcher. So when she really goes, and not just Stephen “Canadian Caesar’ Harper’s cat, I’ll try and put it into words.

      • She won’t go in a hurry. And, if she had, I’d have said more to that. I have, however, no mixed feelings about her to be honest.

        • The Winter of Discontent sucked, no matter who you were.

          “Following Mrs Thatcher’s election win, she brought the post-war consensus to an end and made drastic changes to trade union laws (most notably the regulation that unions had to hold a ballot among members before calling strikes) and as a result strikes were at their lowest level for 30 years by the time of the 1983 general election, which the Tories won by a landslide”

  13. Matt Taibbi, in his inimitable fashion, predicts the election:

    “The people who work for the wire services and the news networks are physically incapable of writing sentences like, “This election is even more over than the Knicks-Heat series.” They are required, if not by law then by neurological reflex, to describe every presidential campaign as “fierce” and “drawn-out” and “hotly-contested.”

    But this campaign, relatively speaking, will not be fierce or hotly contested. Instead it’ll be disappointing, embarrassing, and over very quickly, like a hand job in a Bangkok bathhouse. And everybody knows it. It’s just impossible to take Mitt Romney seriously as a presidential candidate. Even the news reporters who are paid to drum up dramatic undertones are having a hard time selling Romney as half of a titanic title bout.”

    • Moreover, you have sites like RealClearlySlantedPolitics showing national polls where the ‘virtual tie’ is hammered away, whilst nearly all the individual key STATE polls show Obama in an electoral runaway.

  14. Apparently, Obama will soon be discussing his position on same sex marriage this afternoon on ABC. Y’all with teevee machines keep an eye on things, okay?

    Ima work on my job application for a job at the community college that I really really want. Check back laters.

    • Romney taking credit for the auto bailout is kinda like Hitler taking credit for housing all those Jews and Gypsies during their hour of need Stalin taking credit for providing housing to all those Gulag inmates.

  15. Fox must have quite the library of Op-Ed’s ready to go for every contingency. This one is out already:

    What Obama must not say about those who don’t support gay marriage | Fox News

    President Obama is expected to “clarify” his views on same-sex marriage Wednesday. In her piece for Fox News Opinion today, Fox News Contributor Sally Kohn shares what she wishes President Obama’s statement on same sex “marriage” would be.  

    In her dream speech Kohn wants President Obama to admit that “No one is perfect” in relation to his very clear support of traditional marriage over the years.  This is because she equates the issue to that of race.  “Far too many of our own ancestors used phony science and selective religion for the plain purpose of blatant discrimination,” she says.

    That, of course, would include the president in this case.  If we follow her logic, President Obama was a bigot in 2004 when he was asked, “What in [his] religious faith calls [him] to be against gay marriage?” He stated, “what I believe, in my faith, is that a man and a woman, when they get married, are performing something before God, and it’s not simply the two persons who are meeting.” Although the president believed in civil unions back then, he was clear that marriage should be preserved as God’s model for marriage.

    So was he a bigot who relied on “phony science” and “selective religion,” back then?

  16. Here’s a fantastic comment from an MSNBC article about the “Texas sized patch of garbage floating in the North Pacific from commenter Genesisreader…

    “Send it to North Carolina. They could divide it amongst the Koch Brothers and Dick Army. They could use ultrasound on it to let it see how disgusting it is when they show it the video. Perhaps they can insulate themselves with the trash or make it into a wall around their state to keep out the gay whales. And maybe they could bury it like all the rest of their dirty secrets held by the Republican zealots that dwell there and refuse to accept anyone not like them, when they are just like them. Bigots and trash….seems to be a match made in heaven. The Democrats could hide from the rest of the North Carolinians by making effigies out of it that the Republicans could burn with their torches and ropes. Would be just another day in paradise for the Republicans. “

  17. In a great big surprise.//

    Colin Powell Book: Iraq Wasn’t Debated

    Former Secretary of State Colin Powell writes in his forthcoming book that George W. Bush’s National Security Council never met to discuss whether the U.S. should go to war in Iraq.

    • Of course they didn’t. What would be the purpose of a bunch of old fat white guys nodding their heads and saying, Yes sir, right away your AWOLness.

  18. Now it appears that Meghan’s smarmy tweet has been deleted along with my response. Someone pointed out to her that marriage is a state issue.

    • Indeed. Please tell me, log cabinets, how the President can affect a constitutional amendment at the state level.

      But, really, why would anyone be interested in the opinions of gay people stupid enough to be Republicans?

      • If Obama would have come out before NC, then it would have been turned into a referendum on him (politically).

  19. Matt Smith of the Catholic Advocate said Obama’s support for marriage equality is part of “an anti-Catholic agenda”:

    Once again, the President is spending time advancing an anti-Catholic agenda. Marriage was created long before any government came into existence. It is a settled issue in the eyes of the Catholic Church and should not be redefined.

    First, the Obama administration takes away grant money helping victims of sex-trafficking over the Church refusing to refer the victims for abortions. Then the Obama administration violates our religious liberties by forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization as the President’s health care law is being implemented. And now, should his advocacy for same-sex marriage succeed, Catholic institutions could be forced once again to violate our beliefs.

    Many faithful Catholics were fooled by clever political rhetoric in 2008. This year, the anti-Catholic record of the Obama administration should inform their vote.”

    • The catholic church is free to perform or not perform marriage ceremonies as they wish. They are already free to refuse to marry divorced folks, unless, I suspect, they or their families are big contributors. As soon as marriage became intertwined with tax law, inheritance law and family law it ceased to be a religious ceremony and became a matter of equal rights under the law.

  20. Log Cabin Republicans underwhelmed by Obama’s support for gay marriage | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

    The leaders of two organizations for gay Republicans responded to President Barack Obama’s support for same-sex marriage Wednesday with backhanded compliments and criticism of the timing of the president’s decision.
    “It is good to see that after intense political pressure that President Obama has finally come around to the Dick Cheney position on marriage equality,” said Christopher Barron, chairman of GOProud, in a statement. He went on to say, “This is hardly a profile in courage by President Obama. For years now, President Obama has tried his hardest to have it both ways on this issue.”

    So how much did Dick Cheney do to advance his progressive ideas on it? What a bunch of partisan hypocrites. The partisanship is more important to them than the progress being made.

    • I had a call the other day from a company I applied to back in June. They wanted me to come in and take a ‘machinist test’, according to the young lady that called me. I begged off by telling her I had applied for a bank loan and couldn’t put my loan at risk by changing jobs just yet. I didn’t tell her I was working 200 yards from their shop on the same road.

  21. So, the righties are making hey about the fact that an prison inmate in WV got himself on the Democratic primary to challenge Obama. And that he got 40% of the vote.

    Okay. Obama still wins. 🙂

    And if you take a peek at the election results you’ll see that said inmate pulled in around 57,000 votes to Obama’s 76,500. What you may not see reported in Romney only got about 59,000 votes. So in that matchup, while Romney still wins, the inmate gets 49%.

    Encouraging to see that Dem turnout was much higher than Republican turnout.

    • It appears that many of the Keith Judd votes were crossover Republicans. I expect that in order to vote for Judd, they had to request a Democratic Party ballot, and couldn’t vote in the Republican Party primary at all. There’s also a 20,000 vote undervote between the Dem Presidential race and the Dem Senate race. Nearly as many voted for Repub President but didn’t cast a vote for the Repub Senate candidate.

  22. Rant. If you’re a science denier who says there’s no global warming, or climate change, then you’re not allowed to post articles that say there’s global cooling. You can’t have it both ways.

  23. Hey everyone. Flew back from New York yesterday and are my arms tired! Had a super time.

    Saw a Yankees game.
    Saw Death of a Salesman.
    Went to the Frick, MoMa and Museum of the City of New York
    Walked around Brooklyn (Sunset park, Green Wood Cemetary, Borough neighbourhood, Prospect Park)
    Had brunch at Red Rooster in Harlem (must go on Sunday)
    Walked in Central Park.
    Had a chat with Barack and told him to man up (he did!)
    Walked around Wall Street, 911 site (didn’t go in because you had to pre book)
    Went to Jazz Standard and saw Gregoire Maret (harmonica wizard) with Cassandra Wilson
    Walked around the flower district.
    Had a beer in Bryant Park
    Went to the Frieze Art Fair
    Did a 3 hour boat tour around Manhattan island.

    And a few more things like eating and eating.

    Only one of those things above is untrue!!

  24. What a crappy day. I started vomiting about 6AM, started vomiting blood about 11AM, and spent the rest of the day in the ER getting pumped full of saline and sucrose and various ineffective anti nausea meds. Oh well. It was a good run for me. I was going through this about once every three-four months and the last time was over a year ago. I sure do wish that someone could figure out what triggers it. I opened a new head of lettuce last night and thought it might be simple food poisoning but my lab work came back negative. Oh, well. I’m going to suck on a LifeSaver and hopefully pass out. If there’s anything more exhausting than incessant vomiting I’ve yet to experience it.

    G’night. I’m just happy to be here.

  25. A three-tweet night for me and The Ed Show!

    First one when they started the segment about education in PA

    • At this rate you’ll have to have your people call Ed’s people about writing credits. Nothing pretentious, mind you, just a little something you can spend on jewels and precious metals.

      • LOL! I only knew you wrote that because I told my people to let me know when someone replies to me at The Zoo. 😀

        Sorry to hear about your health misadventures. I hope you’re okay and feeling better soon.

        • The good part is that once a bout is over it’s over. It’s like a switch. Some combination of medications and, usually, sucking on hard candy eventually does the trick and I’m good to go, but weak as a kitten. I would be asleep right now if it weren’t for the raw throat that I’m treating with small helpings of ice cream and sucking on ice cubes. It’s a little early to take my sleepy time meds anyway. i don’t want to wake up at 0 Dark-hundred.

      • pete, re your vomiting: I don’t know if vacating involuntarily from that end is any better than from the other end but just one is definitely better than both at the same time. 😐

        I suspect you’ve been getting too much fresh air! 🙂

        • I vacate from the other end too but it’s a mere inconvenience by comparison so it’s hardly worth mentioning. Fresh air has never bothered me before but I suspect that the drastically reduced beer consumption might play a part. My system can’t seem to adjust to sugarless lemonade and diet Coke. The weird part is that I’m craving a salad like you wouldn’t believe. Thinking; “I could really go for a salad” while eating a bowl of strawberry ice cream is just weird and disturbing!

      • Besides Leftside Annie, I’ve seen some tweets from other people I follow. And I started doing it when I noticed that some people have had multiple tweets in one show. It’s fun. You should try it. All Critters and Zoosters who tweet should try it. Imagine if they did a segment where all of us got a tweet on. Cool!

  26. Obama’s Christianity:

    “In the end the values that I care most deeply about and [Michelle] cares most deeply about is how we treat other people and, you know, I, you know, we are both practicing Christians and obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others but, you know, when we think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is, not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the Golden Rule, you know, treat others the way you would want to be treated. And I think that’s what we try to impart to our kids and that’s what motivates me as president and I figure the most consistent I can be in being true to those precepts, the better I’ll be as a as a dad and a husband and hopefully the better I’ll be as president.” — President Obama

    “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

    What is it about that that Christians cannot understand?

    • A cynic would say President Obama is just trying to appeal to Christians. I would say that Christians should see that President Obama is doing his best to just be a good Christian.

    • Like Obama, I took a long time to reconcile the christian teaching of my youth with the way I felt I should live in this world. Simplistic as it is, it comes down to “Who would Jesus have dinner with?”. The answer is: the dispossessed and the outcasts. What ever else God intends, He wants me to enable every man and woman on this planet to live in the dignity he intended. Marrying the person you love is an act that lifts up the human spirit and I cannot deny that to my gay brethren. I firmly believe Jesus would dance at the wedding of any two people who commit to each other in love. Sorry to go all religious on you folks, I just feel I understand why it took our president a while. Those whose spiritual journey calcifies early on remain children in their understanding.

  27. BARACK!! Thank you Mr. President for putting your words in harmony with your actions. Civil rights for all is all we got.

  28. “Barack Obama is an ethical man and a philosophically confused man,” said Peruvian congresswoman Martha Chavez of the conservative Catholic Opus Dei movement. “He knows that marriage isn’t an issue only of traditions or of religious beliefs. Marriage is a natural institution that supports the union of two people of different sexes because it has a procreative function.”

    O rly? Should childless couples, either by choice or physiology, be excommunicated?

    • Sex is a natural institution that supports the union of two people of different sexes because it has a procreative function. Child rearing can be successfully done in a variety of family configurations. As an overworked mom in a family of four, I often longed for a tribe to share the joy and responsibility with.

  29. I’m on my “new” computer! My old one was crashing and rebooting so much I barely had 20 minutes use every hour.

    I’m really not sure what I did to make this one work, I was messing with all kinds of “bios” shit while I was stoned! I hope it will start up without having to do that again, mess with bios shit that is!

    I have a lot of work ahead with updates to download and files to transfer.

    • “I’m really not sure what I did to make this one work, I was messing with all kinds of “bios” shit while I was stoned!”
      That pretty much sums up my entire career.

    • That Sinking Feeling

      TPM Reader CN thinks President Obama just gave away the election …

      Any voter who might have just stayed home will now come out to vote against Obama’s secret plan to make us all get gay married. Please tell me I’m wrong about this.

      I’d like to help ‘talk CN down, but of course this was posted by Josh Marshall on one of his ‘dickless’ posts with no comments enabled!

      I don’t think this will matter to the Reich, since they already believe so many lies about Obama.

        • All we need is a huge turnout on election day. The more people come out to vote, the better our chances!

  30. Oh, good news…. Ric Grenell says Obama is “on the right side of history” on his gay marriage statement.

    Go back working for John Bolton, ya yutz.

    • Good Lord. The photo in front of Hilary is blurred to avoid disclosing our ability to photograph from drone or satellite. The rest is crazy shit. Their Uncle Sam header looks like he’s taking a shit.

    • It’s especially useful and nifty that you cannot enlarge any of these photos to see the true insanity of American Stinker .

  31. Jennifer Granholm’s hair is a mess tonight, and she still looks good!

    Former Mayor of San Francisco, and ‘current’ Lt. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is getting a show on Current soon, A weekend show, if I have comprehended properly.

    I’m wondering how the Reich will respond to having a serving Democrat host a news/opinion show?

  32. At the risk of sounding like Bill Maher, (not that that’s a bad thing), was it me, or did Obama say in his announcement, ‘assless chaps for everybody!’ 😀

      • Thanks BnF. I think having the right software tools is the ticket. I do not have those tools. This was kind of brute force using what I had. I think what I need is some good key-frame animation tool. Absent that, what I did is I created about 15 different still images with the lyrics, and put them in my cheapo video editor to make a “slide” show. It allows for music to be added… and there it is. Then I kept tweaking the timing on each slide to get them to change at the right time (and that was tedious – lol). And viola. 😆

          • Thanks! I was called to action by your challenge earlier today, and I wrote them this afternoon. Tweaked them a bit as I was making the video (just to get some phrasing to fit better). Then instead of being a couch potato I decided to be a computer chair potato tonight. 🙂

  33. How wonderful to watch Stewart and Colbert again!

    I absolutely love Colbert and his writers. Stephen’s delivery make great lines greater.

  34. Today marks the first time in history a President of the United States has stated his support for marriage equality. I am thrilled by this news, and I commend the President for taking what many pundits inevitably will say was an “unnecessary” risk in an election year. Such an assessment, however, sadly only underscores the second-class status many LGBT Americans experience daily, knowing that their rights and lives are nothing more than a political tool to be hauled out to rally the base, for or against.

    It is time to stop the politics and address the basic question of fairness, for that is what this is about. We cannot say we are a nation that stands for equality, while in the same breath denying basic rights of happiness, financial parity, and state-recognized companionship to millions. Nor can we any longer trot out the tired notion that civil unions and marriages are the same. For if they were, we would not call them by different names. Separate can never be equal–a lesson we learned during the Civil Rights era that we have yet to apply to the struggle for LGBT rights today.

    The President has done the right thing, and history will remember him for it. But for today, I am all smiles. On behalf of the LGBT community, and all those who support our cause, thank you, President Obama.

    Today, I can proudly feel wholly American.

    –George Takei

    It’s okay to be Takei!

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