The Watering Hole Saturday June 23, 2012 – Guilty!

Jerry Sandusky, the former Assistant Football Coach at Penn State University, has been found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse. This is good, as the 68-year-old Sandusky will likely spend the rest of his life in prison, however long that may be. Child molesters are not generally liked by prisoners, and are often the victims of unfortunate accidents, many of them fatal. So why bring this up on a political blog?

Sandusky was caught by another assistant coach, Mike McQueary, raping a boy in 2001! And many people knew about the abuses, including the ones that happened after that 2001 incident, and yet it took more than a decade before any awareness of the severity of his crimes was made public. How could this have taken so long to come out? Why did Penn State feel the greater good would be served by keeping Sandusky’s actions quiet? Is college football so important to American Society that we would allow children to be sexually abused just to protect one school’s football program? Sandusky shouldn’t be the only one facing prison time for his actions. The people who knew about them and did nothing must answer for their inactions.

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  1. Made me think of WaltTheMan:

    Alan Turing

    On Saturday, British mathematician Alan Turing would have turned 100 years old. It is barely fathomable to think that none of the computing power surrounding us today was around when he was born.

    But without Turing’s work, computers as we know them today simply would not exist, Robert Kahn, co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocols that run the Internet, said in an interview. Absent Turing, “the computing trajectory would have been entirely different, or at least delayed,” he said.

  2. The people who knew about them and did nothing must answer for their inactions.

    That would include his wife who supposedly had no clue about his pedophilia.

    • My guess is that Jerry’s wife is a typical “Stepford wife” who looked around and saw people living on $34,000/year and she was not about to give up living on a 6 figure income, so she turned her head, covered her eyes and ears, and pretended that she didn’t know anything.

  3. Why bring this up in a political blog?

    Because multinationals are molesting human beings across the globe.
    And far too many of those who are aware of it look the other way.

    • This is a political blog?

      Why didn’t anyone tell me?

      Why am I always the one left out of the loop?

  4. Governor Tom Corbett knew about Sandusky’s behavior and he could have and should have acted when he was PA Attorney General. Instead, he did nothing and tried to keep it quiet and in typical Republican fashion, passed the problem onto the next person.

    Penn State is a good university which serves many communities throughout the state with “satellite campuses”. Because of huge budget cuts by Corbett and the Republican controlled state legislature, Penn State may need to close many of these “satellite campuses”. This is a great disservice to the rural counties as Penn State is the two year college in their community.

    Sandusky and Penn State’s President and VP have brought great shame on a good university.

  5. I never thought of the Zoo as being just a political blog. We do venture into other areas at time. After all, variety is the spice of life. πŸ™‚

    • I wasn’t going to say anything… after all, I’m always venturing into other areas.
      Today is no exception, it appears there is some place called ‘The Lost Coast’ an hour or so away.
      Unless I get lost…

  6. There are far too many people in this country who think college football means something, that it offers some sort of status that stands somehow far taller than do the benefits of education, of learning, of thinking, with ultimate benefits beyond those of creative intellect. They’re wrong, of course. Completely wrong. College sports are what they are and nothing more: competitive exercise projects that have absolutely zero meaning beyond the moment for anyone save perhaps the players, who migh benefit at least briefly in the physical conditioning department. Beyond that? Nothing. Zero, zip, nada. A complete and total waste of time, of money, of energy, of resources, of virtually everything.

    Although I suppose to a pedophile, a large and steamy shower room along with a cluster of available molestation candidates could be seen as a virtue.

    • College, and pro sports, are nothing more than placebos that allow men (mostly) to somehow feel they have some sort of illusory talent or power, because they can create their fantasy teams and compete.
      Meanwhile, most stew in their unfulfilled sedentary lives, trapped into debt and stuffing their faces with whatever the alcohol and snack food industries tell them to.

    • I happen to enjoy sports and I wish that I had been able to be a better athlete. When I see people playing softball or basketball or any team sport at picnics, I wish that I knew how to play. My father and I would watch both college and pro football and basketball on TV together. Those are fond memories of good times spent with Dad. College sports do bring money into the college especially when the games are televised. The problem is the elitism that surrounds the college officials in which a “cloister” is created. I feel sad about the shame that was brought to Penn State because this shame is probably felt by the students. How can these students say with pride, “We are, Penn State”? How do the alumni feel when they say, “I went to Penn State” and hear someone respond, “Oh, you mean Ped State.”

      I just want to make it clear that Pennsylvania was very proud of Penn State. This is a big let down to all of us in PA.

      • I have no problem with sports, enjoy them both as participant and (audience) non-participant. But I draw the line, interest-wise, when the sole purpose of competitive sport becomes status, wild passion amongst non-participants, and where sport success comes to define the “quality” of a supposed educational institution. Bowl games and March madness have nothing to do with any useful reality, and the elevation of same to almost mystical levels is, imho, a sickness that serves no useful purpose whatsoever.

        • Bowl games and “March Madness” bring money into the school. It is unfortunate that many people only know Penn State as a top football university and are not aware of the excellent education offered by Penn State University.

          State College may be a liberal bastion in the middle of Pennsyltucky but most of the “uppity ups” that are employed by the university are Republicans.

    • I’ve always thought that high school and college sports were designed for the boys who weren’t cool enough to play in a band; otherwise, how would they ever get laid?

      • 😦 This scandal really breaks my heart. It hurts to hear Penn State referred to as “Pennitentiary State” or “Ped State”. All the other great educational programs at Penn State University will suffer because of a bunch of assholes that should have been dealt with by the leading asshole in Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett, years ago.

        • I took a summer abroad program through Penn State, Dickenson School of Law. The professors were great. The kids, not so much.

          • My SIL received his MBA through Penn State and was required to spend time abroad. He spent a few weeks in Turkey while other students went to either Prague or Singapore. We went to his graduation and he said that his class was really tight. He still keeps in touch with some of his former classmates.

            Where did you spend your time abroad?

            • That class went 5 weeks, starting in The Hague, then on to Brussels, Luxemburg, Strausburg, Salzburg, Vienna & Oxford. I flew in and out of London, and took side excursions to Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Budapest, and Oxford Upon Avon.

    • Nice, I sent the link to my girls. I’ll post a link to my Facebook page because several of my daughters friends are my friends, too, so they will see the link. Good luck.

  7. It is really pathetic that most major universities have more money donated to support a few sports programs than to support any kind of academia. Its nothing more than a farm club system for pro sports and the percentage of students who go on to decent careers in the pros is abysmally small. The fact that the universities have more ‘sports’ scholarships that end up being wasted on students who are given a pretty much free ride and most often don’t end up with a decent education when so many academically inclined students don’t get any real help.

      • Its kind of telling that 9 of the top 10 universities in America have fer shit sports programs and the one that does just got hammered for a couple of decades worth of pedophilia.

    • That’s one of my pet peeves about the University of Idaho — more money spent on sports than on academics.

      Sure, some of the sports scholarship kids did really well, and wouldn’t have been able to go to college otherwise, but so many of them completely wasted five years of free education.

    • I have benefited all of my life…(And I am old enough to remember when it was implemented.) I was able to play Volleyball for my Jr. high school team because of title IX.

  8. Happy 51st birthday to my middle sister, who was just accepted into the Master of Science in Nursing program at Texas A&M in Corpus Christi.

    She’ll appreciate the mention of going her Masters degree, but I think she’ll appreciate me mentioning her age even more. πŸ˜‰

  9. This week in science: Hello from the planet earth

    It’s hard to overstate the milestone: At some point in the near future β€” it could be days or months, possibly, but not likely even a few years β€” Voyager is expected to break away from the bubble of particles emitted by the Sun encasing our solar system and enter the totally new, completely unexplored region of interstellar space, the black void separating us from the other star systems in our Milky Way Galaxy.

    Just in case, the plucky little spacecraft carries a plaque and a golden record telling some of our terrestrial story. It includes over 100 beautiful images and related sounds, like surf, wind, and thunder, the songs of birds and whales, musical selections from different cultures and eras, and greetings in 59 human languages.

    “…100 beautiful images and related sounds, like surf, wind, and thunder, the songs of birds and whales, musical selections…greetings in 29 human languages.” What? No videos of recent BCS games? No March Madness? Awful!! Disgusting!! What a waste!! Nothing aboard but typical Obama crap!! Boo!! Hiss!!

  10. Dallas mom accused of trying to sell baby for $4,000

    Okay, this is just awful. I think everyone would agree with me on this.

    BUT, as terrible as was for this child to be in such a situation, and I’m glad this part of the saga is over, I give the mother credit for realizing the child would be better off without her. She didn’t toss the baby in a dumpster, right? Yeah, selling a baby is unbelievable, but I think the people around this woman saw this coming, in one form or another, and they sat back and waited to be asked. She wasn’t able to ask for help! The baby is safe — why did this happen?

    The sad thing is that this woman will be held up in front of society as a “bad mother,” and maybe when she’s not depressed or ill she really is a terrible mother, but the reasons why this event happen will not be addressed. Poverty, depression/mental illness, addiction, etc., will all be swept under the rug in favor of a moment of sensation.

    • Thoreau once said… “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation…” Poor woman, and poor child…

    • But the Republicans and pro-lifers wanted her to have this baby. Now that it is born and she is not capable of being parent to the baby, they want to throw her in jail instead of giving her the needed resources for caring for this child. The Republics want to cut more SNAP money.

      Then again, this is Texas where Gov. Perry hates handouts to people and prefers giving handouts to his corporate friends.

      • I love how they use the one source that is being questioned as rock solid proof of Jesus and his divinity. If one reads Egyptian mythology, that also claims rock solid proof of resurrection. So does Greco/Roman mythology. So does Norse mythology. Same for Mithraism. The fact is almost every mythology on the planet includes some sort of divine resurrection tale.

        The part these Christianists ignore is that Jesus had little to no impact on the records of contemporary history by the Greeks, Hebrews or Romans. The only claims about Jesus are in a small select group of writings, the earliest of which are about a generation after the fact.

      • This fellow must be a Repub…throws around numbers so we’re to think what he says is true.
        Where’s it written that “over 515” witnesses to christ rising from the dead?
        Also throws out the “reliable historical data” the history of jesus was written a mere 24 -36 mo. after his death.

        I’m convinced on his say-so///

        • He’s either ignorant or lying, or both, and is depending on the ignorance of his audience. There’s little or no argument amongst biblical scholars that the earliest chronicles of Jesus begin 60-70 years after the end of his alleged life. Amongst skeptics there’s even reason to conclude that no single person named Jesus of Nazareth even existed though there’s little argument that a cult of reform existed at the posited time.

          Personally, I find it rather telling that we can find concrete accounts for the existence of low level bureaucrats but no definitive first hand accounts of a revolutionary figure like Jesus. Both the Romans and the Israelis were meticulous record keepers and we have such mundane documents as bills of lading. We also have many records of legal proceedings and executions. It strains credulity that something as major as the arrest, trial, and execution of a person who posed such a great threat wasn’t mentioned in contemporary records that still exist.

    • As far as I have been able to ascertain there is no historical proof of the existence of Jesus. There are no records of the crucifixion in the Roman records or the Jewish from the period. If they existed they would have been well publicized.

      • Are there records of other crucifixions? I mean, did the Romans even keep those kinds of records?

    • That dude is certainly evidence … maybe even proof positive … of the thesis that the earth’s human population did, indeed, first come into being as an intergalactic penal colony for the criminally insane.

    • What it comes down to is which 2,000 year old story do you believe in? As it stands only one has spent the last 2,000 years telling people theirs made sense. And invested a shit ton of effort in telling everyone why the others were wrong. Odd that they hijacked almost every position from the others as true belief while telling folks that what they were hijacking was crap.

  11. Interesting weekend here. My DIL has decided she is wanting a divorce and is going to take the kids and move into some sort of public housing as soon as she can. No desire to do counseling, doesn’t want to discuss things, she has decided and it is a done deal.

    • I’m sorry to hear this. There must have been something going on in their relationship for some time. I hope you still get to see and spend time with the children. For your own sake, stay out of it.

      • From the little my son has told me this is the result of something that happened about 4 years ago (before they were married IIRC) that she suddenly can’t live with anymore. Since they have lived with me I have watched him, called him out on behavior from time to time but seen him grow into the job of husband and father. It has been a long path and job and he still hasn’t got it all right but he is trying and making progress.

        • I’m sorry to hear that. I have a daughter whose marriage failed a few years ago and who has not yet managed to regroup, to emerge from that fog. Fortunately there were no children involved, but still there’s the pain of it all and it’s impacted her … scarred her … deeply. I do what little I can, but have found that my being there only as/when needed … remaining, meanwhile, at a distance … appears to be the best option. Each case is different, I know, but I’ve seen nothing to suggest that starting from a distance isn’t typically the most sound initial approach. But it’s a long way from being the easiest.

          • Its breaking my heart. My son telling me his wife has decided to end it, no negotiation, no counseling, just over. I went thru the exact same thing in 2001. Sorry, its over, sux to be you.

        • Sorry to hear about that hooda. Somehow when it happens to your children it’s almost like it’s happening to you. It’s such a shame with your son maturing and all. Thoughts are with you.

    • Sorry to hear of your sad news. It must be painful for you to watch this happen.

  12. If Christianity is so unique, why has it hijacked every pagan holiday? Why is Christmas celebrated as the birth of Christ when it is common knowledge (for what that is worth) that this Jesus fellow wasn’t born in December? Why is it that every fricking Christian holy day corresponds to a pagan one? Why is it that Christianity has not one single solitary unique thing about it?

  13. Joseph is a carpenter. Mary married a carpenter. They lived in Galilee. Yet one of them was a member of the Royal House of David. If it was Joseph, why was he a carpenter when he was a member of a royal house? If it was Mary, why did a member of the Royal House marry a carpenter?

    • Perhaps Mary was ousted from the royal house for claiming her pregnancy was the result of a night of passion with an invisible supernatural being who she couldn’t help but obey?

      • Not quite. Mary was married to Joseph before the nocturnal miracle came to be. In fact, she and Joseph had been alive for quite some time and for some reason neither of them enjoyed the benefits of being royal. And even weirder is neither of them got those benefits after their little trip to Bethlehem. If Jesus was somehow the Messiah and of the House of David, neither of his parents ever knew it.

        • I was positing that, perhaps, Mary had tried to pull the trick on someone less credulous than her hubby, like her father for instance, and it just wasn’t recorded. Just being silly.

        • Maybe someone kicked Mary out of the house for falling in love with the kid from the other side of the tracks…

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong:

    Mittens wants to induct citizens of foreign nations in the U.S. military and reward those who complete their hitch with U.S. citizenship. Would this include Iranian citizens who want to work in Army Ordnance or Colombian citizens who want to join the Coast Guard? Send them here when they’re 15-16 and the agents would be in place within 3 years. I ask because I have a feeling that, had President Obama uttered the exact same thing, the Reichwhiners would be screaming about terrorists and criminals infiltrating the country with Obama’s blessing.

    • A perfectly logic response. People from other country we have been crapping on fo years will obviously become dedicated to America if we let them into our military where they can kill people, some of them from their own country. None of them would question the idea that killing people from their own country and the US would recognize this and place them in units where this wouldn’t be an issue.

  15. Fox News’ Rome Correspondent Hired By Vatican

    Greg Burke has left Fox News Channel, where he’s been a Rome-based correspondent since 2001, and is joining the Vatican’s communications staff as a senior advisor.

    Here’s the kicker:

    Burke says he was offered the job twice before but declined both times.

    They must have finally made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. It’s likely the next Fox correspondent can count on the same deal already. Go easy on the Pope, and your future is secure.

      • BillO would make a great spokesperson… tides come in, tides go out, no one knows why… pedophile priests come in, pedophile priests go out, no one knows why… but women(especially nuns) should keep their mouths shut.

    • Is this a little like Tony Snow quitting Fox to work for President Bush?

    • As of this morning, they had collected $600,000 for that lady. The internet, she is powerful in her compassion!

    • Just finishing up the Indycar race at Iowa. It started so late I couldn’t have a beer.
      Until now.

        • It was scheduled to start at 9pm, my time, but it was delayed 40 extra minutes by rain. They had the jet-dryers out when the telecast started. It was a good result for Andretti Autosport. Hunter-Reay won, and Marco Andretti was second. Marco won there last year. James Hinchcliffe (Driving the GoDaddy car) wrecked or it could have been an Andretti 1-2-3.

          Danica had a good day, up until the last lap at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. She ran in the top five all day, then Jacques Villeneuve rear ended her in a corner, and cost her a fourth place. She recovered for 12th. She was very smooth, driving a stick shift on a road course for the first time in years. The Indycars have paddle shifters on the back of the steering wheel.

            • When you wrench on cars, especially as a professional, it kinda draws you in. I have been at Road Atlanta, helping a team thrash an engine change, on a Sunday morning, and it’s against the rules to start a race engine before noon there. It’s so peaceful, amid all that hectic activity, that it’s probably the closest I’ve come to a religious experience. That’s why I can empathize with what the crews go through to put those drivers onto the track, with the attention to detail, and the agony they feel when there’s a mechanical failure, that prematurely ends their driver’s day.

            • That’s the thing, I never would have thought about racing to the level you do. To me, it was just drivers going in circles and wasting a lot of fuel.

            • Racing is all about taking an engine, and designing it to last one mile more than the race distance, while putting out the absolute maximum power, within the rules specifications, and mating it to a chassis, also within the limits of the rules, that puts the maximum amount of that power to the rear wheels, providing maximum traction, for that race distance plus one mile,

            • All of which is completely outside my understanding, but it’s fun to read how much you love it. πŸ™‚

              My youngest sister and her soon-to-be ex are big NASCAR fans, and they talk about the drivers as if they’re wrestling stars — that doesn’t do anything for me.

  16. Lyle Lovett is on Austin City Limits tonight. I missed all my Britcoms watching the race. We had pledge drive all month on PBS here.

  17. Living on the reservation again is such a joy — fireworks at all hours of the night. The dog is too exhausted to care anymore. 😐

    • Reservation? Could you elaborate please? I’m not clear on that.

      Where is Ebb? She’s usually around at this hour. I’m usually not.

      • Heh, I think Ebb must have gotten herself a life. πŸ˜‰

        I am surprised to see you here at this hour!

        This town I’m in is on the Nez Perce reservation in Idaho. Reservations are different in Idaho, since they’re allowed to sell land to whitey. Then whitey proceeds to resent the hell out of the Nez Perce, who are allowed to fish for steelhead where whitey is not. Hello!!?? Remember where yo are, rednecks!

      • Good Evening!
        I’ve just flown-in (from P.T. – peregrine therapy).

        I don’t live on a reservation and the neighbor kids have been lighting whatever is much higher than an M-80. Its percussion sets off car alarms…
        this has been happening since the first of the month.
        Then last night so many fire crackers at one time — nearly 3 minutes worth!

  18. It’s no wonder the rednecks can only watch Nascar. The Firestone Indy Lights race just ended, and the top five reads thus: Guerrieri, Yacaman, Carbone, Vautier, and Ostella. Not a high Caucasian in the bunch! πŸ˜€

  19. I’m a bit too hyper for a chill-out thread at C&L.

    The juvenile peregrines are flying high; chasing each other and the gulls that pass by.
    Playing tag in the air; bumping each other off perching spots.
    Taking prey from the parents talons (mid-air transfers).

    I’m in my element – with half a dozen other ‘bird nerds’!

  20. According to the Indycar channel, The Tour de Steroids France starts pretty soon.

  21. okay…see if I’m working again…btw how come nobody told me about this band?…

    • You’re working again, nwog.

      I’d not heard this song. “Shattred” is a favorite I’ve heard on the radio yet never really got the bands name.
      Thanks for posting this – so now I know!!!!

  22. not sure of why I thought of this song, and nobody asked, but I’m tired of all the shit going down, and I remembered this…

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