The Watering Hole: Tuesday, July 17 – Daily Squee

How come I was thinking “sloth” all morning. Well, I had a good look at my kitchen sink, then I couldn’t think of any post to write and now I’m stalling on getting my other work done. But believe me, I am nowhere near as cute as these sloths.

I can still clean my kitchen retroactively tonight.

This is our daily Open Thread. Get active.

107 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday, July 17 – Daily Squee

  1. I wonder, did Mittens retroactively give back the three years’ salery he drew as Presicent and CEO when he retroactively retired from those positions?

  2. QOTD:

    “I think it can now be said, without equivocation — without equivocation — that this man hates this country. He is trying — Barack Obama is trying — to dismantle, brick by brick, the American dream. There’s no other way to put this. There’s no other way to explain this. He was indoctrinated as a child. His father was a communist. His mother was a leftist. He was sent to prep and Ivy League schools where his contempt for the country was reinforced. He moved to Chicago. It was the home of the radical-left movement. He hooks up to Ayers and Dohrn and Rashid Khalidi. He learns the ruthlessness of Cook County politics. This is what we have as a president: A radical ideologue, a ruthless politician who despises the country and the way it was founded and the way in which it became great. He hates it,” – Rush Limbaugh, who surges into Breitbutt territory when he is merely screaming epithets at those whom he hates.

    • Are you sure this is the QOTD and not the IMSFOTD (impotent monkey slinging feces of the day)?

      (and did I just create a new internet acronym?)

    • “He (Obama) was sent to prep and Ivy League schools where his contempt for the country was reinforced.”

      Willard Romney
      : Harvard Business School (1975), Harvard Law School (1975), Brigham Young University (1971), Stanford University, Cranbrook Schools, Harvard University

      No Ivy League schools listed there///
      Where did Mitt learn his contempt for EVERYONE but the filthy rich?

  3. People that love this country have zillions of dollars, take advantage of tax loopholes they helped write, ship jobs off-shore, and put their money into foreign banks. They live the American Dream of vast wealth, largly from inherited estates. And this country, like no other country in the world, allows them to do that. That’s why they love this country, and why anyone who would impede their ability to make unlimited sums of money, pay little to no taxes and ship jobs and wealth overseas hates this country.

    It’s as simple as

  4. Matt Taibbi dissected the Rmoney NAACP speech last week for the Rolling Stone.

    “…He plunged into the speech with a creepy kamikaze smile and a rushed, weird (even for him) delivery, acting like someone proud of what a ballsily moronic dare he was attempting – like a high school kid mooning a squad car from the back of a school bus.”

    Apart from a couple of King and Douglass quotes he was *proud* to give exactly the same speech as he gives to Kochsuckers and Teabaggers across the land! … Taibbi draws the conclusion from that:

    “He’s like a teenager who stays up all night thinking of a way to impress the prom queen, and what he comes up with is kicking a kid in a wheelchair.”

  5. A bio about George Romney, whose son is definitely not an apple that fell close to the tree:

    “He balked when I badgered him for a copy of his latest Form 1040, the Federal Individual Income Tax Return,” Harris wrote. “Release of the document, while it might serve a political purpose, would not prove very much, he argued. One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show, and what mattered in personal finance was how a man conducted himself over the long haul. Stumped by this argument, I was not prepared for the move that it eventually led him to make: He ordered up all the Form 1040’s that he and Mrs. Rome had filed over the past twelve years — including those profitable ones from when he saved the American Motors Company from bankruptcy and became a millionaire on the company’s stock options.” ”

    In many ways, George Romney was a shining example pf what capitalism can achieve; and Mitt Romney reveals how degenerate so much of it has become.

  6. Yes, there was a reason Mitt has been quiet about the news that the US uniforms at the London Olympics were made in China. His own record is even worse:

    “According to reports in 2002, the decision to outsource the torchbearer uniforms to Burma caused an uproar among human rights advocates and trade groups. It prompted the head of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions to write a letter to the International Olympic Committee, stating that “No responsible organization or body should make use of products originating in Burma.”

    The American Anti-Slavery Group and the Free Burma Coalition launched a campaign to protest the uniforms and called on the IOC to apologize and “promise to never support — indirectly or directly — the Burmese regime.”

    Torchbearers, too, were shocked to see the “Made in Burma (Myanmar)” label on their tracksuits. “When I looked at the label for the uniform, I went nuts,” said 2002 torchbearer Susan Bonfield in an interview with the Guardian. “When you are sending work representing the U.S. to a military dictatorship, I have an issue with that.” ”

  7. I’m very much looking forward to a reporter asking Romney this single question:

    “How many years worth of tax returns did you require VP candidates to submit for your consideration?”

    It’ll happen, count on it.

  8. “John Kerry ran for president,” Mitt Romney said Monday morning on “Fox & Friends.” “You know, his wife, who has hundreds of millions of dollars, she never released her tax returns. Somehow, this wasn’t an issue.”

    Mitt, are you running for First Lady?

    • You know, Rmoney does have excellent qualifications to offer to reform the tax code and close all the loopholes – he practical experience of every dodge available already!

    • Teresa Kerry’s money was made independently from John Kerry’s money. Besides, she wasn’t running for office. McCain’s wife didn’t submit her tax returns. Her money was independent from John McCain and she, too, was not running for office. Romney has some idiots running his campaign. Guess he thinks all the PAC money will buy him the presidency.

    • Rachel Maddow opened her show last night with talking about the Adelson problem. Now it makes perfect sense as to why Adelson is willing to support any candidate that runs against Obama. Sheldon Adelson is scared shitless that he might be charged, found guilty and sent to federal prison. A family member works for him as a lawyer for the Sands and it was brought to my attention that Adelson is a nasty person that treats his staff like crap. According to the report, Adelson was nasty to the Chinese government. He thought that his temper would make the Chinese government give him what he wanted. Adelson doesn’t understand culture so he had to possibly break the law and hire a government official to speak for him.

  9. From Daily Kos, The empire’s lily-pad strategy.

    So, iow, in paraphrase of an old line a new truism emerges: these days, ‘the sun never sets on the American empire.’ Unfortunately. I’ve said it over and over again: it’s long past the time to defund the Pentagon, cut their outrageous budget by no less than 90%. Wage peace, not war. This nation has become little more than a bunch of gun-happy freaks, freaks who are willing to do anything to anyone anywhere to subdue and/or overwhelm any p.o.v. other than that of the power hungry gun freak. It’s the same old story, recorded time and again across the entire tapestry of human existence: the idiot rules at the expense of everything and everyone else.

    Enter Mitt.

  10. The idiocy is pervasive in the repub party:

    John McCain: I Didn’t Pick Romney Because ‘Sarah Palin Was The Better Candidate’

    Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) defended Mitt Romney from Democratic speculation that he passed on him as a 2008 running mate after reviewing his tax returns, saying Sarah Palin was simply the better choice at the time.

    McCain called the tax claims “outrageous” and “disgraceful” in an interview with Politico Tuesday. He said he chose Palin “because we thought that Sarah Palin was the better candidate.”

    • Obama has the Republicans scrambling to defend their past and all they can come up with is Sununu saying that Obama smoked pot and did cocaine when he was a child living in Hawaii. That’s a weak argument.

  11. Very unintuitive. Very cool.

    Wind-Powered Vehicle Can Also Travel Upwind Faster Than the Wind | Autopia |

    The team that proved it’s possible to travel downwind faster than the wind has done it again, this time modifying their cart to go upwind at more than twice the speed of the circulating air.
    Last time around, the Blackbird cart raced downwind at 2.86 times the speed of the wind. Earlier this month, Rick Cavallaro and the Blackbird team braved 104 degree heat at the New Jerusalem airport in Tracy, California, clocking in a top speed 2.01 times faster than the wind speed when headed upwind – which could end up being a new record.

  12. QOTD II

    “I’m simply not enthusiastic about giving [the Obama campaign] hundreds or thousands of more pages to pick through, distort, and lie about.” — Mitt Romney

    Doesn’t that almost concede there are things in there that could be politically damaging? And what about giving the voters more information about someone who wants to be their president?

  13. (I read so you don’t have to)

    Romney’s Bain bind:

    Charlie Cook scratches his head:

    “The strategic decision by the Romney campaign not to define him personally—not to inoculate him from inevitable attacks—seems a perverse one. Given his campaign’s ample financial resources, the decision not to run biographical or testimonial ads, in effect to do nothing to establish him as a three-dimensional person, has left him open to the inevitable attacks for his work at Bain Capital, on outsourcing, and on his investments. It’s all rather inexplicable.”

    Ezra Klein asks why Romney was so unready for the Bain attacks:

    “That Romney wasn’t better prepared for the attacks on Bain and the questions over his taxes is one of the great mysteries of this campaign. An example: In 2008, Romney turned more than 20 years of his tax returns over to the McCain team in order to be vetted for the vice presidency. So he clearly realized that tax returns could matter for political campaigns. ”

    Kevin Drum piles on:

    “Romney lost his 1994 Senate bid at least partly because of Ted Kennedy’s devastating attacks on Bain. In 2002 he won his race for governor, but he got beat up pretty badly over Bain by Shannon O’Brien in the process. In 2008 he had to defend himself against Bain attacks again. In 2012 Bain haunted him yet again during the Republican primaries. So it’s not as if he was unaware that Bain is a problem. Why does he still not have a better defense?”

    David Frum’s answers that the best defenses of Bain don’t appeal “much to the voters Romney most intensely needs to win”:

    “Romney’s core problem is this: He heads a party that must win two-thirds of the white working-class vote in presidential elections to compensate for its weakness in almost every demographic category. The white working class is the most pessimistic and alienated group in the electorate, and it especially fears and dislikes the kind of financial methods that gained Romney his fortune.”

    • Ed Schultz just said the reason McCain didn’t choose Romney is because together they would have had a dozen houses between them.

      • Ha!

        McCain still made a bad choice when he chose Sarah Palin. Having said that, Romney must have been a worse choice.

        Romney comes across as someone that would like to be king. Once again, he was condescending to the average American.

        I know that people in this room are probably doing relatively well, relative to folks across this country. But not everyone in America is doing so well right now, it’s tough being middle class in America right now. The waiters and waitresses that come in and out of this room and offer us refreshments, they’re not having a good year. The people of the middle class of America are really struggling. And they’re struggling I think in a way because they’re surprised because when they voted for Barack Obama…he promised them that things were going to get a heck a lot of better. He promised hope and change and they’re still waiting.

        This sounds like he is telling his audience that the waiters and waitresses and middle class Americans were foolish when they voted for Obama in 2008. How disrespectful. He has no manners. Then again, bullies don’t have manners and Romney is a bully. Adelson and Romney have a great deal in common when it comes to personality.

  14. Saw a great one today. A minivan with a homemade bumpersticker on it that read “One Big Ass Mistake America” pulled over with a flat tire. A woman, the driver of the van, was watching while a guy changed the tire for her. His Prius, parked behind the van, had a Coexist bumper sticker as well as an Obama 2012 one.

    • Even Anderson Cooper cleaned her clock yesterday evening, except neither her nor any of the other clowns who are pushing this bull wanted to appear on his show.

      • That helps but I would be far happier if “news” outlets simply ignored her and others who are demonstrably insane. Or, better yet, covered her insanity and demonstrated how and why she is wrong. Alas, even the “far-left” PBS lacks the nerve to call liars “liars”. They have to keep the corporate sponsors, including the Kochs, happy.

  15. Mitt Romney takes a break from denying he worked at Bain to falsely claim President Obama said that people like Steve Jobs didn’t build the businesses they created.

    It’s hard to tell if Romney is so completely dishonest, or whether he’s just too stupid to know better. In either case, the lies continue unabated and unabashed, and the truth will undoubtedly be forever covered up and/or never mentioned by most of the mass media news outlets.

  16. McCain Says Romney Taxes Fine, But He Picked Palin Because She Was a “Better Candidate”

    Damned with the faintest of praise..!

      • According to the WaPo, ..”McCain received more than two decades worth of Romney’s tax returns as the former Massachusetts governor was undergoing the vetting process four years ago, far more than Romney has released publicly in the 2012 campaign. ””

        Let’s ask McIIIrd to release Rmoney’s tax records!!!

  17. I was distracted and didn’t catch the whole conversation but Thom’s “3:00 wingnut” kept bleating that Obama’s campaign is built on “attacking capitalism”. I guess that’s the official talking point now that the indefensible actions of Mittens are stacking up.

    • Most of their screeching about attacks on capitalism is the result of the fact that privatization isn’t the full order of business. Its amazing how they are willing to take over things once all the bull work and expense is done. And even more amazing that if they do things go to crap while they make money while still claiming they can do it better.

    • When Obama seizes all the Monsanto farms and the Koch brothers’ businesses and Sheldon Adelson’s empire just to name a few, then we will know that capitalism is dead. Until then, it is business as usual.

  18. My guess is that Romney will do that thing that really rich, secretive people often do, which is allow handpicked reporters (not anyone who knows details about taxes) to come to a sealed room (possibly at one of Cheney’s ‘undisclosed locations’), leave their cell phones outside, and spend three hours looking at a huge stack of returns but not take copies away. No one will learn anything and he’ll then go out and say, “hey, we released them, and I’m clean.”

    • Ah, he’ll let them see the tablets of gold that the Angel Moron (MItt’s tax accountant) inscribed his returns on, and then they have to translate them there and then but not take them away or whatever and then Mitt goes and reburies them under his garage car elevator again….

  19. There are some days that I can even laugh at Lushbo. I did a 30 second Google search and discovered that he’s whining about a script that was written in 2008 and “Bane” was introduced in a Batman comic in 1993. Of course, much of the Reichwhiners’ bleating would depend on time travel to make it true and Lushbo’s worshipers won’t bother with a 30 second Google search.

  20. Gummitch (I think) alert:

    We covered cable bundling a bit a week or so ago:

    Derek Thompson thinks the end of cable TV may finally be near now that Direct TV and local-TV-on-the-Internet provider Aereo are challenging the industry’s bundling practices:

    “The debate between DirecTV (a provider) and Viacom (a “content” creator) is about finding the right price that providers should pay for content that most people don’t watch. That’s where bundles are useful. They disguise the price of things we don’t use. But with pay TV growth slowing, we’re at the edge of a revolution. “DirecTV thinks video streaming is eating away at the ratings of channels like MTV and Comedy Central,” Jeff Bercovici writes at Forbes, and the company has “demanded that Viacom give consumers the right to select channels a la carte.” The Aereo story is different. It’s not about cable. But it is about distributing broadcast networks online. Once sports fans can get the Olympics and NBA and other shows without a cable package, whenever they want it, it could serve alongside Netflix, Hulu and other services to replace the cable bundle.”

    • I gave up cable years ago and my “digital converter” failed the smoke test about a month ago. I’m seriously considering turning my TV into an aquarium. I suppose i might get a flat screen some day so I can stream internet content to a bigger screen but my 21 inch monitor works well enough and my desk chair is easier on my back than the couch anyway.

    • We got rid of our DISH over one year ago because we got tired of paying all that money for all those channels when we only watched 3 or 4 different channels. We would sit there scrolling through all those channels and not finding anything that we wanted to watch. So it was bye-bye DISH.

      • I wish I could persuade others in my house likewise. I would deep-six the dish tomorrow…. especially since I am paying for it.

  21. QOTD III:

    “Eight years was awesome and I was famous and I was powerful.” — George W. Bush, in a recent interview.

    I’m so glad he enjoyed himself.

    • Dear jeeesus the man suffers delusions of grandeur. Actually he wasn’t the president just Cheney’s hand puppet.
      Baby-Bush wouldn’t know how to turn on a flashlight without assistance.

    • Every day that rat bastard isn’t in a cell is a black mark on this country’s record. Hopefully we will do something to deserve being forgiven but I fear that children yet unborn will pay, in blood, for the crimes of Bushco.

    • I actually worked with a guy who got to go to the South Pole. How many people can say that? 😉

      I was working for the Air Force as a civilian. One of the guys I worked with had once worked on a task force that investigated air force plane crashes. There was a crash in Antarctica and he was assigned to the team to investigate. While they were in the area, they flew over the South Pole.

      Anyway, I’d love to go see this too!

  22. Just finished watching a documentary about Pruitt-Igoe; a failed housing project in St. Louis. Built in the post-war era as a way to clean up the slums and provide better living conditions for the poor, the scale of the project was massive and filled with hope. Less than 20 years after it was built, it was demolished.

    I’d never heard of this particular project. I like the dream of a project like this (it has mid-century idealism all over it). Unfortunately it was treating a symptom and not the root problem (of vast swaths of inequality in this country; be it racial; economic, gender, age, religious, all of the above).

    A very well done documentary with lots of photos and footage from the era. Highly recommended.

    The Pruitt-Igoe Myth – a Documentary

    • I lived in the St. Louis area in the late sixties when I worked at McDonnell-Douglas for two (LONG!) years.. Pruitt Igoe was a ghetto, a horrible slum that made the news almost every day. It was so bad that fire trucks wouldn’t enter the area without a police escort. The downtrodden fought back against the society they perceived was their boot heel nemesis in the only way they knew, with violence. P.I. was demolished after I left, but people I knew in St. Louis and was still in occasional contact with made note of the event, often in racist fashion.

      St. Louis was a horrible place in which to live back in those days. The weather stunk, of course, but attitudes stunk even more. The racism was pervasive, the hatred blatant.

  23. Up late monitoring Miss Lili, who will farrow any hour. Long day of family mediation with son’s ex’s folks, who I’m sure mean well, but are just very different than we are. (cough * ignorant redneck racists * cough).

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