Sunday Roast: Dear Ann…

I think Ann Coulter is one of the most vile people on the planet.  She exists only to magnify the hate and discontent of hateful malcontents.  Every time she speaks, she hurts this country with her poisonous words that drip acid onto the fabric of our nation.  Naturally, she finds a platform from which to spew her bile on Fox “News,” where they treat her like a well-respected conservative, rather than a batshit insane harpy.

Henry Rollins takes her down a notch or two, and I really like that in a man.

Dear Ann:

You used to be fun; at least funny.  At least gently and amusingly insane, but girlfriend, you’ve changed!  The thousand-yard stare you’ve acquired in the last couple of years says lonely nights, too much wine and insecurity about the future of your career.  Where to now, my sweet fascist?  Another one of your silly books?  More hilarious appearances on Hannity & Colmes?  Bill Maher has to be tired of you by now.

You’re anything but stupid and by now , you must see the writing on the wall.  You’ll never have a real place with the Beltway in crowd, as they see you as a northeastern, hickoid, pro wrestler, Nascar type with a degree from Cornell.  I mean, really, Ann; where can it go from here?  Ann, I think I have the answer, in fact, I know I do.

I want to hire you, Ann.  I want you to come and work for me.  I want you to be my “Ann Friday,” my housekeeper, beekeeper, floor, chimney and minesweeper, my window-washing, grocery-buying, dinner-cooking, obsequious, submissive concubine-domestic.

Go here to read the rest of Rollins’ Dear Ann letter.

When I read this letter, I laughed and laughed.  Yeah, it’s filthy, sexist, and rude, but surely Ann can take a fraction of her own medicine, eh?

This is our daily open thread — What’s up today?

89 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Dear Ann…

  1. She’s a complete waste of time and energy.
    Projects way too much and is a very unpleasant person.
    Now for the negative qualities…

  2. It’s still an hour before Nicole Belle’s Sunday Bobblehead thread is up at Crooks and Liars, but I’m already looking at the Sunday show pages to see if the shows changed their guests because of yesterday’s news.

    Meet the Press had scheduled T-Paw, but he’s replaced by Scott Walker and RNC-PR-BS. Axelrod gives the rebuttal. Rachel is still on the panel, with Chuck Todd, Rich Lowery, Dan Balz and Bill Bennett. I see Rachel as having no allies on this panel.

    On This Week, it’s still T-Paw and Axelrod, The Roundtable has Cokie Roberts, Howard Dean and Gavin Newsome versus Paul Gigot, and the ever condescending Peggy Noonan.

    Face the Nation has Eric Fehrnstrom and Stephanie Cutter, with Newt Gingrich standing in for John McCain this week, and their panel is the Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, The Week’s Bob Shrum, The Daily Beast’s David Frum, The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson and POLITICO’s Roger Simon. This could be the best show of the day, as I expect Cutter to ‘slice and dice’ Fehrnstrom.

    I never go near the Fox News Sunday page. I just don’t.

    • Rachel was going to be the only reason I would record MTP, otherwise I wouldn’t watch it at all. And speaking of “condescending,” I’m glad they aren’t having that smug condescending prick, Alex Castellanos, on to lie and talk down to her. I think she can handle the others.

      And I like how you say Newt is “standing in” for McCain. 🙂

      I hear Members of Congress bitch all the time about having to go home to their districts on weekends to raise money, and yet McCain seems to be in DC many weekends doing the Sunday talk shows. Does he actually serve constituents back home or does he let Sen Kyl handle all that? One good thing about the election being a few months away is that the Sunday talk shows will no longer have an excuse to bring John McCain on. After Mitt loses, he’ll be the former GOP POTUS candidate, so he should be getting most of McCain’s calls. I predict, however, that after Mitt loses, he’ll drop out of public life so he can travel the world and visit his millions, and they’ll go back to inviting McCain on their shows.

      • Sen Kyl doesn’t do squat for his constituents. But we have to look at his ugly mug in closeup as he hawks his choice for his Senate seat (Jeff Flake) and for the most conservative douchebag rep in the district (Ben Quayle).

      • It continues to amaze me how long the Republicans keep their losers around to blather.
        Mercifully Boy Bush remains at home, likely scraping the switchgrass out of his lawnmower to distill another batch.

  3. Hell hath no fury like a T-Paw scorned: {I gave} “a bunch of tax returns” to Romney Campaign for Vice Presidential vetting.

  4. My wingnut b.i.l. shared this at Facebook. There are more than 350,000 “likes” at this point. Me, I just want to know who “some in the media” might be.

    Some in the media are complaining that Gabby Douglas is “so, so, so into Jesus.” LIKE if you are tired of liberal attacks on Christians.

    • I think there are far more “christian” attacks on atheists than there are “liberal attacks on Christians.”

      It’s a good thing I don’t give a shit if a “christian” says something nasty to me. It’s just who they are.

      • The early Christians were justified in thinking they were being persecuted because, well, they were being persecuted. As a group they’ve been getting back at everyone else for the last two millenia. Modern “Christians” completely lack the faith in their Messiah that once protected them and now whine about everything — the ultimate victims.

  5. On CNN Reliable Sources: Terence Smith on the Ryan pick (formerly with CBS News) “If Rupert Murdoch, and Paul Gigot, and Bill Kristol are happy, who are the rest of us to complain?”

    I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or not.

    • In Mooresville, Romney was presented with his own customized NASCAR by legendary stock car driver Darrell Waltrip…

      Boogity, boogity, boogity! Lets go losing boys!

    • Considering Rafalca’s derriere could draw bigger crowds than Willard, it isn’t surprising. What will tell is how long the new clown on parade can continue. And if he does, won’t Willard get jealous?

  6. ASHEVILLE, N.C. — A spokesman for Billy Graham says the 93-year-old evangelist has been admitted to a North Carolina hospital for an infection in his lungs.

    I’m not speaking ill of the dead so I’ll just say you’re kind of an asshole, but your son is a complete asshole.

  7. This muther-fucker is saturating the local airwaves with ads. The ONLY true statements included are his boasts of implementing Lushbo’s “operation chaos” of GOoPers running and voting in Democratic primaries. He doesn’t even address Dems. Only GOoPers. I don’t think Amy Klobuchar has much to worry about but he still pisses me off more than I can say without cussing.

    • I don’t even let websites I like take over the audio of my computer like that. I’ll exit any site with automatic audio that doesn’t have an obvious control I can cut off at my discretion.

      • Sorry, house. I have ad-block and script block so I didn’t even know about the audio. I wouldn’t have posted the link. If the powers that be could erase the link or post a warning I would be most grateful.

        • Well, you’ve warned them, so that’s enough. I was adding my annoyance to yours.

          The lying from the GOP is reaching astounding levels.

          I’ve finally gotten to Rachel’s portion of Meet the Press. I DVRed the show this morning, while watching the Fox show with the C&L folks, and when I started to play it I had a kids show, even though it still said Meet the Press on the screen ID. So I DVRed the replay on MSNBC while I watched the NASCAR race from Watkins Glen. I have tried to find something about what happened to the NBC feed as the show aired live, but nothing has turned up. It might have been a cable company error.

          • I would still feel better if someone could disable the link for me. Here’s the asshole’s “platform”. It’s all one r4eally needs to know.

            The only way to defeat the re-election of Sen. Amy Klobuchar is knocked out by only using your vote once on August 14 in the DFL U.S. Senate Primary for Jack Edward Shepard just to knock Klobuchar off the Nov. 6 General Election Ballot to create the upset of the 2012 National Election the Election of Conservative Republican Kurt Bills who if Senator Amy Klobuchar wins her DFL primary is polling to defeat Kurt Bills by over 20+% about the same percent as Amy Klobuchar defeated Mark Kennedy in 2006! That’s why our only chance to remove Amy Klobuchar from the U.S. Senate is by Minnesota Republican Pro-life Crossover like the Wisconsin republicans Party has been doing or as Conservative Radio Talk Show host Rush Limbaugh has in one day over 100,000 Conservative republican’s crossover and vote for Clinton in the Texas DFL primary!

            Remember, Klobuchar constantly says one thing, then fails to follow through with it, and then does another. It is obvious that she votes when it suits the interests she really represents ” Her Big Money Donors” which are not those of her constituents!

            I find it especially maddening that he whines that Sen. Klobuchar “says one thing … then does another” when he’s running a false flag campaign and doubtless supports Mittens for president.

    • The ignorance is painful to read!

      Black holes are a liberal conspiracy

      Andy: There’s a broader point here. Why the big push for black holes by liberals, and big protests against any objection to them? If it turned out empirically that promoting black holes tends to cause people to read the Bible less, would you still push this so much? Certainly there is no practical justification to pushing black holes; no one will ever be helped by them in any way.[14]

      • It’s more than ignorance or even stupidity, Ebb. Mere ignorance is relatively easy to cure. And even a challenged intellect can learn with a good, patient, teacher but Andy’s case is chronic and terminal. It’s a kind of insanity that is almost always caused by the cognitive dissonance needed to retain a Belief in the infallibility of the Bible or other dogmatic religious work. Of course, Andy even goes past that since he actually read the Bible and figured out that all the valuable parts are actually more in line with “librul” positions than the Reich-wing claptrap.

  8. Lately I have been wondering about America. The recent rise of such nastiness and hate is disconcerting. It makes me think that our pride in our nice guy image really is a thin veneer. The champion of Democracy and Freedom has long been a total piece of crap from what I have seen. The last time we could claim that was WWII and the Marshall Plan that followed. In fact, that appears to be the only time we acted out of decency and altruism.

    The country was born in the rape of a continent. We had a few good years where we tried to make some amends but it didn’t really last. The whole Red Scare and Domino Theory crap was just an excuse to install our toadies versus the Soviet or Chinese ones. In my lifetime, I haven’t seen the US actually support a democratic government in any country other than our allies.

    After the collapse of the USSR and the slow morphing of China we should have been able to work to support democracy in the world. Instead we have continued to look for evil bad guys and done our best to support the possible candidates until they were ripe for the picking. Instead of breathing a sigh of relief and ramping our military down as we did after WWII, we are looking for excuses to ramp it up.

    We are the very entity the poor benighted commies claimed we were. Imperialists.

    • Excellent piece. I particularly liked the closing lines.

      ” Peel a few layers back and the rise of faith in American exceptionalism doesn’t evince superiority. It indicates fear.”

  9. I don’t care how old Daltrey and Townsend get, it’s still The Who

    And “Baba O’Reilly,” one of my favorites.

    • Nice find Ebb… I like the apparatus the guy made to tow behind the boat. The Go Pro is an amazing little video camera, and becoming popular. I’m seeing them often in my travels.

  10. On 60 Minutes, Bob Schieffer just asked the question, if Ryan was running for his House seat also, and he confirmed he was, that he couldn’t get off the ballot this late if he wanted to.

  11. NPR’s profile of the Christianist David Barton hack:

    “For example, you’ve been taught the Constitution is a secular document. Not so, says Barton: The Constitution is laced with biblical quotations.

    “You look at Article 3, Section 1, the treason clause,” he told James Robison on Trinity Broadcast Network. “Direct quote out of the Bible. You look at Article 2, the quote on the president has to be a native born? That is Deuteronomy 17:15, verbatim. I mean, it drives the secularists nuts because the Bible’s all over it! Now we as Christians don’t tend to recognize that. We think it’s a secular document; we’ve bought into their lies. It’s not.”

    We looked up every citation Barton said was from the Bible, but not one of them checked out. Moreover, the Constitution as written in 1787 has no mention of God or religion except to prohibit a religious test for office. The First Amendment does address religion.”

    If you are feeling especially masochistic, check out the cringe-inducing videos of Barton that NPR compiled:

  12. On Meet the Press, Bill Bennett said “Paul Ryan is a serious man for serious times.'”
    Bank robbers are serious. Car thieves are serious. Serial murderers are serious. They all have ill intent. What’s your point Bill?

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