Sunday Roast: Public vs Private Morality

I love the way Robert Reich explains things — words and pictures really work!

Get this, people:  Who we love, sleep with, or want to marry is our PRIVATE BUSINESS.  As in, stay out of other people’s business unless you want us in your business.  Ya know, the “golden rule?”

What people do in public, like looting the country, plunging the country into a depression, trashing teachers, lying about the motivations of the President, lying in general, destroying the social safety net, and gutting the education system is EVERYONE’S BUSINESS.

Read carefully:  The morality that really matters is PUBLIC MORALITY.  Understand?

Listen up, you so-called Conservatives aka Whacked-out Fucking Nutters:  I don’t give a shit what you do in your private life, so long as it doesn’t involve minors, abuse, or innocent animals — you know, stuff that’s against the law — and anything that goes on in my private life is — again — none of your business.  Guess what?  Whether or not a woman takes birth control or needs/wants an abortion, is PRIVATE.  So unless you want us to unleash the Viagra police, you better just can it.  Please do all of us a favor, and mind your own fucking business — and I do mean fucking business.  I used to be a legal secretary, so I know what you weirdos have on your computers.  You might think you’re fooling people, but you ain’t fooling your wives!

I am SO done with this bullshit.

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