The Watering Hole: Tuesday May 22, Scotty

Finally he has found his resting place, where else than in space? This morning his ashes have been brought into space where they will circle the earth until finally the atmosphere will devour the capsule with his ashes.

This is our Open Thread. What is your favourite Scot ?

180 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday May 22, Scotty

  1. Thanks, EV. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek since its first episode aired in 1966. Was there supposed to be a story about James Doohan’s ashes being put into space on the link within the story? Because that link just links to the same video as above.

  2. I loved Doohan’s emoting as he tries to get one more ounce of power out of the starship’s warp drive engines…
    “She’s gonna blow, cap’n!”

    RIO(rbit), Scotty.

    BTW My fave Scot would be Robert the Bruce

  3. I thought Doohan’s ashes were popped up there a long time ago….

    Have to say I read his biography a number of years ago, as ever there are more interesting things to learn about people as you read. He went ashore in the Canadian army at Juno on June 6th (how many Americans know that there were three other allied beaches out of the five on June 6th and that one whole beach was the Canadian army? If you read Stephen Ambrose probably not) and was wounded on the first or second day.

    He was famous on the set of the original when time and budget were under tight control of never missing a take on a close up. By all accounts her was a very accomplished stage actor, a nice guy and always loved what Star Trek did for him.

    I was always Scotty when we played Star Trek in my Dad’s garage. Good times. And yes, ‘Ye canna change the laws of physics, Captain’

    • I used to be Spock. Ya know, wimmin and logics ๐Ÿ˜† we played Star Trek for months every day, even years. My brother was Kirk and my sister Uhura. Some odd friends were to be Klingons and if they were really nice Scotty and the doc.

    • There’s no such thing as being “too busty” or “too flat”
      They’re all beautiful.
      The irony here is that it is a lingerie wholesaler.
      What’s their line of lingerie, a burqua?
      The guy’s going to lose.

  4. I’m thinking that if the Oklahoma City Thunder can just make it to the NBA finals and then lose, they may rival the body count from the Murrah Federal Building.

      • Supposedly the original investigation by his Cold Case Squad (or whatever he called them) was financed by private donations. But any Arizona taxpayer would have the right to question who is paying for this waste-of-time “investigation.” It’s not Sheriff Joe’s job to check on the constitutional eligibility of candidates seeking to be on their ballots,. so he has no official reason to spend taxpayer dollars finding the answer.

      • He said taxpayers were footing the tab for the airfare and hotel for the investigators, but he hopes the agency will be paid back through private donations. Before now, Arpaio has said the investigation was funded entirely through donations, which are being encouraged by the conspiracy website WorldNetDaily.

        This could very well be an illegal use of taxpayer funds. If I were you, I’d contact your state Attorney General’s office to see if laws were broken. Or maybe contact Rep Raul Grijalva’s office. I don’t think he puts up with shit like this, but even if he’s powerless to do anything, he might be able to direct you to the person who can and, hopefully, will..

        • Shayne did you catch that well over 3,500 requests have been made for the State of Arizona to certify that mitt Romney is *not* a unicorn have been made – well over the 1,200 requests to certify that Obama is a US citizen?

    • Sounds like a pricey junket. A week in Maui, another in Kaui, all the while, (wink, wink) “investigating”…

      • Y’all better send in your funds to the home office because Zooey & I better take a little exploratory trip to Maui to find out whassup. I’m just going to handle the money and keep her out of trouble. No complaints remember I’m the one who would send out paychecks if anybody was ever getting paid.

        • That’s a great idea, Shayne. It will have to be an extended trip, so we can do some real in-depth reporting. I’ll bring the sunscreen, cuz I know you won’t find time to give me money to buy some. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • They sell lingerie for the love of gawd!
      Can’t get much more intimate than that…
      “organized” religion is insane!

  5. Scene I always wanted to see on Start Trek.
    Kirk: “Scotty, beam me up, quick!”
    Scotty: “Cap’n, the dilithium crystals are cracked and I’ve only got impulse power. I canna beam yer fat ass up anymore.”

  6. Favorite Scot: Stout Duncan. Favorite modern-day Scot: tie between Sean Connery and Billy Connolly(sp?).

    • When I saw that one I thought it would be more productive to build the fence along the old Mason/Dixon Line. They could put patrol boats on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and we wouldn’t have to go to the expense of air lifting food in, just give a free pass to any rational human who wanted to leave. A much more humane and productive use of fencing.

    • These “men of God” need to spend more time contemplating the wonders of creation. After all, God made “lesbians, queers, and homosexuals” as well as columbine.

  7. The Iowa GOP adopted a platform that includes doing away with the Dept. of Agriculture. Don’t they even know where their subsidies come from?

  8. [not the Onion] via a LGF commenter:

    Lot 160 โ€“ Ronald Reagan Blood Vial

    The 5โ€ glass vial with a half inch diameter has a green rubber stopper. Dried blood residue from President Reagan (1911-2004) can be seen clearly in the vial with a quarter-inch ring of blood residue at the end of the inserted rubber stopper.

    Current bid: ยฃ7,587.00

    Top Bidder:Another user is currently the top bidder.

    Ending On: 2012-05-24 19:00:00 GMT +1
    Current Time: 2012-05-22 18:19:55 GMT +1
    Time left: 2d 0h 40m 5s

  9. I’m thinking I’m going to have a problem with the rental manager dude. Why do people ask questions if they don’t want an honest answer — or even an answer? ๐Ÿ™„

    I got a copy of my move-in inspection sheet out of his secretary while he was talking to some other people, and he wasn’t happy about that. Well, I wasn’t happy to find a sticky kitchen and gross mildew on the windows & tracks when I moved in.

    I know lawyers. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. So I had this link on Yahoo about some Orthodox Jews running a lingerie distributor telling a woman to cover up and tape her boobs down because there offended – you know ‘religious war on women’ stuff – but the spam bin ate it . The story is on Yahoo News – go look.

    • As opposed to you, Roger. We KNOW That you’re a power hungry, overblown, bigoted control freak. You want that Black Man out of Your White House, and no lie or distortion is big enough if it fits that purpose.

    • You’ve forgotten .. Breitbart was sitting on a “bombshell” something or other that would expose the President and have him arrested..
      then the President had the nutter killed! So we’ll never know//

      • That’s right Obama travelled back in time to plant his birth certificate and on the way back, he made Andrew Breitbart eat a few too many hamburgers and clog his arteries with enough crap to induce a heart attack just as he was ready to spill the beans.

  11. To: undisclosed recipient

    I am seeking your consent to hand you as a recipient to my late client
    estate who passed away few years back, which by accident matches his
    last name with yours. This is permissible and without harm, the amount
    left behind is $17.5M. If interested forward to me your name, cell,
    phone\fax, for more clarifications
    Mr. Mike

    This could be my lucky day…I’ll be contacting “Mr. Mike” a.s.a.p.///

      • I keep getting phone calls that say they are doing a political survey and they’re sure I’m unhappy with the state of this country. If I answer their short poll I will qualify for two tickets for a glamorous cruise and I should wait on the line after answering questions to talk to my travel adviser. And thats all I know because I didn’t stay on the phone any longer.

    • I get these things on my farm e-mail. Most of them want to buy my products if I can ship to Thailand. I’m assuming they would send a bad check and ask me to wire a portion to the shipper. What’s funny is that I’m selling hot peppers, and I’m sure Thailand doesn’t need any help from Virginia in the hot pepper area.

    • So TP has disabled the ‘back’ button huh? Well that’s the last time I even scoot over to read their stuff.

      • TP dumped me when they required facebook login, and when I try to use my hotmail, the textbox becomes disabled by shrinking vertically to the point where I can’t get my cursor into it. Friggin genius!

        • I haven’t even tried to post with hotmail in months. I think the quality of the comments (present company excepted) on TP has declined to the point that I’m not interested enough to read them.

      • I use as RSS reader, Sage/Firefox, and only click on stories if I want to provide a link. I also use Ad-block and NoScript so they don’t really get any benefit, nor do I risk contagion, on the odd occasions I do go to one of their stories. That being said, I’ve never had a problem with their reporting. It’s just their total disregard for their, formerly, loyal readers and contributors that pisses me off.

    • I’m thinking a school psychologist job will be opening up in Louisiana. Zooey, want to move south?

  12. I have a question for zoosters residing west of the Rockies: Do any of you happen to have any Best Foods Real Mayonnaise?

    Oh I know I’m exposing the depth to which my intellectual curiosity has sunk, however, I’ve taken a fancy to reading labels on things I have purchased. I have a jar of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise and the information on the label includes the statement: Known as Best Foods West of the Rockies. I want to know if labels on jars of Best Foods Real Mayonnaise
    say that it is Known as Hellmann’s East of the Rockies.

    I was originally wondering if there were warnings about any maximum temperature in which an unopened jar could be stored. There are warnings to not freeze the mayo and to store open jar in fridge but none about high temps.

    Owned by Unilever, hmmmm…..

    • Just so happens I have a jar of Best Foods with Olive Oil (made with cage free eggs)..

      Known As Hellman’s ยฎ East of the Rockies

      • Cool, thanks Ebb. Now I’ll try to find out where they make the stuff and wonder if there’s a plant where they produce both brands. Though I’m pretty sure the recipe is exactly the same, I’d be willing to bet there are people who would claim one is better than the other or tastes different, and they’re probably conservatards!

      • I live east of the Rockies — 8 full miles due east of the Front Range — and ain’t no Hellman’s here, it’s all Best Foods. Wonder why that is? Corporate liars!! ///

      • There are times the Target stores have Hellman’s on the shelf. Then again they also have that funky shaped butter you folk have ..

        Do you buy a cube of butter or a stick of butter? It all depends upon where you live. In the Eastern United States, butter is sold in long, skinny sticks. In the Western United States, butter is most often sold in fat cubes

      • I bought a little jar of that a couple years ago for potato salad, and I thought it was great. I’m not a mayo person otherwise.

        Yep, the label says it’s known as Best Foods west of the Rockies. I know that because when we moved to Louisiana in the early 80s, my ex almost had a heart attack because he couldn’t find his Best Foods mayo at the Piggly Wiggly. I told him I could have sworn I saw it in the store, and said I’d check next time I went. He told me I was wrong, and that was that. Well, what I’d seen was the same color scheme on the Hellman’s as on the Best Foods, so I picked it up and read the label. Sure enough, Best Foods. He was fucking furious when I brought home the Hellman’s, and was even more furious when I showed him the label that proved him wrong. I lost my cool at that point and threw the damn jar out into the yard. I noticed later that the jar was in the fridge.

        Yeah, I’m bad at spotting red flags. ๐Ÿ˜† But how many people can say that they’ve had more than one argument about mayo in a relationship? Heh.

    • I briefly worked in a restaurant that used a “White Salad Dressing”. It came in a plastic lined box of 25 pounds, required no refrigeration, and was good for 25 years. I was never able to find out if it was actually safe for human consumption!

    • OK, I was wrong about the Mayo. The Best Foods website says both brands are made at the same plant and says Best Foods mayo has a tangier taste!

    • But the world did spin more fabulously. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I remember the day he and Mayor Moscone were murdered, as if it were yesterday. Horrifying.

          • Never quite understood the difference between murder in the 1st degree and voluntary manslaughter… to me, it isn’t really a crime of passion if you climb in a window to avoid metal detectors.

            • I never understood how that came about. It could have been that Dan White had been in the military and a cop, and looked very white and spit-shined, blah blah blah, and Milk was a militant gay guy of “I’m here to recruit you!” fame (infamy). The Mayor seemed to get lost in the mix.

              Dodging the metal detectors and using hollow point bullets means the whole thing was premeditated. There was a reason why Dianne Feinstein had to be virtually propped up in front of the microphones when she announced the murders — she’d found Harvey Milk’s body.

  13. It’s funny where one can find political commentary. This was posted by danielsangeo at MMfA.

    In the Rick Moranis/Steve Martin movie “Little Shop of Horrors”, Mr. Mushnik is a small business owner. He runs a small florist shop. Mr. Mushnik had two employees: Audrey and Seymour. Audrey was running late and when she finally showed up for work (after getting into a fight with her boyfriend), she apologized for her tardiness. Mushnik didn’t care; they haven’t sold a single thing. Then there’s a montage shot of Mushnik and his two employees just standing around. Finally, Mushnik looks up at the wall clock and says, “Six o’clock, and we haven’t sold so much as a fern.”

    He then slams the counter they were leaning against and announces that the two shouldn’t bother to come into work the next day, that he’s closing up and going out of business, despite the protestations of his two employees.

    And I don’t blame Mushnik for coming to that decision. He can’t afford to pay the two employees for no work.

    Mushnik also has all the supply he could need to run his store. What he doesn’t have is demand. Lowering Mushnik’s taxes wouldn’t help him or his employees. Even if Mushnik’s tax rate was 0%, he still couldn’t keep Audrey or Seymour employed.

    After deciding to place the “Audrey II” plant in the window, they begin to have an onslaught of customers. Mushnik makes money hand over fist and his two employees remain gainfully employed for the duration of the movie.

    Should the movie had continued without the supernatural element, the customer base would continue to grow until it becomes too much for the three people to handle, Mushnik would then hire more people to accommodate the increased demand. More demand = more jobs. More demand = more supply = more jobs, as well. The increased customer base would cause Mushnik to buy more plants and other supplies such as gardening shears, trowels, ties, and other things. In this
    way, Mushnik now becomes a customer, increasing demand on the suppliers, and making the suppliers hire more people to accommodate the increased demand.

    Even with an increase in Mushnik’s tax rate by the government, Mushnik will continue to make money, still keep Audrey and Seymour employed, and, if the customer base continues to grow, he’ll continue to hire more employees and increase the demand on suppliers which increases their employee base.


    Remember way up above, before the influx of customers, when Mushnik was going to close the shop? He had supply. Supply =/= demand, as too many righties think it does.

        • I’ve become a minimalist as I’ve gotten older. I used to acquire stuff but, when I got sick and sold my house, I started getting rid of stuff. I found it liberating to get to the point where all I had, that I couldn’t bear to leave behind, was my cat and my aquarium. Now that I have settled into a new life I’m starting to get a bit cluttered, especially since I started buying model planes again, but I could still pack up and move in an afternoon if I wanted/needed to.

          (NOTE: If/when I ever move again the “couch from Hell” is going to get chopped up and thrown off the balcony into a dumpster. I have a very comfy desk chair and my infrequent guests can damned well use a folding chair or sit on the floor!)


          • Heh, I didn’t have all that much stuff here to begin with, and I’m finding that I’m not missing the stuff that’s gone. The only piece of furniture I’m keeping is my old drop leaf table. I’d keep my bed, but it doesn’t fit in the car, it’s going to the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop — they’ll come pick it up next Wednesday, along with anything that might be leftover.

            It really is liberating!

    • Romney must be in a cold sweat these days, worrying about what all his crazy-assed supporters are going to do.

      If they keep up the attacks on Obama’s religion, I will feel free to put up a post every single day about all the crazy shit Mormons believe in.

      Keep talking, assholes.

    • During an interview on Fox News on Monday, host Sean Hannity told Palin that he thought the president’s former pastor was “relevant” even though Romney had repudiated a proposal to use Wright in attack ads.

      The half-term Alaska governor replied: “I thought so in 2008 and that’s why I went rogue, if you will, and disagreed with some of John McCain’s advisers when they said, no, a lot of these issues like past associations and Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers and those that helped shape Obama’s world view needed to be off the table and not discussed. I disagreed then, I disagree now.”

      And who’s President now…? Well done, stupid.

  14. Remember our friend George Tierney, Jr. of Greenville, South Carolina, the dumbest man on the internets? George may be putting us all on but it’s funny stuff nonetheless. He was interviewed by Glossynews just before he took down his twitter account, which he has subsequently restarted (@geotie2323).

    Here’s a few bullet points but I recommend reading the whole article for the maximum snork:

    โ€ข Georgetown is a fake Catholic university
    โ€ข The war on women is as fake as the war on blacks and illegals
    โ€ข Lou Gehrigs comes from Iraq
    โ€ข Muslims have a pact to infiltrate western politics
    โ€ข Barack Obamaโ€™s real name is George Sorrento
    โ€ข America was at war with Russia in the 70s
    โ€ข Obama is personally arsenic-deathing all the cancer-curing doctors

  15. Parents take aim at proposed gun range near elementary school | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News

    A Connecticut town is caught up in a heated debated over whether a proposed gun range should be built just hundreds of feet from a local elementary school.
    “I’d say total insanity. A gun range should not be put next to a school, period. Put it on the outskirts of Waterbury, or somewhere else,” community activist Lisa Lessard said in a video posted by NBC Connecticut.

    There’s no way the kids are in any danger. Guns don’t kill people. So as long as the shooters at the range don’t want to kill any children, the bullets will just know not to ever stray toward the children.

  16. This is one of my favorite Scotty clips. Anyone notice the blooper?

    Robert the Bruce. There’s a story about Robert the Bruce – the same Robert the Bruce in “Braveheart”…

    An archer once bragged to Robert how great he was….to the point where Robert finally said, “prove it….see those two crows in that tree over there?” The archer skewered both with one arrow, earning a crest for his family of two crows pierced by an arrow, with a lion over, signifying the Royal witness to the feat.

    Scotty had a great part in the Tribbles episode. And, in the latest incarnation of Star Trek, Scotty has a Tribble in a bird cage when he first appears….

      • Yes, it was something to do with the bottles. Scotty tossed the empty “it’s green” bottle and you hear glass breaking.

        Then, when he passes out at the doorway, you see the “it’s green” bottle intact.

  17. My eldest is such a sweet guy. He invited me to stay with him as along as I like — in his tiny studio apartment. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s nice for weekends, but it just wouldn’t work for any longer. It’s nice that he offered. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • My daughter is hellbent on getting me to move to Boise. My laughter is NOT soothing to her delusion. But you never know, thangs happen that are not written in my movie script.

            • I have visited Boise a few times, and there are areas within the city limits I enjoyed. But the ONLY reason I’d move there is to be nearer to my beloved daughter.
              zxbe post above about the gun range in Waterbury, Conn. was founded by relatives of mine I discovered yesterday while researching my family history on my mothers side. The Waterburys were traced back to 1530 in Suffolk England. I found no traces to George Tierney of Greenville South Dakota or George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina…thank gawd.

            • Well, that would be a good reason to move to Boise, if it ever comes up. ๐Ÿ™‚

              Lucky you on the family tree, nwoldguy. I found George Tierney of Greenville, South Dakota on my dad’s side, and George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina on my mom’s side. My DNA just had some sort of spasm…

  18. DNA spasm…bwhahahahahahahhhhahhhha. oh shit what? Can you imagine if George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina met George Tierney of Greenville, South Dakota, the tremors that would produce, especially if they were gay; that would change the hapla of your tree.

  19. My vote for Scot of the last century goes to Rodney Paine, a bagpiper, and my dentist in San Francisco in the 1970’s.

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