The Watering Hole: June 29 — Moment of awwwww….

There.  Doesn’t that start your Friday on the right foot?  I guess it’s too cute for words, since there’s no audio.  😉

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86 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: June 29 — Moment of awwwww….

  1. That’s entertaining!

    [Raspberry on a white carpeting… the saving grace: an adorable turtle]

  2. Interested in NASA and space travel? NASA nerds channel their inner Michael Bay to show how ridiculously hard it is to land a rover on Mars (bonus: doomsday soundtrack):

    • I was curious about Curiosity – no solar cells. Turns out it uses a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG), like the early Vikings and the Voyagers that are now at the edge of the solar system. Likely means it won’t have to find a high place with good exposure and hibernate during the winter, like Spirit and Opportunity.

  3. As Bruce Bartlett noted on his Facebook page,

    “A government with the power to force us to buy health insurance can also force restaurants to serve black people.”

    Be afraid.

  4. Former GOP Spokesperson Calls For Armed Uprising In Response To Obamacare Decision

    This asshole is calling for an armed uprising because more Americans will be able to go to the doctor. And he doesn’t want to pay for it. Sick Americans need to go to the doctor, and he wants to start an armed revolution. Over doctor visits.

    Remember when we started an armed rebellion over the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and over private companies draining our treasury giving our troops shitty food and electrocuting them? Yeah, me neither.

    But this guy is violently furious because one of these days I might be able to go to the doctor when I need to, rather than the ER.

  5. Silhouetteman wonders what the Eff is wrong with America?

  6. It’s 99 degrees with 50% humidity. I can’t make myself go back outside again. If the southern states ever want to rebel over doctor visits it darned sure won’t happen in the summer.

      • Outstanding Jr. has it covered. I observe them on the pigcam and if the very pregnant one starts breathing hard I tell him and he’s out there in one minute.

    • That’s good news. No armed rebellions during the heat of the summer. It’s hot in PA, too. We had severe storms early this morning which didn’t cool things off. The rain did help my container plants.

    • I’m not aware of a single democratic government in the 3rd World the US has supported or defended in the entire world in my lifetime.

    • It is what our country has always done and will continue to do. Corporate money is the reason for our aggression. The monied interests that own our country are always out to exploit poorer nations. Until our nation becomes a third world country, we will always be protecting corporate interests in other nations. I don’t think there is any other way to get around it. I don’t like it and I don’t see it changing regardless of who sits in the White House or Congress.

      • Sadly this is true. Sometimes I’m glad that my son is not likely to demand an explanation of why the US devastated Guatemala.

      • I’m not sure why people are surprised the US in the form of Republicans and Baggers are trying to install some sort of dictatorship in the US these days when it has been the only type of government we have supported overseas for as long as we have been dabbling in foreign intervention. We have never supported the common people and always backed tinpot dictators.

  7. Does Eric Cantor think Israel is a free country? They have a much more socialized and much more efficient healthcare system. I’ve never heard Cantor ever criticize Israel. Why hasn’t he trashed their health system? Could it be that it proves that healthcare is the one area where the private sector creates waste and inefficiency very few governments could rival?

    And, yes, infant mortality in the US is more than twice as high as in Israel. Is Cantor happy with that? The graph in the article says it all:

  8. I don’t suppose Katie Holmes will be able to write a tell-all book, but I bet it’d be fascinating.

    Neil Patrick Harris must be kicking himself.

  9. Judging by the last 24 hours, I think we now know that if the SCOTUS had ruled for Gore in Gore v. Bush, there would have been armed insurrections all over this country.

    • I was just reading about this and am more than a little surprised. As far as I can tell, it’s a clean bill, lacking any stupid demands about Egypt or an oil pipeline. And I know my son is going to appreciate not having his student loans skyrocket.

    • Bernie Sanders was saying the highway bill could save 1.8 million jobs and create 1 million more, which should help the economy numbers toward the election.

  10. Which part has a better record on the economy? The results are unambiguous.

    In a new book, Richard J. Carroll lays out a new analysis of presidential economic performance since Truman:

    “Five out of six Democrats reduced the national debt as a percentage of GDP, while four out of six Republicans raised it. The story is similar on budget deficits, with five of the top six performances recorded by Democrats and four of the bottom five recorded by Republicans. With respect to GDP growth, three of the top four performers were Democrats and four of the bottom five were Republicans. In reducing the poverty rate, the top three were Democrats and two of the bottom three were Republicans. The Democrats also had a better record on employment. Republicans had better records on reducing inflation, achieving four of the top five performances, while Democrats had four of the bottom five showings. Republicans also did well in lowering tax revenue as a percentage of GDP, claiming the top five spots.”

    How does Obama fare?

    “When all of the indicators are combined, [Obama] ranks ninth out of 12, one position below Reagan but above Bush 41, Carter and Bush 43.”

    • President Obama isn’t doing too bad when one considers the unprecedented level of obstruction. I also wonder where he would fair if he had not been handed the biggest shit sandwich in 80 years.

      • He has accomplished a lot. I admire his intelligence and his ability to put his enemies on the defensive. He appears to be at least one or two steps ahead of Romney on everything. His most recent ad ends with a statement about outside groups spending money and that these groups only care about their money and not about you.

      • The Republicans handed him a shit sandwich. His response: “I’d like some Dijon mustard to go with that.” Fox Snooze and wingnuts everywhere went crazy in response, and thus do they remain. Screwy world, this one.

  11. Heh!

    CNN launches an internal investigation into their botched SCOTUS coverage. They say “it’s more important to be right than it is to be first. Ummmm? No. You proved beyond any shadow of doubt that you will run with a scoop that’s proven wrong. It’s not as momentous as their cheer leading for the Iraq war but does serve to demonstrate that journalistic integrity is second to sensationalism.

    No word yet on FAUX”News” and their “zero tolerance” for on air mistakes. They seem to be going with “IT’S A TAX!!!! SO WE”RE RIGHT!!!!”.

      • I haven’t seen any avowed Reichwhiner even admit a mistake. Those who have mentioned it at all seem to be playing the “Robert’s decision was written at a 4th grade level” or some such rot.

  12. ‘Talking Urinal Cakes to Fight Drunk Driving in Michigan

    In an effort to cut down on drunk driving over the Fourth of July holiday, the Michigan State Police are distributing “talking urinal cakes” to around 200 bars and restaurants.

    The Detroit News on Friday reported that 400 urinal deodorizer blocks with the ability to verbally remind bathroom-goers to call a cab would be placed in bathrooms in Wayne, Bay, Ottawa and Delta counties.

    “Listen up,” the pucks will reportedly say as customers take a whiz. “That’s right, I’m talking to you. Had a few drinks? Maybe a few too many?”

    I don’t think too many of these will remain in the bathrooms of bars that want to keep serving customers. I would think I’d had enough when the toilet starts talking to me.

  13. If I’ve got the right region, Outstanding’s current temp is 101 with a heat index of 113. Mine is 103 with a heat index of 102. Somehow I feel fortunate.
    But I don’t have a ‘pigcam’ to watch, except when Maxwell the Geico Pig is on his street luge!

    Fuck, it’s hot!

    • I can’t begin to imagine what so many of you are going through. It’s 23 C (73 F) here and it feels quite warm enough for me. We have finally had a couple of days of ‘summer’ temps. We’ve had more than double the amount of average rain in June. My grass is so high (not THAT kind of grass) and I am going to go out and cut it. I’m a sweater, so I am not looking forward to cutting the grass in this, ahem, heat!

      • I just checked and now I’m at 105! My Raytek Mini Temp confirms that on my wood fence in the shade!

        • Anything above 78˚ is too damn hot!

          I’m feeling for all those in triple digits ..that’s brutal!

      • Grass is cut and I’m down a gallon of fluids. Three glasses of water and now it’s beer time and over to Music Night.

    • We’re fortunate to be topping out at around 90 here on the frozen tundra. Accuweather is lying through their teeth when they claim we are at only 25% humidity. My hygrometer is hovering just below 50%. Still, as long as I get out before noon it’s not too hot to stand in the sun flying my glider and the bright sunshine is building excellent thermals.

      Speaking of thermals; I’ll be ordering my new glider on the 3rd. I’m still torn between two different ones but both are built up wood with fiberglass bodies instead of foam. This makes them a little lighter, a little stronger, and allows the use of transparent Mylar to cover the wings which really makes them easier to see. The drawback is that, even though they will withstand more aggressive flying, they are not as impact resistant. However, I think I have enough of my old skills back that I won’t be hitting any more trees or light poles.

  14. Obama’s weak. He yields too much. He gets rolled. He’s a lightweight. He’s inexperienced.

    He wins.


  15. The stupid out there is strong. And the people that are being fear-mongered are even stronger.

  16. Predictable: Colorado fires are Obama’s fault. No, really:

    “The Obama administration’s neglect of the federal government’s aerial-tanker fleet raises acrid questions about its core public-safety priorities,” Michelle Malkin wrote.

    How about we end the Bush tax cuts, raise the capital gains tax, gut the defense department budget, and spend the money on things like fire prevention and new roads and the like?

    • Among the most modern aircraft used to fight fires are C-130s built in the 1960s. Upgrading the fleet has been consistently resisted by the GOP for almost 50 years.

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