I fought the law and (you know what happens next…)

The folk tradition is filled with social deviancy, mostly in the form of ‘he killed her, but he didn’t get away with it’. In our more current tamer times, she runs with the wild one until the law catches up with him. Here’s two modern folk tales, the first being what I think is the best interpretation of The Road Goes on Forever with Joe Ely performing the Robert Earl Keen tune.

The second is by the master himself.


110 thoughts on “I fought the law and (you know what happens next…)

  1. Listen to music and have a beer. Lost your bottle opener? Try this at home:

  2. On a bus heading for a beer garden …. where’s the donna summer ? Hot stuff with the Full Monty.

  3. I always liked this Donna Summer version. It’s very much a time capsule including slo-mo voguing, in this live version of “I Feel Love”

  4. For Facebook, today’s IPO was far less than imagined. I think the Dream is Collapsing:

  5. From last year, and worth posting again… (hard to believe it’s been nearly a year… time flies… I thought I posted this a few months ago…)

    zxbe on June 24, 2011 at 4:58 pm said:
    Also heard this for the first time in the last few days. Thought it was Blondie (and she did do a cover of it); but it turned out to be Donna Summer. I Feel Love. More techno than disco. Give it a shot.

    ✿ DONNA SUMMER – I Feel Love (1977) ✿ – YouTube

    • I get on those too. I had a box of homemade cassettes my brother gave me back before CDs, and one was The Motels. It was a while before I knew their name, not having the Google way back then.

  6. Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme

    And that’s one of my favorite RT lyrics.

    And a favorite song (below) from the wonderful period when he had Christine Collister and Clive Gregson in the band.

  7. *crickets chirping* so here’s the Butterfly Ball and Love is All

    • I’m enjoying the tunes while designing an insulated shopping bag.

      Yeah, my life is exciting and awesome. 😉

  8. outta wine…brain cells floating…it’s only friday…oh wait saturday…

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