The Watering Hole – Saturday, July 28th, 2012 – Busted!

It seems Mitt Romney has a small problem with his advisers. If they exist, they lie about as much as Romney does. They’re also just as cowardly, as they chose to anonymously spew lies about the President of the United States while on foreign soil, which I thought was supposed to be a major no-no (at least, the Republicans see it that way.) The latest little twist of reality involves the famous bust of Sir Winston Churchill that was on display in the Oval Office during the Bush Administration. It appears that the Right Wing has gotten its knickers in a twist claiming that Obama insulted the Brits by returning the bust when he took office and refusing an offer to keep it. The problem is that, as is often the case in things that upset the RW, it is not exactly true. To make matters worse, famous RW crap spewer Charles Krauthammer repeated this twist on reality in one of his columns, which enabled the Romney advisers to anonymously and, in a cowardly fashion, repeat it to British reporters. It didn’t help that the White House initially said that this bust was not returned to the UK at all but is on display in the White House residence. This is slightly inaccurate, as well, but not as egregiously wrong as the lie that Obama was deliberately insulting the Brits by returning it.

It turns out there are two busts in question. One was originally given to the White House during the Nixon Administration and was put on display in the White House residence. According to the White House website:

The White House has had a bust of Winston Churchill since the 1960โ€™s. At the start of the Bush administration Prime Minister Blair lent President Bush a bust that matched the one in the White House, which was being worked on at the time and was later returned to the residence. The version lent by Prime Minister Blair was displayed by President Bush until the end of his Presidency. On January 20, 2009 — Inauguration Day — all of the art lent specifically for President Bushโ€™s Oval Office was removed by the curatorโ€™s office, as is common practice at the end of every presidency. The original Churchill bust remained on display in the residence. The idea put forward by Charles Krauthammer and others that President Obama returned the Churchill bust or refused to display the bust because of antipathy towards the British is completely false and an urban legend that continues to circulate to this day.

So, as usual, the RW is taking a non-issue and trying to turn it into an international incident.

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97 thoughts on “The Watering Hole – Saturday, July 28th, 2012 – Busted!

  1. The problem with the RW is that they have so little to work with when attacking Obama so they have to make up stories. This is something that they are good at because they live in a fantasy world.

      • What’s the difference between Christians and Pagans?

        Christians follow Christ.

        Pagans live by his teachings.

        (yes, these are generalities)

        • I commented one time at TP that ‘there are people who live by Christ’s teachings without ever having HEARD OF Jesus Christ’ – whoever I was arguing with said that was not possible. So closed-minded to believe that unless one was ‘saved’ by Jeebus, one cannot be a good person!

          • You’re so generous, Jane. I wouldn’t call it closed minded, I’d call it fucking stupid.

            Although it is a surprising bit of self-awareness for that commenter, since clearly the only thing keeping him/her a halfway decent person is belief in the invisible sky fairy. We’re all safer because of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • “And what if we picked the wrong religion? Every week, we’re just making God madder and madder!”

              Homer Simpson

    • Just because some one steps on your property doesn’t give you the right to send them to the other side.
      The police interviewed the guy due to prior complaints from neighbors.
      They (police) commented that he was not all there.
      People moved out of the neighborhood because of him.

      So, the arguement is: if the laws are already in place and just need to be enforced, why did a man selling seafood and steak door to door have to die.

  2. Off to the yard sales, looking for soap-making equipment on the cheap. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m looking for a name for my online soap shop! If y’all would like to post ideas for a shop that will sell lightly scented, all natural (or mostly natural) soaps, that will be pretty basic to start with, I’ll send a free bar of soap for a year to the Critter or Zooster who comes up with the perfect name, or the closest to the perfect name! If I end up using a combination of two ideas, I’ll send all parties involved the free soap for a year. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Did you watch the Piers Morgan interview with Willard and Ann(toinette) Romney? Hereโ€™s a deal for you, British cousins: We wonโ€™t make any trouble when the Little Lord Fontleromneys try to return to America if youโ€™ll keep that insufferable prat Morgan within your borders and off our airwaves.

    A sample:
    MORGAN: “On the economy, clearly Barack Obama has decided your weakness, your vulnerability, is your record at Bain Capital. And itโ€™s a very divisive issue. And quite a fascinating issue because when I look at some of these attack ads, itโ€™s almost like heโ€™s attacking you for being successful and rich which is not a traditional area of battleground to an American from an American because America was founded on working hard, achievement, success, and making money.”

    • Wow, talk about your basic loaded question. Actually, it wasn’t even a question, just a statement of opinion. Clearly Piers Morgan wasn’t paying too much attention to the issue with Romney’s time at Bain Capital. Morgan is one of those who feels that making a lot of money is the primary goal in life, and doing so means you’re “successful.”

      On a side note, I use Google Chrome for my browser and one reason I like it is that it has a built-in spell-checker that seems to automatically work on any site with a comment box. Most such spell checkers have certain corporations pre-programmed in to them. (Try spelling Microsoft wrong.) But it didn’t have “Bain Capital” in there. They must not be important enough int he eyes of Microsoft.

    • We refuse to waste fifty bucks a month on cable TV, so until just a few moments ago I’d never heard of Piers Morgan. Apparently I haven’t missed much. What an asshole.

  4. My best friend’s husband is a rabid Limbaugh-listening teapublican. He came home last week with the shocking news that all public school children in their county were now required to bring an extra set of school supplies to give to the children of illegal immigrants. His proof? A friend’s child’s list listed each item in both English and Spanish. You just had to laugh at him.

    • Imagine how the world would look if he removed the blinders!

      (That’s a great idea though. Isn’t that a christian act – to assist those in need?)

      • I’ve tried. Sadly he is also a mean and angry drunk and I no longer visit to avoid exposing my child to that.

  5. Virtually everyone in the “librul media” should look at the British reaction to Mittens and bow their heads in shame. The Brits had him pegged as a fool within a couple sentences, and are treating him as a fool, while the American media insist on treating him as a viable candidate.

  6. It surprises me not that Sour Krauthanger gets even more shit wrong.
    Does he think that being disabled gives him some kind of pass on truthiness?
    Assholeus grandosae.

  7. Another interesting article on MSNBC today concerning WillardRat’s trip to Israel.
    “The presumptive GOP nominee has pledged to keep with diplomatic tradition by not criticizing President Obama or his foreign policy while on foreign soil, but in an interview with the Israeli newspaper Hayom (owned by conservative mega-donor Sheldon Adelson), Romney ripped the president for various elements of his policy toward Israel, including the president’s call for the Israel to consider returning to its pre-1967 borders, including land swaps with the Palestinians to compensate for disputed territory.”
    Lying again, WillardRat? Surprised anyone? Not really. I keep my LyingBastard-o-Meter 300 feet away from WillardRat at all times. Can’t afford the repair bill, and parts are getting hard to find.

    • Me too. The amazing thing is that, once you think they’ve done the most despicable thing imaginable, they always double down and create a whole new paradigm of disgusting behavior.

  8. John Fugelsang โ€@JohnFugelsang
    I like when the party that spent $40 million investigating a blowjob pretends to be the austerity party.


    Steven Oh โ€@stevenoh88
    @JohnFugelsang The party that ridiculed arugula as liberal elitism now cheers a dressage horse named Rafalca.
    Retweeted by John Fugelsang

  9. This was the weekend for my 40th class reunion. It went pretty well. Met with a few old friends, one from as far away as Port Orchard, WA.

      • There was only one who looked like she might have gotten a haircut since High school. For all the rest of us it was a mixed bag reaction between jaw dropping laughter (for the more raucus types) to polite chuckles hidden behind the hand. I think the most common words spoken were “Holy shit! Is that really you?”

  10. Awwwww, poor widdle Mittens was not properly “briefed for [the] magnitude of trip.” *sniff*

    No wonder he keeps digging…

    ‘[Boris] Johnson on the other hand lived up to his reputation as an eccentric, odd fellow. It was unbecoming to attack Governor Romney in that way. There really was no need. But Johnson made it clear in 2008 that his vote would have gone to Obama.โ€™

    He’s just never traveled before, and doesn’t know any better. Quit picking on him!

    Oh wait…

    • I always got a kick out of Jack Sheldon, from his time on The Merv Griffin Show to his Schoolhouse Rock works.

      • I had never watched Schoolhouse Rock when it was on, but when they did the spoof of it on The Simpsons, I had thought that I knew the voice. Then when I played The Simpsons CD that included the spoof, I had to hear it a couple of times before I could pull the name “Jack Sheldon” out of my, er, whatever.

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