The WHATering Hole: Wednesday, July 18, 2012: Ding, Dang, Dung

I didn’t quit when I said I quit, but after I quit I decided I quit, so I quit, effective the day I said I quit but didn’t really quit until I quit later.

Mitt’s gain,
Our pain,
again and again.

Mitt’s bane.
Mitt quit Bain,
again and again.

Mitt didn’t quit
So he’s havin’ a fit,
of the truth there’s not a grain
when he talks about Bain,
What a pain,
What a drain
On the brain,
This Bain.
Mitt’s bane.

So Mitt,
just quit
with your lies
to disguise
‘cuz we realize
you despise
anyone who’s not like you,
not white,
not rich,
not a man.

Mitt’s bane;
tried to reign,
Time to drain
Mitt’s campaign.


137 thoughts on “The WHATering Hole: Wednesday, July 18, 2012: Ding, Dang, Dung

  1. Surprise!! A Mitt surrogate speaks (and spouts lies at the same time):

    Sen. Ron Johnson invokes specter of USSR to attack President Obama’s green energy programs

    Dead now for more than two decades, the Soviet Union has made a big comeback among Republicans trying to tie it in whatever twisted way possible to the Obama administration. Mitt Romney adviser John Lehman has warned about Soviet policy in the Arctic. John Boehner has labeled as “Soviet-style” the three-quarter-century-old dairy support program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And now Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, a Romney surrogate, is comparing the administration’s green energy programs with policies of the Soviets, Cubans and Venezuelans.

    Johnson made these red-baiting remarks Tuesday on CNN’s Starting Point in an interview with Soledad O’Brien:

    “President Obama simply doesn’t understand that it’s the free enterprise systems, the private sector, the productive sector, not the government sector that creates long-term self-sustaining jobs,” Johnson declared. “Take a look at the Soviet Union, Venezuela’s economic basket case, and is anybody moving to the island paradise of Cuba?”

    O’BRIEN: You’re surely not suggesting that the idea and the concept behind Solyndra and other green energies like Solyndra is comparable to the Soviet Union and Cuba, right?

    JOHNSON: No, I am suggesting that, because when you take taxpayer money and you invest that into businesses, that’s the taxpayer money put at risk. And let’s face it, the lesson of the Soviet Union and other socialist nations is that governments are very poor allocators of capital. It’s an economic model that doesn’t work.

    O’BRIEN: Didn’t it work in Massachusetts? Isn’t that exactly what Governor Romney did in Massachusetts in green energy when he was the governor of Massachusetts?

    JOHNSON: Listen, the path we need to take this country on is with free enterprise system, the private sector that creates long term self-sustaining jobs and that’s exactly what Governor Romney would do as President Romney.

    So why, then, must we taxpayers be forced to fund nearly a trillion dollar annual Pentagon budget, one which principally enriches the M.I.C.? Why do these ‘tax cutting’ Republicans always shit their pants over cuts to “defense” even as they want to cut everything else?

    As I told my Republican cousin once, “I don’t want to talk to either one of your two faces.” He didn’t get what I meant, naturally. I doubt Sen. Ron Johnson would, either.

    • It’s not okay for the government to “risk” tax payer money BUT it is okay to “risk” our Social Security money in unregulated Wall Street Banks and investment companies. You are right. They do have two faces. Obama needs to keep pounding the Bush economic plan which is the same as the Rmoney economic plan.

    • Ok then Senator Ron, let’s get rid of the Farm Bill,. the pharmaceutical giveaway from rampant socialist George W Bush and the $20B breaks for the oil and gas industry?

  2. “I wish this President would learn how to be an American,” says Cuban-born John Sununu, who is of Palestinian and Greek descent, and father grew up in Jerusalem and mother was from El Salvador.

    I wonder if he realizes that Hawaii is a state, but Cuba, Greece, Israel and El Salvador are not.

  3. Meanwhile, here in the cause and effect universe inhabited by sane people, we are setting records for temperature, drought conditions, and just generally screwy weather. People are dying from the heat and parts of Nebraska have banned irrigation of crops. And FAUX”News” still lies 24/7. Frankly; I don’t understand why these freaks don’t burst into flames for claiming that it’s been “cool the last couple years” while acknowledging a brutal heat wave. It’s a bald faced lie that also directly contradicts the subject matter.

    Have I mentioned how much i hate these freaks?

    • “before turning to a “Fox Body Alert” on swimsuit model Kate Upton.

      Whoah, Pete, where’s the link?

      There are 5 lies in that segment, just that 30s exchange….. and they probbly lie about Kate Upton too, they probably say she’s fat or something…

  4. A Supervillain Primer for Rush:

    “Some context for the non-nerds: Bane the Batman villain was originally introduced by DC Comics as part of a story arc that involves Batman being harried to exhaustion by having to deal with a rash of escaped supervillains. Bane inflicts a devastating defeat on Batman, who is too tired to fight back, breaking his back and leaving him in a wheelchair for a year. This happened in 1993. Almost twenty years ago. A guy named Bill Clinton was president.”


    Looks like someone nailed a picture of the ‘Virgin’ Mary (“Honest Joseph an angel of the Lord came down one night and now I’m pregnant” “Oh that’s all right then, thought you were selling kisses to Roman soldiers and got knocked up or something”) to a tree….

    At least they are respectful, even though it’s obviously a picture nailed to a tree. I was at Olive Garden yesterday and saw a manifestation of His Spindly Noodliness — f**kers just ate it, didn’t they?

  6. Bring it on, assholes:

    “Indeed, facing what the candidate and his aides believe to be a series of surprisingly ruthless, unfounded, and unfair attacks from the Obama campaign on Romney’s finances and business record, the Republican’s campaign is now prepared to go eye for an eye in an intense, no-holds-barred act of political reprisal, said two Romney advisers who spoke on condition of anonymity. In the next chapter of Boston’s pushback — which began last week when they began labeling Obama a “liar” — very little will be off-limits, from the president’s youthful drug habit, to his ties to disgraced Chicago politicians.
    The reference to Obama’s past drug use seems to suggest that former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu wasn’t going off-script after all when he dinged the president for spending “his early years in Hawaii smoking something” during a Tuesday morning Fox News appearance.”

    • Too funny. They are going after smoking pot which over 50% of Americans think should be legal. Their other attack is Obama’s connection to disgraced Chicago politicians. That was tried before and it didn’t stick. I am really disappointed in Republicans this year. They lost their creativity.

  7. You know I honestly can’t see how it’s possible Romney has *not* comitted a felony. Here’s a so-called fact-checker from WaPO dissecting it.

    But Rmoney makes a 2011 disclosure under pain of perjury that he had “not been involved in the operations” of Bain “in any way” after 1999. Yet the SEC has him as Chair, CEO, President and sole shareholder for three years 1999-2002.

    So we’re talking about “well I didn’t actually *do* anything even though I was the Czar of All the Russias”. I mean we’re not talking about nuance and parsing – the law is the law – either the SEC has three false statements on its books or the FEC has one on its books.

    Anyhow, unless one or the other agencies charges Rmoney, it’s all irrelevant. What is relevant is that Rmoney won’t take responsibility, his business experience should be considered an indicator or what he will do with Amurka Inc. (outsource the jobs, run up the debt and pay off his cronies).

    Just as his tax returns show that he is well-qualified to reform the tax code – he already knows and uses all the dodges ….

    …. he’s hurt dawg!

        • One thing can be said about M●RONmey: he has managed to become the quintessential GOP candidate. His ability to offer NOTHING other than bold-faced lies now defines him; he’s able, now, to play in Dubya’s, in Cheney’s, in McConnell’s, in Boner’s, even in Newt’s, Arpaio’s, and, of course, Nixon’s league given that he no longer demonstrates any sense of obligation whatsoever to ever utter a word of truth or fact on any subject about anything at any time. He’s become the perfect abject liar, is totally without remorse, and therefore is Republican. By. Definition.

          • Yup. He is a dog of a candidate but no matter if they put a tutu on him, a cute froofroo hat, give a nice poodle do with a multicolored dye job, hot red lipstick and toe shoes, people are still going to laugh like hell and the dog still won’t hunt.

  8. Meanwhile in the real world – Syria may be in the final, ugly stages of toppling Assad …. I just hope the chemical weapons stay in the bunkers.

    Starting to wonder where Assad will end up – will Putin take him in? Or Ahmadinnerjacket? Or will he experience a Gaddafi moment: a ‘blinding light’ on a road out of Damascus? He deserves something nasty.

    • The one good thing about this is that the weapons the bad guys are using are all stamped ‘Made in Russia’ instead of ‘This cluster bomb is brought to you by the good folks at Lockheed-Martin’

    • They will find him. Ahmadinnerjacket really doesn’t want to get involved. He has his own problems in Iran. Putin loves himself too much to really care about the welfare of someone else.

  9. Bane’s creator weighs in, and unfortunately for Rush, Chuck Dixon is a self-described “lifelong conservative.” Money quote from Dixon:

    “As for his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane is a force for evil and the destruction of the status quo. He’s far more akin to an Occupy Wall Street type if you’re looking to cast him politically. And if there ever was a Bruce Wayne running for the White House it would have to be Romney.”

  10. From an absolute must read on Bain Pain here’s the defining money quote:

    “Romney’s Bain career is a story about rising inequality. It’s telling that George Romney, Mitt’s father, made around $200,000 through most of the years he ran American Motors Corporation. Doing work that clearly created jobs, the elder Romney paid an effective tax rate that averaged 37 percent. His son made vastly more running a corporate chop shop in an industry that does not appear to create jobs overall. In 2010, Mitt Romney paid an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent on $21.7 million in investment income—around 14 times as much as his father in inflation-adjusted terms. This difference encapsulates the change from corporate titans who lived in the same world as the people who worked for them, in an America with real social mobility, to a financial overclass that makes its own separate rules and has choked off social mobility. The elder Romney wasn’t embarrassed to explain what he’d done as a businessman or to release his tax returns.”

    Romney doesn’t represent capitalism no more than Obama can be reduced to representing government. Romney represents degenerate capitalism – and the reason it is in danger of being discredited as a shell-game for the super rich and their accountants. Obama represents a return to limited government action in the wake of the private sector’s excesses.

  11. The thing to keep in mind is that the GOoPers aren’t addressing informed people. They are just throwing out raw meat in the hopes that stupid people will get mad at the black guy in the White House. The only way that Mittens’ actions will hurt him with those stupid people is if he is actually arrested because those who get their “news” from the corporate media will never even hear about his crimes. Or, if they do, they will only hear it in the context of a false equivalency perpetrated by those who stand to get richer by covering a “close race”.

  12. Lili only gave me four pigs, but they’re beautiful. Placentas appeared normal, so I blame the old boar that we got rid of. Children are still with son, next court hearing on custody tomorrow. Would anyone like to hear me complain about the heat, or is that just a given?

  13. On Hardball today:

    David Corn: the Romney campaign recruited “Chris Christie to start beating the meat.”

      • Well of course, you guys! 😆

        I mean the way his voice goes all high when he’s lying, the way he clips his sentences in the middle, making me think he’s not finished with the sentence.

        He also has this phony wide-eyed innocent, “guess what, you guys” thing going. I think of it as his Mormon thing, since I’ve seen it SO often with other Mormons.

        • He looks a lot like just another flustered solution seeker, settling on the next thought that wafts through his head.

          • Sounds like GWB settling on the next ignorant thing wafting through his head.

            I never thought anyone else’s speaking style would annoy me MORE than GWB’s style.

        • I think it’s the batshit insanity leaking out. I’ve also noted that Mormons have this fake serenity that comes from not belonging to the cause and effect universe. I’ve actually read much of their Holy book and there’s just no way that anyone more than 6 years old should buy a word of it.

          • There is a group of fundy Mormons around Moscow, and not only do they have that “fake serenity,” they dress like children. The women wear their homespun dresses, with giant white “pilgrim” collars, weird little Amish hat thingys, ankle socks, and (inexplicably) track shoes; and the men wear off brand blue jeans, plaid shirts, long beards, and work boots. To me, they look like little kids who were dressed (badly) by mama, but in full-sized bodies.

            • That’s how our Mennonites dress. If I had to wear the ugly dress I’d go with the comfy shoes as well. Could you say “Glacier” again? It makes me feel cool just reading it.

            • Glacierglacierglacierglacierglacierglacier

            • Heh! The local Muslim women from Somalia are also fond of track shoes. For some reason I just can’t suppress a grin when I see them in their beautiful, really beautiful, printed silk dresses and scarves with a pair of Reboks peeking out from the hem. I suppose that they take the one avenue of real expression and comfort that their religion allows.

              Come to think of it; they project an air of serenity and grace as well. I hope it’s genuine and not a coverup for a miserable existence because they seem like really nice people. I’ve also noticed that they actually show genuine affection for their kids when they are wandering around in the stores.

          • I would think that having to explain the lost magic spectacles to anyone would permanently afflict you with a speaking style that screaming “I know I’m lying to you and you know I’m lying to you but let’s please just all pretend that we believe this shit.”

            • I can respect most beliefs even if I don’t share them, if the believers don’t use it as a weapon, but I just can’t manage it with the LDS crowd. The Bible is completely rational in comparison. Heck! Tolkein, Lewis, Carrol, and Baum are rational by comparison.

            • Agreed, pete. I don’t get the whole belief in god thing, but respect the right of others to believe as they wish. Having said that, Mormons just make me puke.

              The phoniness oozes out of their pores once they reach adulthood. The kids are good kids, very helpful with their siblings and nice to neighbors, but something happens when they figure out their religion is a fucked up mess. They can’t disagree, because they’ll be shunned. They lose every personal contact they’ve ever known. So they either leave, or become smarmy, lying, greedy, despicable assholes.

            • And using religion as a weapon is disgusting, no matter who’s doing it.

              To be fair, I’ve met asshole atheists, too. 😀

    • Thanks Z and Ebb. I was so hot today I honestly thought I would pass out. We hold our Wednesday market in front of the local feed coop. They were kind enough to allow my child to sit and read in their break room while I worked.

          • I’m glad you’re not out there with no sales.

            How long has this heat wave been going on out there?

            It was in the 100s when I was in Idaho, but that’s normal for this time of year. What you’re experiencing is definitely not normal.

            • Boise weather is not much different from VA, we have more humidity. Husband’s ex lives in Caldwell, we raised their son. I was surprised how often their weather was similar to ours, and spent some uncomfy (in more ways than one) nights trying to sleep in her basement. But yes, we’re hot, and never in my memory as hot so often and so long.

            • The humidity is the killer factor. I can deal with way more heat if it’s dry, and far less if it’s humid. I totally get what “the vapors” are, and I never wore a corset. 😀

              You are a far better woman than I’ll ever be, Outstanding. 🙂

      • It only got into the 80’s here today but, thanks to intermittent storms, the humidity has been hovering between 70% and 90%. So, of course, I simply had to go out and attend to the stuff I put off when it was hotter.

  14. Romney released his 2010 tax return in January of this year, a document that first informed voters about the existence of his Swiss bank account and financial activities in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. But people who own foreign bank accounts are required to file a separate document with the IRS that provides additional details on such overseas bank holdings, and Romney has not released that form to the public.

    Tax experts say it is almost certain that Romney did file the form, known as a Report on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, or “FBAR” in accountant slang.

    Yep, Romney is so FBAR.

    • Or even FUBAR.

      I think it’s funny that his talking heads talk about Mittens having released “over 500 pages of tax returns,” as if that’s even one complete return. 🙄

    • I’m not so sure. I couldn’t place ANY deception or omission past Mittens. The scary part is that he might have a bigger entitlement complex than Dubbya. For instance; Thom Hartmann keeps wondering how he ended up with millions in alleged IRA accounts. I forget the exact numbers but it should be impossible for anyone to put that much in an IRA even if one banked the maximum legal amount for every year IRAs have existed and earned the maximum possible amount of interest. The numbers are off by a couple orders of magnitude.

      • I did the math on that in a post a few days ago. He contributed $32K a year from 1984 to 1999. That’s $480K. Mitt’s IRA is somewhere between $20 and $102 million.

        I chastised my financial planner for not giving ME those kind of investment options.

        • Someone on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show said that Mittens probably doesn’t want to release his tax returns because they might show that he’s actually a BILLIONAIRE, rather than just a MILLIONAIRE.

          I think that’s very likely.

  15. Zooey,

    The single most unpleasant person I’ve ever met is a fellow atheist. Of course, he’s also a racist who flirted with being a Nazi. He mellowed a bit when he finally got laid, at around 40 years of age, but he’s still a fucking bigot. At least I no longer worry about him climbing a tower with a rifle and a pillow case full of ammo.

    With all the loud fundies it’s easy to forget that most believers just have a rather vague sense that there must be “something more” than what we can quantify. Given the vast universe I figure there’s lots, lots, more than we can quantify or even imagine. I am pretty sure, however, that whatever is out there obeys the same physical laws as any other mortal being and is probably so alien that Man will never imagine its true nature.

    Man made gods are just personifications of what is best and/or worst in Man. Something that lives in the atmosphere of a gas giant and lives for millennium would make any imagined god seem utterly boring.

    • Ahhhh, the awesome power of the first fuck. 😆

      At one of my first stops in Glacier, I overheard one lady saying to another, in response to the beauty of the park, “God is great, just look at this place!”

      My only thought was that God is a fucking piker compared to the awesome power of water and ice.

      • That might be one of the saddest things about “True Believers”. They can’t manage to appreciate the majesty of nature or take credit for their own good points. It’s kind of like the fundy athletes that give God/Jesus all the credit when they win a game. If I were the linebacker who jumped a route, intercepted a pass, broke 6 tackles, and scored the winning touchdown? I would be a little miffed with the fundy quarterback who gave God the credit for the win. It wouldn’t bother me as much if once in a while one of the fundies would come out after a loss and say “i guess that God just likes the other team more than us” or “I just didn’t pray hard enough”. I’ve never heard one give God the credit for the other team’s win.

        • How about those, “God has a plan” discussions? Little kids with bone cancer, starving children in a world of plenty, mentally ill homeless people, etc.

          What exactly is god’s plan here…? Torturing children and the mentally ill? Awesome!

          • My personal most disgusting version of this sort of thing is “God didi this to teach us something”. Remember after 9/11,”God allowed this to happen to jerk us out of our complacency and turn our nation back to the correct path”, or words to that effect.. It’s nothing but the sin of pride. God will not slaughter thousands to teach you, me, America, or Pat Robertson a lesson. We’re not worth it.

            • It’s the submissive authoritarian need for a strong daddy figure. They re-make their idea of god in their own image, or to suit their own purposes. This is the sort of thing that put me off religion at an early age.

        • Implicit in the remark “I prayed and I won” is a judgement on the loser. While pregnant with the HLHS baby I heard all manner of stories of people who prayed and their child lived. I prayed and my child died. While it did not alter my beliefs, given that I was already certain that belief in God is not some sort of rabbit’s foot lucky talisman that I can invoke to keep my tire from going flat, I am very careful in choosing what words I use to encourage my fellow christians, as well as my beloved friends who hold other beliefs.

          • Well? I would credit that to the fact that you are smart, kind, and sane. And that’s why I try to choose my words carefully when I rant about those “True Believers” who are not so smart, kind, or sane. Sometimes I throw “honest” in there but I vacillate on whether it’s possible for a person who lacks one of the other three to be truly honest.

            • Anyone who judges others easily is not honest with themselves. Sometimes I think the entire GOP, other than the puppeteers, is comprised of folks who do not see themselves honestly.

    • I saw it. Given that the vast majority of of food safety inspection and regulation are state functions it would effectively kill any consumer protection that we have. I also noticed the hypocrisy. Sometimes they believe in states’ rights and sometimes they don’t.

  16. G’night folks. Thanks for the reminder that there are lovely sane people in this world, even if I don’t seem to have many of them living near me. One last thought, animals are better parents than some people. Lili is already disciplining her children. She will tell them to stay put in a particular area before she lies down to sleep. If one strays, a grunt warns it back to where she wants them. At less then 24 hours old, they heed what she tells them.. God or nature, it’s pretty awesome.

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