Music Night: : Jersey Girls

From Camden NJ, one of the queen bees, Miss Patti…

…and from a few miles east in Deptford Township NJ, (technically born in Chicago, but who has actually seen the real birth certificate) another Patti…


131 thoughts on “Music Night: : Jersey Girls

    • Those are rather pointless comparisons. Most modern artists sell through the internet, and were never limited to vinyl for distribution.
      If the members of Creed died after performing the same number of years as Hendrix, they wouldn’t have near the number of sales they do.
      The Black Eyed Peas are not more popular at my house, than anything by Elvis or Simon and Garfunkel, and I’m not a big fan of either.
      Is Ke$ha a porn actress? She looks like one.
      Celine, Shania and Barbara, I’ve got no problem with.

      • in 1985? That would have been clever…. I know he’s immortal and all…. πŸ™‚

        OK so 1983, but Zooey’s hot for this axeman…. Mark Knopfler again…. Sultans of Swing live…. you must stay with it for the solo…

    • here’s some unusual Ian Gillan for you Raven …. playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar… perhaps the rock voice of all time….. ?

      • Agreed, unique vocals.
        I learned something I did not know before this moment… thanks TtT

  1. In 1962 I was the lead singer in a rock n roll band while at Long Beach St. in Cali. We had some fun and this was our BIG number.

  2. 1985 – Robert Palmer …… OMG…… did we drool….sorry about the Vevo

      • Scratch the above comment — my computer is going screwy and thought I saw two U2 posts.
        (never mind as Emily Latella used to say)

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