The Watering Hole: July 6 — The God Particle aka Higgs Boson

Y’all understood that, right?  Of course you did!!  Here’s an article that makes it even more clear.  😉

One thing is for sure, atheists are going to be so red-faced since the discovery of “proof” that god exists.

Damn, they’ve got us cornered now…

OOPS!!  I forgot to give badmoodman a hat tip for posting this video and article in yesterday’s open thread.  Tip o’ the hat, sir!!

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72 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: July 6 — The God Particle aka Higgs Boson

  1. I love how people who don’t really understand anything about this are latching on to a nickname most scientists hate – “the God particle.” The irony is that to prove the particle exists, scientists are trying to replicate something Creationists would say never happened.

  2. A few decades ago I had a discussion on origins with a religionista, a Mormon actually. The conversation began innocently enough, but I admit I was quite surprised when he had no argument with the Big Bang thesis, that the universe arrived in ‘just a wink’, sotospeak. I then said that the only thing I couldn’t explain, nor could science at the time, the origin of the constituents that define the matter/energy relationship which effectively makes everything else possible. He had the answer:

    “Oh, that part’s simple,” he said. “God created it and then set the wheels in motion. Once God established the protocol, the rest had to happen, and here we are today.” He was even ok with evolution, among other Christianista irritants.

    I had but one followup question: “So, where, then, did God come from? Who or what created God?” I asked.

    “Oh, God is eternal, God has existed forever and always will.”

    My response fell on deaf ears. My suggestion that if we simply acknowledged that the universe’s building blocks and the physical laws that govern them were eternal, that, too, would work. Adding an eternal God to the equation was simply an exercise in superfluity. He got a blank look on his face, and the conversation was over.

    Today, the conversation might involve the Higgs Boson as the source of all else. And, of course, the Higgs Boson was/is not in itself eternal, it was created by God, who is eternal. Inexplicably.

    I had a roomie in college, a non-theist, who was always frustrated with religion, esp. with religionistas. His standard line was, “If only we could find a way to get rid of Faith, humans could proceed, maybe even progress.” We all agreed that for reasons we couldn’t begin to fathom, ridding the world of ‘faith’ was not a possible option. We were probably right. The essence of The Human Dilemma. Faux belief in God.

    Proves that my non-theist cat is intellectually superior to most humans. But then, I knew that.

  3. There was a report on MSNBC’s First Look this morning about a 2 foot long hot dog being served at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. The reporter stated that the $26 price was reasonable since it was enough for 3 meals for one person. I thought about how out of touch she was considering that would amount to $780 a month to feed a person, much more than the approximate $150 a month in food stamps that a single person would receive if eligible.

  4. God is easer to explain than the physics behind the Higgs Boson.

    Hence God is easier to believe in than physics.

    God is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question: “Why”?

    Imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have God.

    “Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray dear Higgs Boson, my soul to keep…”

    “Our Higgs Boson, who art in heaven
    Hallowed be thy name…”

    (when making love)

    Oh Higgs Boson….
    Oh Higgs Boson….
    Oh Higgs Boson….


          • I’ll try to remember it if we ever get another cat/kitten. I recently had to explain to a dog-owner at the vet’s office that our ‘Fitz’ is named after Patrick Fitzgerald, because he and his sisters were born when the Valerie Plame case was going on.

    • Guess he needs the corporations’ campaign money. The best thing that we can do is STOP BUYING stuff from these corporations. We can choose where and how we spend our money. I noticed that the only papers products that are always on “special” are Great Northern, Brawny, and Angel Soft, all owned by the Koch Brothers.

    • I’m sick of Cenk. Did he menion that Obama filed a complained with the WTO because China is making US car sale prohibitive there? All he does is complain.

    • Any break in sight, Outstanding?

      We’re finally heating up here — 106 coming up on Sunday. I’m thankful we don’t have to deal with your humidity.

      • There’s been this bright orange thing in the sky here since Weds morning …. do any of you know what it is?

          • Oh I thought the Angel Moron was coming in his golden chariot to usher in a new kingdom of Kolob and anoint his Prophet on Earth, Mitt Rmoney…

            … cool – back to drinking, taking drugs and screwing around for me….

      • Cold front coming Sunday. I’ve been out working since 7, I look like I’ve been swimming.

      • Same here Zooey. We have forecasts in the 90’s next week. In the last two years we have had only a handful of days over 90. We escape by going into our basement when we hit the 90’s and I’m not sure what the basement looks like now!

  5. State funded religious schools for everybody! Except Muslims, Jews, and other non Christians. And we’re a little worried about Presbyterians, Anglicans, and whichever of the two Lutheran synods that don’t hate gays enough. I suppose that the black folk can have religious schools as long as they don’t clap and sing and dance and carry on too much or infect God fearing white kids with political correctness. Don’t even ask about Catholics!

    • Oh Chris Rock is in big trouble for pointing out that slaves weren’t free on Independence Day. How dare he. He should just be grateful his ancestors were kidnapped, survived the boat ride and got to be slaves. Otherwise he could end up being treated like Mexicans when he got here.

  6. Ben Wallace-Wells profiles Rachel Maddow:

    “When she has guests, they are often people whom she admires and with whom she agrees – while I am on set she hosts Paul Krugman, the foreign-policy wonk Steve Clemons and the journalist Steve Coll. When the program is clicking, the guests lead her deeper into a topic, adding their own expertise to her insights. But even in these exchanges, the format requires that the audience place a tremendous amount of trust in Maddow herself, that it defer to her authority. Most cable news shows offer a couple of viewpoints, and let you choose. Maddow generally presents only one, and it is hers.

    “The cable-news model is that you want to create a fight,” she says. “Because people will yell! And there will be exclamation points and things will be in ALL CAPS and people will watch! Having been the left-wing person booked to fight with the right-wing person in that Punch and Judy show, I’m not interested in re-creating that. If I’ve booked you, I feel like you’ve got something worth listening to. With conservative guests, that means you can’t just be a random hack who’s here to fight with me because I am who I am. You’ve got to bring something to it where even without sparks flying and even with it being civil, you’re going to illuminate something that I can’t.”

  7. Why is Nobody Freaking Out About the LIBOR Banking Scandal? — Matt Taibbi


    “I have a friend who works on Wall Street who for years has been trolling through the stream of financial corruption stories with bemusement, darkly enjoying the spectacle as though the whole post-crisis news arc has been like one long, beautifully-acted, intensely believable sequel to Goodfellas. But even he is just stunned to the point of near-speechlessness by the LIBOR thing. “It’s like finding out that the whole world is on quicksand,” he says.”

      • I’d like to think that some of the commenters are just trying to be over-the-top funny (and it’s not working too well)… but I really don’t know.

          • She died a happy person – having met the President she admired.

            “I’m sure this was her highlight,” said Frankie Adkins, Harris’ sister, … “She loved Obama.”

            The negative comments are from some really “classy” folks I’d never want to meet.

            • Are they blaming Obama for having her killed because he didn’t like his breakfast?

  8. A fun read. I think I’ve pretty much all of them thrown in my face.

    Ten Cliches Christians Should Never Use – Christian Piatt | God’s Politics Blog | Sojourners

    Christians have a remarkable talent for sticking our feet in our mouths. When searching the words most commonly associated with “Christian,” the list ain’t pretty. I think part of this can be attributed to a handful of phrases that, if stricken from our vocabulary, might make us a little more tolerable. Yes, these things may mean something to you, but trust me, non-Christians don’t share your love for these tried-and-true cliches.

    • Dude makes a lot of sense…. wonder if any of them will listen to him

  9. Fischer: Government Should Mandate that Everyone Attend Church and Tax Those Who Don’t

    As Fischer explained, “people who have an active, vibrant spiritual life are healthier” and since “Obamacare is all about improving the health of the American people,” we ought to “mandate that you go to church for your own health and we are going to tax the atheists who don’t go to church”:

    I say tax the churches!

  10. Speaking of religious freaks; I haven’t read a more thorough account of the machinations of the fundies on the Texas State Board of Education. Dubbya famously asked “is our childrens learnin’?” I think it’s safe to say that the right-wing members of the TSBoE would answer; “Yes! Too many scary Muslim, Marxist, Librul, atheist stuff thet don’t never do no one no good”.

    • Another misunderstood, victimized Reichwhiner. I predict that the FAUX”News” coverage will consist mostly of plaintively repeating “but ACORN!!!!!!!!”.

  11. I’ve become addicted to RationalWiki! If you haven’t read “The Wedge Document” from the Discovery Institute? I strongly recommend it. It’s a fascinating look at the hostility to science and the depths to which fundies will lie, cheat, and steal in the name of Jesus. Keep in mind that these freaks staunchly deny ANY religious agenda. They’ve even tried to pass off that lie to a sympathetic judge who, thankfully, is smart and honest enough to see through their tattered veils.

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