Secret Plot to Give Birth to Anchor Babies Abroad Unveiled!

“Walker”, The Zoo’s deep underground investigative reporter.

The Zoo is proud to announce its association with “Walker” (not his real name), our deep underground investigative reporter, tasked with digging out stories no one else can find.

In this, Walker’s first report, he details a disturbing new plot concocted by foreigners to take over America’s government.

Anchor Babies.

Currently, Anchor Babies are babies born in the United States by non-citizen mothers. But with the adoption of the Republican “Anti Abortion” Platform Plank the U.S. of A. moves a step closer to allowing its government to be taken over by foreigners.

Republicans are covertly moving to ensconse in the U.S. Constitution the “Personhood” amendment, defining a fertilized egg as a person, with all the rights and responsibilities of full U.S. Citizenship. And that’s where the foreign plot comes in: vacationers. What happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas. She has her fling, conceives, then takes that U.S. citizen abroad to be born and raised with foreign values, but with the full rights of U.S. citizenship – including the right to vote in our elections!

No longer will U.S. elections be a fight between Blue States and Red States, but between Eurpoean, Russian, African, and Asian Americans born and raised under foreign flags, oweing their allegiance and upbringing to foreign leaders and ideologies.

So, while the Republican Party publically denounces the United Nations, they are secretly working with the U.N. and travel agents world-wide to give foreigners more and more influence over America’s electoral system.

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