The Watering Hole: Tuesday May 29 – Learning.The Hard Way.

Diane Tran.

She is too young to vote.
She is too young to drink alcohol.

She’s old enough to work her butt off to support her siblings and old enough to be thrown in jail if she misses school, because of that.

So please tell me. What is the difference between a third world country and Texas again? Well, she may not have faced jail, there they wouldn’t bother.

I am not glorifying her as a hero. She is a strong kid, but I want to stress the cruelty of a society that doesn’t provide for her and her siblings, so they can finish school. Just imagine, what she could achieve if she was allowed to put all this energy and strength she shows into her own education.

And don’t get me started on her parents.

This is our Open Thread. Check in!

68 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday May 29 – Learning.The Hard Way.

  1. The policy of the local school district here for cutting classes and truancy is suspension and expelling. Never have figured out the logic behind that.

    • Oh yes he was in so many ways. The last five rounds had me on the edge. I’d so love to see him win the Championship.

  2. I wish Chris Hayes hadn’t caved into the simple-minded, binary-thinking morons on the Right who made a issue out of a discussion way too far above their heads to understand. If you saw the discussion (the link in his statement goes to it; it’s about 12 minutes long), you would agree there was nothing disrespectful about it. His difficulty was in automatically applying the term “hero” to every fallen soldier, even the ones sent to fight an illegal and immoral war (Iraq). As for me, a peace-time veteran, they were less heroes and more the victims of negligent homicide.

    Some of the comments are right-wing trolls spewing their ignorant vitriol. They disgust me. I’m willing to bet many of them have never served their country, either, but blindly supported everything Bush did. They probably feel the president’s primary job is to keep Americans safe. They are wrong. It;s to protect the Constitution, and he did a horrible job of that. (And no, it isn’t true that he called it “just a goddamned piece of paper.” That story, though fitting, is simply apocryphal.)

  3. This is far worse than Jim Crow. I had no idea this even existed. A map showing how Palestinian cars are marked by differently colored number plates, and where they are allowed to go and not to go. Imagine living in a country where your race prevented you from traveling on certain roads in your own country, and where newcomers enjoy tunnels, bypasses and new roads to facilitate their travel. There are even roads which are parallel, with one being for Jews and the other for Palestinian Arabs.

    • Next time you meet a ‘Israel is our greatest friend and ally and we should protect them until Jesus comes back’ Christo-Zionist ask them these questions in this order:

      1. So what is the country of Israel and where are its borders?
      2. So everyone inside those borders is part of that country – a citzen?
      3. Is Israel a democracy?
      4. In democratic societies, do all citizens of voting age get a vote?
      5. Are all citizens of a democracy entiteld to have equality under the law?
      6. What is Israel then?
      7. What do you think Israel should to do with all the people within it’s borders who it refuses to grant equal rights under the law as all democracies do?

    • The problem in the US is that here we are on a progressive, informed media source and something like this is surprise to the informed readership. Seriously, how would you know this from the US media, the schools or any other source of information?

      Read more about it BMM, read about Israeli settlement ‘law’, East Jerusalem.

      Israel is an Apartheid State – there is no other way to name it.

      • Amen and amen, TtT!

        The oppressed become the oppresser.

        The US is an enabler pouring money into Israel allowing them to bulldoze people and places.

  4. The reason the school referred her to the truancy department is that when a student misses school, they don’t get their money for that student.
    It’s about money, not education.

  5. Jeebus, I had no idea Habitat for Humanity won’t take the mattress from my bed — minor panic attack — then I called the local garbage hauling company, and they’ll come get it for $9. Totally worth it.

    • Dump it on the nearest freeway. Not near the freeway, in the middle of it. That’s where a great number of mattresses end up here in L.A.

      • I encountered a mattress in the middle of the freeway my first time driving on the freeway in the Bay Area. The driving instructor almost had a heart attack, but I didn’t hit that thing. 😀

        • We were driving down a two lane country road at 7 pm on Christmas eve, so it was dark; and a truck roared past in a big hurry. As he passed, a mattress came flying out of the box of the truck. Nearly hitting us! He never stopped and I doubt the guy lost any sleep over it. We were already in a panic because the reason we were out there was because our dog Cleo had escaped from the kennel and they couldn’t find her. Never went back to that kennel!

          • As he passed, a mattress came flying out of the box of the truck…I doubt the guy lost any sleep over it.


            • Oh yes. She was hiding in a bush about 100 yards from the kennel. She nearly ran me over when she heard me. She must have thought we were just outside somewhere close by and waited for us. She was so happy to see us. The kennel was run by an ex police officer and apparently he cornered her in an area that should have been closed off but a gate was open. She bit him and ran off. He offered free boarding and I offered him some free advice!

              It was her first time at a kennel and we put her there for two days at Christmas as a test run for the next month when we were going on a holiday. Turned out to be a good thing we tested it first!

            • I’m so glad it turned out well. I hate to kennel my animals, I prefer to have a pet sitter come to the house, but both have their risks…

        • December 1963, I’m driving east approaching Meridian, Mississippi when a mattress falls out of a pickup truck about 5 car lengths ahead of me. A 57 Buick heading west, driven by an old man with his wife next to him, swerves to miss the mattress, loses control, comes into my lane, and I broadside the rear of their car, sending them into a ditch. My car, a Ford Falcon, had no chance against that Buick, and was squished like an accordian. I, with no seat belt on, flew into the windshield knocking it out onto the road. In shock, I climb out of my car, and start directing traffic around the accident until a Sheriff shows up, and says, “son you’re bleeding all over and have glass in your hair. Sit down a moment and let me get a better look at ya.” I suffered a torn up lip, and the old couple were unharmed. Just another day in paradise.


    “You know, I don’t agree with all the people who support me and my guess is they don’t all agree with everything I believe in,” Romney said. “But I need to get 50.1% or more and I’m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people.”

    No, Mitt. You need 270 electoral votes, which has nothing to do with getting 50.1% of the popular vote. If the popular vote decided who was president (as it ought to be, which is why I support the National Popular Vote), we never would have suffered through the GWBush years. Moron! Does this man understand ANYTHING about how being president works?

    • But a National Popular Vote would take away power from the Guns, Gods, Gays and Greed brigade …… you’re making far too much sense again Wayne, you need to just cut it out 😉

      • Actually it would give the ones living in Blue States more power, as their votes would actually mean something. Of course, the same is true for Lefties living in Red States. But I like the idea because candidates would have to campaign all over the country instead of just ten swing states.

        • And that’s why it will never happen – I suppose it needs an amendment that will ask all those small red states to hand over their bias for free to the big states and the big cities….

          • No amendment needed, and that’s the beauty of it. Google “National Popular Vote” (NPV) to see the status of it. Constitutionally, States are allowed to award their electoral votes anyway they want. The NPV bill says that when enough states whose electoral votes total 270 (enough to win) pass this bill, their electoral votes will automatically go to whichever candidate wins the popular vote throughout the nation, not just among their states.

            The only thing unclear to me (because I haven’t read all the details) is if enough states with exactly 270 votes pass it and it goes into effect, what happens if by the next census, any of those states lose enough population to lose electoral votes and bring the total of the signatory states below 270? It could, theoretically happen. Would they still be bound to award their 269 votes to the national popular vote winner? And could the other candidate theoretically win the other 269 electoral votes and end the race in a tie? We’ve had ties before, and it led to a change in the constitution.

            • That’s fascinating. So now apart from raving pinkos like us, who in the establishment would go for this? Somebody with some storke has to wnat to play too. I just can’t see the current two party system establishment wanting to do something that would in effect hand power back the populace and away from them.

    • If we did away with the archaic Electoral college and went to a straight popular vote it would be progressing towards a real democracy and limiting the powers of the states. Can’t have anything like THAT going on.

  7. If you don’t blame Obama or Romney for their first years in office, before their own policies had had time to take effect, the result is this:

    “Obama has created a net 3.635 million jobs. Applying the same rules to Romney’s numbers through the same time period—that is, through April of his fourth year in office, 2006—we credit Romney with 64,500 jobs. So he grew jobs by 1.9 percent. Obama’s job-growth rate is 2.35 percent.”

    But Romney wants to blame all the job losses in 2009 on Obama – and the stimulus. And he will. Because he can.

  8. Remember the Gallup poll I posted that had Romney way ahead of Obama with military veterans?
    Those poll numbers do not translate to donations — at all.

    “Obama has a more than 5-to-1 edge over Romney in political donations from individuals who list themselves as employees of the Defense Department or one of four military branches, a USA TODAY analysis of federal filings shows.”

    • Seriously, the guy who will take over the Firm, outsource the jobs, reduce everyone’s benefits and pensions, fail to invest in the firm, bleed it dry for their cronies – the employees of the Firm want that guy?

        • Exactly. It’s like asking just MSNBC viewers who they’d vote for, or just Fox News Channel viewers who’d they vote for. The results cannot be translated to a nationwide opinion. Opinion polls are pure bullshit. But since the political talking heads make their money off them, they’ll never go away, even after being exposed. It’s simply a misuse of statistical analysis. You can’t analyze non-facts.

  9. Hmm I missed the annual ‘roasting of the liberal’ BBQ I see by being off the grid since Friday AM

    Rudepundit seems to get it

    Seems someone said ‘Hey isn’t being at ‘war’ all the time and not questioning the military ever an issue we should talk about?’ Is that what I missed?

  10. Pilot Kicks Sexist Passenger Off Her Plane

    …a male passenger stood up and shouted, “Someone should have told me the captain was a woman. I’m not flying with a female at the controls.” The unidentified passenger was ejected from the plane and met by police, who escorted him out of Belo Horizonte airport.

    • Why didn’t they wait to take off before ‘escorting him off the plane’?

      Does anyone know where Rush Limbaugh was this weekend?

  11. Job interview at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, and apparently I’ll be there at least three hours. OMG. 😯

    This is going to be interesting, since I guess the dog will have to be in the car all that time. I may have to re-think my lodging arrangements for Thursday night. Oy…

  12. Texas Primary (R)

    99% of precincts reporting

    Romney 982,965 Votes 69.0%

    Paul 170,582 Votes 12.0%

    Santorum 113,562 Votes 8.0%

    Gingrich 66,943 Votes 4.7%

    • And there you have it – Big Money beats Crazy for Ayn, Crazy for Jesus and Napoleon.

      What a great political system, the Best Democracy Money Can Buy…. where any…. oh wait, Lindsay Lohan!!

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