I Love This Little Bird

This is the song that I hear every morning and every evening.  It’s a very comforting sound and relaxing sound. The woods echo with the wonderful, sweet, musical sound coming from the Wood Thrush.  What a great way to start and end the day.


6 thoughts on “I Love This Little Bird

  1. Wow, that took me back to my childhood growing up in Ohio. I don’t think I’ve heard any up here in the outskirts of Minneapolis (looks like this is the edge of where they might come visit). But that was definitely one of the sounds I equated with summer growing up.

  2. At our old office building in the orchard, one day a wood thrush was just sitting on our picnic table out back. The ones who discovered it came and got me to see if I knew a) what kind of bird it was, and b) was there something wrong with it. The thrush actually let me pick it up, stroke it, and hold it. There did not seem to be anything wrong with it, and it remained quite calm while I was examining it. A few minutes after I put it back down on the table, it simply flew away. I hoped that it would come back, but I never saw it again.

  3. Hi Cat’s – I’ve not seen one of these birds for years. Have ring necked doves arrived in your area and if they are there have the turtle doves left like they have here.

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