Sunday Roast: Lake McDonald

Photos by Zooey

Scraped into the Earth by the massive power of gigantic glaciers and the insidious power of erosion, Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park.  It’s ten miles long, and its surface covers over 6000 acres.

This is one of the last pictures I took in the park, having walked down a small embankment to the water’s edge.  The shadows cast due to the lowering Sun made me understand the meaning of “purple mountains majesty.”  The quiet was interrupted only by the occasional car on the Going to the Sun Road, and the chatter of a raven in the tree tops, which seemed to be my constant companion on this trip.  The water was cold, clear, and almost still.   Beneath my feet was not the sand I expected, but small pebbles of grey, blue, pink, cream, and white, that were flat with rounded edges.

Imagine the constant, unrelenting force that turned mountains into pebbles.

Last picture of the trip.  Time to hit the road, Honeybump.

This is our daily open thread — What’s up in your world?

85 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Lake McDonald

    • I’ve seen a lot of cats sticking their heads and upper bodies in things, but I’ve never seen one dive in and land flat on his belly. Mugu is a riot.

      I spent last weekend with my sister, up in Bellingham. She has two cats (one is 16 and still quite spry) and it reminded me how entertaining cats can be. Dogs are affectionate and lovable but cats are always doing something annoying or amusing. I could get a cat, but I’ve got four bird feeders out on my balcony and I fear that the cat would go insane watching them or smash his skull against the French window.

  1. Mitt is a piece of shit who I honestly believe says whatever pops into his empty head. He has undermined diplomatic efforts to prevent an Iranian nuke by backing an Israeli strike. If the Israelis did bomb any nuclear facilities, I doubt it would accomplish much beyond a delay in the Iranian program and an escalation of the Iranian desire to have a nuclear weapon. The US would get all the blame. I don’t want Mitt receiving any 3:00AM phone calls.

    • Ok, so Scalia, a strict constructionist, reads the right to bear arms as the right to possess any hand-held weaponry of the day. Well, guess what, a well-trained militia of the day included artillery…

  2. Just for full disclosure, I steal so much stuff from you people to post on Twitter. But you know I’d love you all even if I wasn’t stealing from you. ** kisses **

  3. I can’t wait for Mitt’s speech in Poland about the dangers of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain…

    And I bet he gives a rousing speech at the Berlin Wall.

      • I hope we’re not at war with Poland by the end of the week. Mitt would have done better had he stayed in London to be photographed with the dancing horse.

      • I don’t think even Willard can do anything terribly wrong in Poland. They aren’t an important ally of long standing (sadly) and no one is seriously threatening to invade them.

        But, knowing Willard, he will manage something.

    • Are there any differences between being a dick or being a prick?

      Remember the difficulty the TSA gave the guy with the 9″ penis? Imagine what they’d do to the guy with the 100 Lb. scrotum if he decided to fly somewhere!

    • Absolutely gorgeous!
      Mapping the photos of the trip is wonderful – gives a sense of being on the hike!
      Herons in flight – grand!

      • I used to put all our hikes on EveryTrail but got lazy a couple of years ago. I’m back to adding them. I always take my hand held GPS and I always geo tag them so I have all the info to put on the site. Google Earth has an EveryTrail layer and some of my trips can be found there. Apparently all trips are supposed to be on Google Earth but I think they have a glitch.

  4. The Daily Telegraph slammed Romney as “devoid of charm, offensive and a wazzock” (a hapless idiot who blunders around doing and saying things he or she shouldn’t.) Newsweek’s latest cover calls him a WIMP.

    Wanker, wazzock, wimp. Spot on.

  5. Finally home and showered. I was helping Zoo Jr finish getting out of his apartment, and it wasn’t nearly as finished as he’d promised. Grrr….

  6. I saw this guy on Highway 12 today and yesterday, with his wagon and three horses. Pretty cool thing he’s doing, but Highway 12 is a dangerous place to be moving that slowly. Gorgeous horses!

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