Music Night – Man Pain

Depending on who you ask, all men are assholes, or most men are assholes. So when a typical guy doesn’t get the relationship to work the dialogue goes something like this:

Buster: So where’s Sherry tonight?
Billy Bob: We split up.
Buster: Oh. So it’s just the two of us tonight at the BarB Que?
Billy Bob: Yep.
Buster: So why don’t we hit the billiards hall afterward then.
Billy Bob: Yeah, I guess. But only if we chug a 6-pack before going in.

So to prove the theory that only most men are assholes, I offer two who are not, singing about man pain in the most evocative, visceral moods of anguish and eloquence.
Jimmy Dale Gilmore doing a Butch Hancock song Just a Wave Not the Water.

Jeff Buckley performs what most think is the hands down best version of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah


115 thoughts on “Music Night – Man Pain

  1. Mad World – original version by Tears for Fears.

    “Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow.. No tomorrow, no tomorrow.”

    Talk about pain. Their debut album (on which Mad World originally appeared) was called “The Hurting.”

    • The Gary Jules version is more melancholy. Here’s a rare clip of Curt Smith from Tears For Fears (vocals in the original video) doing Mad World with Gary Jules. Of course Gary didn’t write the song. Neither did Curt. It was the other member of Tears For Fears, Roland Orzabal, who wrote Mad World (and many of their hits).

  2. “When you don’t give me love, you give me pale shelter.” – more Tears For Fears from “The Hurting” album.

    • TfF were just in town (05 August). Saw their name on the marquee of the Civic Center the day after.

      • Yeah, apparently they’re back together. Curt and Roland had a big falling out for a long time. I saw Roland perform in the 90’s under the TFF name… and while Roland is the real musical genius behind the band and the songs; it was still missing Curt’s vocals.

  3. Start of the Breakdown – from The Hurting – by Tears For Fears

    “Breakdown is a final demand
    ( We stand firm with our heads in our hands )
    As we love to to cry
    Half alive”

  4. Okay, I won’t inundate you with any more from TFF after this. The title song from The Hurting.

    This album really meant something to me when I was going through some pain of my own when I first discovered it.

    Is it an horrific dream?
    Am I sinking fast?
    Could a person be so mean
    As to laugh and laugh?
    On my own
    Could you ease my load?
    Could you see my pain?
    Could you please explain the hurting?

  5. Written originally by Trent Resner of Nine Inch Nails, but Johnny Cash’s version is particularly haunting. He recorded this shortly before he passed.

  6. Okay, I’m still on The Hurting (sorry, but it’s just brought back a floodgate of feelings)… Memories Fade

    There’s only need
    I love your need
    So much I’m losing me
    I cannot see the reason for the pain
    With hungry joy
    I’ll be your toy
    Just hoping you will play
    Without hope my body starts to fail

    Memories fade but the scars still linger
    Goodbye my friend
    Will I ever love again
    Memories fade but the scars still linger

    • Cranked up as far as the poor little speakers can handle…
      :> :> :> :> :> :> :> :> :>:> :>

  7. Such a tragedy that some millenia ago humans lost reverence for the goddess and nurturing in favor of the male traits of competition and dominance.
    We struggle now under the yoke of patriarchal religions and their effect on societies, mass producing weapons to slaughter anyone who might compete for our holy hamburgers.

    • And that as a supposedly advanced society we are still trapped in the medieval ideas of masculinity and femininity. If the past 100 years has taught us nothing with the rise of musical recording is that both men and women are fully capable of experiencing personal pain. One of the worst stereotypes that still exists is that men don’t feel that sort of pain, except for a few exceptional types who really aren’t men,well because they do express it.

  8. Jeebus my computer is doing it again; can’t see anything but blackness where you’re posting your offerings…shit!

    • You’re taking this male pain thing too literally, Raven. Next I expect you’ll post Varsity Blues’ famous shots in the nuts!

      • Guess you’re right, HofR…
        I’ll kick back and leave you with this. The full episode, so grab another six pack and go!

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    I’m in a quandry: Fux always lies, but Mittens would make an announcement like that on Fux. Or Drudge. I guess I’ll believe it.

    I’ll be sleeping through the announcement, so if it’s fake, no worries in the sleep department, until, of course, we hear who the VP pick will be.

    My money’s on Portman.

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