Music Night, August 3, 2012 (August already?! WTF?)

My daughter posted a photo on Facebook of one of her friends, who happens to be a tall blonde model; given the pose and the, er, boots I got an old Z Z Top song stuck in my head. This isn’t it, because that song and the original video developed something of a bad rep.

As far as I know, this is just a great rock and roll song with no unfortunate references.


99 thoughts on “Music Night, August 3, 2012 (August already?! WTF?)

  1. ZZ Top reminds me of student rail passes and a month of riding trains across europe with no money……

  2. So my mate Paul and I have our big menaces up Mount Washburn in YNP for a hike and on the way back early evening they are just raucous and noisy as kids are – making up songs, yelling and having a good time. We put up for it for about an hour and half (traffic bad around the north of the park). Then I reached into Paul’s CD collection, pulled Queen’s Greatest Hits, turned the dial to 11 and we belted out the following one after another…. Wayne’s world style!

    Bohenian Rhapsody

    Another rides the bus

    Killer QUEEN

    Fat Bottomed Girls ( I love shocking SammyTheTurtle every onw and again )

    We blew them away!!

  3. First saw these guys in 1967(?) at a small club in Redondo Beach, CA. Rocked the joint…

    • I don’t know about dumb, Robert Palmer’s girls had to have somewhere to go after he stopped using them on his videos.

  4. Hi, gang.

    Get a look at the line of storms moving across my beloved Minnesota! It covers the entire state, north to south, And the serious stuff is several miles wide! Don’t worry. I live in a nice sturdy cement building and I know when to seek a lower level. I can cope with any interruption of services. I’ll try to give you guys a head’s up after the storm but I can’t make any guarantees. I’m trying to make sure the beer is gone before the power goes out.

    • It finally did for me, too. At first it was just static with a “video not available” thing in the middle.

  5. Never mind Waldo. Has anyone seen “Toothy” the tortoise?
    Damn that tortuga!

    I was placed in charge of feeding the animals. All was well this morning.
    Went back around 6p just to check on the cat and the tortoises (Kiwi who is about 3″ was in the burrow; however, “Toothy” (about 5.5″ ) seems to have made his escape.
    Not the first time in his short live. The first time of not finding him in a timely manner. The enclosure is about 12′ x 15’…plenty of room for them to roam around. Lots of safe hiding places for them…
    this tortoise has a penchant for climbing! A very smart tortuga.
    They are my 11 year old niece’s creatures.
    I’ll go, again, at first light to look. Oh their playground is outdoors.

    (no the cat doesn’t bother with them. “Finch”, yes that’s his name, is scared of his own shadow. He’s a very sweet, loving cat and prefers to lounge on the couch or any other place indoors)

  6. Update. The leading edge of the storm front is here. It looks worse on radar than it sounds like. No reports of tornadoes. Little if any hail. No major power outages. We’re expecting a short lived burst of winds and heavy rain. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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