Watering Hole: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 – Power Naps

I present to you, the facts about power naps.

I’ll be ready to take mine in about 6 hours.

This is our Open Thread.  Do you power nap?  Do you get the “sleepies” after lunch or after work?  Speak Up!


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  1. My screw up. I posted two Open Threads for today. Since it is still early in the day on the East Coast, I rescheduled the other Open Thread for the 21st. This is what happens when I work ahead of the dates.

    • Ahh, but then on the 21st you can retroactively schedule it for today!


  2. Happy 70th Garrison!

    In his honor I’m wearing my Lake Wobegon Whippets shirt!

    “the little town that time forgot, and the decades cannot improve,” and as the town “where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.” The Lake Wobegon effect, a natural human tendency to overestimate one’s capabilities, is named after the town.

    • If a girl does turn out to be pregnant, are they going to force every male in the entire school to submit to a paternity test to find out who the father is? Where does the intrusion into one’s personal life end?

      Just because you’re not old enough to vote doesn’t mean you have no rights. I thought that, basically, they couldn’t make a student do anything they couldn’t legally make an adult do. They can’t force adult women to take pregnancy tests, so how can they force student girls to do it? If they can prove that the girl got pregnant on school grounds, then they might have justification for making her take a pregnancy test at school. But since that would mean knowing the results ahead of time, there’s now way they can justify it.

      Lastly, who pays for the pregnancy test? The student? I don’t think that’s constitutional, either. I don’t see how they can accuse someone of having a certain biological condition and then forcing that student to pay to prove she or he doesn’t have it.

  3. I’m watching the Olympic synchronized swimming event. I did synchronized swimming all through high school, and I enjoyed it. It takes an incredible amount of strength, and you have to be able to hold your breath for a long time.

    Having said that, all the weirdly greased hair, heavy makeup, jerky movements, and flapping about looks friggin’ goofy. I guess my swimming coach just was more into smooth motion that required us to be tortured by having to hold our breath forever.

    • I tried watching some of that but all I could think of was the old Martin Short/Harry Shearer SNL skit on synchronized swimming. And I don’t remember the approach on the deck being part of the choreography. There’s some goofy shit in the Olympics.

    • That’s not sport its art …… I have a huge problem with ‘sports’ which need a judge to decide how ‘expressive’ the performance is … highest, furthest, fastest, longest. That’s sport.

  4. (via LGF)

    Libertarian Kook Wayne Allyn Root Floats Another Wingnut Conspiracy Theory

    If you could unseal Obama’s Columbia University records I believe you’d find that:

    A) He rarely ever attended class.

    B) His grades were not those typical of what we understand it takes to get into Harvard Law School.

    C) He attended Columbia as a foreign exchange student.

    D) He paid little for either undergraduate college or Harvard Law School because of foreign aid and scholarships given to a poor foreign students like this kid Barry Soetoro from Indonesia.

    • “This is how stupid the right wing has become. Root actually says outright in this article that he never met Obama — never even heard of him at Columbia, in fact. He has absolutely no evidence for his overheated accusations. And that, in the delusional wingnut universe, means Obama must have done something illegal or unethical, probably involving affirmative action.”

      • I went to a fairly small state school, and I saw people at my graduation that I’d never seen in my life. I guess they didn’t really go to that school.

        It really couldn’t be much different at a giant school, right?

        • yeah, Zooey, are you:

          I am also one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators. Accurate enough that I was awarded my own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

    • The Reichwhiners really want to make the presidency exclusive. Spent time in a foreign country? Not eligible. Have a funny sounding name? Not eligible. Say something positive about a foreign country other than Israel? Not eligible. And don’t even mention anyone who isn’t entirely Caucasian.

      • Wonder when that birther shit will start raining down on Romney, the first “Mexican” to run for POTUS? Have we seen his transcripts, btw? College and HS? Straight A’s all the way, right? Uh huh.

    • I really hope these morons keep blowing that dog bugle. The fence-sitters will flee the right in droves.

      And it’s really funny. 😀

  5. Home sick (strep) watching Olympics and playing with the dog (can dogs get strep). Hate this sh*t. Watching some Olympics (syncro swimming – total bollocks; diving – fun to watch, bit artistic for me; water polo – can’t get into it, all the shenanigans going on below the water line; a little sprinting coming up, 200m that’s better).

    Women’s soccer, have not seen the video, but US Women had 1 or 2 *very* favourable ref decisions over Canada, hosers are not happy because they played well enough to win. Still SammytheTurtle is happy and the US women get a chance to avenge the WC final last year – should be a cracking match.

    • Hope you get better. Strep is nasty stuff.

      When I first read your sentence, I thought maybe you were homesick for the UK since you were watching the Olympics. Then I read it again and the “ah ha” moment happened. I’m having a rough mental day today. 🙂

      • Well the ABs are starting to take hold, so now I have something else to think about ….. sheesh, I’m almost never sick and it makes me naffed orff.

    • Hi TtT. I hope you get well soon. At least there are some sports on the tube rather than just the talk shows!

      We hosers ARE PISSED. The gals played the best game of soccer they have ever played. Unfortunately for us, Christine Sinclair is getting older – we can only hope to have a star like that come onto the scene soon.

      Both teams missed some chances and both took advantage of others. The indirect penalty kick inside the penalty box for time wasting is absolute BS. I have never ever seen that and I watch my share of soccer games. I have definitely seen a goalie get a yellow card for time wasting. But no. No warning no yellow card, just a gift. Then to be called for a hand ball!!!!!!! I see the ref herself couldn’t get away from a pass from farther away by an American girl.

      Get this news – two Canadians, including Sinclair, are being investigated for statements made after the game and may get banished from the bronze medal game!!!!

      So ya, our girls deserved better and we are pissed off.

      • I didn’t see the incident but every game I have seen, the ref warns the player and then cards the player – that the goalie was on the ground for part of the 6 second count didn’t seem to matter. I have not seen the penalty call afterwards yet but still, it sounded very controvrersial

        • Soccer, like many sports, has ‘judging’ involved that does, at times, take away from the spirit of the sport.

          Speaking of spirit of sport, Hope Solo on Christine Sinclair’s fine game, “We made her look good.” Well, Christine made Hope look hopeless three times. Can’t imagine what Hope’s remarks would be if the shoe was on the other foot.

          • Refs are always going to make mistakes, I have never seen a 6 second call made in any game – watched or played. Agreed Solo’s comments were unnecessary – girl has a big mouth.

            • Yeah that’s ugly and she could get punished after the fact. The ref missed a lot. Hand ball by the US. Not getting it right for who touched the ball last out of bounds. Stepping on heads – a US player managed a similar play around our goal.

              Missed a lot but saw fit to grant a penalty for what should have been a yellow card. Does not do woman’s soccer any good. It’s a tough game as anyone who played it can attest, and then to get to the top and have substandard reffing is appalling.

            • Game looks like it was poorly reffed. As the standard and interest in the womens game improves the officials must also improve, else there will be more games like this – a shame – because it was easily one of the epics of the women’s game.

  6. Herman Cain believes oil producing countries are lowering the price so Obama will win. Yeah, the guy promoting renewables is their guy!

  7. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Tuesday, August 7, 2012 — 3:49 PM EDT

    Jared L. Loughner Pleads Guilty in 2011 Tucson Shootings

    Jared L. Loughner pleaded guilty on Tuesday to carrying out a shooting rampage in Tucson last year that left six people dead and 13 others wounded, including Gabrielle Giffords, then a member of the House of Representatives. In exchange, the government has agreed not to seek the death penalty.

    In the hearing in Federal District Court, Judge Larry A. Burns also found Mr. Loughner mentally competent to admit to the crimes.

    Under the terms of the deal brokered by his defense team and the prosecution, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. The deal also means that victims’ relatives and the shooting’s survivors will not have to endure the prospect of sitting through a lengthy trial of uncertain outcome.

    Read More:

  8. TPM Electoral Scoreboard has Obama up 319 to 191, as Colorado has moved from ‘tossup’ to ‘leans Obama’.

    • Consider, for a moment, how absurd the whole idea of falling asleep is in a world of finite resources where living things resort to eating each other to survive. A sleeping animal must lie still for long stretches at a time, all but inviting predators to make it dinner (and not in a good way). Yet whatever sleep does is so important that evolution goes out of its way to make it possible. A dolphin, for instance, will sleep with half of its brain awake at a time, giving it the ability to surface for air and be on the lookout for predators while the other half is presumably dreaming. Birds, too, have adapted the ability to decide whether to put half of their brain to sleep or the whole thing. Imagine a flock of ducks sleeping at the edge of a lake. The birds at the periphery of the group will likely be sleeping with one-half of their brain awake and aware of their surroundings, keeping watch while their companions in the middle zonk out completely.

      Our sense of hearing does not turn off when we sleep. Our sub-conscious brain decides what sounds to ignore and what sounds should wake us.

  9. Hey you all. I received word that my older sister, the one who got chemo at Johns Hopkins last year, passed away earlier today. She had turned 69 in May.

  10. An excellent read.

    Dream, Baby, Dream! – NYTimes.com

    LONDON — So now we know: Mitt Romney believes the 13 North American colonies caused needless bloodshed by rejecting British authority, declaring independence in 1776 and waging war rather than encouraging King George III to see the error of his imperial ways, go touchy-feely with the upstarts across the Atlantic and grant freedom to the United States of America.

  11. The “librul media” is whining that President Obama is running a “negative campaign”. If one truthfully points out problematic things about an opponent is it really a “negative campaign”? If I were Obama’s campaign director I would basically run one ad. It would feature various flip flops but would simply ask one question in every ad. “Was he lying then or is he lying now?”

    • Right if your opponent is a lying sack-of-shit controlled by corporations and American fascists, why is pointing that out negative?

      Just watched local TV channel tackle the new competing ads – Romney and the invented ‘no work in welfare’ (in actual fact Obama gave Republican governors, what they wnated – more flexibnility in the program, even Rmoney as Gov of Mass had asked for it). Then Obama – your taxes go up and his go down -‘Romney-hood’ – the conclusion of the media? ‘He said, she said – just some name calling – he he’. No facts, no analysis, no guidance as to who is lying and who is not – nothing.

  12. No surprise here. A white guy can’t be a terrorist. They also seem a bit reticent in covering the fact that the Wisconsin shooter devoted much of his life to spreading the hate in his heart. He even went so far as to call for others to commit violence. I would say that’s a pretty good definition of terrorism but I’m not employed by FAUX”News”.


    • Riiiiiight. He’s a Democrat. And I’ve been chosen to represent Minnesota at the Miss America pageant.

      That stupid “Muslims have been attacking us for 1400 years” is maddening. Muslims are far from innocent and there was that pesky invasion of Spain but, the last time I checked, the overwhelming majority of conflicts between Christians, Jews, and Muslims have been fought in Muslim territory. Whether it’s been outright invasion/colonization, seizure of Eastern goods like spices and silk, oil, or that silliness of trying to hold the “Holy Land” despite the wishes of the indigenous population; I would say that there’s a far stronger case to be made that Westerners have been the aggressors.

    • “I am fighting for the unborn,” Boisclair told KARE 11. “Only by making people are people going to wake up and do something about it.”

      Umm, what?

      And there’s no such animal as Tea Party Democrat.

    • I wonder what the residency requirements in MN are. Currently, that doofus is a resident of West Virginia. At what point do you have to become a resident of a state you wish to represent in the House? Can you wait until the day before you take the oath of office? Or do you have to be a resident on Election Day?

      • “No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.”

        It’s a pretty loose requirement. I suppose the framers figured the electorate would weed out carpet baggers. And that will certainly be the case here. Ellison’s safe.

        • Thanks, zxbe. So, you can meet the age and citizenship requirements between Election Day and Swearing In Day, but you have to be an actual resident of the state ON Election Day.

    • I vacillate on the execution of criminals. There is a very small proportion who are irredeemable and will just be a danger to their guards until they die or become enfeebled.

      This particular case is dead wrong.

    • Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I don’t think there’s any deterrent value in executions and I don’t think it should be considered a punishment. In the rare cases where i think capital punishment is warranted I would liken it more to euthanizing a rabid dog.

      • I don’t think capital punishment deters anyone. I doubt prison does either, the criminal is not thinking about the penalty when the crime is committed. I oppose the death penalty unless the family and friends of the victim are willing to carry it out themselves.That I can understand. Ritualistic murder of the guilty (and sometimes the innocent) in the name of all of us just sort of creeps me out.

      • I don’t support capital punishment except for serial killers. They are way to dangerous to be allowed back into society and there is no cure for their lust for killing.

    • I posted similar sentiments on my FB page a few days ago. “You didn’t build that” is right! Government did.

      • It’s pretty safe to say that everyone alive today who grew up in the USA did so in the framework of a liberal society. Including the people who became millionaires.

    • Air travel, much less space travel, would not exist if not for government spending. Much of that was through direct military research but, for example, most of the practices of commercial aviation were established during the fledgling years of air mail beginning in 1918.

    • The ignorance is heavy in that crowd.

      One of the signs states “Islam Hates Women”…
      well, glory be, so do the Repugnant party; should they be banned or the churches they attend be shuttered?

      • Fundamentalists and authoritarians are pretty much indistinguishable to an outsider. The funny(?) part is that they will go to the grave convinced that they have nothing in common.

      • The father of an old friend was one of the first confirmed fatalities. He was a truck driver who worked routes between Minnesota and the deep south who would pull over and go for a dip when it got too hot. It’s a particularly nasty way to die.

      • We had several cases in Richmond VA in the 60’s and 70’s. I still remember my mother trying to stop me from swimming anywhere by warning me that the amoeba would go up my nose and get my brain.

  13. A butterfly farted in Asia, which also caused gas prices to go up.

    Funny how nothing ever seems to make them go down.

    Sadly, this is bad timing for Obama. (One wonders if it was arson.)

    Experts: Calif refinery fire will boost gas prices – Yahoo! News

    RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) — A major fire at one of the country’s biggest oil refineries that sent scores of people to hospitals with breathing problems will push gas prices above $4 a gallon on the West Coast, analysts said Tuesday.

    • The simple fact is that ANYTHING, or nothing, will be used as an excuse to jack up gas prices. The price goes up until sales slump significantly and then they go back down. The only consistent factor is greed. Like all successful parasites; they try to stop just short of killing the host.

      • That’s it, pete. The price of gasoline went up from between 25¢- 40¢/per gallon all around the Bay Area. Now you realize they’ve not even had time to thoroughly assess, yet any excuse to mark up the price!
        I saw, think it was a Shell, station at $3.99. We’ve not seen that in quite some time.

  14. Is it just me, or are allergies bad this year? I’ve only ever been mildly bothered by them, but this year is a whole different thing. It’s been rough.

  15. Pyjama Shark – natural habitat off the South African coast.

    I’m ambivalent about creatures being ‘kept’. If it is for study and preservations sake, perhaps – as long as they can be re-introduced to their native place.

    Pyjama sharks swim with penguins at Cal Academy of Sciences

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