Watering Hole: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 – Customer Service

Many of these jobs were sent overseas and those that remain in America, pay very low salaries.

Our cat Synnie (my avatar picture) often has this look on her face.  Maybe it’s a red/orange cat thing.

This is our Open Thread.  Did you ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong?  Speak Up!


148 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 – Customer Service

  1. We’ve outsourced our soul.
    When I call any corporate help desk, I get a person who may or may not speak intelligible english, may or may not know how to listen, always tries to cross or up-sell, even when I just need an instruction or two to accomplish my task. It’s like they’re reading from a goddamned script, getting their 12 rupees an hour. It sucketh.

    • “It’s like they’re reading from a goddamned script”

      It’s not like, they ARE.

  2. a rare overcast and rainy morning here in the desert….really made it difficult to get up and out the door.

  3. No, it’s not The Onion:

    Behold the campaign website for Mindy Meyer, “an Orthodox Jewish law student running against State Senator Kevin Parker on the Republican and Conservative Party lines.”
    An interview with Mindy offers several money quotes, including:

    “My idea is to make it very contemporary, funky, cool, not like a typical senator’s website,” Meyer said, adding, “Have you been to Kevin Parker’s website? You could fall asleep when you go to it, everything’s just red, white and blue.”


  4. America’s first woman in space was a lesbian.


    But it takes a long time into the NYT obit of Sally Ride for readers to realize that the first American woman in space was a lesbian, and, even then, you have to be alert. Maybe this could have tipped them off:

    “Dr. Ride was known for guarding her privacy. She rejected most offers for product endorsements, memoirs and movies, and her reticence lasted to the end. At her request, NASA kept her illness secret. In 1983, writing in The Washington Post, Susan Okie, a journalist and longtime friend, described Dr. Ride as elusive and enigmatic, protective of her emotions. “During college and graduate school,” Dr. Okie wrote, “I had to interrogate her to find out what was happening in her personal life.” ”


    • Cue the crazed religious wingnuts to tell us she’s going to hell, and make nasty insinuations about her sexual activities in space.

      • Heh, imagine the sexual gymnastics you could do in zero-gravity.

        Yanno, heterosexual sex of course.

  5. Oh gawd, I’m moving into my dad’s house on Thursday. Can’t pass up a chance for free lodging in exchange for house-sitting…

  6. They continue to take Obama out of context… but what these morons don’t realize is that this woman’s husband didn’t do it alone. He used the commons; the shared infrastructure that WE ALL BUILT. He enjoyed a stable road network. He enjoyed a stable power grid. He enjoyed freedom from invasion. He enjoyed business tax credits. He enjoyed a regulatory system that ensured he got safe food from his suppliers. He enjoyed a reliable communication infrastructure.

    This isn’t to take away from individual initiative and hard work. But try to build a successful business WITHOUT all those share resources. You can’t do it alone.

    Someone else made that happen? Business owners know hard work, long hours lead to success — and an early grave | Fox News

    Long hours and hard work helped Joey Vento build a landmark restaurant in Philadelphia from the ground up, but that work ethic may have also sent him to an early grave.

    That’s why Eileen Vento’s blood boiled when she heard President Obama declare last week that small business owners like her husband owed others for their success.

    “That is ridiculous. My husband had $6 in his pocket when he started.” Vento said to FoxNews.com about Joey Vento, who opened Geno’s Steaks in 1966 in the neighborhood of South Philly.

    • These people are willfully stupid.

      If that dim-bulb’s husband had only $6 in his pocket when he started, well, he started out using borrowed money or small business loans — unless he’s going to claim a restaurant magically bloomed out of a single steak and baked potato.

    • Geno’s Steaks has a sign out front stating English only. Vento was a racist and so is his wife. They are South Philly thugs. Don’t patronize Geno’s. Stop at Pat’s Steaks instead. It’s right across the street near 9th and Christian in So. Philly.

      • Why is it that some people who are so fortunate as also very bitter and angry people?

        I’d rather be poor and happy.

  7. Was the update reported here?

    ‘Goat man’ in Utah mountains identified as hunter

    SALT LAKE CITY—A man spotted dressed in a goat suit among a herd of wild goats in the mountains of northern Utah has been identified as a hunter preparing for a Canadian archery season.

  8. I’m in Customer Service, and when customers call we often hear “Oh, is this a real live person?” or “I was expecting to reach someone in India or somewhere!”

  9. If any old Think Progress regulars have some spare time, look at the threads at the Plum Line and read comments from Dave57. Is that not Backup? I confronted him on it and got no denial, no affirmation. Didn’t Backup have at least one other username for a long period?

    • Totally looks like his style. Wishy washy, smarmy, fake caring, fake compassion, fake intellect, claims to want to learn, but won’t ever be moved from his “having it both ways” attitude.

      Could be Mitt Romney…

      • He has more or less dropped the pretense of being a liberal who had to vote Republican because of his deep concern for the country. Captain Mantastic! I forgot all about that. Must use it.

        • Jeffy Bovine?
          Slappy Bastinado?

          So many trolls and so little space in my head to rent to them.

          • oh, and who can forget;
            Dr. Hunt,
            Frank Merrill,
            and the fat security guard whose name escapes me, thank gawd!

            • Also I have mentioned this here before, but the conversations between Backup, and Ralph the wonder llama were brillant from Ralph’s side.
              Oh and bitbilt or whatever his name was.

    • Was he on the thread that you commented on, “Awakening voters’ curiosity about Romney’s tax returns”? I’m reading some of the comments there and ran across one of yours.

    • Wow, that could have gone horribly more wrong. (you grammar police can just shut up!)

      I’ve noticed that the road along the Clearwater is getting smooshy, and in some places the asphalt is getting pushed into mounds on the outside of the road.

    • A couple of weeks ago there was a plane that got stuck in the tarmac and couldn’t get out without a tow. I can find the picture but with the heat you can bet that some asphalt will be wilting in the heat.

  10. That stupid SE Cupp is on that stupid show on MSNBC, equating the child molester Sandusky and the Aurora shooter. Apparently the culture around Sandusky is to blame, so that’s why the culture around the Aurora shooter isn’t to blame, or couldn’t help it, or some such shit.

    Maybe one of y’all heard it better.

    • You mean Obama didn’t set this up to take away our guns!? The NRA actually brainwashed that guy to shoot up the theater, so their friends would make lots of money?

      How likely is that…? 😀

  11. <—- My orange beast who looks nothing like Customer Service Cat.

    My guy is too sexy for his fur.

    • In a totally unrelated story an anonymous donor (last initial “Koch”) gave a couple million to Cullen’s campaign and agreed to buy him his very own pony. No word yet on where the 35 carat ring that Ms. Cullen is wearing came from.

  12. There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire or self-made successful business person.

  13. ‘DENVER — The entertainment website TMZ is reporting that one of the theater shooting victims has hired a lawyer and plans to sue.

    Torrence Brown, Jr. was not shot, but his best friend died and Brown says he is suffering from extreme trauma, according to TMZ.com.

    The website said Brown’s attorney plans to target three defendants — the theater, doctors who the attorney says gave the shooting suspect several medications and the movie studio that made “The Dark Knight Rises.” ‘

    …Speaking of things that are D.O.A.

    • But not the shooter, gun company, or bullet manufacturers. Serious oversight there, if he wants to pretend he’s not scamming the system.

      • Not the NRA either. Actually, if the shooter was under a psychiatrist’s care, I would love to see a class action suit against the NRA and every politician who has ever voted against laws designed to prevent psychopaths from purchasing firearms.

  14. First Sherman Hemsley, and now…

    LOS ANGELES — The star of the 1970s TV series “Medical Center” who went on to appear in such films and shows as “Mulholland Drive” and “Melrose Place” has died. Chad Everett was 75.

    Everett’s daughter says he died Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles after a year-and-a-half-long battle with lung cancer.

    • Jane and I will always remember Chad Everett thanks to a skit by the comedy group The Higgins Boys and Gruber. They were doing a parody of The $25,000 Pyramid. The category for the big money was “Things In The Universe.” The clue giver was trying everything, “Stars, Galaxies, Planets..” and so on, but the contestant wasn’t getting anywhere. Time ran out and “Dick Clark” came over to the two and said, as he put his fingers on his chin, “What if I said, ‘Chad Everett’?” The contestant answered, “Things in the universe?”

  15. I’ve done so much reading today on my new business venture that my eyes won’t focus on anything but my computer screen. 😀

      • Soap-making!! I’m totally excited about it!

        I’ll keep doing my sewing, of course. Nothing says I can’t have two shops. 🙂

        • Actually, I’m looking for a simple but catchy name for my soap shop.

          If one of y’all can come up with the perfect name, I’ll send you a free bar of soap every month for a year. 🙂

        • Absolutely! Diversity! Gold! Pot! FREEDOM! (Okay that was random). Organic? Vege fat vs. animal fat? Natural scents vs chemical? etc.

          • I want to stick to natural ingredients, essential oils, and natural colorants — at least to start with.

            I think there’s a market for soaps that aren’t scented in an overwhelming fashion.

            • Of course you’re right. And I apologize if any of my comments offended someone, somewhere, sometime in the future. 😉

            • Working off of your comment, I’m thinking about HoneySweet Soap.

              But I really want to appeal to men in the soap market, so carry on.

            • I agree that “overwhelming” is never a great marketing strategy, especially for personal hygene products. Determine who you want your core market to be, and devise a marketing strategy that dovetails to their emotional needs.

            • I’m thinking simple soap. Not a lot of crazy colors or scents. Just good quality, gorgeous looking, functional soap.

            • You can have separate product lines to appeal to sexual provoclivities. Honey for women, hemp for men, and a bow to the LGBT community…I can’t get there yet with a line 😉

            • I was not aware of the soap needs of the various sexual proclivities.

              Thank you, nwoldguy. I learned something today. 😆

            • Seriously, think of all the reasons we bathe, and which reason is the most stimulating? Sex sells!

            • If you want men to use your soap then let women choose the smell. If a woman likes the way her man smells he’ll use it. Perhaps you can make sample sizes and send them out with your other products.

            • That’s an interesting thought, pachy. I should look for scents that I like for men, and get input from all my lady friends.

  16. There are studies done frequently that identifies which smells are in vogue to attract the opposite sex. These studies are used by all the major retailers/manufacturers to produce products with the widest appeal to a vast market. But that’s not where Queen Z is at yet. But she can utilize this info to guide her in her capital needs.

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