The Watering Hole, Wednesday, May 16, 2012: Branding

I would offer this as a word to the wise, but those to need to hear, will not listen.

Ever since Obama was elected, he has been labled a Nazi and a Communist. Perhaps it is to the point where the common man sees those who espouse gender equality, women’s rights, and social safety nets as the chief tenents of the Nazi and Communist parties.

Could this explain the gains of the Nazi’s and Communists in Greece?

Those on the “Right” might be wise if they toned down the Nazi/Communist rhetoric, lest they get what they ask for…

just sayin’…








83 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, May 16, 2012: Branding

  1. Why I’m still watching Current TV:
    Jennifer Granholm: Run through the open door

  2. Obama a communist? Nazi? That’s just silly.
    Everyone knows he’s a Marxian socialist!

  3. Acting advice for Mitt Romney from James Lipton….

    From the text:

    “Listen to his laugh. It resembles the flat “Ha! Ha! Ha!” that appears in comic-strip dialogue balloons. But worse – far worse – it is mirthless. Mr. Romney expects us to be amused, although he himself is not amused. Freeze the frame, cover the bottom of his face with your hand, and study his eyes. There’s no pleasure there, no amusement. Genuine laughter is triggered only by, and is completely dependent on, shared perception. That’s why we say we “get” a joke.”

    • Lipton: “What’s your favourite curse word, Governor?”

      Rmoney: “Santorum!”

          • That’s a good point. Lawrence is feisty. And people complain about Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell but love the feistier Martin Bashir and Reverand Al so there’s hope.

    • It’s funny because watching his speech yesterday I said look at the jerk deliver what he thinks is a laugh line and then pause waiting for the big laugh looks like a total idiot.

  4. At least the Greeks have a wide range of choices for their politics.

    “‘You can choose from 50 different cereals in the cereal isle, or 50 different sodas in the drinks isle, but when it comes to [American] democracy, you’ve got Coke or Pepsi'”

    – Jesse Ventura

    • I love this summation of Romney from his Rudeness…

      He wasn’t a vulture capitalist. He was a pussy capitalist. It’s like having your friends hold down a gay classmate while you cut his hair. No, wait. It’s like paying someone to do the cutting while you watch and jack off at the sight.

    • “Polled his 60 70 household staff who all seemed to like it a lot” LOL

    • It looks like WordPress is automatically checking the box about email notification every single time you go to ‘Leave a Reply’ – you’ll have to be sure to uncheck it each time. What a freakin’ painintheass!

  5. At TP, a story about W selling a book for $25 on how to improve the economy, reminds me of the get-rich-quick books sold on late-night infomercials. The book tells that how to get rich is selling get-rich-quick books on late-night infomercials!

  6. GOP Sanity Watch:

    “My responsibility is to make judgments about hard, complex issues that I believe to be right. Simply looking at the status quo and suggesting that the tax code is sacrosanct and can never change, and that decisions made in the ’80s and ’90s can never change, is absurd. The tax code is weighted toward the ultra-wealthy and ultra-wealthy corporations, and has created an offshore aristocracy of people who can afford to hire an army of accountants and lawyers. This shifts the tax burden to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and others. I don’t want to see taxes go up on any hardworking American. We need a simpler, fairer tax code,” – Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE), on why he refused to renew his commitment to the Norquist pledge.

      • I’m in favor of a flat tax, sort of: 110% on ALL income over, say, five million per year? So let’s say Mitt Romney’s annualized income from all sources is $20 million. Under my flat tax plan, he’d owe 110% on $15 million, or $16.5 million. That would leave him with $3.5 million to spend on stuff like new homes, Cadillacs, car elevators, and the like.

        How does one go about getting such great deficit-reduction stuff as this proposal enacted? Who can I call?

    • I like the pledge at the top of the page, the one that goes

      Will You Boldly Proclaim”I am a Christian”? Sign the pledge now!

      I didn’t go there, of course. Am waiting to see one that asks me to “Boldly Proclaim” that I am NOT a Christian, that I’ve NEVER been one, and that I’ll NEVER become one. Period!

      • Actually, frugal, you’re more of a real christian, i.e., you follow the Golden Rule, which is basically what Christ tried to teach, than any of those faux-christians out there.

        • You know, curiously, my dad — a true and genuine non-theist if there ever was one — brought to my attention when I was but a lad that if you watch closely, it soon becomes obvious that the worst Christians are the ones that proclaim their beliefs loudly, and that the best ones make no claim of even being Christian. Didn’t take me long to note that he was spot-on correct.

          I still chuckle at him. He was on the Village Council for a couple of terms back in the late fifties, and at one council meeting the local Catholic Priest along with one Congregationalist and two Lutheran Ministers showed up with a request that the council mandate that the gate to the local village dump be closed and locked till noon on Sunday in order, presumably, to help increase church attendance. The council listened to them, and after they were finished my dad looked at them and said, quote: “If you guys can’t even compete with a gol-darned dump, you need to find a new line of work.” That ended the matter, but to this day there are still a handful of surviving townfolk who like to recall that line, and laugh heartily in the process.

      • WHAT?! First he killed Marriage, then Christmas, Stay at Home Moms, he’s planning to kill our right to bear arms, the economy, family values…We could deal with all that. But NASCAR!!? That should clinch it for every redneck out there. Oh wait..Nevermind.

      • Too many night races is running up their electric bill, too. I don’t think the France family is ready to auction off the Daytona Superspeedway just yet. Anyway, a lot of jobs depend on race dates all over.

  7. Zooey, that guy on the TP thread about James O’Keefe who said ‘look in the mirror’ wasn’t responding to you – he commented later apologizing to you. Thought you should know.

    • Thanks, Jane. I really hate TP’s commenting system. I’d rather go off on people who actually deserve it.

        • I think WP’s notification box setup is screwed up again. I’ve blown the little green “notify” check mark out with each post, then keep getting more email “new comment” notifications. The box apparently rechecks itself. Screwy enough to make one think WP is a Republican outfit.

  8. Okay, I tried to get rid of the notifications by following the ‘modify your subscription options’ instructions within the notification email, I’ve also un-checked the box below the ‘Leave a Reply’ comment field, and I’m still getting the damned emails. Freakin’ WordPress!.

  9. QOTD:

    “What more do we want this man to do for us, honest to god?” – David Letterman, Late Night last night, to NBC’s Brian Williams about President Obama.

  10. Judge H. Lee Sarokin: Critics Claim President Lincoln Guilty of Political Pandering in Emancipation Proclamation

    Today, January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing 3 million slaves. Critics of the President were quick to condemn his action. The town crier, using his megaphone, shouted that that this was further evidence of the President’s war on families. He wondered how families would survive without those who feed, clothe and care for them free. He pointed out that our founding fathers had slaves. This was a tradition that dated back to the early colonies, and now Lincoln was turning his back on decades of tradition. He claimed that Lincoln was doing it just for political reasons to gain favor with black people and elite northern liberals.

    A noted young intellectual suggested that President Lincoln tell his children that there was no reason to change thousands of years of thinking about slavery. Everybody had slaves, so why shouldn’t we? She added that, in general, kids do better being reared by a nanny slave than a mother and father. Opposition leaders predicted “that the next thing they’ll be sitting at lunch counters and taking our seats on buses and God forbid, going to school with our children.” The Slavery Research Council issued a statement declaring that outlawing slavery remains outside the mainstream of American politics, especially in the critical Southern states and pointed to numerous references in the Bible such as Leviticus 25:44-46, which clearly condones slavery. Even some of the President’s supporters found fault that he did not go far enough — complaining that the Proclamation did not outlaw slavery and did not make slaves citizens.*

    That’s about the way it goes now.

    The author goes on to conclude:

    The country has faced and survived the dire predictions regarding the freeing of the slaves, giving women the right to vote, inter-racial marriage, integrated schools, gays in the military or gays adopting children, and it will survive gay marriage as well. Same-sex marriage harms no one and it benefits millions.

    • … the Bible … clearly condones slavery.

      Is there, I have to wonder, any malevolent shit that the bible does NOT “clearly condone”? “God” must be a mean-spirited SOB … or else maybe the thing was written by some mean-spirited, earth-born, earth-bound, uninspired and uninspiring hominid male SOBs? You think?

  11. Commenting on the recent Obama campaign ad {featuring GST Steel} a reader writes in:

    “As I see it, the real problem is not that Bain ultimately shut down GST. Absent those lucky duckies on the wingnut welfare circuit, no one’s guaranteed permanent employment. The problem is that, in doing so, they reneged on a series of financial promises made to GST’s then-employees and retirees: their pensions and health care benefits. These pensions and benefits were part of the employees’ compensation – earned over many years on the job. Romney, in order to maximize Bain’s short-term profit on the deal, broke those promises. That is a fundamental breach of the social contract between employer and worker. Moreover, it is simply a loathsome way to do business.

    You know, it’s interesting, as an attorney, I spend a lot of time reading the libertarians over at the Volokh Conspiracy. To a man, they purport to believe in the sanctity of contract rights. During the auto bailout, they raged and gnashed their teeth when various bondholders were forced to take losses by the big unions and their lackeys in the administration. Remarkably, they never have anything to say when a worker gets screwed out of earned pension benefits or health care coverage. It’s as if the contract rights of labor are somehow illegitimate or second-class compared to the inviolate rights of the One Percent.”

    Bring the Bain pain.

    • The reneging on past agreements is necessary to make a fat profit so it’s just good business. Greed, not honor or community, is a value to be honored.

    • Dr. Oz doesn’t seem like an intellectual powerhouse either.

    • I can’t watch the video, but I gather it’s an exploration of how technology has changed the ways we interact. For me, it’s been a positive experience. I have the opportunity to correspond with people I would never encounter in my daily life. I can’t tell you how grateful I was to discover the folks who commented on TP in 2008. I felt rather alone in my rural community and found a group of folks who were intelligent and unafraid to own their political views. Suddenly I was not an outlier.

    • I wish they hadn’t done this… it makes Romney look cooler than he is.

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