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  1. According to figures released today, just threatening to not raise the debt ceiling is enough to stunt job creation.

    Good luck on the job interview, Zooey!

  2. Paul, I don’t think Boner is orange enough 🙂

    I can’t stand election YEAR in the US.

    1. Its a YEAR long, but in this case this one has been almost 2 YEARS long with the GOP Clown Car careering across the country.
    2. For the whole of the YEAR, jack sh*t gets done around here, unless its some stupid crazy crap that the party in the WH or the party in Congress thinks will trick the other party into a position that makes them look bad – crazy crap that f***s this place up worse than before – such as the Debt Ceiling manufactured crisis (really? again?), or invading a small Middle Eastern or Latin American country.
    3. Other vultures around the world seek to take advantage of the US being paralysed more than usual – like Israel, who either invade a small Middle Eastern country themselves, bomb the sh** out of some other people or carry on oppressing the poor bastards inside their borders – they know no one is going to call them on it.

    Election year in the US – basically f***s everyone up around the world – no one has a clue what the US will do.

      • I wonder if portraying him blubbering away 100% of the time would be as much part of his charicature as the orange?

        • Actually I think the orange is more a part of his identity…and easier to draw. However, a ‘toon in the future will have his tears overflowing and spilling out of the ‘toon box.

    • Thanks bmm, that’s revealing. I always thought 9/11 was due to wilful negligence by the Bush Admin. They got their wish and their war so this is bad enough as it is.

    • I never saw that video, and I don’t care for how the term “truther” has come to disparage anyone who questions the official account of what happened that day and automatically link them with people who say the government was in on the whole thing. But I do not believe the 9/11 Commission Report is an accurate account of what happened that day. There are too many internally inconsistent things within it for it to be considered accurate. It’s been a long time since I read it, so I can’t list those inconsistencies here, but they exist. I also want to know why there appears to be no debris of or damage from the wings of the “plane” that supposedly struck the Pentagon. I look at that picture and I see a circular whole, with no marks or damage where the wings would have struck the building, and no engines laying on the ground outside. Why?

      I’m not one of those who insists our government was behind the attacks (though I’m not convinced they weren’t), but I am insisting that we’ve been lied to about that day’s events. Just don’t lump me in with the crazy people.

    • People pose more of a threat to the bear than the bear is to them.
      Campers from the valley have probably been feeding it.
      Locals know better.

      • While I don’t discount what you say, people aren’t careful about their food practices in bear country. I do think that our continued drought might be a big factor though plus the fires that we have been having are driving animals to search for food in different places. This particular bear had been chased off earlier from the trash cans in the campsite.

    • Yep, I know the area well. There are bears there. We’ve only ever been ‘bothered’ by a bear once when camping, and that happened in Colorado in 1999. Like a dumbass, I left two ice chests with food in them outside overnight rather than put them back in the van as I should have. A bear came in the wee small and ate almost everything. ‘Almost’ everything. S/he bit into a head of cauliflower (toothmarks) and then tossed it. We found it a hundred feet or so from the (former) ice chest. And they call them ‘omnivores’! Hah!

      Actually, over the years and LOTS of camping in AZ and other western states, we’ve had a lot more unease over people than with bears, wolves, coyotes, racoons, cougars, etc. etc. I’ll take a wild (non-human) critter any day — they’re far less dangerous, and they NEVER carry a gun! They’re also a lot smarter than most people, and, left alone, are a lot more interesting than, e.g., ANY Republican anywhere on the planet.

      • I have to agree with you about choosing critters over people. We’ve been lucky and never had an encounter with a bear although we did see a baby one once in the woods up by Lake Chelan in WA state. But then again, we always put our food away in the car. (I do have to be reminded on occasion to put the clothes that I cook in away in the car though.)

        The only time that I ever felt unsafe camping was at a remote campsite in western Washington near the Hoh rainforest when we were camping when my oldest was 3 years old. Our camping neighbors had a wonderful day of drinking and then got into a vocal fight over someone’s boots. Although they quieted down or passed out, we decided to pack up in case the fellows decided to break out their guns. We left early in the morning and found another campsite down the road.

        I don’t mind the critters in and around the campsite (except maybe that mouse
        that ran up my leg in Mt. Baker or the one that got into my car!)

        • Over the years, we’ve encountered, in addition to the bear, numerous coyotes, skunks, racoons, a mating pair of Mexican Gray Wolves (near Hannagan Meadow), and once we spotted a cougar wandering not too far from us, but the worst of them all was the guy who tried to hustle a little girl from a neighboring campsite into his car. Fortunately, she was aware and ran for help. The camp host called the Sheriff’s office on the radio and they showed up quickly and hauled the guy away … apparently there were some outstanding warrants, so they didn’t have to wait for him to do something. I’ll take a critter any day over a human monster … and there seem to be a lot more of the latter ‘out there’ than there are of the former. Unfortunately.

  3. Frugal:
    The last time we camped up on the Rim, we were cooking breakfast when a bunch of kids from Mesa were fishtailing their truck on the washboard dirt road next to our campsite when they lost control of the truck and accelerated towards our neighbor’s campsite (They had left early that morning to go fishing, thank goodness.) The truck hit a rock and the vehicle’s back end lifted to about a 45 degree angle spilling teens all over the ground and pitching them out of back of the truck. One kid was convulsing on the ground and several of the kids were in shock. My husband and I were the first ones on the scene and began triage as other campers started running to the site. The father of one of the kids stumbled to the campsite and was obviously still drunk but was a complete basket case. Thank goodness one of the other campers was an EMT who took over the care of the convulsing boy.

    It took several hours to clear the scene including airlifting one kid to the hospital and transporting the others by ambulance. This campsite was literally 100 feet from the rim. The kids actually were very lucky, it could have been much worse.

    • That close to the Rim — was it the 9350 Camping area, perchance? Near Woods Canyon Lake, directly above Strawberry? We spent a lot of time there over the years. Anywhere along the Rim up that way would be a long fall. Those kids were lucky. Hope they learned a lesson, but probably wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • Yes, that’s the one. Just west of Woods Canyon Lake. I loved that spot. Beautiful area. Our site was only about 50 feet from the edge.

        • Yes, beautiful place! We spent lots of time there over the years, but the best visit was a week in July of 2003 in a site right on the edge of the Rim, the furthest of all of them from the 9350 road. The monsoon was underway, and virtually every afternoon we watched thunderstorms dancing around to the south. It was there, on that trip, that we ‘invented’ a Dutch oven campfire delight that we chose to call ‘Mogollon Molasses Rim Rolls.’ Still make ’em, still delicious!

          Lots of memories from atop that Rim.

  4. George Zimmerman’s bond has been revoked, due to request by the prosecutor, according to MSNBC News. I wonder what has caused this? Is he now considered more of a flight risk than when first charged?

    • Apparently he lied about his finances and didn’t disclose the fact that he had two passports and only turned in one.

      When your a frightened bully your bound to be dumber than the average bear.

        • Report your passport as stolen and you can get a duplicate. I don’t think a passport is necessary to leave the USA, but, except for Canada and Mexico one is probably necessary to enter another country.

        • If you have dual citizenship I believe you can have two passports. My wife’s cousin has dual British-Canadian citizenship and two passports to match.

  5. Analysis: Economic worry tightens CEOs’ grip on spending – Yahoo! News

    CEOs will hold their wallets a little bit tighter heading into the summer after the long-awaited recovery in U.S. employment stumbled in May.
    The United States had been a relative bright spot this year in a troubled world economy coping with Europe’s debt crisis and a cooling Chinese economy. But a weaker-than-expected May jobs report on Friday gave corporate America fresh worries.

    Tighten their grip on spending? Is that even possible? Corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars. Trillions. What are they waiting for?

    • This is what happens when too much of your economy relies on the private sector. When the government provided more services, and had a larger share of the economy, the private sector wasn’t holding the economy hostage, demanding lower taxes as ransom.

        • Take a look at this video at C&L. Krugman refutes the talking point of the two ‘tories’ that government needed to shrink for prosperity, by bringing up the size of Sweden’s public sector, in an economy that is doing well. In other words, if an economy is run to keep everyone working, instead of to maximize profits, it doesn’t go as deep into recession and it rebounds quicker as well.

          Paul Krugman Demolishes a Couple of Pro-Austerity Tories on British Television

          • What’s so bleedin’ obvious — and invariably either missed or denied by the wingnuts — is that when everyone has money to spend, profits improve accordingly and so does employment, all the good stuff. When millions are out of work and have little or no money to spend, profits go down and unemployment stays high because no one is hiring. Anything the government can do to improve the lot of those who have little or no disposable income works to help everyone, even the already rich buggers. Hard to figure, no? For Republicans at least. Dumb shits.

  6. I got a letter from Mitt Romney yesterday. Which means that my Republican Brother is donating to the Republican party in my name again. Sheesh: “Dear Fellow American, I am running for President of the United States and because you are one of America’s most notable Republicans, I want to personally let you know why. It is simple really… I believe in America.

    Never having registered as a Republican at ANY time in my life, I nearly choked on those words.
    Other than that. A pretty boring standard solicitation for money. It isn’t even compelling reading. Mitt never mentions Bain Capital by name though, Mentions the Olympics and then tries to run on his experience as a Liberal Governor from Massachusetts.

  7. This crap really makes me sick and has to stop. Another mass shooting. Another gunman who was known, by everyone he knew, to be mentally ill. And this guy was allowed by law to purchase and carry a handgun. It seems very simple to me. If one has committed a violent crime, been deemed a danger to others, or has been referred by friends and family for psychiatric care? NO GUNS! EVER!

    Our current gun laws are sheer madness of the worst kind.

    • When I read stuff like that, my radical leftist reemerges and I find myself more than a little willing to support any action necessary to get rid of all guns, everywhere, period. Of course, I do realize (thanks to the brilliant insights offered by my wingnut cousin) that if you want to kill someone and don’t have a gun, you can use a baseball bat. And do I want to get rid of baseball bats too?

      I said yes, of course. Why not? It would, after all, free up a lot of TV time during the World Series time span, more time for rerunning old movies etc.

      We commies probably don’t eat a lot of apple pie, either. I know I don’t.

      • I wouldn’t go quite that far. I would, however, strongly support a national policy that makes all arms and ammo sales meet the criteria for a strict “conceal carry” permit. All private sales should need to be processed by a federally licensed dealer who would face criminal charges for failure to screen purchasers. I would also support a national database of those ineligible to own guns that includes mental health treatment as a disqualifying condition.

        I think the best, first, step would be to enforce the whole 2nd Amendment; specifically the part about a “well regulated militia”. If one wants to own firearms I think that one should present oneself and one’s arms periodically, let’s say 1-3 years, for training and inspection. This would include a comprehensive search for arrests, mental health treatment, and perhaps even require friends/family members to vouch for a person’s character and mental stability. There are many ways that we can take measures to prevent psychopaths from legally purchasing firearms.

        Outright bans won’t fly. The Reichwhiners already freak out at the mere discussion of more comprehensive gun laws. Trying to implement bans would, at best, result in riots.

  8. I have been remiss in reports on my “pet” sparrows. They fledged last week and Mom already has a second brood!

      • The fish are great, Ebb. One of my Blue Damsels keeps digging nests but I haven’t seen any evidence of breeding. Actually, I think they do better when I neglect the tank a bit and let the algae take over. More plants=better water quality.

    • If the pastor saw nothing wrong with the child singing hate – why has he gone into hiding?

  9. One more before I take a break from the crazy. A newspaper is standing behind its decision to run an ad that claims President Obama is out to kill Christians. Now? I’m going out for a nice relaxing glider flight and then it’s time to cook a fabulous meal and “medicate” my toe with a little, or maybe a lot, of a nice local ale.

  10. So to him “using” the product is simply applying it. The wearing around on his skin isn’t “using” the product. And just how close was he? Sticking his arms into open flames?

    I feel for him, that this happened… but Gaia may be slowly trying to work her magic.

    Man engulfed in flames after barbeque ignites his sunscreen lotion | Mail Online

    ‘There is no warning that says this product is flammable when applied to your skin or for a period of time when applied to skin,’ he says.The bottles have a warning which reads ‘flammable, don’t use near heat, flame or while burning’ but don’t say anything about the product being dangerous once it is applied.

    • Am willing to wager this Darwin Award winner uses ‘just a squirt’ of gasoline to start his bbq…

  11. I’m wondering about Zooey’s interview today. I’m trusting it went well and she’s out hunting a new apartment close to her new employer!

    • I was thinking about Zooey as well. Maybe they hired her and she had to work this afternoon – at least I’m hoping so.

  12. I’m not letting Jake Tapper get away with insinuating that PBO or his campaign offered rev Wright a bribe to keep quiet. I accept that Wright was offered a bribe by one of Obama’s closest friends, but not that Obama knew about it.

  13. You Oughtta Know it’s music night and Alanis Morissette’s 38th birthday. Isn’t it ironic?

  14. I wonder how Zooey’s interview went? Hoping for good news (and no tornadoes).

    • I had to look at the radar, Outstanding, and that’s some rough looking weather up your way.

      Did you get all the hay in?

      • Yup, hay in and flowers packed for market. Waiting on the second line of storms to pass so I can bathe. Son is monitoring the weather. We’re still under a tornado watch, but warnings have been north or east of me. I think DC rush hour is still going on, it’s a mess.

        • If you get the cool weather we had today, tomorrow is going to be fantastic!

  15. Don’t know yet what kind of critter I’ve pulled out of the hat, but it won’t be the bear, ’cause I’ve nearly got his hide nailed to the shed.
    heh heh heh
    Off to northern California for the rest of the summer, new job, new forest, new horizons. The days, weeks and months spent exploring last winter are paying off…
    Surf’s up!

  16. Well, I know what I’m writing about for tomorrow’s column. NY Mets pitcher Johan Santana has pitched the first no-hitter in NY Mets history. 8,020th game and they finally got one.

    • I will never, ever, forgive the Twins for letting him go. They’ve given far lesser players competitive contracts and, barring more injuries, I think he’s HOF material. I’m only a casual baseball fan but I’ve seen few other pitchers throw so many unhittable pitches that the batters give him resigned looks or look like they want to tip their caps or even offer a brief clap. When it comes to nasty pitches one is generally talking about a reliever or a one year wonder who ends up getting Tommy John surgery (Liriano).

      It’s really a shame that Santana has played with so many teams that can’t give him more than 2-3 runs. He’s been as good a pitcher as anyone in the bigs since his first relief outings.

  17. Greetings from Portland!

    Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone.

    Sorry, but the interview was awkward at best. I think they had already interviewed someone they wanted to hire, and were just going through the motions with me. I’ll find out for sure sometime next week, but I don’t think I need to hang around waiting for a phone call. Boo.

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