The Watering Hole: Tuesday – July 3, Earshakerday, From a Mother’s Diary

Saturday the 23rd. My sons had pestered me for months: “Can we go, Can we go???” I shyly asked “Earshakerday? Will it be as bad as it sounds.” Answer: “We sure hope so”. OK. Earplugs would be a mandate. We went to Basel, the festival was starting round noon and was supposed to end at 1:30 at night.

So, there we were. This slightly rumbling sensation I thought I had felt when still on the motorway boded ill. Yessss, it was coming straight from the Hall. The boys’ faces lighted up very much like when they used to think they heard Santa. Eons ago.

“Moooommmmm let me listen without earplugs just for a minute.”-“No, I catch you at that, you’re grounded and the Iphone will be in the safe for at least six weeks.”-“Aaaawwww Mooooom!!!!”-“You choose. Earplugs we stay, no earplugs, we leave!”

I kid you not: This was 12 hrs plus of a solid wall of 100db noise. And I kid you not: I thoroughly enjoyed it. I made camp on the ranks next to the stage and watched. My heart melted when I saw the delicate arms of my 13 year old raised to devil horns and his blond hair flipping while head banging, right in the thick of it. And my usually very shy 15 year old being a man amongst the other men, going through all the rituals, moshpit and all.

And, surprisingly enough, I liked the music, too. And the audience. Contrary to my fears they were all really very wild, but still peaceful, too. And some of them had the most wicked tattoos I’ve ever seen in my life. 😎

After I was home, however, I still decided next time the boys could go by themselves and I will act my age, have a cup of tea and watch a “Poirot” movie. Still, this was one of the best days I had in a long time.

This is our daily moshpit. Get going.  


129 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday – July 3, Earshakerday, From a Mother’s Diary

  1. Earshakerday? 12 plus hours of 100db noise?

    Rita Rudner once said of childbirth: ‘I don’t want to do something that feels good for 12 hours!’

    I think that applies to Earshakerday, for me!

    Twelve hours from now, I’ll be off work until Monday, unless we run out of parts before then. Last Thursday I was down to making clamps for future setups, when some parts had to be hand tapped to clear the plating out of the threads. By the time those were done, a job for me was coming off the waterjet machine, and I made it last all day yesterday, with several hours left for this morning. If they don’t have me another project by noon, my supervisor may release me early.

    • Enjoy the holiday.

      We were at a Dick Dale concert last November at the Sellersville Theater. Dick Dale is known as the “surfer guitar”. The music was so loud inside the theater that it took 3 days for the ringing in my ears to stop. I didn’t realize that Dale’s concert would be so loud. It was fun and he was very entertaining.

      BTW – The Sellersville Theater is a great place to hear concerts.

  2. McCain waited until the end of August to announce his running mate.
    Will Mitt wait that long or will he start the carnival early?
    I think he’s testing the waters.

  3. I am retired from this corporation and was happy to be able to leave this corrupt corporation. Big pharmaceutical companies are filled with lies and deception. There are no more safe drugs. The drug pipeline is drying up.

    If corporations are people, then corporation people, like the CEO’s, should be serving time in jail. Believe me, these executives knew about unsafe drugs. I have a pile of “marketing gifts” that were given to me when I worked at GSK. Here’s a nice bonus that comes from the marketing department. We received tickets to a Phillies game and watched the game from one of the corporate boxes. We were served shrimp and other good food along with wine and good beer. This was a bonus to the team that worked on Paxil after the drug was approved by the FDA (a drug that I worked on). Tickets to sports games are commonly given to physicians. These physicians get to watch the games in the corporate box which is great for an Eagles game when it’s 10 degrees outside. I also worked on a project where the clinical doctors warned about the dangers of Avandia. The Presidents and Vice Presidents ignored the warning and continued pushing the drug and eventually ended up with a lawsuit. That’s how corporations operate because they know that all they will get is a fine, a smack on the hand. This is why they continue to knowingly push unsafe drugs. I’m leery of news drugs. Most of the older drugs work just fine.

    • That they spend more on marketing and lobbying was my first clue as to how bent these people are …..

      There’s the add “Restless leg symdrome” or “Weeping pustule disorder” or “Watches too much Nickelodeon disease”. You are supposed to sit there and think, “Wow, my legs twitching and my ass is really sore while I sit here watching Spongebob – I’d better call my doctor and get him to prescribe all three of these drugs man – phone me baby”

      No wonder Americans are 4% of the world’s population, popping 80% of the world’s pain killers

      • I saw a commercial for a heartburn drug last night – works in 30 minutes. I noted that baking soda works in seconds….and one hellova lot cheaper.

        • I was at a state park in Northern Washington last week and they had a planted garden near the camp hosts and washrooms which gave examples of the local plants and what they were used fro medicinally by the local tribes ….. absolutely fascinating the range of things that could be treated by local plants….

        • And heartburn drugs give a person diarrhea. It cures one end while causing a problem at the other end. People with high blood pressure should be careful when taking baking soda because of the salt.

      • Doctors treat everything with drugs or surgery. There is a muscle/neurological problem known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. This can be fixed through a combination of massage/chiropractic/exercise. The symptoms are numbness in the last two digits on the hand. Doctors used to recommend removal of the first rib. Yikes! What a horrible recommendation.

    • The passing of a funny man, seemed as likely to be as genteel as he did on the screen…. gave the joy of laughter to many. Bye Andy.

    • What? My fondest memory of him was watching No Time For Sergeants with my dad back when I was a kid. His character still cracks me up.

      • My dad’s favorite part was his character making the toilet seats “saute” when he was made to clean the latrine… it always cracked my dad up.

      • This from 2007:

        To paraphrase Andy, he was a likable fellow as ever there was!

        Andy Griffith is the spiritual godfather of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

      • Andy “was as likable a fellow as ever there was.”

        This from 2007:

        Andy Griffith is the spiritual godfather of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

        (FYWP – here’s my post sans link).

    • We are all SO FORTUNATE! that there’s no such thing as global warming, climate change, and all those other lies that commie scientists spout all the time! Remember, God WILL eternally care for his people, for us white folks who are true believers!

      Trying to sound like a Republican fundie and all I managed to do was insult my own (limited) intelligence. Damn. I mean, darn.

    • I read that and a hearty “Oh just f*** off Bill” was my gut reaction – I think I’ll go with that.

    • “I’m not really sorry, but I am a man of my word, so I apologize for not factoring in the John Roberts situation,” he said. “Truthfully, I never in a million years thought the chief justice would go beyond the scope of the Commerce Clause debate and into taxation. I may be an idiot for not considering that.”

      Exactly the sort of “apology” I’d expect from Bildo.

  4. I didn’t know he actually had a plan. Anyone know what his plan is, other than “Repeal and replace?”

    Public Divides on ACA Ruling, But Romney’s Plans Fall Shorter – Yahoo! News

    Americans divide on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the federal health care law and on Barack Obama’s plans for the health care system alike, while favorable views of Mitt Romney’s approach to health care fall shorter, with more undecided.

    Just 30 percent in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll have a favorable opinion of Romney’s approach to health care, while 47 percent see it negatively, putting him underwater on the issue by a 17-point margin. Twenty-three percent are undecided, perhaps marking a lack of specifics by Romney on his plans – but giving him an opportunity to persuade.

    • He said he would cover people’s kids up to 26, expand medicaid and stop pre-existing condition exclusions ….. seriously … doubt it will happen both Boner and McConnell said ‘f***, I don’t care about the uninsured, let ’em die’

  5. When did Christie first come to believe it was a tax? After John Roberts said so? The same John Roberts that the right now vilifies, but they think they got this tax thing right?

    NJ Gov. Chris Christie: Individual Mandate is a Penalty and a Tax – Fox News

    s the health care law’s individual mandate fine a penalty or a tax on Americans who choose not to purchase health insurance?
    To New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, it’s both.
    “There’s no question that it’s both, it’s meant to penalize people and it is a tax, there’s no doubt, because they have to pay for a government program,” the Republican governor said Tuesday on Fox & Friends.

  6. So what exactly is dishonest about the ads? Mitt did those things.

    Are President Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital days effective?

    Yes, even the suggestion that Romney contributed to the exporting of U.S. jobs is damaging 15.58%

    No, the ads are dishonest and voters see through that 80.46%

    What’s Bain Capital? 3.95%

    • Signed!
      This tub of jelly and his cohort bill o’dorous need to just go away…far, far away.

  7. Time to start the drunken debauchery. Have a great and safe, especially safe considering all the morons who drive, holiday, everyone!

  8. EV, thanks for the post!
    It’s heartening to know that the younger generation carries on the \m/ \m/ tradition!

    • That asshole should meet my former BIL in Minnesota … who’s dying from prostate cancer.

      Don’t know what’s worse: metastatic cancer or metastatic GOPism.

    • “The fact of the matter is, our healthcare today is so much better, we’re living so much longer, because of innovations in drug development, surgical procedures, stents, implantable cardiac defibrillators, neural stimulators — they didn’t exist 10 years ago,” he continued. “The increase in cost is not because doctors are making a lot more money. It’s what you can get for healthcare, extending your life and curing diseases.”

      Then why is the US 38th in life expectancy? And all the fancy medical technology in the world doesn’t do anything for people who don’t have access to it. That’s the problem we’re trying to fix.

      He’s a moron.

      • The life expectancy stat includes everyone. Those with good healthcare ARE living longer.

        So he’s right of course. (pun and sarcasm intended)

    • These are the same people who will tell you that poor people in this country aren’t really poor. I mean, look at Bangladesh! They’re always outraged that a poor family has a flatscreen tv. Because they cost $300 these days but still… And there aren’t really kids going to be hungry because, well, because they don’t want to believe it.

  9. When Mitt goes to Israel, will he explain to them why Mormons posthumously baptize Holocaust victims?

  10. I have a thought… if corporations are people, can’t we just give them a gun and let them defend their own personal interests in foreign countries instead of using taxpayer money to defend them?

    • I’m thinking they would pass it on to their employees who want to hit the fast track. This might not be a bad way to clean up the ‘fast track’ types from the gene pool though.

  11. Okay, we spend about $711 billion. The next largest amount a country spends (China) is $143 billion. We spend more than the top 20 countries combined!

    So… Obama could weaken the military down to about $500 billion, and we’d still be more than 3x higher than the next largest country’s expenditure, and still higher than the next 15 countries combined.

    Oh, the horror of it all.

    Romney taps Bush 41, Dole to head military vets coalition | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

    Romney has repeatedly warned of a “weakened” military if President Barack Obama wins a second term in office—a charge Obama’s re-election campaign has rejected.

    • I’ve been suggesting for years that we could cut our warmongering budget by 90% and be no worse for the wear. I just have no idea why congress hasn’t introduced and passed the appropriate legislation. Maybe they’re beholden to someone/thing, like the MIC maybe? You think?

      • That’s exactly what it is. Ike warned us.

        One thing, however, a big part of our economy is now based upon this. I think we’d have to cut back gradually as to not tank the economy, and get time for those resources (production capacity, money) to get absorbed into other things.

        • Back in the sixties I worked in both the aerospace and defense industries. In two cases (McDonnell-Douglas and Martin-Marietta), the two disciplines were under the same roof. We could easily divert a substantial portion of those warmongering dollars and invest them in R&D for, say, space exploration as we did way back when and the industries wouldn’t suffer at all, nor would employment. The only people that would suffer would be those warmongering dudes with small dicks and marginal intellect (Allen West is probably a great example, also Bush, Cheney, and most likely Mittens as well) who enjoy using the boot heel to show the world their “manliness.”

          • Why not invest in the R and D that could allow merchandise to travel across country without semi trucks? Or that would improve the infrastructure in the form of newer bridges or things that would improve the quality of life instead of the quality of death? Aggravating.

            • And/or universal health care, maybe? Of course, I admit it: I’m a communist-Marxist-socialist as you can tell by my leanings that tend to favor the eventual emergence of an ethical and kindly America rather than a kick-ass warmongering non-entity such as we are today, such as the rich and “powerful” both prefer and demand.

              So many problems that we could solve, and what do we do? Spend literally trillions on irrational war, destruction, hatred, and death. And we’re superior to Nazi Germany how? In what way, exactly?

  12. Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy, do you really wanna use the phrase “I’ve seen Tammy Duckworth on the stump…” when she’s a double leg amputee?

    • I just heard that. Yikes.

      But then I thought sometimes we’re way too self-conscious about our language.

    • And then I thought that Joe Walsh should just keeping digging his own grave with his massive mouth…

      • Those two guys on Hardball were obviously upset, emotional, and trying not to blow up. If Smerconish could have gotten them in a studio with Walsh, there would have been blood… and a congressional vacancy in Illinois.

  13. Rep Mich Mulvaney is making an idiot of himself on Rev Al’s show.

    Almost one million uninsured in his state (SC), and he wants to repeal Obamacare because he thinks “we can do it better.”

    If you can do it better, you mealy-mouthed teabagger fuckwit, it’s obvious you have chosen not to do so, and need the president to bail out the people suffering without health care in your state. Shut the fuck up.

    • The scariest part is there are a fairly large number of people it will make sense to. But it is some of the purest propaganda yet produced. Totally incoherent, lacking any facts and packaged in mini bites.

  14. Zooey, Al is borrowing your crickets on his show. I recognize their chirp!

    • The thing about these reports that irks me is that they seem to only be definable by 2,000 year old mythology. The possibility that there are energy forms that might be related to what were once human spirits or souls has to be classified as angels and ghosts. Everything else is woo woo. We can accept the existence of atomic particles because we can test for them, sort of, with science but we can’t accept that human life energy can exist beyond termination of corpus because mythology says souls go to heaven or hell. Pathetic.

  15. It’s a little late in the day for this but I feel compelled.
    this afternoon I drove to a National Seashore.
    You know, one of those few places where developers haven’t built condo’s.
    National Seashores are cool, they are part of our National Parks.
    Places oil companies would love to drill.
    I pull up to the entrance of the park and greet the Ranger.
    I get my pass.
    In the background during this process, I hear Rush Limbaugh.

    • Good thing you had the beautiful seashore to help alleviate that unpleasantness wafting through the air!

      Irony indeed. Is the Ranger oblivious to Rush’s hatred of the government that pays his wages?

      • Unlikely.
        It’s the “blame somebody” syndrome.
        Funding cuts to federal agencies, in particular public parks, lands and forests have downsized the workforce to where the people left standing, or sitting around, are often high ranking, high cost permanent employees.
        This category of employee is nearly untouchable in terms of their job security, yet may actually have no work to do.
        Example: What do you do with a high grade level specialist when the programs they operated are no longer funded?
        They are often asked to fill posts for which there is also no funding, such as visitor information center and entrance station duties.
        This work they may view as menial and beneath their station, and since President Obama is currently in office, their woes are all his fault.
        True, the current administration did institute pay freezes, hiring freezes, and in some cases an average 20% funding cut.

        Because the previous mis-administration did nothing to head off the catastrophe.

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