The Watering Hole: Tuesday June 12, 2012 – Duck and Pray or Go Vote! Your decision.

Bank Run

The perfect economic storm may be rocking the boat big time, come three weeks. That’s how long IMF boss Christine Lagarde reckons Europe has left to solve their problems. I wish everybody the best of luck with Angela Merkel being the key person in the situation. That’s one obstinate woman if there ever was one.

Well, then there are younger economic powerhouses than Europe, which could pick up the slack. India?Β Errr no. Brazil? So sorry, no help. China? Hmmmm.

Don’t expect the economy to be any help in November when it comes to President Obama running for a second term. Mitt Romney’s position gets stronger by default. Bringing out the Democratic vote, even if you are understandably less than enthusiastic must be top priority this year.Β If Mitt Romney is elected, the last remnants of what’s left of the middle class will go down in flames. Their already dismal funds will be transferred to the top 1%.

The 1% will then learn a little later, that their money is just printed on paper after all and there is no one left they can milk for more. Then the top 0.1% will go after the others, but that won’t be of any help to any of you.

Is it that bad? Yes it is.


128 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday June 12, 2012 – Duck and Pray or Go Vote! Your decision.

  1. It’s time to begin arranging the demise of Capitalism in its current form, and in the process inser the highest principles of Marxism into a new and revised global system of government. No more basing success upon accumulation of monetary wealth! No more greed — make it a capital crime, at least. No more war, ever, of any kind or sort, for any reason. Make warmongering a crime punishable by lifelong incarceration (at least).

    Or, perhaps better yet, simply allow the current human dilemma to continuously replicate itself and allow extinction to run its course, thereby improving the quality of life for all living things remaining in the known universe.

    Can’t tell if I got up on the right side or the wrong side of the bed this morning, but I did have a nice four mile walk!

    • Well at least Biblical-Sharia is still against the law in North Carolina,…. for now… at least.

  2. And meanwhile in Massachusetts…. watch your mouth

    I wonder if they wrote down what words were not allowed to be uttered in public? Who got to decide? What about gestures? Did they use a dictionary to also eliminate popular synonyms?

    • In another vote they decreed that all Police Stations are mandated to have the Urban Dictionary on their bookshelves for reference. πŸ˜†

    • So I used to have a copy (excel spreadsheet) of the banned words from a well-known ecommerce site (to stop Zooey from submitting product reviews I think). It was called ‘the potty filter’ and any words typed in would be matched to see if they were on the list and the review rejected – quite informative, but it wasn’t a complete list – I was able to write some interesting reviews with my inside knowledge πŸ™‚

    • Also reminds me of the movie Demolition Man. They had little machines all around, and if you swore, it would yell at you and spit out a ticket..

      “You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute”

    • A sol, a sol, a soldier I shall be
      Two pis, two pis, two pistols at my knee
      For cu, for cu, for curiosity
      To fight for the old count, fight for the old count
      To fight for the old country?

      That get’s me a ‘night in the box’ in Middleburgh, doesn’t it?

        • I volunteer! That should make an awesome bonfire. But I insist on free choice to take someone along.

          • Ooh… Who would you pick to take with you?
            Might I suggest Karl Rove? Or Grover Norquist? Or Rushbo? Or Billo? Man, there are way too many to choose from.

  3. And more Christian love from the Catholic League.

      • I think the point is that being gay is the real crime. Pedophilia is no biggie. But the media is involved with a coverup to hide the gay and further the Homosexual Agenda.

        • Well, these are Catholic nutcases, right?

          I couldn’t decide what was being covered up, but your explanation makes sense.

        • Is that how the Catholic Priests got away with helping themselves to the innocence of little boys? By being called a pedophile and not gay?

    • Hmmm. Pedophilia, as with any other type of sexual molestation, is a crime. Homosexuality is simply a behavioral preference, probably genetic, and is no more a criminal act than heterosexuality. I suppose it would be legit to argue that a man who craves sex with young boys most likely has homosexual tendencies, but it’s the act, not the tendency that is criminal; no different, criminally speaking, from a man molesting/raping a young girl.

      Not sure I understand what the “coverup” in this case is supposed to be.

    • Question: The people that are so raptly following the Sandusky trial with all of the graphic testimony aren’t the least bit interested in the images of the sex involved, right? Right? Tell me that they are only interested in justice for those poor victims.

      • Probably with a schoolgirl uniform, lots of lube and a concealed camera.

        • First Craig and the changing table and now this. I’ll leave the light on in my bedroom tonight. ***shudder***

    • Seems to me that the Republicans are suffering from the same terrorist tactics that they have been imposing on the Democrats for quite a few years. Threaten a primary challenger if you don’t vote the way that we want you to vote. Only in this case, Grover Norquist is the terrorist.

      Ah, money in the system, sounds like a real winner, no?

    • Ohhh, but she’s disappointed it happened.

      I’d be dismantling my campaign manager cell by cell, but as long as she’s “disappointed” at this horrific use of her son, it’s all good.

  4. So, equal time for stupid Protestant bigots as well. Apparently, Bryan Fischer has been surveying people who practice bestiality. Anyone know a good study on sheep-fuckers?

    • If it’s consensual, is it ok?

      Reminds me of an old story set in a courtroom in Montana. A young shepherd fellow was on trial for bestiality, accused of having sex with a sheep. During cross examination, the accused went into full detail concerning the event, ostensibly to show that the sheep was not assaulted, that it went along willingly. The final question was:

      “And after you were finished, did the sheep have any reaction?”

      “Yep, she shore did.”

      “Can you describe it?”

      “Well, see, she looked at me direct, face to face, and stared at me for the longest time with them purdy brown eyes, made no effort at all to run off or nothin’ like that. Then she done licked me all over my face.”

      One of the old ranchers on the jury nudged the old rancher sitting next to him and said, in hushed voice, “Yep, they’ll do that sometimes.”

  5. Today is the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Loving v. Virginia, most aptly named court case ever.

  6. Such is the human race. Often it does seem such a pity that Noah didn’t miss the boat.
    Mark Twain

    • That is just wrong and I have made the claim that I’ll eat anything with bacon on it. Perhaps they are hoping for pregnant women with strange crvings will be their market?

  7. do does anyone else find watermelons sexually arousing or is it just me???

    • So it really pisses the kochsuckers off when you tell them to go fly a kite!!!

    • Examples of having waaaay tooo much money:

      In order to combat these β€œextremist” families and their kite-flying antics, AFP is throwing in all the resources it can β€” chartering seven buses (yes, seven) to bring people in from around the state.

    • Beautiful butterflies..

      oops. I may have written that rather loudly causing Pachy’s heart to flutter out of his dragonfly chest!

    • Perfect musical choice with F&tM!
      Great montage.
      Congratulations Kings! That has to be one wonderful/surreal feeling!
      (Some day the Teal and Black will be kissing the Cup)

  8. From Common Dreams

    Nobel Prize-Winner Elinor Ostrom Dies at 78
    Ostrom’s work highlighted the power of “the commons”

    Nobel-winning work “showed that ordinary people are capable of creating rules and institutions that allow for the sustainable and equitable management of shared resources. Her work countered the conventional wisdom that only private ownership or top-down regulation could prevent a ‘tragedy of the commons,’ in which users would inevitably destroy the resources that they held in common.”

    • My husband is over the moon about the bags you sent me. He thinks you’re an artist. I think he’s absolutely right. So thinks my friend Simina and wait till I show my other friends. I expect no less enthusiasm.

      • Thank you, EV!! I’m so happy you and your friend and hubby like them so much. πŸ™‚ That makes me feel good!

        Did I ever send you some business cards? Or did I just think about doing it? Oy…

  9. Louie Gohmert further cements his title as, arguably, the nastiest male member of the House. (I’m looking at you, Ginny Foxx!). Just for the record; I had a few seizures after a head injury some years ago. I didn’t collapse or froth at the mouth, I just entered a semi-conscious state that caused erratic behavior I can’t recall to this day. The second that I read the Bryson story and realized that he hadn’t been arrested for DUI I said; “he had a seizure”.

    • It’s a damn shame…effen cattle take precedence over preserving the forest for so many other species.
      The run off from having no trees to anchor the soil will be an utterly ruinous consequence to deforestation.

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