Sunday Roast: Public vs Private Morality

I love the way Robert Reich explains things — words and pictures really work!

Get this, people:  Who we love, sleep with, or want to marry is our PRIVATE BUSINESS.  As in, stay out of other people’s business unless you want us in your business.  Ya know, the “golden rule?”

What people do in public, like looting the country, plunging the country into a depression, trashing teachers, lying about the motivations of the President, lying in general, destroying the social safety net, and gutting the education system is EVERYONE’S BUSINESS.

Read carefully:  The morality that really matters is PUBLIC MORALITY.  Understand?

Listen up, you so-called Conservatives aka Whacked-out Fucking Nutters:  I don’t give a shit what you do in your private life, so long as it doesn’t involve minors, abuse, or innocent animals — you know, stuff that’s against the law — and anything that goes on in my private life is — again — none of your business.  Guess what?  Whether or not a woman takes birth control or needs/wants an abortion, is PRIVATE.  So unless you want us to unleash the Viagra police, you better just can it.  Please do all of us a favor, and mind your own fucking business — and I do mean fucking business.  I used to be a legal secretary, so I know what you weirdos have on your computers.  You might think you’re fooling people, but you ain’t fooling your wives!

I am SO done with this bullshit.

This is our daily open thread —
Tie a knot in the end of the rope and hang on.

68 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Public vs Private Morality

  1. We know what you weirdos have on your computers.
    We are Zoononymous! We are growing. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Fear us. (Why not, you fear everything else already?)

  2. Young men are now rushing to become Mormons. They just learned they get to spend 2 years in the missionary possition!


    • Here it’s going to start about 4pm, central. Since it gets dark around 7:30 anyway, it’s just going to look like it got cloudy in the late afternoon.

      • Sunset is the best time to actually see a partial eclipse since you can look at the sun and not have your retina’s burnt, like looking at Para Salin!

      • I broke out my welding helmet and the eclipse hasn’t started here yet. I thought I might be able to see a corner starting to be covered. A little later, I may go up the mountain to get a better look.

  3. I took one look at the wedding photo on Zuckerberg’s FB page and instantly thought of Rupert Murdoch and his wife. And Priscilla looks like she’s nauseous in that photo.

    • “It’s a nightmare we don’t have yet. But it will be coming in the future.”

      The joys of being a theoretical physicist!//

  4. WTF? is wrong with Cory Booker? This guy is an Obama surrogate and he’s pushing the president under the bus? With friends like him….

  5. Well? I balanced my karma a bit more with the avian world. I returned a baby sparrow to its nest and it hasn’t been ejected again. The scent nearly drove my kitty insane so I guess we’ll have to have chicken for dinner.

    • I went down to our pond this evening to see if I could spot the mallard duckling that I rescued a couple of weeks ago from one of my cats. While I didn’t see the duckling, I did see a pair of mallards sleeping on the neighbor’s lawn, a few feet up from the water’s edge. They must have been fairly soundly asleep, because I made some noises and neither of them even checked me out, but I did see another head pop up from the grass several feet beyond the pair. I’m hoping that it was my duckling.

  6. That’s really sad about Robin Gibb. About two weeks ago it looked like he was rallying.

    Third segment on the first hour of two hours of 60 Minutes has a story on Roger Waters’ new production of The Wall. This is a must for Pink Floyd fans.

    • I went out about twenty minutes ago, and still didn’t see a shadow at all. The sun is going to set before it’s visible in the east.

      • If the sun is out, look at the shadows on the ground coming through a tree. You may see a bite out of the sun. Or create your own shadow through your fingers – make a smallish hole and you may see it.

  7. I have a minor seismic event going on in my kitchen. The washer just hit the spin cycle out of balance.

    • Before you moved from Idaho and started all this sewing, you were making I think perhaps Christmas gifts and mentioned using some antique Chinese silk. Do you still have enough to make a tea wallet?

          • I’ll send pictures to the email account attached to your sign in tomorrow morning. The light is gone today, and the flash makes everything look weird.

            I can’t wait to work with it! I’m nervous already…

            • That will be great. Don’t be nervous. My new little boar, who probably weighs all of 150 lbs, was not too nervous to mount a 400 lb sow. ( see gravatar, the little fellow needed a step-stool)

  8. We used a very scientific instrument to view the eclipse… the pin-hole in the paper projected onto the pavement! Worked very well, indeed!

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