August 31, 2012 Music Night with Lissie!

It’s definitely time for a video from my favorite singer/songwriter and cutie pie. It seems to be a couple of years old, but I do not care. Not even a little bit.


142 thoughts on “August 31, 2012 Music Night with Lissie!

    • Ozzie, for all the shit he’s ingested, was a great writer. (I’m assuming he wrote the lyrics)

  1. The moon has been the focus on sooo many great songs. I guess we can all still see the moon even with all the light pollution. Great tunes. What I’m really impressed with is the variety of music genres that use the moon for inspiration.

  2. Ok, so sunset, dawn….. etc etc, no moon, but there could be if they looked out the window… Thin excuse to play a beautiful song from the late 70s…. Judie Tzuke…

  3. WIN tickets to Whisky Luxe, worth £125 each – the most exclusive whisky tasting event ever held in Scotland takes place in Edinburgh on 7 September. 5 pairs to win in The Scotsman tomorrow.

    gummich, it’s a wall full o’ whisky – just for you!

  4. According to AndytheTurtle, tonight is the night we all turn into werewolves and run about biting each other….

    • The are not the thinking party are they?
      Spitting out the meme o’ day without thought..then when it is spelled out, the big oh!
      Government is only meant to interfere with women’s rights nothing more///

    • It’s stunning journalism ….. Jonathan Swift’s true heirs and if you read the piece on the ‘2012 Conspiracy of Stupid’ this morning….. they are all that’s standing between us and the Abyss of idiotic fascism.

    • I’m just glad that there are a few shining examples left even if they are, technically, comedians. It occurs to me that, if one were able to actually pound the concept of hypocrisy into their thick skulls, the whole bunch of Reichwhiners would off themselves. Unfortunately they would probably choose to go out in a blaze of glory and take a bunch of innocent people with them.

  5. Clan of Xymox – Cry in the Wind


    Also from Xymox

    for AndyTheTurtle… a bit in line with this being the night of the Werewolf
    (yes, this is a bit of a stretch)


    Autumn dies serene and slow
    The lamp stands in a gentle glow
    The silence rules, the evening grows
    And the moon is far below

    In me twist a sudden cramp
    In my heart I hear it stamp
    Marrow and blood encircle me
    My blood stream chokes on gall and spleen

  6. Still one of my alltime favorite guitar solos from 22yr. old Duane Allman. RIP young six stringer…

  7. Eyes on the prize. Reboot the mission.
    I lost my sight but not the vision…
    WelcomeJack, the new drummer, he rocked with the Mighty Joe Strummer…

    The Wallflowers – Reboot the Mission

  8. The lesson from the GOP convention given to us by Clint Eastwood :”There is a President Obama that only Republicans can see”

    – Jon Stewart.

  9. This one’s for Lance Armstrong – the dickhead…. guess the answer was “No, not without the dope”

  10. Well sports fans, I need to call it here…. heading out with TommytheTurtle to backpack near Mt Rainier this weekend – early night needed….. some Satchmo to close it down – night all

  11. Goodnight dudes and dudettes. This is WZOO signing off on this wonderful, bountiful evening. Remember…Be cool, and if you can’t be cool, be as cool as you can be.

    • That’s for our House.
      (Happy Birthday in September. Embarrassed to write I’ve forgotten exactly which day..)

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