The Watering Hole, Thursday, August 16th, 2012: FOCUS!

Okay, so last weekend, presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney introduced Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential running mate. While this does open up a whole new can of worms – or can of whoop-ass, depending on one’s political leanings – it does NOT change the fact that it is MITT ROMNEY who could become the next President of the United States of America. This solid rock of a fact is still the absolute center of the widening ripples caused by last weekend’s announcement. Those ripples will slowly fade, but the rock will remain: Mitt Romney, a lying, shallow, amoral and characterless opportunist, might end up as the “leader of the free world.”

So our focus must remain on Mitt Rmoney and his obvious weaknesses:

– Rmoney has changed his mind on (or out-and-out denied that he ever held) nearly every policy position that he ever professed as Governor of Massachusetts (abortion rights, his own ‘Romneycare, LGBT rights, etc.);

– Rmoney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts was dismal at best: as was pointed out several times during the Republican debates, Massachusetts was 47th in job creation under Rmoney (of course, you won’t hear Mitt’s former challengers pointing that out ever again.)

– Rmoney’s career at Bain Capital was marked more by bankruptcies, lost jobs and outsourcing than by job creation and helping businesses;

– Rmoney’s “saving” of the Salt Lake City Olympics involved lobbying and outsourcing jobs (U.S. Olympic uniforms made in Burma?!)

– Rmoney’s complete lack of foreign policy ideas or experience (with the sole exception of bombing Iran on behalf of Israel), as evidenced by his recent disastrous trip abroad;

– Rmoney’s refusal (insultingly reinforced by Ann Rmoney) to release additional tax returns – and I think that the Mittster probably believes that his announcement of Ryan as his Veep pick put an end to that topic (as our “journalists can’t hold more than one thought in their collective heads at once) but we CANNOT let this issue go away!

The big boys with the big money are ready, more than willing, and able to prop up the Rmoney campaign in order to ensure themselves a kindred spirit in the Oval Office. Thanks to Citizens United, those people with even deeper pockets and more self-centered motives than Rmoney (Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, etal) are pouring millions upon millions of dollars into SuperPACS in their efforts to sway those oddly undefined but key “independent” voters. On the State level, Republican governors and state legislatures are passing Voter ID laws specifically designed to disenfranchise certain voter groups who tend to vote Democratic. This Presidential election is the culmination of strategies which were begun months, years, decades ago by those deep-pocketed people (and corporations, who are ‘people’ too, my friend), and they are not going to give up now.

That is what we, as liberals and as Americans, have to focus on from now until November. Mitt Rmoney CANNOT become President of these United States.

This is our daily open thread — go ahead, have at it!


166 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, August 16th, 2012: FOCUS!

  1. OMG. This is just the biggest total piece of crap I’ve seen in a while. (And given the state of right-wing politics, that’s saying a lot.) You see, it’s not really the GOP’s fault. It’s these darn women. They really just don’t know what’s good for them. (And the right really wonders why they have a problem with women?) The author of this piece is a women (before we assume it’s a women-bashing man), but she makes a point in the piece of saying Obama is condescending to women, while her entire article is condescending to women. How dare a woman make the educated choice that perhaps a strong social safety net is better for society? How dare they!

    No mention in the article about how private business, left unregulated, still pays women less than they pay men. Curious that omission.

    The sad truth about the 2012 women’s vote | Fox News

    I’m going to be blunt with you. The GOP has a very big problem when it comes to female voters. It has for a long time, and I’m concerned about both the ability to reverse it and what it says about the majority of women at this time in history.

    However, my biggest concern rests with the American women–and so-called “feminists”–who continue to embrace a philosophy of dependence. The same women who once decried fairytales where men rescued damsels in distress are now all-too-comfortable awaiting the rescuing hand of Big Daddy government.

    That’s what going backward really looks like.

  2. If Keith Olbermann was still doing Countdown, would he open with something like: ‘Today is August 16th, 2012, 82 days until election day, and Mitt Romney still hasn’t released any more tax returns!’ ?

  3. “Presidential election is the culmination of strategies which were begun months, years, decades ago by those deep-pocketed people (and corporations, who are ‘people’ too, my friend), and they are not going to give up now.”

    Decades ago, and not just in the U.S. of A. Read “The Family” by Jeff Sharlett. They have been infiltrating the halls of power globally for decades now. Perhaps we will come to the point where we thank God these evangelicals have also long fought for our right to arm ourselves to the teeth.

  4. Once again, Sick Rantorum rants about a non-existent war on religion
    Santorum says government forcing Catholics to sin
    Yes, Prick. We, the people, insist that employers (no matter who they are), provide health care to their employees. You don’t get to pick and choose which benefits to cover. Get over it.
    And BTW, Father Mulroney says to stop whacking off in the shower.

    • I’m pretty sure that regarding a fellow human being with contempt is a sin. Rick Santorum is causing me to sin.

    • I would not be surprised to find out that Rick and his wife have a basement room with a rack and/or other marital “aids” involving but not limited to whips, chains, and a pair of boots and a riding crop or two…

      I wonder what his “safeword” is?

      • This could be a fun guessing game. I’d say his safeword is “Reagan.” That seems to be the go-to word on the right for all problems.

    • I want these self-satisfied fuckwits to mind their own business.

      I think it’s a simple and understandable request.

  5. Your purring murderer:

    A new study has been bouncing around the web in which cameras were attached to pet cats so that their behavior (and kill-totals) away from home could be better understood. Deanna Pan goes over the numbers:

    “About 30 percent of the sampled cats were successful hunters and killed, on average, two animals a week. Almost half of their spoils were abandoned at the scene of the crime. Extrapolating from the data to include the millions of feral cats brutalizing native wildlife across the country, the American Bird Conservancy estimates that kitties are killing more than 4 billion animals annually. And that number’s based on a conservative weekly kill rate, said Robert Johns, a spokesman for the conservancy. “We could be looking at 10, 15, 20 billion wildlife killed (per year),” Johns said.”

  6. Busted: Paul Ryan Left $1-5 Million Trust Off Disclosure Forms Until He Was Vetted

    The House Ethics folks aren’t worried about Mr. Ryan’s slip, but then we have to remember that the Republicans appeared to want to kill the Office of Congressional Ethics when they took over in 2010. Ethics are for Democrats. Both parties violate ethics rules, but only one party seeks to hold the offenders accountable. Remember the Republican outrage over Tom Daschle’s $140,000 in taxes owed for a car and driver provided by a donor? That inadvertent admission rendered Tom Daschle unfit for a cabinet position.

    Dems have got to stop giving these people the benefit of the doubt. It makes us look fucking stupid, and it’s killing us!

      • Oh I don’t know, it seems like we’re getting a pretty good idea what he and Mitt are about. The added bonus is that our imaginations tend to make things much worse than they usually are, and Romney/Ryan are willing to let that happen. They must be hiding some pretty damn ugly shit. 😉

  7. Let’s face it, even without his poor political record Romney is a bad choice. He is so out of touch with the average American he doesn’t have a clue how to relate to us. It is simply beyond his understanding how a person can live on less than a few million a year and not be able to afford health care or food, or a roof over one’s head, let alone mansions and yachts… Shoot, even his arrest record screams “poor little rich boy”!

    • “We’re not here to go after her, to hurt her, to take money from her or to prevent her from feeding kids that need the food,” Pisarek insisted.

      Uh huh.

    • The “concern troll” is exceedingly irritating.

      Your proposal of co-operation from all angles was spot on. Keeping it simple and feeding the children is the bottom line.

      The Acting solicitor Murray Eckell told the Inquirer that the negative publicity Chester Township has received was unfair.

      Stop being a crying toddler and do something positive Murray.

    • He’s counting the charitable giving to his cult as part of ‘taxes paid’.
      Sorry mittens, doesn’t work that way.
      We’ll believe the % of taxes paid just as soon as you release them for our perusal.

      • Charity is what rich people pay instead of taxes. Just like most everything else they do it’s a way to ensure that their money only funds things they want while the rest of us end up paying for what society needs as a whole.

          • Yes, though it’s not 1 to 1. At least it’s not 1 to 1 for the amounts that mere humans pay but I’m not sure when one starts casually writing checks in the millions.

      • In my opinion charity is when you don’t claim it as a tax deduction. Charity is when you don’t get something in return.

  8. From media matters today
    Asked by Hume when the Romney plan would balance the budget, Ryan said he didn’t know because “we haven’t run the numbers on that specific plan.”

    Yikes, they’re more incompetent than one can imagine!

    • “We’re gonna reduce taxes on the job creators to zip. I don’t have a clue what that’ll do to the budget. And I don’t care because I’m a job creator. Check out these pictures of my new mansion in Bermuda.”

  9. There’s a guy on Hardball named Barry Horstman, from the Cincinnati Enquirer, who seems like a very knowledgeable man about the voter suppression going on in Ohio, but he’s wearing THE WORST toupee I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

    And yes, I’ve seen Donald Trump.

    • I wondered if anyone here would mention that squirrel on Barry’s head. I can honestly say that I hope that’s because he’s on chemo.

    • I’ve seen that guy…Can’t concentrate on what he is saying because of his “hair” Poor thing. I bet he would look much better with a bald head than that thing on his head.

    • What does it say about the Repugnant party of today that Dorothy was able to vote, freely, during Jim Crow.
      Today the effen Repubs are denying her the right to vote.
      Eff them just effen eff them!

          • On Oct. 3, Cooper went to the Tennessee Department of Safety Driver Service Center to get her free photo ID, but workers there turned her down. Cooper, who has outlived two husbands, didn’t bring a marriage certificate to prove she was the same Dorothy Alexander from her 1915 birth certificate.

            On Thursday she came with her birth certificate, telephone bill, lease and a marriage certificate. Then state workers asked for an additional piece of evidence — her Social Security card.

            • They were just being careful. Al Qaeda has been recruiting a lot of 96 year old African Americans as part of their scheme to force Sharia law on all the crackers, er, good White people.

  10. Romney/Ryan keep touting that their plan doesn’t change Medicare for people 55 and over.

    Assuming that’s true, which I don’t, what makes them think that’s the fucking point? They are appealing to what they assume is the basic selfishness of the 55+ crowd, while forgetting that the 55+ crowd have children that they probably don’t want to see drop through the cracks when THEY are ready for Medicare.

    Sure, there are assholes over 55 who agree with Romney/Ryan, cuz it won’t affect THEM, but I really doubt that’s the majority.

    • God, or Moroni, or someone told her this. That would be from his planet where he lives with some or all of his wives. I shit you not.

      • She either has an incredible capacity for self-delusion, or she’s simply lying.

        I don’t think it’s possible to overlook the kinds of things Mitt does and says.

        Maybe she does see them, and just doesn’t fucking care. Ugh.

  11. Watching Rachel, and she had a clip of Paul Ryan saying he didn’t request stimulus money — he really does speed up and run all his words together when he’s lying or under pressure. 😀

    • Ahh, the one where he wrote FIVE letters requesting stim money? I had that on my FB today.

      In Ohio, Ryan told a crowd at a public university “Our rights, they come from nature and God, not from government.” Really?

      Here’s what Miami of Ohio University, the public school Paul Ryan attended but didn’t build and doesn’t support funding, got in stimulus funds:


      • Yep. He is fucking despicable.

        I’m beginning to dislike him more than I dislike Sarah Palin, and that’s really saying something.

        • Palin really was astonishingly stupid, for which she can’t be blamed. And she clearly had a white trash upbringing, which helped so many on the Right to identify with her. Ryan doesn’t have those excuses; he’s simply a fucking liar.

        • Bible Spice is a shrieking harpy but she’s so effing stupid that I can forgive a tiny bit of the meanness. Eddie Munster is much, much, more dangerous.

      • Ryanide: “Our rights, they come from nature and God, not from government.”

        This does not compute.
        Sorry, but I can’t begin to find any sense in that one.
        Or even want to try.
        Early onset Palinitis is my best diagnosis.

    • I would looooove to play poker against Mittens and Eddie. Their “tells” are in Dolby Surround Sound. On the other hand; they probably have a proxy cover their ante which would reduce their stress level a bit but neither one of them could avoid stuttering when they bluff or gloating when they have a strong hand.

  12. I have a feeling that seniors who don’t watch FAUX”News” will probably see through the “over 55 your safe” BS but what about the people who need disability coverage through SS? Do they realize that the GOP plan for them is to go bankrupt and die?

    • I was recently lectured on the wastefulness of Obamacare by a man who has lived on Social Security disability his entire life and has never held any job ever.

      Sooooo, probably not.

        • This guy is just incredibly stupid. I didn’t even try to enlighten him, cuz it would have been a massive waste of time.

          • Yeah. It’s best to know when to just cut your losses and look for the next battle. There’s a much older guy who happens to be at the pharmacy often when I pick up my meds and he’s always spouting the latest FAUX”News” talking point to his wife (Who just has a perpetual pained expression on her face). He’s the one I overheard saying “were screwed until we get a Republican in the White House”. I simply had to say that the last GOoPer in the White House killed over a million mostly innocent people and caused the biggest financial collapse since the Great Depression. Since then he looks daggers at me and I always flash him a big grin and wish him a nice day. Which makes him scowl even more.

  13. Just a quick note before I succumb to hunger, exhaustion, and micro brews…
    I frickin’ did it.
    Survived 8 weeks of teenagers.
    Nobody got hurt, nobody (additional) got pregnant, nobody quit, and nobody got fired.
    All the people who matter are happy in the least, the pissy ones don’t matter, and the district law enforcement officer has become my best bud. (Hoo hoo, there’s a pun and a half….)
    I’ve been cleared for another month of work, shaved my head because I’m now available for fire fighting assignments, the West is going up in flames, and I’ve been offered a position as caretaker at the very RV park I spent last winter in.
    Which I readily accepted. I’ll be an Oregonian by Christmas.
    Got my vote by mail ballot, Obama will serve another 4 years, Rmoney will go back to wherever the hell he came from or decides to be from, and all of us 99%ers will continue to slog along.
    Focus, focus, focus…

    • Admit it. You shaved your head because those teenagers turned you gray. You survived them though and that’s all that matters.

      • Oh Shayne, you are so wise…
        What little hair there was that dropped off into the wastebasket would have been of great interest to Ansel Adams.

        • Well, a least no one can accuse you of being a “hair on fire liberal.” 😉

          • Hair does not actually burn, it melts.
            Keep that in mind.

            (I believe I’ll quit there, before I get into hot water.)

        • Speaking of Ansel Adams, there has been a newsworthy outbreak of hanta-virus in Yosemite National Park.
          Which is where the boyfriend of one of the crew-members just went for cross-country camp.
          I happened to (carelessly) mention this in passing to the girlfriend, who was then absolutely worthless for the remainder of the day as she wore her thumbs to blisters texting into the wild blue yonder of speculation and dread.

          I’m having some fun,
          you see.
          It’s not total…


    • Sometimes I read your posts Raven and come away believing you represent the last true and good thing in our country. The children you work with are better, the country you inhabit is better, the world is better for your passion and dedication. Thanks.

  14. Lumpy thinks Candy Crowley is a “far far left wing liberal Democrat,” along with all of the other presidential debate moderators.


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