Friday night dance party!

Music and dancing will forever be entwined. Regardless of the culture or the era, the party doesn’t happen until the dancing starts.

High stepping cloggers to start you off.

If you are a boomer, see if you can recognize your grandparents in any of these clips.

No partner? No problem.

70 thoughts on “Friday night dance party!

  1. YouTube doesn’t like Safari and won’t show a great many videos!
    showing: “video unavailable”.
    Going to Chrome and it’s available.
    (the past few days I’ve been having troubles with Chrome and YouTube).

  2. [Caution: parental discretion advised]

    All forms of dance should be represented.

    MEGA Circle Pit – A7X Crossroads Mosh Riff

  3. Abba – Dancing Queen – couldn’t save their team from going down 3-2 to the three lions…

  4. Strippers are dancers too – Patricia the Stripper by Chris de Burgh

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