The Watering Hole – Saturday, June 2, 2012 – HISTORY!

Last night, at Citi Field in New York City, NY Mets pitcher Johan Santana did what no Mets pitcher did in 8,019 previous games. He threw a complete no-hit, no-run game. I’ve been a Mets fan my entire life (not counting the almost two years the team didn’t exist after I was first born), and while there have been many close games, and many one-hitters, and many, many great pitchers on the Mets staff, there has never been a no-hitter thrown by a Mets pitcher, while he was a Mets pitcher, until last night. After leaving the Mets, Nolan Ryan threw seven no-hitters in his career, and some Mets, like David Cone, even pitched a perfect game (one in which no batter reaches base at all). As with many no-hitters before, there were controversial calls and great plays. Former Met Carlos Beltran lined a hard shot down the third base line that was called foul by the ump, but replays showed it clearly hit the chalk and should have been fair. Beltran grounded out on the next pitch. The next inning, Mets left fielder Mike Baxter chased down a long fly ball to left, catching it just before crashing into the wall. He had to leave the game with a contusion, but the no-hitter was intact. So, despite having to go to work this Saturday morning, I’m very happy. And you?

This is our daily open thread — Talk about whatever you want, even if it’s not about the greatest pitching performance in New York Mets history!!

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65 thoughts on “The Watering Hole – Saturday, June 2, 2012 – HISTORY!

  1. Great game. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. Were you at the game? It poured here last night. We must have had 4 inches of rain. Right now, it’s a beautiful morning and we are heading out for a walk.

    • Neither of us has been to CitiField yet. We haven’t been able to afford tickets in a long time.

      I’ve been at Shea Stadium for several milestones: Doc Gooden’s rookie strikeout record game; John Franco’s 300th save; Bobby Jones’ 1-hitter in the playoffs against San Francisco, so I’ve experienced some of the excitement of a really well-pitched game. But this was something else!

      Cats, I hope that your beautiful morning heads our way–right now it’s cool, gray and wet out.

  2. Ed Schultz will be in these places in WI today:

    12pm — Racine Labor Center in Racine, Wisconsin

    3pm — Echo Lake Park in Burlington, Wisconsin

    7pm — Al Ringling Theater in Baraboo, Wisconsin

    More places tomorrow!

  3. I’m still preening about Wednesday’s Mariners game. Against Texas, in Arlington, they’ve spent years looking like complete prats, and this year’s crop doesn’t hit for shit. Tuesday night they got into double digits and won, which was very cool, but Wednesday night they got eight runs in both the 2nd and 3rd innings and at one point let 17-0. Final score was 21-8 and I watched the whole game on the tv. I may just ignore baseball the rest of the season, because they’ll never come close again. (No cracks about baseball, Terry!)

    • Ah…. Long suffering Mariners Fans….. not as tragic as Mets fans, but ever hopeful.
      I’m a fan since before the “You Gotta Love These Guys” era when Lou P was their coach. Magical seasons 95-2001.

      It saddens me to think that Seattle seems to be a farm club for other MLB teams…in bigger markets.

  4. “Major League” has got to be my all time favorite baseball movie. Great story and cast. I particularly liked Bob Uecker but the scene that Wayne’s post brought to mind was the gravel voiced coach and his quiet advice to Wild Thing with the last Yankee batter…”Giv’em a heater, Ricky.”

  5. The Orange and Black seem to be in my DNA! Can never get enough G’s baseball.
    Went to a great win, over AZ, on Memorial Day…family outing as my niece and her fiancรฉ were here for a quick visit. Weather was perfect. (there was trepidation when Zito took the mound – allayed as he didn’t give the game away).
    Congratulations to the Mets fans – the jubilation should last for a long, long time!

    • And a great big shout out to the Mariners for not allowing the 17 run lead to run out!

      • Snort. Things started looking scary for one inning, with the Rangers doing what they do. Not only did the M’s end that but tacked on another four runs, which is simply not done.

        I really want to get to your ballpark some day.

  6. More Christian Love on D.K. Hatemail. Ironic, no?

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  7. So happy for you and Jane that your baseball wishes came true last night. As a long time Cubs fan living with 2 White Sox fans I am finally ready to joint the rest of the family. That asshole Ricketts and his family have cured me of any desire to give a shit. Last I heard Mayor Emanuel hadn’t spoken to them about the money they were trying to get. I hope he tells them where to shove it.

    • As North-siders, in the 1950s, 60s and early 70s, my brother and I were outcasts for being White Sox fans.

      Consistent excellence would ruin the Cubs, who must remain a fable, not a winner.

      • I can’t say. I can’t watch much local news, it makes me crazy so I don’t know if the Rickett plot was even mentioned there.

  8. If voter fraud was as easy as the Republicans make it out to be I’d drive to Wisconsin Tuesday and vote all over the place.

    • I want one like at Torchwood with the perception filter so it appears invisible at street level! ๐Ÿ˜€

      I was just out at my rental garage making room for another car, in the event I like the one I’m going to look at. I just had to move some exhaust parts and push the 924 Turbo away from the garage door

  9. Flying Squid / Ommastrephidae /Calamar Volador

    The Journal of Molluscan Studies cites an example of a squid flying 6 meters (20 feet) above the water for a total distance of 55 meters (180 feet) / El Journal of Molluscan Studies cita un ejemplo de un calamar volando a 6 metros de altura (20 pies) y recorriendo una distancia de 55 metros (180 pies)


    Leafy Sea Dragon

    • Did you ever see the flying carp on parts of the Illinois River that make it dangerous to run a boat? OK they’re jumping but still. At about :30

        • Really they jump into boats an if you’re going fast or slow they could knock you out.

    • This from yesterday:

      Zooey on June 1, 2012 at 6:57 pm said:
      Greetings from Portland!

      Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone.

      Sorry, but the interview was awkward at best. I think they had already interviewed someone they wanted to hire, and were just going through the motions with me. Iโ€™ll find out for sure sometime next week, but I donโ€™t think I need to hang around waiting for a phone call. Boo.

      • Yesterday must have had something wrong with it … appears that my daughter’s hoped-for and anticipated job as a forensic chemist also fell through the cracks.

        In both her and Zooey’s cases, though, it’s undoubtedly fair to say that the prospective employer was the big loser!

        • That’s awful. Government Can’tor won’t spend, small business can’t hire unless somebody’s spending. Me, I just need more customers with cash to spend.

  10. Egad! Those hate mailers are stupid. Even if true; neither being a communist nor a Muslim is illegal. And, if President Obama really wasn’t an American citizen? Then it would be impossible for him to commit treason.

    • The other cat seemed just a bit jealous of the fridge climbing one!
      (loved the raccoon looking tail on the fluffy feline)

  11. Thom Hartmann was talking about how when the Soviet Union split up the countries were told the best way to survive was to privatize and make all services for profit and the death rate for the elderly exploded. Any Hartmann fans know how to find it?

  12. Maybe Mitt was stoned:

    PHOENIX โ€” Phoenix police have arrested a woman who allegedly drove off after forgetting that her baby was in a car seat on the roof of her vehicle.

    The boy wasn’t hurt. He’s now in the custody of Arizona Child Protective Services.

    Authorities say the child’s mother, Catalina Clauser, her boyfriend and their friends had been smoking marijuana earlier in the evening at a nearby park.

    Upset that her boyfriend was arrested, police say Clauser went to the home of friends and smoked more marijuana.

    Clauser left around midnight. Police say she apparently put the sleeping baby on the roof and drove off, forgetting he was there.

  13. What a great day in Portland! And i only had to park 2 blocks away, due to the parade. So niice of them to throw a parade for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. This evening watched four juvenile falcons practice being Peregrines:
    flying; talon to talon play with siblings and parents. All the while wailing!
    The past few days they are honing mid-air prey exchange (taking birds from parents talons or beak) turning upside down to grab, with their’s an amazing sight!

    (peregrines take prey out of the air)
    Tonight we witnessed the male parent strike a pigeon – not a death knock – but a non-grab. We saw the pigeon’s trajectory. It was up against the building, dazed, with the “what the hell just happened” look.
    After a little while it recovered and flew.
    Poor thing – only to be snatched from the air by the Falcon (female)!
    She transfered to one of the juveniles who took it but kept losing altitude — unable to keep hold he dropped the pigeon. (seldom will peregrines go to the ground to pick up prey…we’ve seen them do a double catch in the air if a juvenile has missed the pass or accidentally drops)
    We know it was the same pigeon: it was banded! And definitely dead this time.

    Anyway it is so amazing to watch Peregrines.

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