The Watering Hole, Thursday, June 14th, 2012: GOD WARS

The topic of Monday’s post was the the appearance that a local Baptist pastor had an active political agenda.

Now it’s the Catholics‘ turn.

I received this through an email from Catholics United:

Dear Jane,
I have been an active member of Blessed Sacrament Parish in Washington, D.C., for more than 31 years. My faith is my bedrock; my parish is my home.That is why I am worried and deeply saddened to see partisan politics increasingly creeping into our faith community. A few months ago, I attended a meeting at our church when a fellow parishioner publicly expressed outrage that there were cars in the church parking lot that had “Obama bumper stickers.” The intensity of his tone and the fact that I had such a decal made me so uncomfortable that I left the meeting.

In this highly charged election season, the political attacks will only intensify. The “Fortnight for Freedom”* being organized by the Bishops because of their disagreements with the Obama administration should not be brought into our sacred space. They are asking pastors to preach about “religious liberty” and to distribute political statements inside our bulletins. [“…The Fortnight for Freedom campaign runs from June 21 to July 4. It features a variety of events designed to appeal to Catholics of all ages, from a Twitter campaign to a music festival at a winery to traditional Masses to the distribution of 10,000 car magnets promoting religious freedom. Two Kansas bishops have organized rallies in front of government buildings in Topeka and Wichita. Other dioceses are sponsoring conferences and public prayer. Bishops are also encouraging Catholics to pray briefly for religious liberty each day at 3 p.m. in a campaign they dub “A Minute to Win It!”]

But there’s hope. A group of parishioners at my church recently spoke to our pastor about our concerns and he is listening. Click here to find out what we’re doing.

We wrote our pastor a letter and asked him to reconsider our parish’s participation in the “Fortnight for Freedom”. We met with him and expressed our concern that this type of political activity was inappropriate and would cause divisiveness in our community. Our parish had always been a welcoming place where people of all different opinions joined together in worship, heard the Gospel message of Christ and found a source of spiritual strength. We are grateful that our pastor listened and feel that he has taken our concerns seriously.
As the mother of five, and the grandmother of nine, I worry whether these future generations will see the Church as a place that proclaims the expansive message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a place where they will find the abundance of God that will inspire them to go out and serve others in God’s name.

Eileen Zogby
Blessed Sacrament Parish
Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB, “or NAMBLA”) are still getting their knickers in a twist about the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage requirement; actually, they’re getting even more twisted. Not content with lobbying Congress, they are now marshalling their armies of pedophiles priests and their parishioners across the land. The more liberal (and Christian) folks at Catholics United believe that the bishops are wrong. But the USCCB is digging in its collective heels, just like the GOP, unless they get everything they want from The President of The United States of America.

What, the USCCB should compromise with the President of the United States of America?! “HELL, NO!”

Tax-Exempt Status?! FUCK, NO!

This is our daily open thread — comment on anything you want!

Oh, and Happy Flag Day.


168 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, June 14th, 2012: GOD WARS

  1. My mother liked to tell about the time when she was a little girl and asked her mom why there were so many flags out on June 14. “Because it’s your birthday, of course!” was the response.

    She’d be 105 today. Happy B-day, mum!

  2. Curious. If Ms. Zogby is a parishioner in a Catholic church, why does she write about her “pastor” instead of her “priest”?

    • When I attended a very small Catholic Church, the pastor and the priest were one in the same as there was only one priest serving the parish. Visiting priests served at additional masses on Sunday.

      A pastor is the head priest in a parish. There is rank.

      • I was part of a not-small parish and the pastor was always referred to as the pastor. In the third person, it was always either “Father Ted” or “Pastor Ted.”

  3. Why is it churches are not taxed, but Harry Potter is? Both require a suspension of disbelief…

  4. Gasoline prices are down $.40 a gallon since April 6th. I thought I’d mention it because “The Liberal Media” hasn’t. Just one less political football to toss around…

    • Waiting for Hannity to congratulate President Obama on getting prices down, it would be only fair since he excoriated him for prices rising ….. in 3 ,2, 1….

      Oh he’s too busy being waterboarded for chairty…..

    • I wish some of that would show up in Oregon. Our prices are 40-50 cents higher than the national average right now, which sucks.

    • Just like the rising stock market is never mentioned any more but the minute it takes a dip it’s Obama’s fault.

  5. QOTD:

    “I can’t do any sports that I’ve lived my whole life doing; nobody asks me to be on the team anymore. Remember how you used to stand around, saying “you there, no no next to you, then take you, you, you.” I’m standing there and nobody wants me because I can’t move very well. This is a metaphor. But. I miss it,” – president George H W Bush (#41).

    • After Chimpy, this fella doesn’t look so bad, but behind the smiling ‘aw shucks’ is a man with a sense of entitlement, son of an American fascist, possesses a ruthless streak which whether you are a CIA asset who happens to go ‘off the reservation’, an investigative journalist or a Nicaraguan subsistence farmer he has no compunction about f***ing you over for his own brood’s benefit.

      And he’s married to Barbara.

    • I think maybe rough housing with that kitty isn’t such a great idea. You don’t even want to do that with aggressive dogs so much.

  6. “Limitless” is the word being used to describe Sheldon Adelson’s determination to advance Greater Israel and continued Jewish settlement of the West Bank. He’s given $10 million to Romney’s Super Pac for starters but that could reach $100 million … or more. This is the campaign the Roberts court wanted. Payback enough for a lifetime in a black robe.

    • If Romney’s getting all that money from Sheldon, then why is he robocalling me asking for $3???

    • Do you think maybe this is an indication that Adelson could haVe been paying highter taxes?

    • Sh*t I read what that man actually says and for one of the world’s top 15 wealthiest people, he comes off like he gets all his news from Sean Hannity.

      Talk about an ignorant f***head.

      And if he has so much wood for Israel (why Sheldon, what-the-f*** is your dog in that hunt and tell me who Israel needs to be defended against?) …why don’t you just buy a few tanks, chemcial weapons and cluster bombs and ship them on over – cut out the middle man dude, you’ve got the wedge.

      And hey – he’s made more money under Obama than ever before …. but hey, he’s a ‘socialist’

      “C**k punch for a Mr Adelson? I have a c**k punch here for a Mr Adelson!”

    • You first Bloody Bill – we’ll parachute you and an M-16 into wherever you want – c***sucker.

      • You, most certainly, don’t expect BB to sully his hands. Oh, no, no, no he prefers others do the “dirty work”. He’s a nasty piece of work that one.

    • I keep having to wonder why I should give a shit if Iran has a nuclear facility, or “five nuclear bombs”, or, for that matter, a dozen nuclear bombs or two dozen new B-B guns. It frankly worries me a whole lot more that the nutcase Republicans might one day soon regain full power of the State in this country, and then it’s Katy-bar-the-door. Who actually starts most of the wars on the planet these days? Not Iran.

      Kristol is dangerous. Were it up to me, I’d rendition him (along a bunch of others of similar ilk) to some M.E. or E. European black shithole for ‘treatment’, then leave ’em all there forever. I know, I’m getting mean in my old age, and with a bad attitude too. Oh well, sobeit.

      • Ah yes, for the good old days when America had to keep a big badass army to stop the dirty commies from spreading and making the world into a godless mess. Now we have the army to spread democracy and capitalism and save the world from the godless Muslims.

        We are the good guys because we only want to invade and blow up the bad guys. Just making the world safe for whitebread rich folk everywhere. We aren’t the Master Race, we are the Master Card race.

  7. I’d settle for dropping him off without taxi fare in the that utopian democratic beacon he helped create, Iraq: anywhere outside the Green Zone will do in Baghdad.

  8. Mittens is making a speech right now, and Obama will speak later.

    He’s lying his fucking ass off, and I REALLY hate that tone of voice he uses. It just grates on me.

  9. Rmoney just finished giving a speech in Cincinnati and on MSNBC they cut to Andrea Mitchell whose first words are — I kid you not — “That was Mitt Romney giving a speech, without a teleprompter, in Cincinnati, Ohio…”

  10. Romney speaks on the economy, and he goes to BANKERS.

    Obama speak on the economy, and he goes to THE PEOPLE.

  11. And Obama’s speech immediately follows. Sort of an ad hoc debate.

    (Btw, this Obama crowd needs to STFU when he’s speaking.)

  12. Today, I have two American flags staked in the flower bed outside the front door. The right wing veteran across the street who hates Obama has nothing. Treasonous bastid.

  13. (brother and brother-in-law were in attendance for Cain’s perfect game)

    Just after the perfecto as
    Seen from section 304, row A

  14. I think it’s interesting how often Obama has avoided saying Bush and he was very uncomfortable when he did use it. He’s telling people who miss the policies of George W Bush to vote for Romney, he’s just tip-toeing around #43’s name.

  15. And Jonathan Alter immediately pans the speech. Not helping!!

    I didn’t hear what they said about Romney’s speech full of lies.

    • If this is his message, and if he keeps articulating it this clearly, he’ll win. If I have to choose between a governing philosophy espoused by Bill Clinton or one espoused by George W. Bush, it’s a no-brainer. Alter’s nuts.

      • He complained that the speech was too long and windy.

        He really is nuts — that crowd was with the President all the way through the speech.

    • Apparently, during Obama’s speech, Romney’s campaign bus drove around the venue, honking its horn and harassing Obama supporters. I’ve heard of them doing that before.

      Very juvenile.

    • Governor Howard Dean was on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell last night and he was saying Obama needs to get a 3-4 word slogan that he can stick with. It’s true. For the mouth breathers that can only remember 3-4 words at a time, our side needs to refute the negative nabobs.

      What would your slogan be?

      How about “Restore the Middle Class”?

  16. “…why America is STILL the greatest country on Earth!”

    Why can’t Obama gush about American exceptionalism?

    • Maybe for the same reason I can’t. And don’t. It died. The death was slow, but picked up steam about this time in 1968 after RFK was assassinated, before Nixon engaged in his “treason” (LBJ’s word). It’s been a long slow process, but unless I’m missing something, it’s behind us and there’s no chance of turning back. Not any more. Only one thing is sure: if Romney wins and gets a Republican House and Senate, it’s all over but the bleeding, the final bloodletting. And that there will be.

    • Heavy-handed intimidation by this company — reprehensible.
      Doesn’t seem anyone is really calling them on it.
      Only that

      Department of Homeland Security “has informed the company that the verification process has been suspended.”

  17. First they whine that President Obama is to blame for high gas prices. Now that gas prices are going down they whine that he must have made a nefarious secret deal. If President Obama walked on water they would whine about his inability to swim. That’s half of the reason I call them “Reichwhiners”.

  18. The Gnat God and the Dragonfly God are battling it out here over the creek banks.
    Dragonflies 1,378, Gnats none.


  19. I’m not sure I know how to categorize these two news stories….

    The worshiping of Jamie Dimon by Congress yesterday after losing $2 billion and Allen Stanford being sentenced to 110 years for a Ponzi scheme. two ends of the same spectrum?

  20. Jesse Kelly has dropped out of the Congressional race in Arizona, but not before releasing this grammatically awkward statement:

    “I would like to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my wife Aubrey, and our supporters for their unwavering commitment to the values that make America great.”

    Wait, maybe Jesus Christ preordained the US Constitution after all.

  21. Fish in the sea you know how I feel
    River running free you know how I feel
    Blossom on the tree you know how I feel

    Dragonfly out in the sun you know what I mean, don’t you know
    Butterflies all havin’ fun you know what I mean
    Sleep in peace when day is done
    That’s what I mean…

    • Hey! – They’re brownish, sort of. That makes them differentish enough for the flabby white male asshole club.

      • And I expect that, by this time tomorrow, the Reichwhiners will be calling “libruls” racists because we caught them.

    • I’m off all day tomorrow, and half a day today. Finished up an operation on a part, and Quality wasn’t going to get around to checking it until maybe Monday, so I took the afternoon off. It was too hot in there to pretend to look busy, just to ride the clock. I got home in time to see Obama’s speech, which I knew about because they texted my phone and told me about it.

    • Actually Britain and southern Ireland – the England inaccuracy was to make the football analogy work. Ireland was pantsed today by Spain.

    • Whoa! They been having nasty weather:
      Wales 10 June 2012 – the nearly 30 hrs of rain took its toll on an
      Osprey’s nest. One nestling was saved.

      Those pics, you just posted, of the wide swath of storm clouds…
      perhaps Noah and his ark maybe launching?///

  22. Jonathan Cohn counters repeated claims that “Obamacare” is a recession-prolonger and “job-killer”:

    “[T]he best study I’ve seen on this subject is a new report from the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, examining the impact of Massachusetts health reform on that state’s job market. Yes, that’s the same law Romney signed as governor. Yes, that’s also the same law whose coverage scheme was a template for Obama’s. The report’s conclusion is unambiguous: “The evidence from Massachusetts would suggest that national health reform does not imply job loss and stymied economic growth.”

    The study is impressively thorough, too. It breaks down employment numbers by education, income, and part-time versus full-time status. No matter how they analyzed the data, they came up with no evidence that health reform had hurt the job market. “All” the reforms did was get insurance to many more people, providing them with better access to care and more financial security. This is consistent with predictions from the Congressional Budget Office, which determined reform’s only significant employment impact was a reduction in the labor force, primarily because people holding onto jobs just to keep insurance could finally retire.”

  23. I don’t read Russian, but I think it says “Old video of Mitt Romney driving down the road”:

  24. The RNC’s reach-out-to-Latinos site has a poll: “Are you disillusioned with President Obama. Please vote early and (refresh) often. Note – you have to pull down to see the “no” button…—-and-loses.php?ref=fpnewsfeed

    • I’m startled the choices weren’t: Yes, Si, Hell Yes, and F**k that ni66er”!

  25. Lawrence O’Donnell: Today, if you wanted to hear the details of Romney’s economic plan, you had to listen to the President’s speech.


  26. Republicans worship the gods Franklin, Grant and Jackson,
    and the minor deities Hamilton, Lincoln and Washington.

  27. Rush Limbaugh is attacking women again. This time they are Catholic nuns that are protesting against the Rand Paul Ryan plan. I suppose it was a good thing that he didn’t call them sluts.

  28. Mitt Romney, the draft dodger, goes on and on about the “torch” veterans carried for our country, but they carry it a little lower these days. *yawn*

    Ha she been watching Doctor Who, I wonder? Season 2, episode 12.

    • I wonder if a few WWII vets might like to stick a torch up Romney’s backside. Maybe some of them that worked for some businesses that Bain put out of business.

      • And gutted their pensions…which I think should be illegal. After all, didn’t the employees pay into that account for like, forever? And Romney just waltzes in and takes it.


    • I think he’s taking cues from the word salad mistress of fecal sump and rapaciousness; the wasilla political whore that mcgrumpy spawned in a masturbatory fever.

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