The Watering Hole, Monday, May 14th, 2012: Teh Crazy, Local to International

For this Monday’s mix, let’s start with local (to me, anyway) weirdness:

A different aspect on ‘robbing the poor’ involves attempted theft from a local drop box. According to the Patch news article, three men allegedly were not only stealing from the drop boxes, they were stealing the drop boxes themselves. The men stated that they worked for a company called “God’s Property”, although my quick search of the googles/bing could only come up with a house-cleaning service by that name.

On the national crazy homefront: The religious right is celebrating what they believe to be President Obama’s downfall in November, now that the President has officially endorsed same-sex marriage. Adding to the craziness in this article from The Daily Beast is the following quote from Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association:

“President Obama just torpedoed his chance to win in November,” Bryan Fischer, the firebrand spokesman for the American Family Association, told The Daily Beast. “This was a move born of desperation, a Hail Mary pass. The results in North Carolina make it abundantly clear that the American people are not with him on gay marriage. This is a golden opportunity for Mitt Romney. If he will send a strong, consistent and unambiguous message in support of natural marriage he will win the election in a landslide.”

Yet this is the same Bryan Fischer who managed to get Mitt Romney’s openly gay foreign policy adviser, Richard Grenell, to resign from Romney’s campaign staff; then accused Romney of weakness for caving to a self-described “yokel.”

“If Mitt Romney can be pushed around, intimidated, coerced, co-opted by a conservative radio talk show host in Middle America, then how is he going to stand up to the Chinese? How is he going to stand up to Putin? How is he going to stand up to North Korea if he can be pushed around by a yokel like me? I don’t think Romney is realizing the doubts that this begins to raise about his leadership.”

So, I’m guessing that Bryan Fischer is going to stay home on Election Day this November?

For the foreign crazy, here’s a pair of articles from Foreign Policy’s website about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the possibility of an Israeli strike against Iran. It appears that some former Mossad leaders are speaking out against the idea, while Netanyahu’s recent political moves send mixed signals both for and against an attack on Iran.

Lastly, from Slate, some interesting little stories about various Vice-Presidents, from Aaron Burr to Joe Biden.

This is our daily open thread — feel free to discuss one of the above topics, or whatever’s on your mind!

180 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, May 14th, 2012: Teh Crazy, Local to International

  1. So what did President Obama do that was so outrageous? He was asked how he felt about same-sex marriage and he said he did not object to it, but felt that all Americans have the same civil rights. He didn’t issue any decree; he didn’t write any law – he simply expressed his opinion.
    Marriage is a civil contract between two persons, with the ceremony in a church as an option. If a marriage fails, one does not go to church for a divorce, but must go to court for the civil dissolution of that contract.

    BTW — I understand that one of Mitt’s sons used a surrogate to birth his twins. Surrogacy, alog with IVF, is not something approved by the Mormon church, but maybe an exception was made.

  2. From this morning’s Cheers and Jeers on Daily Kos, a summation of my sentiments regarding the stupidity of the anti-gay (marriage) sentiment/movement/personages, halfwits like Bryan Fischer in particular:


    A Reminder to Republicans

    As you’re kickin’ up your heels and dancin’ in the aisles in celebration of your victory over the unwashed gay heathen last week in North Carolina, keep this in mind:

    Satan worshippers can still get married. Adulterers can still get married. Atheists can still get married. People who don’t give a shit about their children’s health, education or well-being can still get married. Communists can still get married. Muslims—yes, those ooogah Boogah scary MUSLIMS—can still get married.

    Ax murderers can still get married. Neo-Nazis can still get married. Crack addicts can still get married. Deadbeat dads can still get married. Americans who hate America can still get married. Americans secretly plotting terrorist acts can still get married. Child molesters can still get married. People who can’t procreate can still get married. Americans and ferriners can still get married—even French and Arab ferriners!!!

    Porn addicts can still get married. Adults who chain-smoke in the car with the windows up while their children are sitting in the back seat can still get married. Prostitutes can still get married. Shoplifters can still get married. People who think the world is round can still get married. People who have married and divorced a hundred or even a thousand times can still get married. Gold Diggers can still get married. Tax cheats can still get married. Liberals can still get married and—gasp!—make BABY LIBERALS!

    And, get this: a gay man and a gay woman can still get married to each other. Which, of course, would make it a totally gay marriage. And totally legal.

    But thank God (but not Jesus, who said zilch about gay people) you’ve passed constitutional amendments in over 30 states designed to keep those tax-paying, time-volunteering, charity-giving, healthy-child-raising, law abiding, church-going, soccer-coaching, monogamous, committed, born-this-way gay couples from being able to go to City Hall and fill out a civil marriage form that requires no religious blessing or test what…so…ever.

    Cuz, y’know, if we let them in, who knows where it’ll lead.

      • Thanks Ebb. I took those for a monthly photo contest I participate in. The theme this month is “camera phone/point-and-shoot.” The goal is to get you to focus (pun-intended) more on composition than anything else. So those were in fact taken with a 5-year-old point-and-shoot.

  3. “Netanyahu’s recent political moves send mixed signals both for and against an attack on Iran.”

    So he has hired Willard’s strategist?

  4. Football programme yesterday as the most incredible end ever to the English Premier League yesterday took place. . Love the start where he’s going on about how ‘they’ve blown it’ and then all hell breaks loose.

    Here’s the story behind the wild antics in the TV studio After almost 9 months of EPL, the EPL title came down to the last 5 minutes of injury time in one game – Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers.

    My favourite comment was that during the celebratory pitch invasion afterwards, the opposition fans were also celebrating on the pitch – their team had not been relegated out of the EPL – everyone was happy.

    What pissed me off was that Man City v QPR was the *only* game my one month trial to Fox Soccer did *not* cover yesterday – Murdoch! Bastardo!

  5. God catches on Israel Jane, I wish I could work out what it means too – I still think Bibi is going to cast his ‘vote’ in the US election sometime this summer, just because afterwards he has no leverage on Obama, none whatsoever.

  6. What is in the water in Nebraska? (I love the reactions of the man sitting in the gallery behind the lady speaker)

  7. More bullshit from Bryan Fischer, who just loves the sounds of his own voice.

    Now I want to say this again, I am not anti-Mormon. I am anti-Mormonism because I think it’s error, but I am pro-Mormon. I am for Mormons, I want to see them come to a full understanding of the truth. I bear them no ill will, I bear them no malice, I love them, I want them to come into the full light of the truth.

    Well, that’s reassuring. As the article notes, however, he’s said the same thing about gays and Muslims. He doesn’t hate them, he just believes that have no place in this country (or this world) and that they do not deserve the protections of the Bill of Rights, etc. Oh, and that they’re stupid. And he essentially says the same thing about Mormons.

    • And there it is – the patronising religious bigot.

      First they pity you – you haven’t seen ‘the truth’/’come to the light’/’accepted the Lord’ – but they still love you
      Then they avoid you – hey you don’t go to Church, maybe your kid doesn’t come to mine’s birthday party, no foreign policy spokesman’s job in my campaign pufter
      Then they legislate against you – no marriage for you, , here, wear this armband so we can spot you, ride at the back of the bus n*****
      Then you are off to your ‘resettlement camp’ in a boxcar ….

    • Reminds me of what H.L. Mencken said. “I have nothing against Christianity. It’s Christians I can’t stand.”

      Gandhi expressed a similar sentiment, but he didn’t day he couldn’t “stand” them. I think he said something like, “I like your Christ. Your Christians, not so much.”

      Now if those two people can have the same thought about a particular religion and its practitioners, maybe Christians should pay attention to what they’re both saying.

  8. Wow. The Paulbots are swarming all over the comments at TPM. One thing they all have in common: the belief that “government” is separate from “the people.” They also share the delusion that Ron Paul will not only be the Republican nominee but the victor in the general. Seriously, they believe that.

  9. Dumbest comment on marriage equality I’ve seen:
    “…once they can form lesbian alliances, fewer white babies will be born and then the Muslims, who don’t have planned parenthood will take over..”

  10. Romney’s JP Morgan problem is much worse than his gay-bullying problem.

    How can this guy survive until the convention with something new every week?

  11. Found on MSNBC today, re: campaing stuff:
    the Romney camp is punching back by targeting deficits and debt. “For the last three-and-a-half years, President Obama’s liberal policies of wasteful spending and skyrocketing debt haven’t lived up to his own promises to control our nation’s mounting deficits,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul says in a statement. “As president, Mitt Romney will finally change Washington and stop passing our financial burdens on to the next generation.”

    So Romney is renouncing the Paul Ryan budget/ The one that increases deficits by trillions of dollars??? Well, Willard?

        • That’s the problem… there aren’t any exploding heads… when ‘the fact that most of the “wasteful spending and skyrocketing debt” can be directly attributed to Republican spend-but-don’t-tax policies’ is pointed out to advocates supporting Romney, there seems to be a cognizant dissonance and a blank stare.

          They don’t seem to understand that Bush never started two wars and didn’t pay for them or cut taxes for the rich and didn’t pay for them, etc. etc.

          • I like to call that ‘borrow and blow’ economic policy. There is never any tangible asset afterward. Or you could call it ‘firecracker policy’. The fun is over, the money is gone, the air smells bad, and the yard is a mess.

      • Anyone who depends on TV for news, with the possible exception of a couple MSNBC shows, they will never hear that simple truth. They also seem to be fundamentally incapable of understanding that the President can’t spend a penny on his own authority.

    • Violent leftist groups in the 70s targeted large institutions almost exclusively. They weren’t particularly good at it, which caused the deaths of innocent people but those people were never the target. On the Right, however, one easily finds examples like Timothy McVeigh who bombed a building full of civilians and children.

      And on the left, I would include those activists who spiked trees in the full knowledge that this was incredibly dangerous for people whose jobs involved cutting old growth trees.

  12. “This is a golden opportunity for Mitt Romney. If he will send a strong, consistent and unambiguous message in support of natural marriage he will win the election in a landslide.”

    Romney can’t send a strong, consistent and unambiguous message as to what his real name is.

  13. Yesterday was Frog Jumping Day

    “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”

    The people in Calaveras County in California take Frog Jumping seriously. Frog Jumping day is celebrated on May 13 at the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee. Participants compete in the Jumping Frog Jubilee to see whose frog can jump the farthest. The Calaveras County Fair is a blend of entertainment, exhibits, livestock, arena events, food and their signature event, the Frog Jump. You can even select your own frog jockey.

  14. I’m getting tired of arguing with this idiot. I’m strongly considering blocking her, which is something I rarely do.

  15. He’s certifiable:

    WASHINGTON — Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) spent part of Mother’s Day weekend talking about motorcycles — and how if someone went for a ride on his bike, it would be like that person was “touching [his] wife.”

    West was talking about his plans to ride his motorcycle to the Republican convention in Tampa this summer when, during an interview with a California radio show, the host asked West if he could take a ride on West’s Honda VTX 1800R retro.

    “That would be like touching my wife,” West said, according to a report in Sun-Sentinel, a South Florida newspaper.

    When the radio show host said it wouldn’t be quite the same thing, West doubled down.

    “Yes,” he said. “It would be.”

    A request for clarification by West’s spokeswoman was not immediately returned.

    • It’s not easy to find a way to contact the DNC on their website. Just scroll all the way to the bottom, and in the teeny tiny print at the bottom, you’ll find “Contact.” BINGO!

  16. Life is organic.
    When ‘themes’ take on a life of their own we have Monday Music (although I’m not yet in my night attire). =;^)

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