Watering Hole: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 – Three Acres and Pool

The other day, I realized that I have been doing less work around the house and spending more time enjoying the place.  It made me think of the Romneys and how nice it must be to have maids, cooks, gardeners, etc… managing their property.  They get to enjoy the place without the work.

I will vote for Romney if he promises and delivers three acres and pool along with the staff to do all the work for all Americans.  Ha!

This is our Open Thread.  What do you want from Romney or Obama?  Speak Up!


193 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 – Three Acres and Pool

  1. This could work, Cat’s.
    Everybody has jobs, going next door to mow, clean and fix their neighbors places.

    • Didn’t think about that. We could make it communal where we all share in the pleasures and in the work. Mitt would never go for that. He is too much of an elitist and believes that he should be served by others. Romney is a poor choice for president because he has no desire to serve our nation. He wants the title and the control. In all his speeches, he talks about how “he” will rule the nation. It’s all about him and not the people. There is no humility in Romney. It’s all pretense.

          • And those dudes with the black track suits and white shoes – at least they ‘drank the Kool Aid’ as it were….

          • Shayne, there wasn’t a “reply” under your question of

            Who are the black track suit guys? The actual Kool Aid folks?

            I believe Turtle was referring to “Heaven’s Gate” cult

            On March 26, 1997, police discovered the bodies of 39 members of the group who had committed suicide[2] in order to reach what they believed was an alien space craft which was following the Comet Hale-Bopp, which was at its brightest

            It takes all kinds – as there are those who “still believe and wait”

        • Just saw your comment about the high school kids. My daughter worked at MeatHeads this summer and had the same thing to say about the high schools kids working with her. But she learned what I’d been saying about nobody works harder than Mexicans is true.

      • That would be an awesome pool for all our critters to play in. Even the cats would find that interesting.

  2. I have to make myself take time off each week. When you live where you work it’s hard not to work nonstop. I don’t need Romney to deliver a pool, though I wish we had a community pool. There has been talk of one through the years, but there is always some reason it never happens. I suspect all those reasons boil down to “poor people would use it”. One county official even said “We don’t need a pool, we have two country clubs people can join”, which sounds like something Mitt would say.
    If this is a picture of your pool Cats, I could probably be there in a few hours!

    • I joined a Facebook page for German Shorthair Pointers and all these dogs have either great beaches or awesome pools like that to play in. My poor boys have a yard. We have a above ground pool but when we tried to get them to go in it they thought we were trying to drown them.

  3. When I had the car shop every activity was compared to what I could be doing at the shop. A farm is worse. There’s always work to do or a repair of equipment or barn etc.

    • Really my husband takes one week off a year to go fishing in Canada. That’s it. He is taking Friday off to take Taylor to school but he’ll probably be crying all day so what fun is that.

  4. I voted in the primary today. At 7:08am (polls open at 7) I was #5.

    For DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor party – aka Minnesota Democrats), it was an easy ticket. Amy Klobuchar has some none-serious challengers. She’ll win the primary easily. And she should win the general easily.

    A single Dem running to run against John Kline (Michelle Bachmann voting-style, without the crazy parts of her personality – makes him more dangerous – you don’t see it coming). Kline will win sadly (it’s a safely gerrymandered district). We had some primary challenges for Supreme Court positions. The incumbents will likely win, but this was more to make sure the tea party crazy challengers don’t advance out of the primary.

  5. Guess what Ryan’s wife did for a living before she quit to be a stay at home mom?

    If you guessed she was a Washington Lobbyist for Nukes, Big Pharma and Cigars, then you would be right….

  6. I will vote for Romney if he promises and delivers… And of course, therein lies the rub. He’d surely promise it, like he promises whomever, whatever they desire in order to secure the presidency.
    The deliver part, well, all I can say is ……….SSSSUCKER!!!

  7. Q. How many geeks does it take to ruin a joke?
    A. You mean nerd, not geek. And not joke, but riddle. Proceed.

  8. Hey cool, Chris Christie is going to devour the GOP convention keynote address.

    No wait, deliver the address.

  9. “I am absolutely confident that [Romney] … did pay taxes.” McCain told the Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston during an interview set to air on his “Face to Face” program on Tuesday. “Nothing in his tax returns showed that he did not pay taxes.”

    McCain is still parsing and did not call Harry Reid a liar, as Reince Priebus did.

    • I think there’s more to this to come – Reid has something else on this subject I feel it ….

  10. Gallup calls public reaction to the Ryan pick “among the least positive” that “Gallup has recorded in recent elections.” Nate Silver’s view:

    “I think the smart money is on Mr. Ryan’s polling remaining mediocre throughout this election cycle.

    He articulates his ideas well, but with a somewhat intellectual timbre that might appeal more to high-information voters than those who are less invested in politics and are more likely to be undecided in the race. And he has inherently something of a tough sell, since his policy preferences are reasonably far removed from those of the median voter. Mr. Ryan is also on the young side for a vice-presidential choice, and lacks foreign policy experience, so he may have more work to do than the average candidate in demonstrating his credentials.”

    • Good analysis. When the seniors (who vote, btw) understand the Ryan plan’s negative impact, Rmoney and all his Kochdollars won’t be able to steal this election.

  11. Your Moment of Mitt.

    His visit to Miami yesterday:

    “Romney received a warm welcome to Miami Monday on Radio Mambí, a station that caters to Cuban exiles. Romney had an appearance at a Miami juice shop (owned by a convicted drug dealer) later in the day and the host told the GOP candidate, “They’re waiting for you with a mamey and a guayaba — Cuban fruits — here in Miami, do you like those?”

    “I am a big fan of mango, papaya, and guava,” Romney said. The hosts chuckled and added, “There are mangos there too.” We’re not sure if the host and translator laughed with Romney in his moment of candor, at the fact that he added mango and papaya to the list, or that the former is Cuban slang for “vagina.” ‘


      • No but it sounds like it’s in the past. Probably a post op infection. When my friend, Chuck, got his infection he found that about half of the people getting operations at that hospital got them too. Part of that is that they send people home so soon after an operation that they don’t catch it until it’s a much bigger deal than if they had been in the hospital when it hits.

    • Can you take some light stuff down Friday evening and crank the A/C down so it’ll be cool when you arrive Saturday?

      • I’m picking up the keys tomorrow, so I’ll take most of the stuff I have here then. Making another trip on Friday, and getting the place cool for Saturday is an excellent idea! Thanks, Outstanding!

      • I’ve lived in humidity and dry heat, and I definitely prefer the dry heat. I can’t breath in the humid heat. Blech.

        Yay for dry heat!

      • Dry heat is good. Except when the wind blows, then it just feels like an oven…We’re only 108 today. We’re having a cool spell.

    • The faux indignation and vapors were by Andrea Saul of the Mittens Team. She’s just trying to get back in good graces.

      You remember Andrea, she’s then one that last week equated Romneycare in Mass. with Obamacare and was summarily raked over the coals by Wingnutosphere.

      • Ah yes, she needs to get her “I’ll do anything and say anything, but don’t call me a whore” game back on track.

    • Well this would piss off a lot of Virginians.
      The comments on that article are delusional.

  12. Damn, no wonder my throat is sore — Idaho is burning, and the smoke is settling into this valley.

    No end in sight, since the heat wave is to continue for at least another week.

  13. Will the Dems be able to benefit from PACs? It seems to me that the smart move would be to let the PACs do the attack ads while the official campaign, especially now that they have the Ryan plan as a target, can stick to policy and records. And I still want to see an ad that ends with: “Was he lying then or is he lying now. There is no third option.”

    On a related note: It’s being reported that Ryan’s voting record mirrors Batscat Bachmann’s. I would love to see the Dems hang that crazy (expletive deleted) around Mittens’ and Ryan’s necks.

    • You can’t see his hands and unless they’re nailed into some 2×4’s I don’t any Jesus connection. More like Stevie Nicks.

    • I don’t find anything wrong with the picture. I find him offensive, not in the football sense, but in the holier than thou sense.

      I’ll still cheer for the Jets, but only when Tebow is warming the bench. Really wish they hadn’t picked him up.

      • I’m a Vikings/NFC fan so I have no feelings about the Jets but Tebow is a guy I find easy to root against. I would find him, and Brees and a few other God-bothering football players, less annoying if one of them would come out after a loss and say “I guess the other team just prayed harder”. I would also guess that the other 20-40 guys would get tired of them attributing their wins to God.

        • Exactly! You never here them say “We lost because we didn’t pray hard enough.”

          I’m a Viking fan too, from way back. Bud Grant is a legend in Winnipeg for his winning ways before he went to the Vikings. I’m too young to remember him in Winnipeg, but Manitobans cheered him on in Minnesota.

      • Sorry, I hadn’t read your reply until after I posted mine above.

        While I didn’t bother looking at the photo, I heartily concur with the rest of your sentiments!

    • I’m not an unambiguous fan of Hillary but she has steel in her soul. I really kinda wish she had remained in the Senate to lend some of that steel to Harry Reid.

      • I think being SoS has brought her what she thought she’d get via the presidency: Power, recognition, and respect.

        She’s probably thanking her lucky stars these days that she didn’t get the Dem nomination nod.

        • I frequently wonder if the GOP would be more intransigent toward a black man or a woman.

          I think we’ll get our answer in 2016.

          • I really think it would have been horrible for either Obama or Clinton, but the added feature of Obama being black has brought out the true hate lurking in this country.

            The GOP? They would demonize any Democrat, but I really think they’re enjoying the racist ugliness, while trying to distance themselves (kinda) from the mess.

            • I think that it would have been a push. they would just have been overcome by misogyny instead of racism. although I am still a bit surprised that they have continued to double down on the rage over every single issue. Even toddler throwing a tantrum eventually get tired and fall asleep. Not so with the GOopers.

        • Yeah. I don’t begrudge her the job but I really wonder if the GOoPers would have been quite so effective at their obstruction if she was still a Senator.

      • Sununu is no more than 2 chromosomes removed from a poo-flinging baboon at the best of times but i was thinking, and hoping(?), that he would have a stroke.

        • He was SO pissed off about being contradicted! Woo!

          His teevee makeup must have been covering his furious bright red face.

      • I wonder if Bill0 will pitch a fit over the “librul media attacking” poor GOoPers. Ever since he demonstrated that he can’t figure out how the tides work I have actually been able to laugh at him.

  14. The Say Anything Tour churns on:

    In the heart of Ohio’s coal country, Romney accused the president of “waging war on coal” and hindering job creation at a time when Americans are struggling.

    “He talks about how wonderful it is and how we’re adding jobs in the coal industry and producing more coal,” Romney said while flanked by dozens of coal miners in this key battleground state. “How in the world can you go out there and just tell people things that aren’t true?”

    Self awareness isn’t a strong suit in the GOP.

    • If Romney wins, we are friggin’ doomed.

      Not because of him, but because of those who will be controlling this meat puppet.

      • I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but I’m starting to suspect that they have no desire to win the presidency. Assuming that the GOoPers retain control of the house and don’t lose the filibuster in the Senate; it’s their perfect wet dream. They can trash the country by passing BS legislation in the House and filibuster everything in the Senate and then blame Obama for everything.

        • You could be right, pete. I mean really, Obama is the fucking anti-christ, and they come up with Romney? Really?

          The GOP has much more power if they gain control of the House and Senate, and they know it.

  15. FYI…

    People are 3,615 times more likely to report a UFO sighting than they are to commit in-person voter impersonation, according to national data.

      • Ryanide/Addledscum finance meeting:

        Porky: “The check is under your dinner napkin…”
        Weaselface: “What do you want me to do?”

    • What does this say about the state of democracy in the United States, when a candidate running for the second highest office in the land meets with a gambler in a city founded by organized crime?
      And a candidate running for the highest office wants to hush it up?

    • I’m just one of the little people who doesn’t appreciate the nuance of a “finance event”. I don’t really get that dressage thing either.

  16. Romney’s Big Lie:

    $716 billion is how much Obamacare cuts from Medicare spending – but NOT Medicare recipient’s benefits.

  17. I think it’s funny that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan desperately want to be Prez and VP, but neither of them can run on their records. Run away!!


  18. Notice when Ryan gets flustered and cornered he talksrealfastandkindaslurshiswordsandrunsthemalltogether?

  19. This is the song that Van the Man wrote about me. Thanks Van…Enjoy and sweet dreams…

  20. Okay, this one he specifically said, “Benton this is your traveling song. Smile dude, it’s all good.” Thanks again Van…

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