Sunday Roast: Dark Road to the White House

The New York Times, by Charles M. Blow

Shady money, voter suppression, shifting positions, murky details and widespread apathy.

If there is a road map for a Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan win in November, that’s it. Distasteful all.

Thank goodness Romney/Ryan (R/R) has all that money backing them up, huh?  Otherwise the voter suppression and murky details might cause them a problem.  Oh wait, R/R are counting on the listed items to get them elected in November.  It’s all good.

Charles M. Blow, beside being a gorgeous man, is absolutely brilliant.  In his article, he talks about the various lies, equivocations, flip flops, secrecy, and abject hypocrisy of the Romney/ Ryan ticket.

America, this is the Republican ticket. Although most smart political observers currently have Romney losing the Electoral College, Romney, following this repulsive road map, is virtually tied with Obama in national polls of likely voters.

“Virtually tied” with President Obama in the polls.  Un-friggin-believable.  Why is R/R in a virtual tie with Obama/Biden?


Yep, you read that correctly.  Voter apathy is a HUGE problem in this country — even now, with so much as stake.

As USA Today reported, the 90 million people who are unlikely to vote in November prefer Obama over Romney by 2 to 1, and “they could turn a too-close-to-call race into a landslide for President Obama — but by definition they probably won’t.”

I want to know who these people are.  I want to know what — exactly — is going on in their pathetically tiny pea brains.  I want an explanation as to WHY they just can’t be arsed to get themselves into a voting booth.  I want them to tell me, and then I want to put a big red “D” for DODDERING DUNDERHEADED DUMBASS in the middle of their foreheads, as a sign to the rest of us that these people are dangerous to the well-being of this country and her people.  I want to know all of these things, and then I want them to shut the fuck up, because not being involved enough with the country that made it possible to have such fascinating lives that they can’t exercise their civic duty by getting into a voting booth is something that pisses me off.

It pisses me off so much that I’m going to call them what they are:  FREE-LOADERS.  They live in this country, enjoy our freedoms, our clean air and water, and take advantage of the commons we all contribute to via our time, effort, and tax dollars, but they just don’t care enough to bother finding out about the people they’re voting for, or about how it all happens until they wake up and realize something has, or is about to, affect them and families in some manner.  This is how teabaggers are born.

If this underhanded dirty dealing by the Republican ticket doesn’t jolt some of these unlikely voters into likely ones, I don’t know what will.

Nor I, Charles, nor I.

Read Charles Blow’s whole article here.

This is our daily open thread — Do you know any of these people?



154 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Dark Road to the White House

  1. I’ve been hearing the bobbleheads say that when they talk privately to some of Obama’s wealthy campaign donors, they’re (donors) pissed off at him because he hasn’t returned their phone calls or, according to them, even thanked them. So they’re not going to give this time around. That’s fine as long as they get over their self-pity and VOTE!

    I don’t have the money to spare to donate (maybe 5 or 10 bucks), but at least he’s gonna get my vote. I can’t, for the life of me, see how anyone who leans even slightly to the left would risk not only a Romney/Ryan victory, but a Republican-controlled Congress, by staying home.

    • Wayne, complacency on the part of some Dems who believe Rmoney is so wrong that Obama will win in a landslide is met with apathy on the part of others who don’t pay any attention and don’t realize the effect of national politics on their everyday lives, and when you add in the dispirited Dems who think that Obama was a miracle-man who somehow didn’t rise to their unreasonable expectations (dismissing the obstructionist-Congress) and the voter-disenfranchisement of likely Democratic voters by the conniving GOP and we could be looking at another destructive presidency as that of George W. Bush!

      • “we could be looking at another destructive presidency as that of George W. Bush”

        Always nice to see you here, Marie. But I beg to differ with you. I believe Romney/Paul will be far more destructive than Bush/Cheney.

  2. To create apathetic voters all one has to do is take away their hope.

    To take away their hope, all one has to do is convince them they will be no better off no matter who they vote for; that their vote doesn’t matter; that, even if they try to vote, they won’t be allowed to; that all politicians are equally bad; that all politicians are controlled by the few folks with a lot of money and that their voices will not be heard unless they are super rich.

    Complacent slaves are slaves without hope of escape. The vast majority of the USofA are held in economic slavery, with no hope of escape, save the pipe-dream of winning the lottery.

    The longer they are held in slavery, the worse off their lives become, the bloodier the revolution when it does happen; and history shows the revolution is inevitable. The unknown variables are, who will lead it, what will the trigger be, and when?

    • BnF — I should have read your post before I responded to Wayne, above. We are in agreement, but your post is far more eloquent.

      • No worries, Marie. I often comment as I scroll down, only to find someone else also made the same point (see “Batman” comments below, for example).

        I truly respect your input, Marie, even if I can’t respond every time you post.

  3. In case you missed Tom Morello’s (Rage Against The Machine) full quote about Paul Ryan:

    “He is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades…I clearly see that Ryan has a whole lotta ‘rage’ in him: A rage against women, a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment. Basically, the only thing he’s not raging against is the privileged elite he’s groveling in front of for campaign contributions.”

    Btw, Morello is Harvard-educated.

  4. QOTD:

    “Ryan turns out, upon closer inspection, not to be a purifying ideologue, but rather a young, power-hungry, ladder-climbing trimmer.” — Howard Fineman writing in The Huffington Post

  5. They just keep coming….

    QOTD II:

    “Where Ryan is like Cheney is in tone: at first blush, the Wisconsin congressman emanates a thoughtful, reassuring reasonableness, talking to reporters and sometimes Democratic lawmakers. Cheney’s deep voice, like the headmaster of a boys’ prep school, seemed moderate and measured, too, at first. But it is deceptive. Both men are way, way out there.

    It is, to use a phrase coined by French doctors, la belle indifférence, or “the beautiful calm” of hysterical people. But the closer you look, the uglier it gets.” — Maureen Dowd

    • How dare those Persians to want control of our oil under their country!

      Indeed, sir, indeed!
      We cry “democracy” unless and until we topple such governing bodies.

  6. Special note to Doctor Who fans. According to my cable guide, which covers two weeks ahead, the premiere episode is Saturday night on Labor Day weekend, because the Doctor Who marathon starts at 7am Eastern Saturday, with Season 6, Ep 01, and runs through all the shows ending with the new one.

  7. Yes m baby left me to go to college. Her dorm is on Michigan Ave. in Chicago looks out at Navy Pier, Buckingham Fountain, a huge portion of lakefront/harbors, and lighted high rises and city lights. Yesterday they got to see the air show and night time fireworks. I’m thinking she’s not missing me much.

    • Heh. No, but that’s what I thought about when I saw your series of comments.

      Holy fuck, a mouse just ran across my living room floor. Gross.

        • They must be friends. I hope it finds its way out of here before it finds the trap I’m going to lay down for him. He was a cute little thing. Gross, but cute.

          • Ziggy? You found Ziggy? Feed him some weed, and show him the errors of his ways trying to cohabitate with you. He’ll understand.

  8. Rick Warren (Evangelical pinhead) strikes again. Now he has turned to the Book of Daniel in the Biblel for dieting advice. No, really.

    Rob Goodman provides the ridiculous details:

    “Pastor Rick Warren says this is a story about weight loss. The story is the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Daniel, and out of the wealth of details in this two-and-a-half-millennia-old book, Pastor Warren has plucked one in particular as the centerpiece of his church-sanctioned diet.

    Daniel, one of the four kidnapped Jewish youths, “resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine,” and chose to subsist on vegetables instead, ending up as healthy as anyone in his captors’ court. So, as Time magazine recently reported, Warren has “launched the Daniel Plan, a comprehensive health-and-fitness program.”

    Goodman’s assessment of this travesty:

    “Pastor Warren’s Daniel Plan, and the ugly religious thinking it represents, ought to matter whether you see the Bible as sacred writ or human literature. Warren and his fellow apostles of self-help Christianity have a bible of their own: one in which the strange and foreign—and human—are stripped away, and the shallowly motivational is exalted; one in which the demands of 21st-century America are made the measure of these ancient texts.”

      • He is the ‘reverend’ whose church, in 2010, was going under…begged for $900,000.00 and the sheeple donated $2.4 million.
        Appears some need a crutch more than others…instead of reading and interpreting the fiction for themselves, they await the ‘revelation’ of the ‘reverend’ to spout what the next fad will be. (as if being a vegetarian is something new).
        As I recall – it was ridiculed as a hippie movement lo those many decades ago!

    • Pastor Warren stole the idea from one of the characters in GCB, who came up with a line of meals to help people lose weight through the Bible. If course, GCB was making fun of “christian” hypocrites but Pastor Warren probably never figured that out.

    • Yet the freaks at FAUX”News” will tell you that vegetarians are commies who are going to turn gay, if they aren’t already, and go to Hell. “Freakin’ Homo Hindoos are vegetarians! People who love Jesus and the U.S. eat lots of meat dammit!”

      • There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Zookeepers have adopted the “Daniel” diet by feeding their lions one Christian a week.

  9. I just found out 15 minutes ago what we strongly suspected several weeks ago:

    Grandbaby #2 is on the way, E.T.A is March 4, 2013.

      • There’s a small core of intelligent people to be found In the Kansa City area, mostly Native Americans btw. The rest? You don’t want to know them.

      • It goes beyond ironic that the ‘Show Me’ state has become such a hotbed of blind faith believers.

        • I lived in the St. Louis area back in the late sixties. Spent a couple of years there one day. It’s a sucky place, virtually the entire state, at least in my experience. And back in those days it was pretty much a Democratic stronghold. Tom Eagleton, anyone?

          But there was always that undercurrent of nutcase Christianity, including Sunday Blue Laws which disallowed the purchase in any store, by anyone, of anything that implied something to do with ‘work.’ Sunday was the Sabbath, after all, the day of rest, so the purchase of a needle and thread, or a vase full of cut flowers, violated the will of God. Paper flowers were ok, though, as they were presumably made on a day other than Sunday.

          Never spent so much time in such an unpleasant and fucked up place as I did on any given day in Missouri. Save for driving across Kansas to get there, maybe. Yuk.

          • So why would any kind of store even be open in a Sunday? Isn’t the person selling you paper flowers “working”? Sounds like they’re operating on a logical disconnect there. Or they’re drinking too much Budweiser.

    • Send him the rape poster you posted above Wayne.
      I hope this man has no daughters.

    • There are three tested methods of “shutting down” a pregnancy conceived in rape. “Morning after” drugs, Abortion, and suicide. I’m willing to bet my last cent that this sick, stupid, freak would only allow the third.

  10. I love The Onion. As with most of their news videos, you need to watch this at least twice to catch all the funny stuff in the crawls. Among them:

    Ron Paul’s plan to combat high gas prices is to “drive off without paying.”

    Shocking photos of Obama show what he looked like 4 years ago.

    • “Swiss Stoners Make 7-Mile Bong To Test Theories Of Universe”

      Now what did I do with my passport?

      • CERN Scientists get contact high, inadvertently create black hole that consumes Twinkies.

  11. It sounds like the Fourth Amendment is going to be dead soon. Now, the police do not have to get a warrant to track you with the GPS in your cell phone. Their rationale appears to be based on the idea that the suspect in question is already guilty, so they don’t need to treat him like an innocent person. As usual, when it comes to the law, my understanding is, itself, suspect.

    • It isn’t the government tracking you, it is your cell phone provider because the cell phone provider needs to track you via GPS in case you don’t pay your bill and they can then repossess your phone!

    • “Rogers adds that an innocent person would also not have a reasonable expectation of privacy…” Whoa…. WTF?

      Federal authorities made more than 1.3 million requests for cell phone data last year, and presumably few of those people are hauling 1,100 pounds of marijuana down the highway.

    • The rationale is, I believe, based on the fact that the cell phone is transmitting the information, as opposed to law enforcement planting a tracing device (which would require a warrant). As long as you’re transmitting your location to the world, law enforcement is free to listen in.

      The success of law enforcement in using such information is limited to those crooks who didn’t see Bourne Identity and don’t watch TV. Those that know, know all you have to do is remove the battery from your cell phone, and law enforcement can’t use it to trace you.

      • But, as Hoodathunk points out, it isn’t the government tracking you, it’s the cell phone provider (for whatever reason.) So the information pertaining to your whereabouts is not public information but private. So aren’t they, in essence, demanding to see a private corporation’s records without a warrant?

        I have no problem with them getting a warrant because they have to show probable cause to get it. I’m concerned with the government being able to get that information, for whatever reason they want, without proving to a judge that there is a legitimate law enforcement reason to get it.

        And, no, I do not carry a cell phone, nor do I have any intention at this point in my life of doing so. I’ve lived this long without one; I can live the rest of my days without one, too. As it is, I don’t like talking on the telephone. Why would I want people to be able to call me wherever I am in the world? Like the vast majority of people who carry one, I am not important enough to truly need one.

        • When cell phones first started to take off I found myself saying that I would gladly pay the same price to ensure that other people couldn’t call me when I’m busy doing something. I even had one for a while because I found a deal just to cheap to pass up but Now that I’ve gone back to a landline I don’t miss the cell a bit.

        • “So aren’t they, in essence, demanding to see a private corporation’s records without a warrant?”

          Nope. They’re looking at the “signal” not any corporate records. They’re not seeking the “tracking” that the cell phone company does, which is, I believe, limited to when you make or receive calls. They’re looking for your signal, which is available to anyone with the right equipment. The same kind of argument was made with aerial fly-overs to find pot fields. Since the pot fields were readily visable to anyone flying over, there was no “reasonable expectation of privacy.”

          Extended to cell phones, since the GPS tracking signal is available to anyone with the right evesdropping equipment, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Also, unencrypted cell phone communications, just like wireless telephones in your house, have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

          Another thing law enforcement uses are the social media sites like facebook & myspace. They bust a lot of gang members who post their exploits on such sites.

          Those sites are also useful for defense attorneys in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Someone claims severe disability, and then posts their ski trip online…. doh!

          • Thanks, BnF, for the explanation. That makes sense. Are they also allowed to use equipment that can read various kinds of heat signatures to look inside a house at something that is not in plain sight? Is there a reasonable expectation of privacy inside one’s own home?

            • I had Crim. Law in 2002, but as I recall, yes, a man’s home is still his castle, and using heat signature detection equipment requres a warrant. I may be wrong, and it would be wise to consult an attorney who is more up to date than I on this. The Patriot Act and its subsequent re-authorizations, as well as the Authorization to Use Military Force in 2008, may have changed everything in this regard.

  12. Would anyone here like to help defend my honor over at TP? On the OHIO GOP Election Board Member thread – I guess if you put the comments in chronological order, my argument with this bitch should come up fairly close to the top:

    Nancy Radcliffe
    wow…and you are referred to as a ‘top commenter’….what a condescending beotch you are, aka an ignorant, hateful koolaid drinking liberal. You and Keven should both be ashamed of yourselves, if you truly identify yourself as ‘writers’, etc. And how dare you insult my loved one….what a low life you are.

    (I didn’t insult her “loved one”, unless her “loved one” was another bimbo who I did insult.)

    • I’d love to Jane but they won’t let me in anymore without a phone number, promise of first born and several other things.

          • That happens to some of my comments, and I don’t know why. If I look on the FB page of the original commenter, my comment is there, but not on TP. I don’t know what that’s about.

          • Goofy things happen with posting at TP these days — I think it has to do with FB.
            If I try re-ordering comments, many often disappear. If I look at TP while at the office, sometimes the comment section isn’t the same, with some missing or in a different place.
            I hate FB and I hate that TP uses FB for their comments, but it’s still a good site for information.

    • It would only let me post under my real name. No thanks.

      I haven’t posted over there in a couple of years, more or less.

    • I don’t comment over there either, it is too hard to comment and remain anonymous.

    • I love the way they use their kids. I suppose they are easier to con and crowds are less likely to throw things at them and heckle them.

    • Many of the lawmakers who ventured into the ocean said they did so because of the religious significance of the waters. Others said they were simply cooling off after a long day. Several privately admitted that alcohol may have played a role in why some of those present decided to jump in.

      • Can you believe the jackasses the new repugs in congress made of themselves — well that was rhetorical wasn’t it — of course we knew they were jackasses before they were elected!
        It will be fun to watch the low-coverage of this (it happened last year) and compare it to what would be the coverage if the involved persons were Democrats.
        Repugs have done much to smear the reputation of America around the world, particularly since the year 2000 — and this just emphasizes that impression: Americans are social buffoons/

  13. Radiation responsible for butterfly mutations

    TOKYO – Radiation that leaked from the Fukushima nuclear plant following last year’s tsunami caused mutations in some butterflies – including dented eyes and stunted wings – though humans seem relatively unaffected, researchers say.

    The mutations are the first evidence that the radiation has caused genetic changes in living organisms . . .

    • Ask him if he knows about “legitimate rape” shutting down the ovaries, because none of the girls he raped got pregnant. 😉

    • FSM help us if Romney gets into the White House, and if the repiggies take the House and Senate, we are fucking doomed.

    • Here’s a list of the current Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court:

      Chief Justice John Glover Roberts, Jr. is 57 (DOB: 27 January, 1955).
      Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia is 76 (DOB: 11 March, 1936).
      Justice Anthony McLeod Kennedy is 76 (DOB: 23 July, 1936).
      Justice Clarence Thomas is 64 (DOB: 23 June, 1948).
      Justice Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg is 79 (DOB: 15 March, 1933).
      Justice Stephen Gerald Breyer is 74 (DOB: 14 August 1938).
      Justice Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr. is 62 (DOB: 1 April, 1950).
      Justice Sonia Sotomayor is 58 (DOB: 25 June, 1954).
      Justice Elena Kagan is 52 (DOB: 28 April, 1960).

      And if the Dems control the WH and both Houses, maybe we’ll finally see Clarence Thomas impeached for lying on financial disclosure forms. If Obama gets to appopint replacements for the three oldest PLUS Thomas, he’ll have appointed six of the nine Justices! Justice Kagen, the youngest, is less than two months older than I.

      [NOTE: I just copied and pasted that list without updating the ages. They should be correct now. The DOBs are right, so you can tell where I made mistakes. :)]

      • We’ll never see the impeachment of Clarence Thomas, so I’m not going to get excited about it.

        Some of them are getting REALLY old, so it’s time for them to be going.

  14. One aspect of the repugs game plan, and it’s long term in playing out, is education, and their reason to demoralize it, and make it economically unsubstainable. If we cannot teach our children the history of the battles for fairness and justice, what progressives have won, then they will grow into adults that will accept that “it’s just the way things are”, and won’t know what it took to get SS and Medicare, and Pell grants, and womens rights, and safety in our food system, and, and, and… While this will always be played out on the national scene during election years, the battle front is always at the local level. Tag we’re it.

  15. Apathy among voters…This is why my stomach turned when I heard Lawrence O’Donnell last week on his MSNBC show repeat 3 or 4 times in a row ‘they won’t win’ in regards to R&R’s chances…WTF Lawrence…that isn’t exactly the message you want to send millions of unhappy with Obama progressives or undecided independent voters…hell if Obama can’t lose, why vote, he has it wrapped up already….unless Lawrence is doing it for that very reason…? I mean he has more to gain financially under a Rmoney presidency…are we being played by both sides? Okay that last part had something to do with some bad ass weed… *puff*

    One more thought….With Citizens United comes an historic numbers of political ads that are getting meaner and nastier….these negative types of campaigns can obviously backfire BUT…they could also turn off even more voters to get out and vote on election night.

  16. More thoughts on my ‘are we being played by both sides’ comment above. Seriously, this is all about entertainment these days. One week a democratic politician (Biden) says something stupid which causes an uproar from the republicans, who would feign outrage if a mouse farted, then the following week a republican politician says something even more stupid while showing off his ignorance.

    It’s a three ring circus, shits getting thrown at the wall to see what sticks, lies being spun, good cop verses bad cop, spy verses spy. The bobble heads from both sides act as carnival barkers, trying their best to make us hate each other and further divide the nation.

    I have no hope for this country anymore, not with so many ignorant voters out there and with the advent of hate radio and what passes off as news (FOX)…..not with all of the money to be dangled in front of our politicians, not with the substance of news stories being watered down by corporate heads who don’t dare offend their corporate pals because it could mean millions in ad revenue.

    Short of aliens from outer space attacking our country, I see nothing that would or could bring the people of this nation together….not even another 9/11.

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