The Watering Hole: August 24 — Photo Friday

Photo by Zooey

Another picture from my Glacier Park trip, taken from a wide spot on the Going To The Sun Road.

Just imagine the sheer size and weight of the glaciers that carved out this valley and the sides of those mountains.  Absolutely amazing.

This is our daily open thread — TGIF!!


141 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: August 24 — Photo Friday

    • Yes, how did the cavemen get their dinosaurs on leashes as they traversed this steep terrain?

    • So last week I saw Ryan doing a bit of speaking about Colorado and the energy industry and it went like this:

      “Obama doesn’t want us to drill and use our own energy” – blatant lie, oil and gas production gone up under Obama

      “There are 10 government agencies telling the gas industry in Colorado what they can and can’t do” – no idea about if the ten if right, but this sounds like a good thing, water, air, pollution, safety at work and so on – good things for Coloradans working or depending on the water etc.

      “We think Coloradans should be able to control their own resources and how they are used” – Secession? Or does he think that the local state should push the government out of the way and regulate the frackers? The EPA *isnt* doing its job? Er huge contradiction. And since when have big companies given a shit about the odd sick rancher?

      And yet, the Ignoranti cheered….. “USA, USA, USA!”

  1. Ooh, pretty…..last week.

    Yes indeed …. shorter GOP platform:

    A white man for every White House


    The Flintstones were *real*

  2. So it appears as though Rmoney and the Republicon’s energy independence platform is aimed at making the U.S. energy independent by 2020, while making the earth uninhabitable by 2025. Sweet. Profits will be stashed, CEO’s showered with cash, and the rest of us screwed, blued and tatooed.

    • Took me about 15 mins yesterday to debunk Rmoney’s plan – its total and utter bollocks.

        • It is more complex than I was making out, but the overall point is still good – even if there is another Saudi Arabia worth of oil in North America (and there isn’t – not even in the shale), then it’s still 20 (demand) – 10 (NA supply) = 10 (gap) – 10 million BPD that Rmoney is going to pull out of his magical underpants in the next 7 years.

          The electrical power supply is OK for fuel for now (coal and nat gas – like it or not), its got other problems (infrastructure degradation).

          But we are never going to fuel those cars from NA oil alone. All you need to remember is that Romney is telling you that there is a magical Saudi Arabia of oil just waiting here to spew gasoline into your tank tomorrow. Its a fairy tale.

  3. From the Plum line this AM…
    It also appears that Rmoney’s team of PR magicians is hard at work trying to figure out how to make this stiff assed, whitebread jackass more ‘people friendly’. Trying to overcome his negative image…
    The Romney campaign is hard at work on this question, apparently recognizing that the presidential race will hinge on whether Romney can turn around his persistently high negatives. “Philip Rucker reports that a team of advertising gurus that has been tapped to spend 12- to 14-hour days figuring out how to make Romney more likeable and accessible to the American people.”

    • Republicans don’t even like him, how are they going to make the rest of us like him?

    • Maybe they could have him make a movie with a chimp? It worked before but I suppose they are running tight on time. Guess I would have to go with my first choice…Shut up and go away.

      • How about a movie of him and the outlaw monkey from Tampa? I, for one, would love to see Willard splattered with monkey feces!

    • Have him share out his IRA to all of us ….. that’d be worth, ooh five minutes of higher regard from me.

    • There is a picture in the article of a policeman carrying the baby. Is it just me or does that baby look a tad bit large to be under two years old?

      • True, AndytheTurtle isn’t much bigger and he’s six (see avatar). But then this is the Daily Mail – their top flight photographers are assigned to Britney Spears, the Kardashians, Prince Harry and Kristen Stewart right now.

          • Say what? Who? I fastidiously read the Mail, so I am up with everything, even part-time sensations like Katy Perry, Courtney Stodden and David Beckham’s underpants….. who is this Chadvril?

            • Chad Kroeger – Nickleback and Avril Lavigne are getting hitched. It’s an all Canadian tabloid dream. Perhaps between the two of them some musical ability will emerge!

            • Oh, Canada – thought you were talking about something important ….. moving right along 😉

      • Yeah, that’s one long child…The story says over two years ago, but one would have to subtract out the pregnancy duration..somebody got something wrong.
        Still, just a horrible situation for the girl and child…

      • To be fair, it really depends on the height of the parents. When my men were two, they were taller than many four year olds.

        Of course, it is possible the girl was pregnant when she was kidnapped, and she just let the guy and his mother think it was his child.

  4. Empire State Building Shooting: Multiple Wounded After Gunman Opens Fire

    I’m surprised this doesn’t happen far more often considering the prevalence of guns in combination with nutbags or just overly stressed people.

    • I actually re-subscribed HBO last spring just to get access to Bill Maher. And, of course, Game of Thrones.

      • A couple of friends watch HBO for the same programs and didn’t want to pay up, so as a paying HBO customer I’m entitled to where I can watch everything on HBO on my computer. I signed up for it and gave both people my password info and now they can watch on their computers, free of charge.

  5. QOTD:

    “When I say religion is a mental illness, this is what I mean: it corrodes your mental faculties to the point where you can believe in tiny ninja warriors who hide in vaginas and lie in wait for bad people’s sperm.” — Bill Maher on Todd Akin, in ‘New Rules’ from tonight’s “Real Time.”

    • “Next week in Tampa the Republicans must admit that the difference between a GOP convention and Comic-Con is that the people at Comic-Con have a much firmer grasp of reality”

      I often find Maher to be OTT and also mis or poorly informed. Once he is through his delivery he can’t debate in depth like Stewart does and Colbert does in reverse. He does cover a lot of ground here but his common premise is right on …. Comic-con people have more sense of reality.

  6. “Democrats Call On Romney To Drop Huckabee From Tampa Over Akin”

    WTF? Like the Republicans are going to take advice from the Democrats? Do Dems think by voicing this they’ll get the GOP to affirm Huck as a speaker which is what the Dems really want anyway? And if so, why bring it up at all? Keerist, this campaign is becoming exhausting with its machinations. I’m about ready to give up this bullshit.

  7. Mayor Bloomberg says that some bystanders may have been shot by police in the crossfire.

  8. So the Norway mass murder guy was ruled sane, found guilty of murdering 77 people.

    For that crime the Norwegians handed down the still penalty of — wait for it —– 21 years in prison.

    • I think I read somewhere that it’s their maximum sentence, but – wait for it – they can add to it later if they want. Huh? I need to look into that more. That doesn’t sound like a fair system of justice if they can sentence you to a certain number of years, and then hold you longer because their maximum sentence wasn’t enough.

  9. Mitt Romney made a joke about his birth certificate at a rally in Commerce, Mich. on Friday.

    Speaking about his Michigan roots, he said, “No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”


  10. Ryan Lochte (Olympic swimmer) is so young and dumb and inarticulate you keep wondering if he just borrowed Michael Phelps’ bong. Then comes this quote on his new acting role on 90210 – vaulting Lochte into Kardashian/Snooki/Housewives Of… level of dumb:

    Access Hollywood: “What was the hardest part for you?”

    Lochte: “Memorizing lines … and … trying to, like, say them … and still, like, do movement and all that… that was hard.”

    No doubt.

  11. Correction of the Day from The Onion:

    Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting
    UPDATE: Never Mind

  12. It turns out Rick Warren didn’t cancel the event because of the “incivility” of the campaign:

    “As I understand it, Pastor Warren received tepid responses from both camps well before the supposed ‘cancellation,'” said a senior Democratic strategist in contact with the Obama campaign. “It appears that the event was canceled because neither the Romney nor Obama campaigns thought it was in their interest to do,” the strategist continued, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss a delicate political matter. A source close to the Romney campaign said that the former Massachusetts governor hadn’t planned on attending Warren’s event: “We were never going, ever. We offered to do a video.”

    So Warren isn’t just a phony but a liar. Besides, the idea that Mitt Romney would ever have agreed to sit down for one hour to discuss the fact that he believes God was once a human being, that humans can become gods as well, that Israelite tribes once inhabited the Americas and that polygamy exists in the after-life … well c’mon, that was never going to happen, was it?

  13. QOTD II:

    “[Big businesses are] doing fine in many places…. They know how to find ways to get through the tax code, save money by putting various things in the places where there are low tax havens around the world for their businesses,” – Mitt Romney, speaking last night in Hopkins, Minnesota and completely lacking any sense of self-awareness.

    • Wait – the private sector is ‘doing fine’? Cue the Fox fuckwit outrage in 3,2,1 …. oh wait it was Mitt this time, not Obama.

    • And: “Corporations are people too, my friend” (and Mitt you are a corporation too – I don’t think you really care about being a person or not)

    • I’m shocked he didn’t include offshoring jobs to lower their ‘onerous’ cost of doing business…

      • Bittersweet memory (and an odd coincidence, as yesterday I was trying to think of the key word): In one of my newspaper columns, I used the word ‘onerous’, and when Adam read it, he commented “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word ‘onerous’ in print.”

        I miss him.

    • Heh… I’ll just be he’s gonna chisel himself a big….. um…. unit….. 😉

  14. This we already knew – yet it’s very interesting to know RR was much more involved in spying, on others, to assist the FBI.

    Democracy Now’s interview with Seth Rosenfeld –
    a bit lengthy yet worth a listen if one is interested in such subjects.

    Part 1 Was Bay Area Radical, Black Panther Arms Supplier Richard Aoki an Informant for the FBI?

    Part 2 Investigative journalist Seth Rosenfeld’s new book, “Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power,”

  15. Well? Now that the “librul media” have a new shiny shooting to squeal about; most of America will never know about the Reich-wing terrorists, all apparently “soverign men” and free range rednecks, who shot four cops in Louisiana. Reuters and BBC have been posting stories every day but one would be hard pressed to find more than a passing mention from this side of the pond. I guess that even Lushbo can’t think of a way to pin the blame on President Obama or “libruls” in general so it’s just not newsworthy. Besides which; everybody knows that only “libruls” and Muslims are capable of terrorism (spit!).

    • It finally dawned on me. What she really meant is that no woman should ever say anything the Reichwhiners might not like. Who wants to be dragged through the dirt by a bunch of pigs?

  16. Here’s a scary thought. Newscorpse has, reportedly, contributed more money to the Obama campaign than to Mittens’. It would make sense for Rupert to want Obama to win another term because a black Democrat in the White House is a money making machine but I am deeply disturbed that FAUX”News” is actually part of the “libruil media”. Plus, he’s probably well aware that advertiser who are bankrupt don’t buy ads and Mittens would be an unmitigated disaster for the world’s economy.

  17. Todd Akin said he represents a country “that has more freedom.”

    Except of course a woman’s freedom to choose.

    • He’s free to be a pig and we are free to call him one. (No offense to our delicious porcine friends.) He’s just another Reichwhiner who has apparently reached adulthood without ever checking out a dictionary.

  18. Friday 2.15p (PDT) 5.15p (EDT)

    Todd Akin snoozer:

    Akin brief comments then there will be follow up with five questions.

    “…clear on that today we are going to be here through the November election.
    We will be here to win.”

    It was a stump speech!

    They are taking five questions — I’m not going to listen anymore from this yahoo.

    • We know that Mittens is refusing to take questions about Akin. I just hope that Akin doesn’t reciprocate. Mittens doesn’t appear to need much help but Akin is fully capable of wrecking most anyone’s campaign.

  19. You know way back when, when Lou Dobbs wasn’t hiding that he is a piss-soaked Minuteman (well before CNN wised up), he was just a good old mysogynist …. it only seemed to be his show that had:
    1. Nothing but female correspondents: Kitty Pilgrim, Kelli Arena, Christine Romans
    2. Instead of the other shows, we were panned back so you could see under the table but only her legs were on display, Lou’s hairy sausages were hidden behind a panel.
    3. And the pan was slightly from under the table as the dias the table was on was raised.

    I said to myself…. hmmm…. I need to watch this show more so I can see how long Lou Dobbs gets away with this…. yes that’s what I said.

    • It’s ummmmm research(?).

      Still, it’s been taken to ridiculous levels at FAUX”News”. It almost makes me feel a little sorry for Dana Purina. Almost. She ends up hidden behind the desk with the guys and I’m quite certain that’s not because she has more weight behind her arguments.

  20. Hi everyone. I’m here on the west coast which is giving me a different perspective on time. I’ve posted a few things on my personal blog regarding my road trip. If you are interested, stop by and visit. I won’t feel offended if you decide to pass up the offer.

    I haven’t spent time keeping up on politics. What a relief. 🙂

    • It was my intention to find out if he was one of those “all life is precious” people, then see if he was a hypocrite. I think I confused him and scared him off. 😆

      • They are easily confused but that seldom shuts them up.

        re: “respect for the unborn”. Most non-Reichwhiners see things as black and white. Their primitive minds label all fetuses as “babies”. Personally, I find abortion as birth control to be very sad but not murder. Despite the fact that we can’t identify the moment when a fetus becomes viable I don’t consider a non-viable fetus as a human life. A woman’s body can, at the risk of channeling Akin, recognize a viable fetus from a non-viable fetus and expels said fetus. I think that we humans are smart enough to make the same determinations. Viable, late term, fetuses are protected by law except in extreme cases. That works for me.

  21. Well here’s something that doesn’t happen every day. I was walking over to the store, despite 90 degrees and humid, and heard a motorcycle backfire. When I looked I saw that he had four feet of flames shooting out of his muffler! So, I waved my arms and yelled “you’re on fire”! He heard me, looked back, and pulled over right next to me. Luckily the flames went out as soon as he cut the engine.

    So we chatted while he smoked a calming cigarette and he explained that his battery had died and he had to push it up a hill to make a gravity start and had apparently poured enough gas into the muffler to ignite with the backfire. We got to thinking and we tipped it up on the back wheel and about a half a cup of gas poured out.

    He tried to start it but didn’t have enough juice built up to turn it over so I offered to help him push it up the small rise we were on and give him a push start. When he got on the bike he reached in his pocket and handed me $10.00 and insisted I take it. The bike started right up, with no flames, and off he went.

    So? I decided to upgrade from pork chops to pork tenderloin and picked up a 12 pack of my favorite local ale. It’s going to be a good weekend!

      • Thanks, Ebb. I don’t believe in the mystical but I try to stay on the good side of Karma. It almost never hurts. Of course, waving my arms and yelling “you’re on fire” was just a reflex.

      • I should probably add that the look on his face when I, who he would no doubt label an “old fart”, volunteered to push was all the payment I really needed.

  22. Dycker, are you able to view the Nationwide race from Bristol? It’s on ESPN. They’re still delayed by rain, but may start by the top of the hour.

    • Hi House. Yes. I’m watching the battle of the birds – Blue Jays – Orioles in the mean time.

    • Just about to start engines. Maybe we’ll have our ‘old Bristol’ back tonight.

      Cool, Pat Summit gives the command to start the engines!

    • Near miss for the 7! She finally caught a break! Should be about 16th or 17th thanks to the two tire stop on the mandatory caution.

        • Not yet. A couple of the leaders have wrecked. Keselowski and Allgaier have damage. Danica was penalized for pit road speed, had to start in the rear, and she just passed about eight cars in two laps!


    Samsung owes Apple over $1 billion in damages (and counting), according to the verdict just in in their lawsuits. Apple owes Samsung zilch.

    • I just saw that story myself. I don’t know a thing about Samsug’s upper management but I bet whoever is responsible won’t get promoted, paid off, and propped up as a political candidate like we do here in the good ol’ U.S.A.

  24. Is Susie surprised? Living in flyover land and the home state of Batscat Bachmann I have seen this time and again. Whenever a local does anything the least bit newsworthy the local press/media does nothing but celebrate the fact that said local is getting pnoticed. I think it makes editors in small cities feel relevant. If they want to actually be relevant? I would humbly suggest that they chop these freaks off at the knees before they do damage on a national or global scale.

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