The Watering Hole: June 27 — Cape Kiwanda

Photo by Charles Meier

As you can see, the sandy beach around Cape Kiwanda attracts the surfers.  For me, the attraction is the giant effing rock!

Composed of basalt, Haystack Rock [and the Cape Kiwanda rock] was formed by lava flows emanating from the Grand Ronde Mountains 10 to 17 million years ago. The lava flows created many of the Oregon coast’s natural features, including Tillamook HeadArch Cape, and Saddle Mountain.

I bet there are puffins out there…

This is our daily open thread — Sorry it’s so late!!

153 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: June 27 — Cape Kiwanda

    • Anybody hear from Frugal? I think that he lives in the southwest section of Colorado. I hope that he and his family are safe.

      I was looking at pictures on the weather channel and it brought tears to my eyes. It must be painful to lose everything to fire. My SIL brother lost everything and would have lost his life if he didn’t have to get up to use the bathroom. His house burned in a rabid fire near Boulder a few years ago. He can replace the house but not the special items. He didn’t have time to grab anything because he only had enough time to escape safely.

    • i like the complaint that Americnas are receiving a ‘third world education’. Rmoney is proposing replacing that with a Medieval education.

      Pass me the leeches there Thomas Aquinas, i’ve got the vapours all of a sudden!

  1. Is Colorado Burning? Yep. From my daughter in Colorado Springs this morning, this brief synopsis written as she and her hubby pack up important things just in case they, too, are ordered to evacuate:

    They have evacuated up to just west of us; we can see the fire pretty well from the house now. They are still thinking that it won’t be able to jump across I-25, but it grew about 7,000 acres overnight so we’ll see. The firefighters are currently trying to keep it from getting to the Air Force Academy, though it’s right next to it according to thermal maps.

    It’s horrible watching the flames but it’s even worse watching peoples’ homes burn on live TV! I feel so bad for them.

    Latest word is that the fire has grown to more than 15,000 acres. Man-caused, of course.

    I’m waiting for Fox “News” to blame it on Obama, and in the process explain how it is that he’s stood in the way of EVERY Republican effort to combat global warming in the last nearly four years (a task which wouldn’t have taken even two seconds worth of anyone’s time, but they’ll leave that part out, of course).

    Meanwhile, the fires rage. There’s been a huge one burning for several weeks in the mountains west of Ft. Collins, now the Waldo Canyon fire just to the west of Colorado Springs, also possibly another newer one in the mountains west of Boulder. Nothing down this way as of yet, but we can smell the smoke from the Waldo fire to the north, and the usually standout Pikes Peak, about 75 miles to the north of us, is no longer visible thanks to all the smoke. Even the rising sun was barely visible this morning when it first broke the horizon at around 5:45 AM. It was a big red ball that barely caused any shadows to be cast. And it’s hot. Yesterday it hit 106 here at nearly 7000 ft elevation. Unreal.

  2. From fires (glad to read you and your daughter are safe) to
    torrential rain…
    anyone hear from Pachy lately? The weather in FL has been horrendously wet and wild.

  3. QOTD:

    “It’s cheaper by far than psychoanalysis and much more uplifting,” Nora Ephron, who was fussy about her hair and made a point of having it professionally blow-dried twice a week.

  4. Remember the good “old days” when sitting justices of the Supreme Court didn’t post their personal opinions on a blog?

  5. Is WaPo now an Etch-A-Sketch?:

    Washington Post spokeswoman Kris Coratti confirmed that editors are meeting with Romney officials to discuss the campaign’s request for a retraction of the paper’s story on Bain Capital’s outsourcing.

    “The editors really do take complaints seriously,” she told TPM. “They’re always willing to listen to people’s concerns. That’s what they’re doing.”

  6. TtT, who are you cheering for in the Spain v Portugal matchup? I do not like Ronaldo because of all his Fifa injuries and flopping around (I know he’s not alone) but I’d rather not see Spain win again. Spain always has such control over the ball, it will be tough for Portugal to break though. Hopefully it will be a good match.

    • And don’t forget his incredibly hot girlfriend Irina – there’s a lot not to like about Ronaldo, but he is exciting to watch. It would be fun to see someone beat Spain and Portugal have been playing well and earned their spot, not just Ronaldo.

      But the prospect of seeing this Spain team try to cement themselves as one of the greatest ever is worth seing them in the final for.

      And it is shaping up to be interesting … would like to see Portugal get an early goal in the second half.

  7. Another roll-call:
    this being Wednesday we are usually treated to a BnF post.
    Perhaps he’s busy “writing briefs…or trying on kilts”!

  8. WTF???

    fingerpainting, Koolaid and napping on your rug will lead you to a life of crime:

    Rep. Bob Kingsbury (R-Laconia) told the Belknap County Convention that research he’s been conducting for the last 16 years has led him to believe that kindergarten programs leads to higher crime rates, the Laconia Daily Sun reported. Kingsbury, one of the more conservative legislators in the Tea Party-controlled House, said that his analysis was of local crime rates in communities that offered kindergarten versus those that do not offer the educational program.

    • Well, ok, that explains it. I went to kindergarten 65 years ago this coming fall, and I’m a fucking liberal-progressive-democrat-Marxist-socialist. And here I’ve always thought it was because I was raised by parents who valued/communicated the facility to think clearly, but it’s because I went to kindergarten! Love them baggers, they teach us new shit every day (emphasis on the word ‘shit’).

  9. Wow! The 3:00PM wingnut on Thom Hartmann’s show was really something. Some of his bold pronouncements include: “fracking has never been tied to a single incident of water pollution”. “Germany is broke because they have embraced green energy”, and “no one has ever made any money on wind and/or solar power”.

    Needless to say, when Thom would provide facts that shot him down, he would just dismiss it as “librul propaganda”.

  10. Our first really unpleasant day of summer. 93 degrees with 47% humidity. Both are supposed to be higher tomorrow. Overnight heat index is supposed to be around 75-80. For those of you fortunate enough to live in drier climes; that means anyone outside and/or without air conditioning will be covered in a sheen of sweat within minutes. Gills would help. I’m hoping that my dropping a few pounds will make it seem a little less oppressive than last summer.

    • We’ve had several. Friday and Saturday are scheduled to hit 100 with high humidity. I lose weight during the summer because I get so hot I can’t eat. I feel your pain.
      Fortunately my house was built in the 1800’s, when people built for the climate. I also have a lovely geothermal AC system, with help from the economic stimulus.

    • It’s brutal here in Portland as well. Humidity is nearly as high: 41%. Of course, the temperature is a sizzling 70F and tomorrow will shoot up to 76F. I knew I should have bought the more expensive a/c.

      • Me too. Actually, since my digital converter crapped out, I plan on not having any TV for the foreseeable future. The Newshour is still better than most but, if I hear Judy Woodruff say “we’ll have to leave it there” one more time I may smash the TV. It wasn’t that long ago that the journalists on the NewsHour would say “that’s not true” when somone was lying through their teeth but those days are gone. I think it happened when they started accepting corporate sponsorship. They have to keep the Kochs and BP happy.

    • Today the high was 97.

      Forecast highs for Huntsville:

      Up until this morning all six days were to exceed 100.
      Wednesday my five day weekend starts, and at least the forecast high is only 94.

  11. The hamsters that run my computer are on a slowdown strike, so I can’t find the link, but the last two nights on the Lawrence O’Donnell show he has posited that there is NO individual mandate in the ACA, because there is no provisions in the ACA to go after people who don’t pay the fine/tax/fee for not joining up. He showed two waivers, written in the law, that prohibit the feds or the IRS from going after anyone that don’t pay up. Anybody else read/view that?

    • Yep. If you don’t buy health insurance, then you’re supposed to pay a tax penalty. But if you refuse or are unable to pay it, there are no criminal or civil consequences, and the IRS is supposedly not allowed to come after you for it.

      If things stay the way they are for me, I don’t see any way I’ll be able to buy health insurance — at any price.

  12. I stopped in to a local pub for a quick bite today. As I was paying my bill the bartender said, “Those guys at the table behind you were just talking about how niggers are taking over everything. A car just pulled up out front and guess what got out? A nigger!”

    I sort of forgot to leave a tip and guess I need to find a higher class joint for lunch.

  13. Nice post Zooey!
    I learned more from your links than I knew from being there last fall, the geology is very interesting.
    Here’s a couple of photos, this one is Cape Kiwanda itself, from about 100 yards just shoreward from Haystack Rock, and at least part of Haystack noting the birds on and around it. I was hoping to see a puffin, no luck there, but I did see marbled murrelets bobbling about in the waves there. They’re a little out of focus, I was preoccupied with staying upright as I bobbled about myself.

  14. So after a couple days of rain and limited internet access I’m checking in. 😀

    I know I haven’t told you that my neighbor came to me and apologized and asked me to return to helping him with the mouse deliveries. We agreed not to talk about politics or religion. I admit I enjoy the ride due to the various routes we’ve traveled.

    One of the travel options goes through Keystone Heights where I observed the effect of the lack of rain in the condition of Lake Brooklyn. If you look at Keystone Heights, FL on Google maps and zoom in on any of the lakes in the area you can tell just how much water is missing from them. That’s what they looked like last Thursday.

    Tomorrow I’ll drive back through High Springs and head east on Rt. 236 to stop at a roadside produce stand at the intersection of Rt. 239. Fresh cut Silver Queen corn four for a dollar for supper tomorrow. 🙂

  15. H/T to Mike Malloy.

    The Crystal Cathedral went bankrupt and was sold to the Catholic Church for $58million. Frankly, if a church can write a check for $58million over and above the millions (billions?) in hush money? They can damned well pay taxes. Although, I do find it amusing that some of the fundies are whining and suing rather than be buried in ground corrupted by the Catholic Church. There isn’t enough popcorn in the world to get me through a good fundy fight.

    • “And I will lay waste to the temples of the false idols, I will turn them over to those who know me not, yea they will be cast into the outer darkness.”

      OK, it’s not really in the bible, but I bet the fundies wouldn’t know that.

      • One of the most striking things about American religious extremists is their ignorance of their avowed religion. Those who actually revere Christ and those who don’t Believe but live well, including atheists like myself, generally have a far greater understanding of the Bible and other religious works. Sigh…

        All too many are content to just except the ravings of vile bigots rather than bothering to study the message and take it to heart. Even those who read the Bible seem to completely miss the central theme that all of us humans should treat others well.

        • I’m a pretty simple person. I don’t know exactly what God is. I don’t know why we are such imperfect creatures if we believe we were created by a supreme being. I don’t know in what form we might persist after we die. The only thing I really know from reading the Bible is this, I know who Jesus would have dinner with. He would share with the dispossessed, the marginalized, those hated by others, the sick, the poor, the unclean. He would want me to do the same.

          • Outstandingly admirable.
            Many religions picture God as a mystery, something to attempt to learn about and understand over the course of a lifetime.
            Any paradigm that dictates what God is, and which attempts to dictate its adherents to such is nothing more than an earthly control mechanism.

    • “…an architectural marvel with 10,000 windows…”

      Where’s the young King David and his trusty sling when he’s truly needed, eh?

      • That’s one of the most encouraging stories I’ve seen in a long time. The fundies might be louder than ever but there’s room to hope. Plus, it seems like religious fervor skips a generation. The children of those children corrupted by Fallwell’s “moral majority” don’t seem to be falling for the BS. Now we just need to keep creationism out of public schools.

        • I had a shock today as the crew and I were having lunch. While very alert and savvy about some things; one young man, to all appearances the brightest of the group, believed that Winston Churchill was responsible for the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. His next guess was John F. Kennedy.

          • I was sooooooo lucky in my “choice” of parents. Dad taught me to read when I was about 5 by pouring through books about famous planes and pilots. No “Run, Spot, run” for me. He even made me learn the proper pronunciation of various French and German names. He inflamed a life-long passion for airplanes and history.

            When i was managing restaurants that employed mostly teenagers i was constantly disappointed by how little history, or much of anything else, the kids knew. However, I also found that they were ready, if not eager, to learn from me. I figure that I did alright by them because many of them made me Godfather to their kids.

            • Some years ago I had two of my son’s friends over for dinner. I have a lot of books and I guess they noticed our bookshelves. I actually overheard one say to the other “They have a lot of books.” The second replied “Yeah, have you ever read one?” Answer, “No”. Reply, “Me either”. I wanted to cry.
              These were young high school graduates.

            • A few years back, as I was standing in the Christmas mailing line at the post office with my two kids in tow, they waited patiently each with their own books while I waited in the long line. The lady behind me remarked on how well my kids liked to read and asked me how I got them to do it. I told her that we started reading to the kids every night starting at about 6 months or whenever they could sit in out laps. And they have also seen me reading my own books over the years.

              It was never a question of them not wanting to read…

            • Excellent work, LL. My men really love reading as well, and reading to them from the start is a big part of that.

              I know adults who say they “Don’t like to read,” as if it’s something painful for them, and maybe it is. I feel sorry for them, because I know all they’re missing.

              When my friend Sandy’s first grandchild was born, I gave them a couple Dr Suess books, since they were big favorites of my men. The DIL looked at me and said, “What am I going to do with these?” I replied, “Prop up a table leg?” After that, I avoided looking under her tables. Luckily that child has found his own way to a love of reading, but although he’s 10 years old, he still reads very juvenile books. Whatever keeps him reading, right? But at that age, my men were reading at the college level. It makes me sad that his parents stunted his learning like that.

            • That is sad indeed. You know, giving a book to a child to read is a way to get some peace and quiet for you as well, without a TV blaring or computer or video games…

              I can’t imagine my life without books.

            • Yeah, I have no idea what drives those people. Usually parents who wait to have children do a better job, but…oh well.

              Books (or my Kindle) are the thing that take me away from this insane world. I consider it a plus.

  16. G’night folks, I’ve got to be up early to beat the heat. I have no idea how House will withstand 105 on Friday or 106 on Saturday. I’m likely to melt at 5 degrees cooler.

    • Huge monsoon with winds followed by haboobs here in Phoenix today that downed lots of trees. Good thing global warming is a hoax.

      • Good thing, that. I suppose that the fact that global warming is a hoax inoculated everyone against the effects of the wind and haboobs.

        Love the word “haboob.” 🙂

  17. I never really read a book until I was 19. Then I met a woman who loved that her men were well read, and intelligent. With that particular awakening, to what I call “penis conscousness”, I embarked on a quest to read everything, if only to appeal to her, and discovered that reading produced a different hard-on, and longer lasting. Fortuneately they were not exclusive to one another.

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