Music Night, June 22, 2012

I consider Neil Young to be the most influential American (well, Canadian) rock musician, post-Elvis. In 1966, he co-founded Buffalo Springfield (along with Stephen Stills) a band who, in combination with the Byrds, virtually created folk rock, and then country rock, with
the two bands also providing many of the musicians that would continue to morph from band to band and define American rock music for many years to come.

Crosy, Stills and Nash were interesting, but at least to my view, only became huge after Young joined the band. THeir first LP has some terrific music, but nothing to compare with the material on Deja Vu and a good deal of what followed. Young experimented a lot over the years, but (my opinion, again) his best work has always been with Crazy Horse. His influence is clearly stamped on groups like My Morning Jacket and the Jayhawks; it’s safe to say that Grunge would never have existed without Neil Young.

Young’s voice never had the range and beauty of Crosby, Stills or Nash but unlike them, he still has his voice, still sounds like a young Neil Young. In his later years he has dedicate a great deal of time and money to various anti-war and eco-friendly causes. And he’s not only retained old geezer fans like myself, but innumerable time over the years I’ve heard a young person declare that “Neil Young is cool.”


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    • That’s a “snappy tune”.
      ahemm – interesting name they chose for the band.

    • What input would you like? He’s always been about his music, now and forever.

        • But the one story I like to retell is about the song “Old Man”. When Neil bought his Broken Arrow ranch circa 1971 an older Portugese man Lois Avilla and his wife were already had been living there for years. Neil kept them on, assuring that the rest of their years would be comfortable. My best rememberance were the mornings sitting with Louis, Neil and others, waiting with waning patience for Claire’s morning cake she baked every morning. Anyway Neil wrote the song to Louis, and for that and keeping them on I will always respect Neil.

            • I lived on his ranch for about 9 months. It’s a loooooong story. Friends? naw. I’d be suprised if he remembered me honestly, but there were some good times listening to live music being worked on with Crazy Horse and CS&N, and killer weed.

            • That’s an awesome story nwoldguy. You must have had a good time! Don’t be surprised if you meet him again someday and he does remember you.

  1. His old stuff I like but yeah, he’s kind of dead.
    Quite recently, Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops were playing a venue directly across the street from an Elton John appearance.
    The Boston Pops auditorium was barely occupied and the Elton John show was a sellout.
    So, yeah. He’s a sellout. Much like the way he did a private show for the wedding reception of republican homophobe Rush Limbaugh.
    I enjoyed the Pops and hope they return.

  2. Neil’s latest is an album of old folk songs done with Crazy Horse. I don’t think it’s out yet.

    This Land is Your Land. Note that he sings some of the original lyrics. It is a protest song!

  3. All I’m seeing is blackness where the videos should show. Anyone else or do I need to kick my computer?

    • Indeed – I happy houred at 12 – watched the Germany Greece game at my local alehouse.

      • The Greeks had Germany right where they wanted them! A fun game to watch, unless you’re Greek.

  4. Oh btw, Mary Cheney, the daughter of Dick Cheney, married her longtime partner Heather Poe today.

    • Err Queen Z? when you get a moment, could you suggest what I do to be able to see the videos rather than blackness. I’ve refreshed, I’ve restarted my computer, I updated Adobe Flashplayer, and I drank a glass of wine. Repeat above steps?

      • You’re having a quiet music night — Boo!

        Repeat the glass of wine step often, and then try opening Internet Explorer to view the Zoo. That might do the trick. Your computer may need some updates.

        If you’re already using IE, try using Firefox or Chrome.

        • Used IE, and only the very first video posted by gummitch showed while the rest remain black. Weird.

            • I had numerous Adobe Flash player crashes this week, right after I downloaded the latest version.
              I sent a “crash report”, and it hasn’t happened since.
              “Music Night” is loading very slowly tonight, and I’ve got the strongest signal I’ve had in a long (very long) time.

            • Raven did you get a “crash” or error message? my computer says it’s working…

            • An error message which told me it had crashed, I never actually noticed anything unusual.

            • Just did it again:

              “Adobe flash player 11.3 has crashed”, etc.
              I think it’s all phucked up.

  5. Neil Young was a resonating voice that cut through the Led Zeppelin and the David Bowie in the dank smokey basement of my high school years.
    This one in particular gave me the glimmer of light I craved…
    Cinnamon Girl…

  6. Saw a nice black bear today. It bolted across the road at close range, then stopped on the adjacent ridge to look back with that WTF? air.
    Just in case you happen to run into one, here’s a helpful primer.


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