Sunday Roast: Inside Job

Inside Job is a 2010 documentary film about the late-2000s financial crisis directed by Charles H. Ferguson. The film is described by Ferguson as being about “the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry and the consequences of that systemic corruption.”

After watching this film, I better understood what happened to cause our economy — and economies all over the world — to collapse.

We know what happened.  We know how it happened.  We know why it happened.  No consequences have been issued, except for the fallout that rained down on regular people like you and me.  All of the banksters involved are still in place, in one form or another, and they still have enormous power over us and our economy.

This.  Could.  Happen.  Again.

It’s a virtual guarantee.

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60 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Inside Job

      • I doubt Obama’s re-election will delay the next economic meltdown.

        All we need is another gas price spike. Or the collapse of the Euro. (remember how Saddam was switching to the EURO – one of the real reasons why we invaded.)

        Or the world could come to an end before this year’s out. So, why worry?

  1. Waiting for the outcome of the Egyptian Presidential election, to see if all hell breaks loose in Tahrir Square.

  2. I watched this video before and still find it all shocking. Who are the two people who suffered consequences for all this fraud? Eliot Spitzer and Elizabeth Warren did get or keep their jobs. USA the greatest country is long gone. We are all just pieces in their game.

  3. This was especially brutal to babyboomers. Not only did they steal from the 401K’s and IRA’s, they devalued the last investment which was the babyboomers homes and investment properties. And when the jobs were “off shored” as Romney says, the babyboomers were the first to experience layoffs because they were the higher paid employee. And now they want to dismantle the final safety net, Social Security.

    These bankers and those that allowed this to happen should be in jail and charged with economic treason.

  4. I’m always amazed how Obama is blamed for the debt Bush left. But Reagan is adored after causing the S&L debacle that cost us billions and billions. Americans are idiots. It’s the only answer.

  5. House did you watch MTP. Only saw a minute but noticed Marco Rubio, Darrell Issa and Mrs. Alan Greenspan were all on. Anybody else?

  6. Obama team has had years to do opposition research on Mitt Romney. I’d think they’re holding the best (meaning worst) until closer to the election when the undecideds start paying attention. That will be fun. Can you tell how much I despise that guy.
    BLOCKBUSTER piece in Boston Globe details Romney’s association with Michael Milken

    • I think that you are right. It’s best to slam Romney right before the election because that is when people will really start to pay attention. It’s the last several weeks that make the difference. In the summer, people are thinking vacation and then it’s get the kids ready for school or college. October is the month to hit the public with the dirty truth about Romney.

  7. Watching this video I’d seen before I’m reminded why I chose to support Obama over Hillary because Bill worked so closely with GOP. I would have been happier if President Obama not hired Larry Summers and and worked harder to make sure Elizabeth Warren had got that job but some things are beyond his control. Obviously.

    • I favored Obama partly because the country had already been conditioned to dislike Hillary. Frankly, I’m still a bit surprised at just how vile the Reichwhiners have been to our first black president. Sigh… The attacks against a Madame President Clinton would just be about gender rather than Obama’s race. There’s no bottom to the vile hatred of the Reichwhiners.

      • Also folks like Limbaugh were so anxious to have Hillary as the candidate you know they had all kinds of opposition research ready to go on her.

  8. I haven’t seen the above movie, but I did actually catch “Too Big To Fail” on HBO which talks about the metldown as well. Not sure if I buy the story as presented (made Paulsen and Gietner seem somewhat like heroes). But a lot of big-name actors, and the performances were excellent.

    • Paulsen and Gietner don’t get a pass on the above video.
      One wants to spit listening to how devious they are.
      It all started with the “sainted” one deregulating…RR was an enemy of the people.

    • Now that the cornerstone (Sandusky) has been removed the house will fall!
      Watch out Tom – you may be next with the wrong-doings exposed (failure to act)!

      • A recurring , consistent and all important theme with politicians and government officials is CYA.
        Cover Your Ass.
        I have heard it continually in the past 5 years as a federal employee.

        I am am not comfortable with this, as CYA often (usually) means pulling the blanket off of someone else.

        I modified this acronym to Confirm Your (my) Accountability.
        I had the opportunity to offer this up to my former supervisor as I was departing his sphere of influence, and experienced some delight in watching him visibly flinch.

  9. Got a “newsletter” from my Congresscritter today… David Schweikert… (R-ugh) it went on and on about Fast and Furious, etc… and said that the President was “attempting to shred the Constitution…”

    I don’t often respond to these mailings because I generally only get back a form letter with more lies… and I’ve never ever gotten a response back from Jon “not intended to be a factual statement” Kyl no matter what I have written.

    But I felt the need today. This is what I wrote:
    “I received an email from you today that was quite disturbing. Disturbing to me because it was very hyperbolic and over the top. I’ve been through many election periods and I take most election year mailings as the spin that they deserve from both sides of the aisle. But to actually write that the President “may be attempting to shred the Constitution… ” is a little out there, don’t you think? Honestly, do you really think the President is shredding the Constitution? I know that you are in a tough race against Rep. Quayle, but really? The Constitution has withstood much worse abuse than prioritizing the deportation of illegal alien criminals over undocumented students and the cessation of a program that was started under the last President. In an atmosphere of the divisiveness that election politics has devolved into… perhaps you could raise your level of discourse a smidge, huh? Give the voters some credit. Or do you not know any better?”

  10. We topped out at 99 degrees today, with 25% humidity. I only went outside once to put garbage in the bin.
    I’m not looking forward to July and August.

  11. Thank you so much for linking this documentary. I’ve been wanting to watch ever since it came out but haven’t had the chance until now!!! 🙂

  12. Well, the fabric for my big ole special order didn’t come this weekend, so I’ve spent the day organizing my stuff for moving out on Tuesday. Fun times.

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