Sunday Roast: Randy Rainbow is dating Kirk Cameron

Yeah, cuz why the hell not?

One of the biggest problems this country has is the American Taliban, and Kirk Cameron aka bad actor turned the only thing anyone would buy, is one of their most stupid leaders.  This is the guy who thinks the banana — one of the most tampered with, most engineered fruits on the friggin’ planet — is proof that “god” exists.

I hope Randy and Kirk will be very happy together.  We all know Randy’s mother approves, and frankly, who cares what Kirk’s mom thinks?  She raised a hateful assholierthanthou bigot.

This is our daily open thread — Wut up?

164 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Randy Rainbow is dating Kirk Cameron

  1. Why do actors, even the lousy ones (Ronald Reagan) think that an acting career qualifies them for a political career and the destruction of a nation?

    A banana is an herb.
    Bananas in the wild are virtually inedible.
    They have seeds which are prolific, the size of large birdshot and will break your teeth they are so hard.
    Bananas do not ripen on the stalk, they must be harvested and stored in a cool dark place before they ripen.

    Bananas are… scratch that. The corporations that farm bananas are responsible for wiping out entire indigenous villages, the overthrow of governments, forrest destruction and pollution.

    You go Kirk Cameron!
    I”m glad you’re so well informed.

    • Thanks bmm, that’s as good a reason as any to start the day off with a cold brew… pop, fssst, gulp, gulp, ahhh.

      If you’re going to be drunk all day you have to start drinking early.

    • I don’t know.
      Back in beer heaven for the weekend, the Oregon coast.
      I’m still working on breakfast, and a photo post down below of yesterday’s delicacies.
      A mad dash up from the mad rivers of California coincided with sunny weather and a chance to revisit old haunts. The day is young, pulling tansy ragwort with the IPR (Invasive Plant Removal) gang, then perhaps 90 minutes or so to sample an IPA.
      Or two…

    • I’ll be drinking whatever is served at a 3 year old’s birthday party. I hope it’s not sweet tea.

    • Well that’s just pukka that is! Beer Day! I thought every day was Beer Day 🙂

      Well let’s see – I too have a Dogfish 90 minute IPA which has zero chance of lasting the day, Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA *and* an as yet untapped homebrewed keg of German Weizbier…..

      …. I need to attack ‘blackberry corner’ in the back garden first though.

  2. 50 years ago today was the day before my 10th birthday. My family was vacationing at a beach cottage on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. My parents surprised me with my first transistor pocket-size radio which I turned on immediately and listened to all day.

    I remember thinking it was pretty neat that only I was the one to hear the news of the day, and I excitedly ran from the lake shore up to the cottage to tell everyone that Marilyn Monroe was dead.

  3. Speaking of actors and not knowing what they are talking about – Clint Eastwood piles on the stupid in his deeply considered and substantive endorsement of Rmoney:

    ‘Eastwood, 82, said he hoped Romney would restore “a decent tax system that we need badly … so that there’s a fairness and people are not pitted against one another as who’s paying taxes and who isn’t.”‘

    Eastwood hits the irony ball out of the park on that one.

  4. Here’s an MIT prototype of a 3D printer that fits in a suitcase. To say that it’s crude is an understatement — so was the Wright Bros. airplane — but it’s an impressive technical achievement:


    Several people have been shot after a gunman opened fire on the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, Patch reported.

    The incident occurred on Sunday morning in Oak Creek.

    According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, witnesses say that as many as 30 people may have been shot.

    The AP confirms the incident.

    Witnesses told WTMJ that the suspect oped fire inside the temple. Police have not released any information about the suspected shooter and no deaths or injuries have been confirmed by authorities.

    • Depression is debilitating. I remember working at a Psychiatric hospital and having a patient diagnosed with depression tell me, “I wish people would understand that depression is just as deadly as cancer.” I will always remember her remark.

      • I’ve been dealing with depression, it does suck. Decided to see a therapist and make changes in my life, including cutting alcoholic friends and crazy women out of my life. Of course none of the women at the Zoo are crazy… 😉

        • We are wonderful 🙂 I’ve had serious bouts with depression, too. After spending some time with a wonderful psychologist and a caring psychiatrist, I learned things about myself and as a result, I have learned how to deal with depression. I’ve decided that it won’t rule my life.

  6. ‎”Never refuse to do a kindness unless the act would work great injury to yourself, and never refuse to take a drink- under any circumstances.”

    (on that note – Jane and Wayne I, too, will be joining the ‘non-alcoholic drinkers’)

    • Gov. Scott Walker: “Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, as we all struggle to comprehend the evil that begets this terrible violence.”

      We have to struggle to comprehend the evil that begets this terrible violence. Srsly? Either Scotty has a learning disability or he lives in a bubble impervious to outside influences and different opinions.

    • It’s not safe to go to church or movies or shopping malls. And the terrorists are not from outside our nation. These are home grown terrorists threatening and killing Americans. What are the Republicans going to do to stop these terrorists? Aren’t the Republicans big on fighting the war on terror? They are doing a terrible job at keeping Americans safe at home.

    • No doubt another plot by that socialist, Marxist, commie, Islamist Obama and the UN to take away all of our guns…. 😉

  7. Why does NBCs Olympic coverage suck? I have not seen a single event in the track and field shown on any of the 3 channels. Water Polo – check, volleyball – check, boxing – check ….

    I’m relying on Youtiube to catch up on some events.

    • That’s the storm that ended the Pocono Nascar race early. That front extends all the way from here in Alabama, to Montreal. It almost got me a brief shower, but it missed. Yesterday the rain missed here, and drenched all around me.

  8. I’m thinking the recent comments by Harry Reid on Rmoney possibly not paying taxes for 10 years is just cannon fodder to inflame the right. While I don’t care for baseless accusations by politicians it is nice to see a democrat do it once in awhile, just to see right wing heads explode. I’m betting Rmoney won’t release anymore tax information because it will truly expose what a rigged game the tax laws are for the very wealthy in this country.

    • Okay forgive me, my keyboard won’* *ype *he le**er *, so bear wi*h me…

      Here’s *he commen* I pos*ed a* *he *hinkProgress *hread (*he key didn’* crap ou* un*il *he very end):

      “I’ve never been a fan of Harry Reid, but this maneuver is a good strategy. What’s best is that Mitt really got himself stuck in this corner all on his own, and now he’s paying for his obtuseness and arrogance. Both doors – ‘release’ or ‘refuse’ – will lead to new levels of scrutiny of Mitt and his finances, as well as more media speculation.

      Other commenters here make great points about the timing of the release, if it happens: can Mitt put it off until after the veep pick and convention, when even Rs are asking for release of several more years of tax returns? or, if he’s forced to release them sooner, and there’s evident issues, will the Rs be ruthless enough to put up someone else?

      Hmm, I’m actually beginning to feel a little better about this election. If the challenges to the Voter ID laws hold up, I’d really feel good.”

          • I guess I should ask if your keyboard is separate or on a laptop.

            I don’t type fast enough to understand your problem, except that by watching Wheel of Fortune, I am aware that the t is one of the most frequently used letters, which increases the task needed to implement my suggestion. It’s also the reason the keyboard died there first.

            I just replaced my infrared cordless keyboard with an RF model. Sometimes the pillow I set it on in my lap would block the sensor from seeing the signal. Now the pillow doesn’t affect the RF signal, and that helps me get the keyboard in the most comfortable position. It also came with an RF mouse, but I already had one, which I bought because the old one was double-clicking on single clicks. I was about to throw it against the wall if I hadn’t got another one.

  9. The attack weasels are on the loose! Priebus calls Harry Reid “a dirty liar”. For all we know he might even be right but it’s a bit ironic that at virtually the same time Axelrod was, somewhat more politely, shooting down Mittens’ contention that Obama is suing Ohio to take away the voting rights of service members. Of course, in Mittens’ case we know that he’s a dirty liar and there are mounds of evidence to prove it. I still can’t, for the life of me, understand why Dems are so reluctant to use the “L” word. The Reichwhiners and “librul media” jump all over them no matter what they say so they might as well speak bluntly.

    • Oh boy, if they learn that the shooter was a right winger the right will go insane! Although I must say with some of the laws past under Bush and Obama, the ‘domestic terrorism’ label is a bit frightening. Like will they one day consider protestors like OWS as domestic terrorists? We can’t be having the peasants, I mean domestic terrorists upsetting our overlords on Wall Street…

    • It’s about time we had another gunapalooza.

      Hell, the Aurora shooting faded from the national consciousness a week ago.

  10. FBI leading investigation – treating it as Domestic Terrorism.

    (wish this Police chief would stop referring to it as a “church”…it’s a Temple)

  11. With my recent return to the hobby of flying model airplanes, and taking advantage of the low prices on Chinese products, I’ve been doing a lot of conversions between metric and American units. Length and mass are pretty straight forward but areas,volumes, and torque get a bit more involved. Anyway, I stumbled on this site and it’s proving invaluable. It also has currency conversions so I have a convenient source if I start buying more stuff from Europe.

      • You’re welcome!

        I lost my second oldest fish, a firefish, about a week ago but it was probably a relief because he was almost completely blind and having trouble finding food. The rest are doing great. They are all just about their maximum size and the damselfish have dug nests a couple times but I haven’t seen any eggs.

  12. How long will it take for the Reichwhiners to claim that the latest mass shooting wouldn’t have been as bad if the victims had been packing heat? My guess is that someone has already made the claim but I just haven’t spotted it yet.

    • Can already hear Faux and Rush blasting Obama for this. Gee, like nobody ever fidgets around with something while talking on the phone. In this case it happened to be a bat used in baseball, a sport that the President is a fan of.

      • Team Obama makes some bonehead unforced errors. “You didn’t build that” was an enormous verbal gaffe. Obama is smart enough to realize that the wingnuts can twist any phrase like that.

        The baseball bat photo is beyond dumb. This wasn’t a live video feed fer crissakes. Someone thought that would be a good idea, showcasing…what? That Obama looks like the other famous Chicagoan who wielded a baseball bat while doing business — ya know, Al Capone.

  13. Just finished two Halloween treat bags for Sandy’s grandkids. Totally cute!!

    Now that I’ve got the kinks worked out on the first try, I can make some for the shop. 🙂

    It’s nice to be sewing again!

  14. HERE WE GO…

    #RWNJ = Right Wing Nutjob. A friend just saw this on Twitter. This is where they’re going with this. The Obama people are inciting people to commit mass murder in order to spark discussion on gun laws and thereby repeal the Second Amendment.

    Sample #RWNJ comment, 1 hour old: another gunman somehow put up to mass murder, sacrificing lives, in an effort to have private ownership of firearms banned in the USA.

  15. I don’t know if any of you have followed this child custody case, but perhaps some of those that encouraged this woman to defy a Vermont court order and kidnap this child will actually be brought to justice. I wish Liberty U and Thomas Road Baptist were also on trial.

    • Whatever happened to minding your own damn business? There was no abuse going on in this situation — at least there doesn’t seem to be any abuse alleged — it’s just your standard custody dispute with a twist. Just because one parent decides she’s going to change her life and leave her relationship, it doesn’t matter if she’s a certain religion or not, the child is not a part of any adult decision. She is not a god-damned pawn. At least she’s not supposed to be!

      The parent who ran off with this child should lose custody, and anyone involved in encouraging her or helping her leave the country with the child should be charged and tried. Religious conviction does not put one above the law.

      I want this shit to stop!

      As if…

      • The situation was made worse by the Virginia courts refusing to recognize the civil union before finally admitting that Vermont had the jurisdiction to determine the custody of the child.
        To a sociopath people and relationships are fungible, the loving relationships the child has formed are irrelevant. Ms. Millers advisers might be the true sociopaths here, they’ve used both these people to advance their own agenda.

          • It’s that ‘old time religion/fundamentalist’ crap:

            During some of her legal battles before leaving the country, Lisa Miller was represented by Liberty Counsel, a legal group with offices in Florida and Virginia “dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family.”

            The exceedingly sad part – how are they poisoning the daughter’s mind about her other Mother.

            • Srsly, all those adults can take a long walk off a short pier, for all I care.

              That poor child will pay the highest price for all of this.

  16. “Heart beat tones.
    Things are looking good at this time.”
    Cruise stage separation…
    Final prep for entry.
    Heart beat tones

    – Seven min. to entry.

    “Vehicle doing it’s entry job very well.”

    “May get pics just a few minutes after landing.”

    – Six minutes. Everything ok at this time.

    – Five minutes to entry. Everything is good.

    – Three minutes to entry. Still seeing heart beat tones. Still looking good.

  17. – Two minutes entry
    – one minute to entry
    – 30 seconds
    -signals dropped = indicating antennae change
    Starting guided entry

    Vehicle steering its way to the target

    Signal from Odyssey

    – Parachute deployed!!!!!

    In power flight…


  18. The jubilation, joy and relief in the room are so exciting to watch.
    Amazing – the photos showing Curiosity’s shadow on Mars!


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