The Watering Hole, Thursday, July 5th, 2012: Odds and Ends

Since I couldn’t come up with any one topic to write about today, I’m presenting a few articles that I’ve collected over the past couple of weeks:

From back in January, when I was researching one of my Pawling Press columns, here’s a piece from the New York Times about Sheldon Adelson (in the context of Adelson’s contributions to Newt Gingrich.)

Next, a more recent column from the New York Times; this article was published after Sheldon Adelson started throwing millions of dollars at Mitt Romney.

Now here’s a trio of articles about Mitt Romney that I thought were interesting. (I think that someone here recently linked to that last one, but it bears re-reading.)

Finally, to help wash away the bitter taste of RMoney, here’s something about President Jimmy Carter, who still serves as a shining example of an American public servant. Enjoy!

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93 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, July 5th, 2012: Odds and Ends

  1. Adelson is an awful person. My BIL is one of his top lawyers and spends most of his time at the new Singapore casino. The way I see it, my BIL sold his soul to the devil. What a shame.

  2. One more thing about Adelson, according to stories that I have heard from my BIL and SIL, he is a nasty person and disrespectful to others. There probably is a lot of truth within the negative stories.

  3. Hopeful Signs Emerge for Struggling Jobs Market

    U.S. private employers stepped up hiring in June and the number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits last week fell by the most in two months, hopeful signs for the struggling labor market.

    Employers outside government added 176,000 new workers to their payrolls last month, the ADP National Employment Report showed on Thursday, after increasing 136,000 in May.

    ADP usually exceeds the ‘official’ jobs number, but often comes closer to the revised numbers seen a month or so later. I’d be happy with anything over 100,000 in the official number released tomorrow.

      • That can’t be. I didn’t hear the right-wing pundits (who blame him when they went up) giving him accolades for the price drop.

  4. As someone once pointed out, ‘the rich ARE different.’ In my experience, they’re different all right; they’re mostly dishonest, conniving, crooked, lying, back-stabbing, pocket picking, thieving asshole (trying to be nice here, but fair … you know) bastards. There is the occasional exception, but in a system where money is the key to accumulation of power, the exception is hen’s tooth rare. Non-existent in politics.

    Still, it’s interesting to note that though Romney, and Adelson, et al., et al., each fit the above description to a ‘T’, their mental and intellectual poverty shines like a beacon through the darkest night.

    Emily Dickinson saw the worth of wealth from the ‘other’ side, the same side most of us know and understand all too well. She says it well:

    I had been hungry, all the Years —
    My Noon had Come — to dine —
    I trembling drew the Table near —
    And touched the Curious Wine —

    ‘Twas this on Tables I had seen —
    When turning, hungry, Home
    I looked in Windows, for the Wealth
    I could not hope — for Mine —

    I did not know the ample Bread —
    ‘Twas so unlike the Crumb
    The Birds and I, had often shared
    In Nature’s — Dining Room —

    The Plenty hurt me — ’twas so new —
    Myself felt ill — and odd —
    As Berry — of a Mountain Bush —
    Transplanted — to a Road —

    Nor was I hungry — so I found
    That Hunger — was a way
    Of Persons outside Windows —
    The Entering — takes away —

  5. Citizens United gave Sheldon Adelson his open door to buy politicians.

    • I would rather eat cat food than bow to the likes of Sheldon Adelson. As Ghandi once said, “There is enough for everyone’s needs but not enough for everyone’s greed.” Sheldon Adelson’s greed will never be satisfied and neither will Romney’s.

      • as i was leaving for work, i caught a few seconds of Ann RMoney singing the accolades of her husband as he stiffly sat beside her and smiled that feigned cookie cutter, forced grin of his.

        what a shitty way to start your day….coffee…more coffee

        • Only the bliss that a full-frontal lobotomy can bring will save me from people like that.

        • Must have been a damn short song.
          There’s nothing about Mitt to sing about.

      • And this is what the end of democracy looks like in this republic, ignorant bigots who have amassed wealth by their sociopathic disregard for their fellow man, calling the shots by imposing their prejudices on the rest of us through their Orwellian though-control practiced on the voting masses through the idiotic American media.

          • Oh, trying to drag myself back to work after the 4th, learned two friends have contracted a couple of rough diseases: type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s and there are people like Sheldon f***ing Adelson, just one of dozens of people hell-bent on returning us all to pre-1215 servitude. The counterpoint between the celebrations (which felt hollow as a result) and reality just hit a nerve…

  6. Today Mitt Rmoney begins his “throw the middle class under the bus” tour.
    (He’s not saying that openly although it is true)
    It’s a really nice expensive bus but, they all look the same from underneath.

    • Questions you’ll never hear Wolf Blitzer (CNN-Putz) ask of Mitt Rmoney, part ‘I’ve-lost-count’….

      1. So John Boner and Mitch ‘chinless wonder’ McConnell have both said that 35 million uninsured Americans are ‘not an issue’ – what is your plan to insure those Americans in the face of such uncaring intransigence?

      2. Can you tell us which Jewish victims of the Holocaust you have stood in for as a proxy in Mormon posthumous baptisms?

      3. Don’t you think you’d remember the names of whose souls you saved ‘from eternal damnation’ for getting their choice of God wrong? Seems a little casual, don’t you think?

      4. Do you think you’ll remember in time for when you go pander to your billionaire Zionist friends and associated Christo-fascists in your upcoming trip to Israel?

      5. Since you were cool with treating blacks as second-class citizens in he Mormon Church, can we expect any surprises from you on the nature of the Israeli Apartheid state when you doff your yammuka to Bibi next month?

    • I’d have to agree, especially if they are walking around cardboard cutouts of scary mullahs and can’t afford the real thing anymore….

    • Personally, speaking as a liberal libertarian, i think the country could do without conservative libertarians like the Pauls. They’re not on your side and don’t give a damn about your freedom. They want businesses to have the legal right to discriminate against anyone they choose, for any reason they choose. They are about corporate freedom, not individual freedom.

  7. QOTD:

    “Oh, what a contrast, my friends, between these two men who would be president! President Obama is betting on America and American workers, and Mitt Romney is betting his resources in the Cayman Islands, in Bermuda, in Switzerland and God only knows where else he is putting his resources,” – Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland, welcoming the president today.

  8. Oh darn.

    The Creation Museum evolves: Hoping to add a life-size ark project, the museum hits fundraising trouble | The Lookout – Yahoo! News

    The group initially announced that it expected to break ground on the park in 2011, before eventually pushing that date back to 2014. But in June, in an interview in the Creation Museum’s “Noah’s Cafe,” Ark Encounter vice president Michael Zovath told Yahoo News that the group no longer has a date in mind for the construction to begin. It has been unable to raise sufficient amounts of money, despite pleas to the Creation Museum’s visitors to donate to the project.

      • Interesting that they were going to build it with charitable contributions, but the owners were going to get 3 out of the 17 floors. I wonder if that included all the donors?

    • Meanwhile the president of the Creation Museum is on the grift travelling in his new Jaguar seeking new suckers supporters for the exhibit. 🙂

    • dang I wanted to go on the ride:

      Ark Encounter will be a “Biblically themed attraction,” not an amusement park, although there is one ride. “It’s an indoor ride … taking guests through the history of Israel from the call of Abraham and then Moses through the 10 plagues, and it ends with kind of a fun ride through the Red Sea as the Red Sea parts,” Zovath says. Visitors are then deposited in a “first century village,” to see what life was like when Jesus lived.

    • Just had a call from Jesus and he’s turned down your request to have him ‘provide’.

    • Well, all I can say to Brad Pitt’s mom is, “Jane, you ignorant slut.” Seriously, if her opinions are “informed” by her religious beliefs, then she truly is ignorant.

      And no matter what any RW SCOTUS Justice or Congressman thinks, it is inappropriate for the President of the United States, a secular nation, to be encouraging Americans to pray on any particular day. If the president wants people to pray after a disaster of some kind, that’s one thing (disasters aren’t scheduled ahead of time.) But Congress forcing the president to encourage Americans to pray is terrible policy.

      • Actually, Brad Pitt’s mother sounds like a perfect match for Angelina Jolie’s father. How nice for them all.

  9. Did you know there was a rebuttal to the Declaration of Independence?

    “Like most attack ads, it also contained a few facts that the rebels didn’t want to face. You remember the part where the Declaration says King George “has incited domestic insurrections among us…”? John Lind points out that what the rebels were really upset about was that the King had “offered freedom to the slaves.” “Is it for them to say that it is tyranny to bid a slave be free?”


    • Well considering that was 60 years before the British abolished slavery, it was obviously a snarky and shallow play at the intrinsic hypocrisy of the DOI…. Perfidious Albion indeed.

  10. Almost four years later, and I have my mom’s voice in a file on my desktop — from my dad’s old answering machine.

  11. I’m sorry, but am I the only one who doesn’t give one flying fuck if the tax penalty “free riders” would have to pay for not participating in Obamacare is a TAX or a PENALTY?

    Is that stupid old fuckwit, Mitch McConnell, trying to say he’d be just fine if it were called a PENALTY?

  12. Oh, I’m fixing to get a pounding rain here in a few minutes. Weird flow from Northeast to Southwest, but I don’t think this one is going to miss me like earlier.

    • Hey…thunder! No rain yet, though. The main cell just kind of oozed away from me to the south just as it got here. We’ve been so dry the air has to hydrate before rain can reach the ground.

  13. QOTD II:

    “I mean, what the hell does Mitt care about? What does he want to do? I don’t know,” – a “Republican insider” in Politico.

    Considering how close polls are, how lucky is Obama that he’ll face such a weak GOP candidate?

  14. Well yesterday when my sound was bad on my computer I nobody offered any suggestions. Many hours later I decided to look at the speakers behind my screen and they were knocked over with papers on top of them. If Walt was here he’d probably have figured it out. Sure do miss that guy.

  15. Stossel poses as homeless man: ‘You shouldn’t give to these street people’

    “I had heard that some people beg for a living and can make big bucks, $80,000 a year in some cases,” he explained. “I made at a rate of about $24,000 — tax free. I just did it for a couple hours.”

    Oh, you “heard” that, did you? Was it when yo were talking to yourself in the mirror?

    “With one sign that said, ‘I really need help’ and one sign that said, ‘I’ll be honest with you, I just want a beer,’ I collected the same rate,” he added. “People just automatically give.”

    Wow, people are really kind to the less fortunate, aren’t they?

    “Ah, jeez,” guest co-host Juliet Huddy sighed.

    And that’s a really bad bad thing.


    • John Stossel, just a regular Joel McCrea in Sullivan’s Travels. Holding up a sign for a few hours certainly encompasses the entire homeless life, eh Stosh?


    • My gut reaction was ‘WANKAAAA!!!!’ – I’m going with that one.

  16. Okay, what’s all this Higgs Boson/God Particle stuff? I’m a bit behind on this news.

    Anyone have a good link?

  17. It’s a fun little ritual the Mets players have when they win a game and the star of the game is being interviewed, live. David Wright singled in the game-winning run after a fantastic game, and an amazing ninth inning. Teammate Justin Turner (who is red-headed, hence the twitter handle) is usually the one who delivers the pie to the hero of the game. 🙂

  18. Jennifer Granholm showed a button with this acronym: EIEIO!
    That stands for:

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