Glacier National Park: First photo

Photo by Zooey

As shown in the title of this post, this is the very first photo I took in Glacier National Park.  Yes, McDonald Lake comes before these falls, but the light was crappy for pictures of the lake.

Upper McDonald Creek Falls is a pretty falls that runs next to the Going To The Sun Road inside the park.  This time of year, it runs swift and clear and gorgeous, but in the early Spring it’s a raging torrent that carries along boulders and trees.  I wish I could have seen that!

Most of the attractions in the park aren’t really marked that well, so if you never get out of your car, you’ll miss things like this falls.  Too bad, so sad — get out of your car, sillies!!

8 thoughts on “Glacier National Park: First photo

  1. Nice shot Zooey. Glacier is one of those places I’ve always missed in my travels, thanks for the anticipated tour.
    That water looks like it might be very cold…

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