Sunday Roast: Tax Breaks for Job Cremators

Mitt Romney insists that the wealthy need MORE tax cuts while the rest of us can figure it out on our own.

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118 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Tax Breaks for Job Cremators

  1. Watching some guy from Bain Capital on UP – he’s apparently much like MItt, in that he speaks very glibly in generalizations, and has no idea of the human aspect of anything.

    • One doesn’t need to know how to have a thoughtful conversation with a human when their only conversations are with money. Their language is money which limits their human language capabilities.

  2. No jobs – no money to spend – no customers to buy things — how’s tax cuts for the wealthy supposed to fix this situation?

    Enter the NRA…

  3. Mitt Romney adviser Ed Gillespie said Sunday that the candidate “retired retroactively” from his job at Bain Capital. This is in keeping with the Mormon practice of retroactively baptizing dead people.

  4. While driving on an LA freeway, if you see Steve Nash do you:
    A) wave and smile
    B) shout “Welcome to Los Angeles”
    C) pull alongside and hand him a beer?

    • The Man Who Would Be King serves America more whine. In the cheesiest fashion.

    • Oh snap is right! Obama seems to be one or more steps ahead of Romney all the time. I like that Obama is keeping Romney on the defensive. What makes Romney think that Obama should apologize to him? Oh, that’s right. Romney probably considers Obama to be “uppity”.

      • I wanted to bitchslap that appeasing apologist Ed Rendell for saying the Bain attacks have gone too far.

        Did the GOPers let up on the Swiftboat attacks in 2004? Have the birthers stopped their insanity yet?

        Pound Mitt into dust on this issue. Make the GOP convention interesting for a change.

        • As governor, Ed Rendell supported Hilary. He is the ultimate politician. I’ve met him on several occasions and he is slick, that’s for sure. One time I was at a rally and I was at the front of the line. Rendell spoke at the rally and at the end, he walked along the rope line shaking hands. When he was in front of me, a young man (teenager) that was standing behind me wanted to have his picture taken with Ed Rendell. Ed puts his one arm around me and the other around the young man and someone takes a picture. I laugh every time that I’m reminded of this rally because this young man has a picture of himself with Ed Rendell and some strange woman. President Clinton also spoke at this rally and I got to shake his hand, twice. Clinton stayed in front of where I was standing because some women behind me were shouting support for Clinton’s Israel policies. They got to yapping about Israel. So Bill Clinton shook my hand when he first arrived in front of me, got into a conversation with these women behind me and then shook my hand again before he moved on.

  5. As I’ve said before; I have never seen a presidential candidate like Mittens. Everything he says is bound to upset someone but the incredible part is that one can even predict who will complain and how Mittens will try to disown said statement. The frightening part is that those who depend on the “librul media” for news will never have it pointed out to them.

    • Now that’s a good woman!

      Chase has not been charged with a crime, but she is being investigated for possible fraud charges as it is alleged that she cashed several of Zigler’s Social Security and benefit checks after his death.

      Geez, let her be. She had to keep the cable bill paid, didn’t she?

    • I should have remembered this was her birthday, it’s also my parents’ wedding anniversary.

    • I had her nephew, Michael, perform a house concert at our place. He is really talented and doesn’t live too far from me. He is a very nice person. I met his father, Linda’s brother, who is also a nice person. Michael and his father talked about family picnics where the family gets together, plays music and sings. That must be a fun event.

    • I’m still surprised that the fundegelical types haven’t glommed onto the idea that God promised he wouldn’t drown us out like rats again so obviously he he is going with nasty weather and fires.

    • Perhaps it’s through those jump rooms one must travel to be a Senator in the Congress of the Republic of the United States?

  6. I figured out what happened. It’s all a misunderstanding. What actually happened was that, in 2002, Mitt Romney retroactively quit Bain Capital effective February 1999 with a severance package that carried through until 2002. See? That explains everything! 🙂

  7. Is Romney saying that nothing that happened at Bain after 1999 is his responsibility but that everything that happened after January 2009 is all President Obama’s fault?

    Yep, that’s what he’s saying. It’s a pathetic double standard argument from a suddenly pathetic and panicking campaign.

    • Actually; he would have us believe that everything bad since the beginning of time is the fault of the black guy in the White House. Said bad things were because we all knew, deep down, that a black guy would eventually end up in the White House and that thought made us do stupid things. Or something.

  8. Good news and bad.

    Good news: I flew my new glider again and it’s fantastic. In 40 years I have never flown a glider with this kind of performance and it was cheap, Cheap, CHEAP! I would gladly pay twice as much for a comparable glider built in the U.S. but we seem to produce total junk or high-tech exotic composites that cost around $1000.00. So? The Chinese are getting my business until that changes.

    Bad news: My best friend got a “new” couch from his father and I slept on it Friday night. Guess what? Bed bugs! I have about 30 itching, weeping, welts and may even go insane. I’ve tried everything from Benadryl and Calamine to ground up aspirin paste rubbed into the bites with no discernible effect. Anyone have a home remedy for bed bug bites?

        • I’ve tried baking soda, I’ve never met a witch named hazel(LOL), and I’m allergic to hydrocortisone. I’ve also tried vinegar, which works on jellyfish stings and burning nettle, Bactine, and plain hot water. Oh well; If nothing else I might stumble upon cold fusion as I keep rubbing different compounds into my skin.

          • My stepfather used bleach, followed by a good soapy scrub in the shower for poison ivy. Failing that you could perhaps retroactively not lie down on your friends couch.

            • That’s the weird part. I have always found that a good hot shower usually takes care of mosquito, fly, and other assorted bug bites. Spending a lifetime out fishing I think I’ve been bitten by every flying bug native to the upper Midwest. I must be more sensitive to bed bugs than the others.

          • Ice packs wouldn’t hurt!

            You’ll find witch hazel near the shaving stuff in the drug store or grocery. 🙂

          • Pete – try ammonia or try rubbing the leaves of jewel weed on the bites. Jewel weed grows next to stinging nettle and it is the antidote to stinging nettle. Tell your friend to toss the couch.

    • Burn the clothes you were wearing – or place them in a plastic bag until you can launder them.
      Hope you’ve not brought the ‘buggers’ home. ugh

    • Try dabbing with ammonia.

      Ammonia is a base, or alkali, and alkalies neutralize acids. Most bug stings are acid based, like wasp and ant venom. So dabbing ammonia on the sting (or baking soda) will help neutralize the acid.

      • Tried ammonia too. That’s why I’m thinking it’s a histamine reaction rather than the specific venom. I think I’ll dose up on Benadryl when I go to bed. They might still itch but at least I’ll be knocked out!

    • You’re visiting Cheney – oh, that’s correct he’s in Wyoming, isn’t he?

      Where’s your destination?

        • That’s one of my favorite places on Earth. If one can’t proclaim that life is pretty good in Glacier? One might as well snuff it.

          NOTE: That would not necessarily include a unfriendly encounter with a bear.

          • Since I have the dog with me, we won’t want to be encountering any sort of bears.

            Glacier is so beautiful. I just had to see the glaciers again before they’re gone.

            • Spent a couple of summers at Whitefish Lake at a lodge and cabins owned by a family that were friends with my parents. I was a young lad 8-10 yrs old, but remember my sisters and I had great fun in an old rowboat that we used for diving, and scared eachother with stories of lake monsters feeding off of young children. Anyway enjoy your time there, and of course Glacier Nat. Park.

            • Thanks, nwoldguy. Sounds like you had some great times. 🙂

              Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some soul-searching done, and maybe come up with some fresh ideas for the near future.

    • The maddening part is that the public records that indicate he was active in the operations of Bain were, admittedly, in order to establish residency in Mass. Now that he’s running for POTUS he has found it expedient to contradict those public records. He was either lying then or he’s lying now. There are no other options. And yet? I can’t think of anyone from ABC, CBS, or NBC who will have the balls to even mention that one of the two positions is a lie.

      • Yeah, the Washington Post ran a story about the fact that no one pays any attention to what is filed with the SEC, so it was probably just some lazy guy who forgot to change the Romney name from previous filings.

          • Well, this is actually somewhat consistent with Birtherism. They feel that Obama immigrated retroactively by going back in time and creating a fake birth certificate. So RWNJ’s will totally buy Mitt’s lame-ass explanation.

        • That would be a good excuse if it weren’t a blatant lie!
          (ignorance of the law a/o laziness aren’t excuses that will work)
          Mittens is a damn repugnant party member, ergo he won’t be punished.

    • Does that mean MicroSoft is divorcing NBC
      They want us to think the name change will make us believe
      their business is delivering the news?

      • Apparently, NBC acquired all of Microsoft’s part of MSNBC. I anticipate almost immediate clusterfucking upping of the former MSNBC.

    • Was he still CEO? “Legally, on documents, I suppose yes.” Do you owe this mortgage OIMF? Legally, on documents, I suppose yes. I reckon that document means I’ve got to pay it.

      • Hmmmm, funny how there are definitely two sets of rules.

        One set for Mitt-kind, and the other set for we peons. And Mitt-kind gets to make up new rules whenever they want.

  9. Well, quiet time is upon me. So I’ll say nighty-night.

    No idea what kind of connection I’ll have tomorrow, so you may not hear from me. I’ll be getting a million pictures!!

    • Have a wonderful picture taking day.
      May beauty, peace and calm assist in your planning for the future!

  10. Telling the truth means not having to remember how you lied, mittens.

    O, what a tangled web we weave.
    When first we practice to deceive.
    Sir Walter Scott

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