Sunday Roast: Count von Count

Jerry Nelson died on Friday.  Who the heck is Jerry Nelson, you might ask.  He was the voice of Count von Count on Sesame Street for over 40 years!

I think Jerry Nelson must have had a great sense of humor, in order to do puppetry for most of his life, so I posted this un-necessarily censored video of the County singing about how much he loves to…er, count.  🙂

Rest in Peace, Mr Nelson.  The Count was one of my favorite characters!

HT:  Zoo Sr

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    • I think it’s a good thing, bmm. For however many old-time moderate Republicans are left in Florida, and especially those who have been adversely affected by Voldemort’s policies, it could guilt some into voting for Obama. There have to SOME people who had voted for Crist in the past and still respect him and his opinions.

      Besides, the GOTP already turned its collective back on Crist, so he’s really got nothing to lose. I’m glad that he did it, it’s a very honorable thing to do.

    • It sends a message to any half way normal repiggies out there, that it’s okay to throw over the insanity, but it could also take the news cycle off of Mittens’ taxes and the rape/abortion issues.

      • Zooey, I’m not sure how much distraction Crist’s endorsement will cause. Republicans may try to dismiss and downplay it – Fux may not even cover it – so it will be up to the MSM to play it up, and I can’t really see that lasting for more than a day or two, tops. Only MSNBC might push the story a little longer than that.

          • Well, at least I’m pretty positive that MSNBC won’t let go of Mitt’s taxes and the Republicans’ rape and abortion stances.

            I think the R meme on Crist will be that “he was a RINO” all along. If Fux has to mention it, that’ll be their line.

          • I also wish that Crist had done this a little sooner, in which case he might have been invited on to the Sunday news shows. (I have to confess that I haven’t checked the lineups for today’s shows.)

  1. Have fun going through the RNC 2012 Platform, which they originally intended to keep offline until after the convention starts. I wish people would understand why Republicans are so reluctant to let people know what they plan to do once elected. The Republicans know they wouldn’t get elected if the people knew what they would do once in office. And that should be the biggest Red Flag of all!

    • I’m sure it reflects the chairman of the committee that produced it, good ol’ transvaginal Bob. The chairmanship was his consolation prize after he rendered himself too toxic to get the VP slot. I wonder if Mitt would rather be discussing vaginas than Ryan’s (AynR’s) so-called budget plan.

    • I’m about halfway through that monstrosity, and all I can do is try to imagine the type of people who look at that shit and say to themselves, “Looks good to me, I think I’ll donate some money!”

      It’s sickening.

    • Women don’t feel enough pressure to fit into a size 0 wedding dress, so now they have to worry that their tits are too saggy in the wedding night pics? And we’re supposed to believe this is a documentation of “the first time?”

      Is there no privacy anymore? 🙄

    • “The feeling I try to capture is closeness,” Squires said. “That lovely calm and happiness one feels when they realize it’s for real, now they are really husband and wife.”

      Or perhaps the minute one realizes, “Oh shit, what have I done?” 😉

    • This is just too weird. “Hi everyone. We are commemorating our marriage with pictures about how we get down in private.” Almost as tacky and stupid as hanging a bloody bed sheet from the balcony.

    • Consider me an outlier, but I don’t understand the fuss. It’s clearly something the couple wanted to do and it’s not as if it was required. I was even more in favor of the idea (for them) after reading the comments calling it “porn.” People like that put my back up immediately.

  2. Tampa is prepared to meet the surge of protesters predicted for the convention. They spent half a million dollars on brown shirts for the police to wear. They even have nice colorful patches on the arms.

  3. An Amazing Piece of Americana:

    Astronaut Neil Armstrong’s parents, Stephen Koenig Armstrong and Viola Louise Engel Armstrong have a secret that their son was just made an astronaut on this day at 3 PM, September 17, 1962. Armstrong was one of nine new men so chosen.

    Host Garry Moore asks an incredible question, “Now, how would you feel, Mrs. Armstrong, if it turned out – of course nobody knows – but if it turns out that your son is the first man to land on the moon? What, how do, how would you feel?” He asks this nearly seven years before it actually happens on July 20 1969! Neil’s mom’s reply is priceless, “Well, guess I’d just say god bless him and I wish him the best of all good luck.” Neil Armstrong did not see this recording until 40 years after it originally aired.

    • What a trip!
      His Mom was very proud – note the huge grin as she spoke the lines about “God bless him…”
      Would love to find any article or video of the Armstrong’s during or after the Moon landing.
      This was a great find – thanks bdmm for posting!

    • This is why I love men of science:

      After the 9/11 attacks, when President George W. Bush, in a speech aimed at distinguishing the U.S. from the Muslim fundamentalists, said, “Our God is the God who named the stars.”
      The problem is two-thirds of all the stars that have names, have Arabic names. I don’t think he knew this. This would confound the point that he was making.

      – Neil deGrasse Tyson

      • And the fact that many constellations are named from Greek mythology is another whoosh moment.

    • The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional stateThe inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.

  4. Why should we study Ayn Rand? Alan Wolfe provides the unflattering reason:

    “In the academy, she is a nonperson. Her theories are works of fiction. Her works of fiction are theories, and bad ones at that. Should the Republicans actually win in 2012, we might need to study her in the academic world. It would be for the same reason we sometimes need to study creationism.”

    • Nice. I love how he gave up an assignment when it would have required him to reread Rand’s novels. I completely agree. I barely made it through one of her books, decades ago, and had no desire to read any more. And that was when I was averaging a book a day; I’m not reading anything like that these days.

  5. Did you sense it?

    The world got a little bit dumber today with the birth of Snooki’s baby.

    • But? I am hard pressed to think of a campaign that didn’t use “Don’t Stop Believing” at some point and I can’t think of a single instance where, unlike more socially conscious bands, they made any effort to stop it no matter how vile said campaign might be.

  6. (we’re still awaiting pay equality)

    August 26th is Women’s Equality Day

    Women in the United States gained the right to vote on August 26, 1920, when the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was certified.

  7. Those gearing up for next weekend’s season opener for “Amy Pond and Her Annoying Companion” probably know this but immediately prior to Season 7, ep 1 is the Christmas special from 2011: The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe. I’m reasonably sure I’ve not seen that one.

    BBC America

  8. What, today? Now? Must go get ready for dinner, where I will be joining Zooey, Cats, Mr Cats, Jen, Mr Jen and NWOldGuy for tapas, wine and maybe cocktails. I haven’t a thing to wear!

  9. Odd fact I learned today:

    Herman Melville all but lost his readership with the publication of Moby-Dick which sold only 3100 copies during his lifetime.

      • It’s still one of my favorite books and I plow though it every couple years. I think that the reason it didn’t sell at the time is that historical fiction wasn’t a big priority for the people of the time. The only people with the time and inclination to wonder about 19th century whaling were spending their lives at sea chasing whales.

  10. Hi, gang.

    Just got in from a long day of flying and BBQ and beer and I’m pretty much ready for bed so I will apologize if anyone else covered this and I missed it.

    The BBC ran an interesting story about the right-wing beliefs and motivations of the Norway mass murderer and other “lone wolf” terrorists. Sadly, I can’t imagine any of the American “librul media” running this story. The freaks at FAUX”News” will whine about “libruls attacking conservatives” but the MSM doesn’t have the balls to earn the title. Of course, the Reichwhiners will also play the game of false equivalency and continue to blame any bad thing anywhere on the planet on President Obama.

  11. We’ve checked with PPD and the Department of Animal Care & Control:
    no reports of rowdy critters being rounded up or turned in.
    That’s a good sign!

  12. Oh joy, Sarah Palin will be in Gilbert, AZ tomorrow. Looks like we will get hit with our own Hurricane.

    • Doesn’t she live in AZ? Thought she and that one daughter of horror were now residents of your lovely state.

      • Bristol sold her house in Maricopa and moved back to Wasilla. I believe that the Palins still own a house in Scottsdale, but I am not sure that they spend much time here.

      • I met her once. I spent real dollars to buy her book and waited in line to have her sign it at the Costco a few years back. I was incognito for a “boots on the ground” report for the Mudflats Blog. I was interested in the people that would spend money on buying a book of hers.
        Still have the book if anyone wants to buy it and burn it. 😉

  13. Hey NW Muse…Theresa Snell the flautist, know her? Thank Gawd the name came to me now, and not at 4am.

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