Stone cold Paul Ryan

HT:  Huffington Post

Yes indeed, Paul Ryan, rape is one “method of conception,” isn’t it?  Wow. Way to totally dismiss the terror and violence of having one’s body violated by another, you soul-less bastard.  Rape is an event that changes who you are forever.  Just look at his face as he’s speaking; he doesn’t even seem to realize that what he’s saying is so disgusting.

As if the trauma, fear, injuries, and horror at losing personal autonomy during the rape are not enough, then, if the woman becomes pregnant as a result of rape, Paul Ryan and his fellow pro-forced birthers will happily extend the torture for another nine months — at least.

But we shouldn’t really be all that surprised that Paul Ryan could say something so abhorrent.  He’s a lifelong Ayn Rand devotee (when it suits him), so basically, as long as he’s not the one being raped, he doesn’t care.  That’s your problem, honey.  Although I really doubt he gives a flying flip if a woman has an abortion or not, Ryan parts company with Ayn Rand when it comes to pregnancy as a result of that rape, because it suits him to pander to the rabid forced birth crowd.

This is what I find so disturbing about Paul Ryan — he doesn’t care about this country or the people, he cares about what Paul Ryan wants.

Haven’t we had about enough of that kind of political candidate?

5 thoughts on “Stone cold Paul Ryan

  1. There are so very many times when I wish that men could get pregnant!! If they could, there would be none of this BS about rape, abortion, personhood, paid pregnancy leave, paid medical coverage for contraception, etc., etc.

  2. Oh, honey, I’m so sorry that this happened to you! But it’s not over yet. As a lovely parting gift, your attacker left a little “gift” inside you. You get to be reminded of your attacker every day for the next 9 months or so. And then you have a choice to make: you can give this baby away and hope that in 20 year she or she doesn’t come looking for you to find out why you gave him or her away or you can keep this precious gift that the Lord has bestowed upon you and be reminded everyday of what your attacker put you through. If you choose the latter, your attacker also retains parental rights and can sue you for custody at any time. In the mean time, you can’t go to your regular school anymore because you will be a distraction for the other girls, so we’re gonna send you to this special school. Now let’s pray.

  3. Loathsome – he’s not even human, is he?

    Paul, read and you better damn well weep and take back you despicable statement.

    Rape in the Bosnian war

    While on a lesser scale, women of all ethnic groups were affected, more specifically, rape was used as a highly systematized instrument of war by Serb armed forces predominantly targeting women and girls of the Bosniak ethnic group for physical and moral destruction[1]. Estimates of the number of women raped during the war range from 20,000 to 50,000.[2] This has been referred to as “mass rape”,[3][4][5][6][7] particularly with regard to the coordinated use of rape as a weapon of war.

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