Mars, a Utopian Vacation Destination: Peace & Quiet, Allergen-Free & Always Clear and Sunny

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Paul Jamiol
Jamiol’s World

3 thoughts on “Mars, a Utopian Vacation Destination: Peace & Quiet, Allergen-Free & Always Clear and Sunny

  1. Interestingly, people are dying in the Middle East just to get a chance at the right to vote, while here in Merika people are doing all they can to keep hundreds of thousands from exercising that right.

    I saw one article that those who plan on sitting out this election by far and large favor Obama. But they can’t or won’t be motivated to actually vote for him. So let Romney win. See what the folks that sat it oud do when there are no jobs, no unemployment, no welfare, no food stamps, no health care, no schools, no access to birth control. See what happens when we have an explosion of babies born to teenagers with no means to support them. See what happens when the middle class is plunged into poverty and destitution.

    To state the obvious: civil war. We have become a house divided: hence, we cannot stand. The rich will take their money and leave, but they will leave a government in place that will continue to do their bidding. And will win election after election.

    I expect, in my life time, that tens of millions will die, as a result of civil unrest and a changing climate that will severely cut the food supply. This is the course we are on, and not even Obama has made the hard choices necessary to change it.


    • They favor Obama, but they can’t be arsed to get themselves into a voting booth? And they actually admitted that to someone writing things down?

      Jesus fucking christ, if any nation is asking for a civil war, it’s this one. And those people who stayed home having their little hissy fits can be conscripted to clean latrines. Assholes.

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