Shut up and funk! July 6, 2012

The Meters. All you need to know.


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  1. Also not funk, but I’ve been on a Police kick lately, namely Ghost In The Machine. One of the best songs from that album, imo.

    “I don’t ever want to play the part of a statistic on a government chart.”

    Invisible Sun – YouTube

  2. War – The World Is A Ghetto

    Slippin Into Darkness

    WAR-Low Rider

    Todos mis amigos conocen el low rider
    El Low Rider es un poco más alto

    El low rider impulsa un poco más lento
    Low Rider, es un asiduo reales

    Hacer un pequeńo viaje, hacer un pequeńo viaje
    Hacer un pequeńo viaje y ver
    Hacer un pequeńo viaje, hacer un pequeńo viaje
    Hacer un pequeńo viaje conmigo

  3. Danica races in ten minutes. I’ll be in and out, mostly out, unless she gets wrecked. She qualified third BTW. She was on the pole in February there, but it’s Daytona. Anything can and usually does happen.

    Eddie Money – Think I’m in Love

  4. Like I said, at Daytona, anything can happen. She ran up front, led some laps, and pushed Justin Allgaier to the lead, as a melee happened right behind them, taking out most of the competitive cars, including all her drafting partners. She got shuffled back to 13th, and was moving back to the front on a restart when the next big wreck happened, and she got caught this time, so she didn’t finish tonight. 😦

    • house, I went to and they have several cameras you can watch live, including Danica’s. I was watching out her window when shit hit the fan. She’s out but she is not out of place!

      • Tony Eury, Jr. said she could win before the race, and after the first big wreck, she was one of about eight cars left that were competitive. Then nobody was left that would draft with her, and she dropped back, which is why she got wrecked.

        • I have no doubt that she will win a race. I think the faster the better for her. Daytona and Talladaga, are more suited to her experience in open wheel.

      • Watch this, Dycker, a green-white-checker! They’ll all wad up on the last lap! 😀

        • What’d I say? More cars crossed the finish line backward than forwards!

            • Danica races Indy (again) in three weeks! This is the first year they are going to do the Nationwide race at the big track instead of Indianapolis Raceway Park. She’ll actually have an advantage in familiarity, except for the Cup guys running the Nationwide races. Should be good.

              Tommorrow night there will be more wrecks. That’s restrictor plate racing. It’s inevitable!

  5. Dedicated to “Alicia” my sister’s 20 year old cat who died just a few hours ago.

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