The Watering Hole: June 22 — Mendacious Mitt

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Paul Jamiol
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I think our Paul has nailed Mitt Romney’s award wall, don’t you?

My inspiration for the title of this post came from this article in The Guardian, “Mendacious Mitt:  Romney’s bid to become liar-in-chief.”  Mitt Romney may be the biggest liar I’ve ever seen; he can firmly hold two completely contradictory positions within one speech or interview.  If he’s ever called out — which is unbelievably rare — he simply tells another lie, confidently claiming he never said what he clearly did say.

I thought it was shameful when John McCain jettisoned his remaining integrity while running for president in 2008, but WOW, Mitt Romney makes McCain look like George Washington by comparison.

It seems to me that the American people are already onto Mitt’s mendacity, and are fucking sick of it, but will it hold?  Tell a lie often enough, and it becomes truth, right?  Yeah, I’m worried…

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125 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: June 22 — Mendacious Mitt

  1. For Avoiding Military Service and Having
    One Less Deferment Than Dick “War Hero” Cheney

    To be fair, Mittens was “working for the lord”: Onward xtian soldiers going door to door…

  2. To paraphrase John Stewart:
    ” Mr. Romney, I feel it is my duty to point out to you that your pants are indeed on fire”

    • But he has the magic underwear the bishops gave him to protect his Special Purpose.

    • You’ll find a lump of coal at the bottom of your Xmas stocking this year Mr. Inhofe, but breathe easy, your kids have a future…

  3. Any religion wherein the “elders” give dispensation to lie for the sake of achieving earthly goals is suspect.
    In the least.
    And I’m being kind.

    • Its pretty clear that Rmoney has been given a hall pass by his fellow Cultists.

      I was in a tavern in a very wealthy area on Weds the other evening and overheard some blowhard talking to his two friends (and presumably lecturing his Stepford Wife) about how “Obama never gets any negative press coverage and I challenge you to find one negative report, whereas Romney almost never has positive press. By the time his friends had stopped actively listening to him (which struck me as a hint) I had banged ‘media favor romney obama’ into my smart phone and within 10 seconds was staring at the proof that our loud barroom idiot was full of shit.

      The Pew study they refer to is here. “President Barack Obama got “consistently negative” coverage”
      bSo-called-librul-media. So being a polite man, I didn’t interrupt the blowhard, who by had moved on to the ‘generations of [black – I assume] people on welfare’. I had somewhere to be and had to leave.

      Given the facts of this article and that Mitt has figured out that the media will simply not cal him out and so the public remains ignorant of the lies he tells every day (as ignorant as presumably a wealthy man in a wealthy neighborhood tavern in a west coast city can be) …. it is entirely possible that this mendacious sock puppet for American fascism can find his way into the White House…

      • Now I would have politely interrupted by showing the information that I had pulled up on my phone. Call a liar, a liar. If we don’t call them out, then their lies continue.

  4. Good cartoon by the way – maybe one for his service as being the proud parent of a solider …. oh wait …

  5. Another for the “Medals For Romney” collection:

    The Supreme Predator Medal: For stealing pensions from companies that went ‘bankrupt’.

    And another one that he has subsequently thrown in the trash:

    The I Thought of it First Medal (a reality medal): For giving Mass. closer to real health care for all.

    One more in a series:

    The I Thought of it First Medal (an unreal medal): For bailing out the auto industry.

    • <iThe I Thought of it First Medal (a reality medal): For giving Mass. closer to real health care for all.
      I think we should call it “The Golden Albatross”…

  6. Like Dick Cheney, like Mitt Romney, I, too, was willing to crawl across forty miles of broken glass on my hands and knees to avoid “serving” in the military, to avoid Vietnam. Unlike Cheney or Romney, however, my disdain for military adventurism and stupidity was honest and remains to this day as strong as ever. I detest war, I detest war mongering, I detest people who advocate either. I detest both Cheney and Romney on their military positions — but not because each sought (successfully) to avoid “service.” The only tricky aspect is to decide which of each of their two faces are, today, most detestable. Conclusion: all of them.

  7. I made a post that hasn’t appeared! It was about the new Margaret and Helen post.
    No link this time to see if this posts.

  8. He’s going to take his toys and go home.

    So he expected his money to buy him some influence?

    Top donor to Minnesota GOP calling a timeout |

    Bob Cummins, who has donated more than $3.5 million to Minnesota Republican causes, is telling allies he has had it with Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature and will not give their campaigns any cash this year, according to multiple sources.
    Cummins, CEO of Plymouth-based Primera Technology, is reportedly frustrated over legislators’ failure to approve a “right-to-work” constitutional amendment that would limit union power. At least 21 states have such restrictions.

  9. Some good news today from the Center for Biological Diversity.

    24,000 Acres Protected for Tiny, Threatened Bird

    Following much work in court by the Center for Biological Diversity, the western snowy plover — a 6-inch-long, buff- and sea-spray-colored shorebird — is at last enjoying 24,000 protected acres of habitat on the Pacific coast. After a 1999 Center lawsuit won the little bird almost 20,000 acres of “critical habitat,” a politically weighted Bush-era decision reduced those protections to just 12,000 acres — eliminating San Francisco Bay-area habitat deemed necessary for its survival by scientists. Now, after a 2008 Center suit, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has restored the lost habitat — and then some.

    In fact, the western snowy plover is an Endangered Species Act success: Since earning federal protections in 1993 — when only 1,500 survived in the wild — the plover has rebounded to more than 3,600. But it still faces many threats, from development to pesticides to human disturbance; the nests of this shy, 2-ounce bird are easily overturned by human beach traffic or unleashed dogs. And climate change threatens its entire beach home with sea-level rise.

    Read more in the San Francisco Chronicle and learn about the Center’s work to save the western snowy plover.

  10. Funny Guy, That Mitt (Part 5)

    “He does like pranks but he doesn’t like to get pranked. We’ve learned that the hard way,” Josh said. Most bullies don’t.

    • Good Lord, I can’t imagine shoving my sons’ faces into food. That’s not fun or funny.

    • Ugh, horrible man. That is not “prank” behavior, it’s aggression and humiliation.

      My former father in law thought it would be funny to pick up my eldest at about age 5, and dip his head into the toilet. I heard my son screaming — while his father and grandfather were laughing — and made it to the bathroom before the actual dunking. I was so enraged at such disgusting behavior that I told my in-laws to leave immediately, all while my son was still screaming, his baby brother was screaming, my ex was raging at me, and my mother-in-law (a very nice lady) was trying to calm everyone down. Fuck that shit, they had to leave.

      Of course, in the end, I was “far too sensitive,” and was “spoiling those boys,” and “couldn’t take a joke.” Yeah, whatever.

    • Frugal’s First Law of Thermodynamics:

      Not all stupid shits are Republicans, but all Republicans are stupid shits.

      And there seem to be more Republicans around today than ever before, therefore the retiring New York Democrat is spot-on correct.

    • The race horse’s urine evaporating before it hit the ground was the first clue.

    • Sociopaths both of them – its a pre-req to being a GOP candidate for office

    • The case with Romney was settled last September and she is no longer involved in the lawsuit.

      Paid them off.

      It’s disturbing that they tried to disguise that the horse wouldn’t be good for dressage. Doped the horse up to perform for the new owners before the sale and then forced it to perform.

      These are horrible people.

    • I’m surprised it’s taken repiggies so long to start going after the ADA. They think they can pick on disabled people, probably because the disabled are a pretty low power and influence group, but they fail to remember that the elderly also benefit from the ADA, and that group is a fucking powerhouse.

      Carry on, fuckwit.

    • Cheffetz should work in a restaurant kitchen sometime and then he discuss the horse with more authority. Another good place for Cheffetz to work would be a slaughter house. It will provide him with the knowledge that he needs to be an expert in sanitary practices.

    • We had a similar event when I was on the Grand Jury. This moron (who had a car filled with swag from burglarizing a cop’s house, including several firearms) allowed a cop to search him, after specifically answering “no” to the question of whether he had any weapons. Same result: a through-and-through in the upper thigh, just missing his tackle.

    • Two thoughts: 1) when the doctors repair an injury like that, are they tempted to leave the hole? 2) when the doctors really repair an injury like that, will the victim be… er…. shorter?

      • 1) He’s lucky I’m not a doctor, cuz I’d be sorely tempted.

        2) I dunno, but he’ll definitely be funnier…without his underpants on anyway.

      • will the victim be… er…. shorter?

        Especially if they have to amputate any or all! (;^>

  11. Tomorrow legendary football manager Bill Shankly’s maxim about football comes true for the Greeks.

    “”Some people believe that football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude, it is much, much more important than that!”

    Greece plays Germany in the quarter finals of Euro 2012. Read about the backdrop to the game here. Germany is playing by far the better football of the two teams and should win handily – but the Greeks are fired up about the game with everything that is and has gone on between the two countries….

    • I think that’s today…. in about 15 minutes! You can never take the Greek football team lightly. They are proven winners!!

      I’ve taken Germany in our Euro pool. Hey they have a guy named Schweinsteiger, which sounds like a superb beer!

      • Schweinsteiger = if you are polite then you might translate that as ‘Pig-rider’ if you are not so polite you might, well …. it explains his drive to prove himself – a quality player though.

    • I want this guy for a neighbor! We have floodlight people in sight of us, though not close enough to cause me any problem other than a passing annoyance that such people exist.

      • How does their floodlight protect them in the daytime? You know, when they’re not home and more likely to be burglarized.

        I find it so interesting that people think bad things only happen in the dark.

  12. Ok, time to relo to my local Alehouse to watch Spain v France in Euro 2012….. BFN

    • Will TtT be disappointed to see Germany vs Greece? Will the Alehouse provide just the tonic to make it not matter in the least? Film at 11.

      • I was not in the least suprised. My pal Marisa kept me plied with Snoqualmie IPA and black beean chili, while I watched the classy German side dispatch Greece. Saved the Spain France game for when I got back from camping this weekend

      • Actually I was surpised to see the German game, not at all disappointed though. MIsread my schedule .

  13. You know what I can’t wait for this summer? The Rick Warren Faith Forum with Obama and Romney. You remember, like the one with Obama and McCain in 2008.

    Of course we’ll have another one of those this election, right?

  14. Internet justice: A Cautionary Tale

    School bus monitor gets harassed by kids on bus. One of the darlings records it and posts video to youtube. Video goes viral –

    Many reaction videos pop up. One links to a “pastebin link with information on these punks”, which has links to the school, the monitor, pictures of the alleged bullies, facebook pages, email addresses – holy shazbot!

    On the other hand, someone sets up a site to raise money to send the monitor on a very nice vacation, with a target of $5000. Within a couple of days over $500,000 is pledged –

    The web changes everything…

    • May he burn in the hell he believes in…that is also my thought on the SCOTUS that voted for CU!

    • I have a God/Satan question I’ve asked lots of times but never gotten a coherent answer to:

      God is the Creator, right? Of everything, right? All powerful. Right? Right. So, then, if Satan pisses God off so much and so often, why doesn’t He just wave his wand and un-create it/him, whatever?

      Seems so fucking simple, really. And without Satan, what a neat place this would be. No Republicans! Imagine it!

    • As opposed to Rasmussen, who relies mainly on drunken stay at home teabgging hayseeds.

  15. Well if the Republicans get their way, this will be null and void.

    Dick Cheney’s Daughter Marries Her Partner – Yahoo! News

    Dick Cheney is celebrating the marriage of his daughter Mary to her longtime partner, Heather Poe.

    In a statement to the right-leaning website The Daily Caller, Cheney and his wife, Lynne, said, “Mary and Heather have been in a committed relationship for many years, and we are delighted that they were able to take advantage of the opportunity to have that relationship recognized.”

    Mary Cheney and Poe were married today in Washington, they said. Mary Cheney has given birth to a son and a daughter.

  16. Gotta wonder if Dick’s wedding present will be an all expenses paid one way vacation to Gitmo for Ms Poe.

    • You have to wonder if there’s a positive correlation between those who think he’s a Muslim and those who don’t actually have any idea who he is.

  17. They have 1/3 of US home loans. Sounds like they’re getting too big for their britches. Sounds like they want to be a monopoly. Monopolies are bad.

    Insight: Wells Fargo’s mushrooming mortgage risk: Fidelity

    Wells Fargo says it can manage the risk and sees no reason to stop expanding.It is hiring thousands of loan processors, underwriters, and call center employees, and investing billions of dollars in new loans and tens of millions in the infrastructure to manage them.”There’s no ceiling,” said Mike Heid, president of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. “There’s no cap on our size.”

  18. It seems to me that the American people are already onto Mitt’s mendacity, and are fucking sick of it, but will it hold? Tell a lie often enough, and it becomes truth, right? Yeah, I’m worried…

    Me, too. A little. The thing is, what used to be the “Right Wing” has been taken over by the extremists. And for the extremists, and this is where it gets hard for our side, the Truth makes absolutely no difference to them. Their conclusions are not derived from jointly agreed premises, but from the groundless axioms of their philosophy. Reality means nothing to them. Nothing. The Extremists are getting worked up to fight an enemy that doesn’t exist in our Reality.

    • I’ve noticed that it isn’t so much the truth doesn’t make any difference to them. Its more like it really makes no sense to them anymore.

      • I realize that it’s not the whole problem with all of them but the one fact they can’t ignore, a black guy in the White House, has driven them quite mad. It’s almost like a severe anxiety disorder. Their systems are flooded with adrenaline from morn to midnight and logic has no pace in their world.

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