The Watering Hole, Monday, July 23rd, 2012: CRAZY

When I eventually go crazy, I anticipate that I will simply curl up into a ball somewhere and just live inside my brain. I do NOT anticipate, when I finally lose it, loading up on weapons and ammo and makeshift bombs; nor do I anticipate, prompted by madness, gearing myself up so that I cannot be somehow harmed while I massacre defenseless people. I do not understand the kind of crazy that can make a person plan and commit such an inhuman act.

And in the aftermath of such insanity, I also do not understand the kind of crazy that says things like:

“@WBCFredJr – Only 500 miles to WBC Aurora picket. #GodCursesUForFagMarriage #WorseAndMoreOnTheWay #WBCToldU #GodisAmericasTerrorist #ObeyToday Too fun!” – Fred Phelps, Jr.

“If a Christian dies early, if a Christian dies young, it seems tragic, but really it is not tragic because they are going to a wonderful place.. on the other hand, if a person doesn’t know Jesus Christ.. if they knowingly rejected Jesus Christ, then, basically, they are going to a terrible place.”Jerry Newcombe, spokesperson for Truth in Action Ministries

“I have to think that all of this, whether it’s the Hollywood movies, whether it’s what we see on the internets, whether it’s liberal bias in the media, whether it’s our politicians changing public policy, I think all of those somehow have fit together—and I have to say also churches who are leaving the authority of Scripture and losing their fear of God—all of those things have seem to have come together to give us these kinds of incidents.” – Fred Jackson, director of the American Family Association

“You simply can’t keep these weapons out of the hands of sick, demented individuals who want to do harm. And when you try to do it, you restrict our freedoms.” and “If a responsible individual had been carrying a weapon, maybe, maybe they could have prevented some of those deaths, some of those injuries.” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

“Why would a responsible person take a gun to the movies? That person would take a gun BECAUSE they are responsible. If you ask me, more people need to be armed. The criminals already have guns or will get them. Until the playing field gets leveled, we will be taken advantage of by predators.” – commenter at Think Progress

“not that this isnt tragic but if you look at it on a per capita basis this kind of thing almost never happens. why not ban cars? they kill more people than guns. the right to own a gun isnt to protect you from people like this per se but more to keep the govt from being the only ones with guns. its no coincidence that hitler banned guns.” – Ron Paul supporter commenting at Think Progress

“Gun Ban Bloomberg’s former head of NYC police Intelligence, Dan Oates, is chief of police for little Aurora Colorado. Chief Oates has a gun ban wet dream of a shooting in HIS town out of all the towns in the country. The shooting happens just before ratification of a UN gun ban treaty. Go figure.” – commenter (screen name “WhiteNationalist”) at The Daily News (NY)

“Perhaps the answer isn’t gun control. Maybe the answer is to publicly teach the Bible and the importance of right and wrong. Watch Kirk Cameron’s “Monumental” film.” – commenter (screen name “ONENATIONUNDERGOD”) at The Daily News (NY)

Had enough? Yet there is so much more of ‘teh crazy’ out there, that curling-up-in-a-ball thing is looking better and better.

All right, here’s a distraction. This is our cat Greygg who thinks he’s a puppy:

Greygg thinks he’s a puppy

Greygg (with Missy’s tail)

Is that better?

This is our daily open thread — what’s on YOUR mind today?

137 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, July 23rd, 2012: CRAZY

  1. There are just too many crazy people out there. At least these crazies are talking and not shooting people.

    Greygg has the features of a Russian Blue. We had a cat adopt our house that looks like Greygg. It was right after a snow storm, I saw him standing at the top of the driveway. Of course I fed him. He slept in our shed. Eventually I was able to win his trust so that I could get him to the vet and get him fixed and shots. We had to find another home for him because he would attack our other cats. My husband took him to the Animal Rescue League on a Wednesday. The next day my husband says, let’s bring him home. He called the ARL and was told that the cat was adopted. We named the cat Groucho because he had a grumpy sounding meow. Your Greggg is a handsome guy.

  2. Romney will address the VFW today and no doubt thoroughly explain why he never joined the military and why none of his 5 sons have served in the military.

  3. One of the points in advocating for arming one’s self with assault rifles with multi-round clips is so that one can prevail in a fire-fight with the government’s armed forces. Now, when is the last time a person or a group, won a fire-fight with the government. Waco? How’d that turn out?

    How about the fire-fights in Iraq or Afghanistan, where they have far more lethal weapons then Joe Citizen can legally buy. The locals beat back our forces? umm, no.

    No. The folks that arm themselves with such weapons get off on the power trip that comes with knowing they can kill people. And some of them actually do. They live in fear, so they want to instill fear in others.

  4. Penn State retroactively loses all games back to 1998.

    “The NCAA slammed Penn State for the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal Monday with an unprecedented series of penalties, including a $60 million fine and the loss of all the school’s victories from 1998-2011, knocking Joe Paterno from his spot as major college football’s winningest coach.”

    How do you “unwin” something that is past tense.
    I don’t care about Paterno’s record but if they won a game fair and squre, they won the game.
    That’s punishing students not the culprits.

  5. I saw at DU that the NCAA came down hard on Penn. State. $60 million fine, 4 year postseason ban, lost 10 scholarships now, and 20 more in the next 4 seasons, plus vacating 112 wins from 1998 to 2011.

  6. Penn State was not given the NCAA “death penalty,” and they should just retire that penalty — like abolishing capital punishment. If the NCAA couldn’t kill this program, I’d hate to think what it would take to trigger that.

    The punishment doesn’t fit the crime. It didn’t go far enough.

  7. Tweet of the Day:

    “We have to do something about gun controls. Police license okay for hunting rifle or pistol for anyone without crim or pscho record. No more”

  8. QOTD:

    “You Olympians, however, know you didn’t get here solely on your own power. For most of you, loving parents, sisters or brothers encouraged your hopes, coaches guided, communities built venues in order to organize competitions. All Olympians stand on the shoulders of those who lifted them. We’ve already cheered the Olympians, let’s also cheer the parents, coaches, and communities. All right!” – Mitt “You Didn’t Build That” Romney at the 2002 SLC Olympics.

    • We’ve already cheered the Olympians, let’s also cheer the parents, coaches, and communities.But NOT the Goddamned Gummint!!!!

  9. Seems to me that a hefty proportion of gun crazies like to justify their insanities via God, Christ, the bible, etc. Why is that? Why is it that so much hatred and fear so often come wrapped in religious vestments? I would have thought that God, Jesus, et al., would not care much for violence, for murder, for even murder’s most able tool, the gun. Or maybe (horror of horrors) God is really a myth after all?

    I’ve been trying since I was a kid to find a single shred of evidence — just one — that even suggests the existence of a deity, of ANY deity by ANY name at all. So far, nothing. I started my hunt back in the mid-fifties when I was a teenager. I was home sick from school one day, watched a little TV (we could only get two channels back then — ah, the good old days!), and caught a few minutes of an Oral Roberts show where he was healing the sick via the hand of God (you know the routine). I watched as miracle after miracle happened right there on the little screen, where people near death were healed via prayer and an Oral hands-on thingee. All you had to do was pray and bingo, there came God the healer (a contribution to Oral was ok too, iirc). I thought, ok, maybe God can heal my tooth, the one with the cavity that the dentist is going to numb up, drill out, and repair on Wednesday of the next week. So I did what Oral said. I begged God to heal my tooth. I waited, patiently. For hours, then days. Nothing happened. I concluded either God is a myth, or It hates me for some reason. The search for solid evidence of existence — a shred, any shred — commenced, and continues thru this day. Last week I thought I finally found it! All I needed was to find the right spot, snap a photo of it, and voila, proof that God exists!

    I call it a Car Spitter, a subterranean God-powered gizmo that spits out cars and pickups at a frantic pace with sole purpose of making it real tricky for me to make a left turn into the Post Office every day where I have to go to get my mail. There are other car spitters in my path too, of course. Let’s say I’m on a lonely and sparsely traveled two lane road behind a ponderous truck and want to pass it. The car spitter immediately starts spitting out cars coming toward me which prevent me from passing the smelly and slow-moving truck. Why? Because God hates me, obviously. He didn’t fix my tooth way back when, even after I prayed and expressed my willingness to believe forever, if only … Nada. The car spitter: yet one more sign of cosmic hatred for me. It’s also proof of God’s existence — IF I can find it, sneak up on it, and photograph it in action! Finding it is the hard part, of course.

    A week ago Sunday, I thought I had it. I was out for an early morning walk, and had reached the point where I needed to cross the invariably un-busy highway near my house in order to get safely home. No cars were oncoming, so I checked behind me and there were two cars approaching. I waited, then after they passed was ready to dart across State Route 165 and head home for my morning coffee. Nope. All of a sudden, car after car after car after pickup after pickup after car were heading toward me, fast. I waited. And I watched. I noticed they were all coming from a small parking lot in front of a convenience market! The car spitter! It had to be there! Proof of God’s existence at the local Loaf & Jug! And on a SUNDAY MORNING SABBATH no less!

    Alas, no, it wasn’t the car spitter at all. It was a huge pile of local Republicans whose Sunday morning ritual appears to be to head for the local Loaf & Jug in order to get a newspaper, a cup of coffee, and a Twinkie. There was no car spitter under the Loaf & Jug. And I know they were Republicans … most pickups had gun racks in them, and most of the cars had bumper stickers that obviously came from the NRA, not from God. I was despondent. Certainly an endless string of Republicans hitting the local convenience store on Sunday mornings to pick up a paper, a coffee, and a Twinkie don’t prove the existence of God, right? If they do, if that’s really the proof I’ve been looking for all these years, there’s only one possible conclusion:

    We’re ALL fucked. 😀

  10. Why is it the clergy will pray for an end to violence but not for the proliferation and easy access to guns?

  11. More weird priorities in America. Penn State gets fined $60 million plus other damages for allowing pedophila. Bartenders get arrested and fined for selling liquor to the inebriated. Various manufacturers of goods are sued for selling things that people who are too stupid to use get hurt with. Food distributors are sued for letting bad product reach the stores. Yet gun manufacturers and sellers have no responsibility whatsoever for anything.

      • But not enough. Far as I’m concerned, one ‘wrongful death’ by a gun should be sufficient to bankrupt and put out-of-business for good the manufacturer of said gun. Maybe within a month or two, if such were the case, we could rid ourselves of all of them. Oh, and no imports should be allowed. Ever. Period.

  12. Btw, Penn State didn’t actually violate the NCAA rulebook in this case. The Pennsylvania criminal code and universal standards of human decency, yes; NCAA rules, no. It’s not even clear that the NCAA has jurisdiction here. Will Penn St. sue the NCAA? Stay tuned…

    • Lisa Henson, our CEO is personally a strong supporter of gay marriage and has directed us to donate the payment we received from Chick-Fil-A to GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

    • Something new every day to be lurnt. Yesterday, I’d never heard of “Chick-fil-A”, today it’s in the news and I see there are over 1500 locations nationwide. Additionally, Huckabee stands with them because their president came out last week against gay marriage.

      Amurka. What a wonnerful country. Even though it’s extremely fucked up.

  13. As to the question of can it get crazier…
    A man claiming to be Jesus Christ in Palm Bay, Florida has been charged with aggravated stalking and aggravated assault for allegedly attacking his neighbor, according to Click Orlando.

    Kenneth David Peterson, 51, allegedly told his neighbor Fred Padilla he was attacking him because he was the Antichrist. Peterson attacked his car with a tire iron in February and has now begun regularly shooting at him with a BB gun, Padilla said.

    Police said they had been called to the area at least 9 times. Peterson has been arrested three times, but charges have not been pressed against him because of a lack of evidence.

    “This is heading for a really bad ending,” Padilla said.
    Peterson is being held on $150,000 bond at the Brevard County Jail.

  14. Some people commune with nature by going camping. Others dress up in goat suits.

    A man belonging to the latter category was spotted on July 22, clambering around the mountains of northern Utah, following a herd of goats. Understandably, officials are baffled — and worried. They fear the newly-dubbed “goat man” could be in danger once hunting season starts. “My very first concern is the person doesn’t understand the risks,” Phil Douglass of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Douglass told the Associated Press Friday. “Who’s to say what could happen.” Hunting season begins in the area in September, and about 60 shooters are expected to receive permits.

    Officials say he’s not only in danger of being mistaken for prey by a hunter — he might be attacked by one of his fellow goats. “They may get agitated. They’re territorial. They are, after all, wild animals. This person puts on a goat suit, he changes the game,” said Douglass, adding that wearing an animal costume in the wild is not strictly illegal.

    The sighting of the goat man occurred 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, when a hiker saw a herd of goats about 200 yards away, and thought one of them looked a bit weird.

    Read more:

  15. I finally figured out how I wanted to use my scraps of covering on my new glider. I only stripe one wing, as a rule, so that I have a little help figuring out which way it’s going when it’s just a speck. I’ve also settled on a flight time, 14 minutes, so that my second battery is charged at the end of a flight. I spent so much time in the air over the weekend that I think burned my eyes a bit in spite of the UV blocking sunglasses. Or it’s just general eye strain because the peepers don’t work as well as they did 20 years ago.

      • Well? Some of the credit goes to the fine people of the Czech Republic who make such excellent gliders at a decent price. I was flying with guys who aren’t into gliders and after letting them fly it around I might have made a convert or 2. Perhaps the best part is that it’s fast and strong enough to perform most aerobatics, which is what most of my friends enjoy the most.

  16. Hi all. Back from holidays 😦

    I hope everything is going well for the zoosters.

    We had a super good holiday and I managed to stay away from my computer up until yesterday. Lots to catch up on.

    Holiday summary,

    Three days with the whole family for Mom’s 80th birthday party.
    Two days fishing near Dryden Ontario.
    Three days in Winnipeg and the Fringe Festival. (Thank your fav deity for beer tents.)
    Back home and see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.

    The weather was wonderfully hot with only one day of rain (why on one of our fishing days?). I couldn’t live in a place that is that hot and humid. Visit yes, live NO.

    Here are some pics:
    July 16 fishing at Lake Wabigoon.
    July 17 fishing at Lac Seul.
    July 19 walking around Winnipeg.
    July 20 walking around flower garden in Assiniboine Park.

  17. In the wake of the latest mass shooting; have any right-wing religious leaders suggested that, perhaps, we should seek legislation that would make it harder for psychopaths to purchase deadly weapons? If Jesus had been in that theater and had a gun; would He have shot the shooter?

      • There also seems to be a camp that is claiming the only reason the freak was able to rack up such a score is that no one else in the theater had a gun. Personally, i would just like to see a law that would result in some kind of scrutiny of those who purchase 6,000 rounds of ammo. We’ll never know but it’s possible that this guy would have been stopped if he had to actually face a licensed dealer, who has some level of responsibility to pursue due diligence, in order to get that ammo. Apparently he creeped out a gun range owner and was denied membership in the gun club. It doesn’t sound like the shooter was able to hide his oddity when faced with a real person asking questions. Despite what the Reichwhiners say; this guy might have been stopped if we didn’t allow people to buy deadly weapons with as little oversight as buying mundane objects.

  18. So I see some nut decided to end/ruin peoples lives using an easily purchased weapon that seems to be made for killing people only. I’m not surprised or shocked.

    If you belong to the iUniverse you can buy books and songs and the iUniverse knows who you are and what you bought.

    If you belong to Facebook or Google+ your info is tracked so these sites can target you with ads that ‘suit you’.

    If you are worried that your nutty neighbour just bought a machine gun then virtually no one knows.

    Summary – Corporations can invade your privacy to track you in order to show you ads. The government can’t invade your privacy to track your purchase of weapons of mass destruction.


    • Nearly every time I’m on TP, I see ads for Lands End and another website where I shop (or sometimes window-shop) regularly. In the ads, they show every single specific item that I have looked at over the previous couple of weeks – shirts, pants, bras, undies, everything. So there is no reason on earth that online gun sales and ammo sales can’t be tracked/monitored.

      • I’ve gotten a flood of spam to my e-mail address since I’ve been out here in Nor Cal, unusual.
        Actually, it has been ever since I started shopping out here…
        -Office Max
        -Discount Tire
        – Any place where they ask for my e-mail when I’m going through the checkout.

        I may have been born yesterday, but it wasn’t last night…

  19. Sally Ride, First American Woman In Space, Is Dead

    Ride died today in La Jolla, Calif. after a 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer, her company said on its website.

      • Mittens on Sally Ride’s death:

        “Today, America lost one of its greatest pioneers. The first American woman in space, Sally Ride inspired millions of Americans with her determination to break the mold of her time. She was a profile in courage, and while she will be missed, her accomplishments will never be forgotten.”

        And because of people like Mitt Romney, Sally Ride’s partner of over 25 years will not collect a cent any available survivor’s benefits, and he’s already pledged to roll back any rights or benefits gay couples have.

        Screw you, Mitt.

  20. Due to the NCAA sanctions, the last Penn State QB to lead the team to a winning record was ….. wait for it……

    Mike McQueary.

  21. Show no mercy, Georgia – keep that stubbornness going:

    Barring a last minute intervention by the US Supreme Court, a mentally handicapped man will be executed Monday in Georgia, despite protests from around the world — and from the victim’s family.

    • Amnesty International USA
      BREAKING: We just learned that Warren Hill will not be executed tonight. But Georgia still fully intends to execute a mentally retarded man.

      • Oh no, not Biddeford!
        One of my favorite childhood, and then again later in life as an “adult”; memory places.
        Childhood: Fishing for mackerel as they streamed out with the tide, and going out in a boat to pull up lobster from a trap….
        Adulthood: Finding a suitable restaurant to take my date out to, and then hoping I had spent enough on the accommodations…

        Maine is tough in the wintertime.

  22. “Steve Schmidt, McCain’s former campaign strategist, who viewed Romney’s tax returns when the presumptive nominee was being vetted for the vice presidential slot in the last cycle said Romney was an “extremely wealthy man.”

    But earlier:

    “Steve Schmidt, who managed Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008, said on Monday that he never personally saw Mitt Romney’s taxes…”

    A good example why lots of people don’t trust stenogra—, uh I mean the media.

    • And so, being bewildered by Mitt Romney’s tax returns, Steve Schmidt suggested Sarah Palin for the VP slot.
      Her returns, while plainly stupid and predictable, were at least understandable.

  23. This might be the first time I’ve agreed with “Bloody Bill” about anything. Sure, he goes on to say that the Dems are to blame for Reich-wing obstruction re: gun laws, but I wholeheartedly agree that there’s no legitimate reason for a common citizen to have military grade weapons with 100 round magazines.

    Some jackass called Thom Hartmann today and pulled the old “hunting and target practice” line. Unfortunately, Thom wasn’t ready with the reply that one can hunt and shoot targets without a freakin’ 100 round magazine. Such things are designed to kill people and have no other use except the perverse desire to simply shoot the most rounds in the minimum amount of time. I would say that anyone who can’t have fun shooting a gun with a 5 round magazine probably shouldn’t have guns at all.

  24. After 100 rounds through your average gun barrel, continuously, the gun is toast as far as accuracy is concerned.
    You might hit something if you “spray” your fire, but that is the only thing automatic weapons are good for in the first place.
    The sociopath who opened fire in the movie theater likely learned all he knew about shooting from playing video games.
    We’re looking at the disposable economy as translated by the arms manufacturers.

    • Exactly. Among my many hunting/shooting buddies I can’t think of a one who still gets a kick out of spraying bullets. There was one guy who went running after a squirrel, shooting on the run, and we never invited him back. He drove into a bridge abutment before he had a chance to harm anyone else.

      I was also once asked what I would do if “the government” sent soldiers after me. i said “surrender before they call in artillery or helicopters”. If that doesn’t work, and I really thought an assault rifle would be a good idea, I figure I can dig up the 7mm Mag and collect said assault rifle from whoever is unfortunate enough to present a target. Since it has over twice the range of any firearm designed for volume of fire it wouldn’t be much of a contest.

      • Think Apache.
        Hide where no one will look, scratch cryptic symbols on the back end of the cartridge, aim and shoot carefully.
        Then head for the hills and don’t look back.

        • If civilization does collapse; I have my spot picked out. It’s a wild area with a good pure spring and even a couple caves. I discovered that particular slice of Heaven while mushroom hunting and neither the caves nor the spring are marked on any map I’ve seen. It’s a wicked hike to get there and I’ve never seen any sign of another human being in the immediate area. And even if I have to share it wouldn’t bother me too much. There’s plenty of fish and game for a smallish community.

      • I don’t buy the act either. He planned this for, at least, a few months. It’s also pretty apparent that all of his self esteem was built on excelling as a student. My personal theory, reading between the lines, is that he flunked his recent examination to determine if he would continue in the elite program. I also guess that it was the first time he ever heard “no”. Then he snapped because he wasn’t equipped to deal with disappointment.

        • I’m dealing with this exact issue, working with my crew.
          Trying to get the idea across that co-operation is more productive than competition.

    • Just because something is a constitutional right, doesn’t mean it can’t be regulated by the states. Take the 2nd amendment for example, common sense regulations on guns….er, nevermind.

      • In its original wording, the 10th Amendment says

        The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people

        The Constitution does not mention abortion, so why isn’t it a right of the people? Why is it something the states can ban or make impossible?

        • In the lower courts, Roe v Wade was found to be applicable under the 9th Amendment:

          “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

          It’s similar to the point you make about the 10th, why doesn’t that mean that abortion is a right?

          The Supreme Court, concluded that the 9th Amendment does not create any enforceable rights. So while we may have all these rights under the 9th, it doesn’t really matter because you can’t enforce them. They still upheld Roe, but did so under the 14th, by somehow finding an enforceable right to privacy in the due process clause of that amendment. Go figure. But there were earlier precedents that showed the 9th and 10th were more safeguards about the expansion of government power, not for specific enforceable rights.

          Personally, I think they should have let stand the lower courts 9th Amendment argument.

          HT: Wikipedia for the several articles from which I gathered the above information. 🙂

    • That’s the real kicker. Speaking only of this most recent case; the shooter was denied membership in a gun club because of his bizarre behavior when face to face. Would it not figure that, had he been required to purchase his ammo (and clips and god knows what) face to face, he would have tipped off the seller?

      How many minors are denied booze and cigarettes each day because they would need to make the purchase face to face? Should it not be at least as hard to purchase deadly weapons?

  25. If the freedom to keep “defensive” weapons is absolute; shouldn’t the same be applied to other countries that want nukes? If the Reichwhiners are right about an armed populace being a deterrent (which they aren’t) wouldn’t the world be safer if every sovereign nation had a few thermonuclear bombs? Or, perhaps, just a couple tactical nukes on missiles with just enough range to reach the capital of their nearest neighbors?

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