Music Night – Dueling Banjos

“I do not play no rock ‘n roll, y’all” – Mississippi Fred McDowell

Abigail Washburn and Bela Fleck married secretly in 2009. This union of fine musicians brought together widely differing styles of banjo, hers from the folk and bluegrass genre, and he (though starting in bluegrass with the New Grass Revival) offers banjo influenced heavily by jazz and world rhythms. They play separately within their own styles and sometimes together as part of the Sparrow Quartet.

Here’s Abigail BB (before Bela) with the all women band Uncle Earl

Here’s Bela BA (before Abigail)

37 thoughts on “Music Night – Dueling Banjos

  1. Pardon my non musical thought.

    Does anyone else see this uproar over Mitt’s comments about security at the Olympics as something that was/is all staged? Why? Mitt’s comment wasn’t that offensive at least not offensive enough for the reaction by Cameron and others. His concerns about security will be looked at as legitimate concern by many here in America post 9/11.

    In my opinion this was all done to some how make Mitt not only appear to be concerned and strong on national security and fighting terrorism but to also make him appear sympathetic to Americans who see leaders of a foreign country and the US corporate media belittling him.

    Some will remember how Obama seemed to just want to be liked by the whole world and apologized to other countries while Mitt spoke his mind. I heard this same type of strategy was used while Mitt spoke at the NAACP event a few weeks ago. The footage of him being booed could make some people look at him sympathetically and being disrespected.

    I heard a few Wisconsin voters mentioned they voted for Scott Walker in the recall because they were turned off by some of the actions by the protestors at the Wisconsin State capital building.

    Now……..imagine how Mitt’s words would appear if God forbid there was a successful terrorist incident during the Olympics…..hmmmmm….just saying.

    • Romney in three weeks: “Well, after I questioned their readiness, the Olympics did go off without a hitch, so I’ll take credit for that.”

    • Not uninspiring, at all! Could be many are watching the opening of the Olympics.
      Me – I’ve just returned from PT (Peregrine Therapy).

    • Nah, you people out east have other concerns is my guess, and the night is young out here in the west. Sleep well knowing we’re inspired, just gettin’ old 😉

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